‹ Prequel: Here We Go Again
Status: This is the sequel of Here We Go Again as well as the third and final installment for this series.

Third Time's a Charm

Nicole Greene and William Harper have been through so much together. Whether it be Nicole's old habit of cutting or her health problems. Or even Will's indecisiveness and utter stupidity, they've been through it all. All except one thing; Will's family.

And so, a few weeks after Nicole and Will get back together, Nicole finally meets Will's parents. And simply put, his parents hate her. Well, his mother does anyway. And Nicole and Will are trying to make good on their promise to each other that nothing - not even his family - will break them apart again.

This is a original fiction story. I own the plot and all the characters in this story. Please do not take it/steal it and claim it as your own. I own this story since I wrote it.

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