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You, Me and Our Family

How does that saying go? You hurt the ones you love the most. And for Cristiano Ronaldo he hadn’t just hurt someone he loved. He had broken her. He had broken what they could have being. What they should be.

He thought he finally had it all. He thought he finally had what he wanted. Who he wanted. But for Cristiano Ronaldo it couldn’t be that simple. And he had no one but himself to blame.

But why try to fix everything? When it’s been nothing but months of arguments, months of hurting each other with words and actions. Months of going back and forth. An endless circle of misery and pain.

Why is it worth it?




Because of that feeling one gets. That flutter in your stomach. Those butterflies when you see her smile.

Because they belong together. Because they are addicted to each other.

Because they are a family.

And Cristiano was going to do everything in his power to get his family back together again.

But will he be able to? Will Molly give him a chance? Will she be able to give him a chance? Will an accident change their lives forever?

Will they remember the good times? Will the good times put the bad times to bed?

More importantly will two stubborn people finally see that it’s always being You, Me and Our Family.