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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 10- Anytime Mols

“Mols” Sarah said waving her hand in front of Molly’s face. “Mols talk to me” Sarah said in a panic. “Molly” Sarah yelled and Molly moved her arm to her head. “Don’t shout” she winced as pain ran through her head. “I’m sorry. It’s just you were just staring into blank space. I thought, I thought you were…I don’t know what I thought” Sarah sighed. “I don’t know what I think” Molly mumbled.

“Are you ok?” Sarah asked. “Fine and dandy. Why wouldn’t I be?” Molly said. “Mols” Sarah sighed again. “I don’t…remember” Molly said. “The doctor explained right?” Sarah asked. “Ya. I think. I don’t know. How could I not remember that I have…..” she paused. “A son” Sarah said. “It really is true?” Molly asked Sarah once more for confirmation. “Yes it is. And you’re a really good mama just so you know” Sarah told her taking a seat in a chair beside Molly’s bed.

“A good mama who can’t….who can’t” Molly began to struggle to catch her breath. “Mols you ok?” Sarah asked sitting forward. “No” Molly said as she started to cry. Sarah reached out her hand and gently rubbed Molly’s injured arm. “I know this is difficult for you” Sarah said. “No no you don’t” Molly cried. “You’ll get your full memory back Mols” Sarah told her. “Will I? Do you know that for certain? Molly asked. “The doctor is hopeful Mols” Sarah said not knowing what to say.

“The last thing I remember is fighting with…..fighting with mum and now I’m lying in a hospital in a different country. I’m eighteen years of age and I don’t remember who I got here” Molly cried and Sarah bit her lip. “What? What is it?” Molly asked trying to move in the bed. “Don’t freak out ok” Sarah said. “I have another kid?” Molly asked worried. “No no nothing like that. Just the one child. One really cute child. But that’s a given when he has you as his mama and I guess Cris isn’t too hard on the eyes” Sarah said.

“Sarah” Molly said. “Sorry. I’m nervous. I ramble when I’m nervous you know that. Ok so the last thing you remember is New Year’s right?” Sarah asked. “Ya. I was on a break from school. We went to a party. I was in England. How am I in Spain?” Molly asked. “Cris is probably the person you need to talk to about that” Sarah said. “I don’t…you can’t make me” Molly said scared. “Hey hey it’s ok. I’m not going to make you talk to anyone you don’t want to. It’s ok Mols. Really he’s not even pushing me to get you to see him. In fact he didn’t even want me to really talk about him in case it made you upset. And clearly I didn’t succeed in not doing that” Sarah said. “I just….” Molly paused.

“This is all new and freaking for you. Speaking of freaking and remember the doctors have said that they are hopeful this whole Amnesia thing will go but well…don’t freak out ok” Sarah said. “Just tell me” Molly snapped. “You’re not eighteen Mols. You’re twenty. Its 2011” Sarah said. “2011” Molly whispered. “Ya” Sarah said. “2011. I don’t remember two years of my life. I don’t remember I have a son. What the fuck is wrong with me?” Molly said crying. “You have amnesia Mols. Your memory will come back. And you have so many people who care about you that will help you through all this. I’ll stay here for as long as I need. You have so many close friends here in Madrid that will support you. You’re parents are here and are so worried” Sarah said.

“My parents are here?” Molly asked. “Ya Cris flew them over” Sarah said. “Wow they managed to tare themselves away from the pub and bookies then” Molly said. “They’ve changed Mols. A lot has happened. A lot of what you don’t remember” Sarah said. “Sure” Molly said. “Well I’m sure they’d love to see you. And when you’re ready there’s a bunch more people who would like to see you too. Granted you might not recognize them but well Mols you need to know that there’s a lot of people who really care about you. You’ve made a life here in Spain. A really good life” Sarah told her. “A life I can’t remember” Molly sniffled. “Mols” Sarah said. “I can remember my mother falling into my bedroom drunk when I was eight but can’t remember this good life I have here. In this stupid city. In this stupid country” Molly said.

“Well it’s warmer than in San Fran and you have a great tan” Sarah said trying to keep things light. “San Fran?” Molly asked confused. “Sorry I forgot. I live there now. I moved there before you moved here. I actually haven’t seen you in person in nearly two years. Usually we only see each other through a screen” Sarah said. “I….I…wow so much has happened” Molly said. “And you’ll remember it all soon. Don’t stress ok” Sarah said. “Ya sure. I’ll try not stress about the fact I’ve apparently just woken up from a coma and oh ya I missing two years of my life” Molly said.

Once Sarah was confident that Molly was in a deep sleep, she headed down to the waiting room. “Hey you’re all still here” she said. “How is she?” Cristiano asked standing from the couch. “As good as she can be” Sarah shrugged. “Are you ok?” Jorge asked her. “I don’t know what to tell her. She keeps asking why she can’t remember two years of her life and I keep telling her that her memory will come back but I don’t know that for certain. No one does” Sarah said and Cristiano moved to pull her into a hug. “I’m sure you being with her is helping her more than you think Sarah” Cristiano told her. “It’s hard for us to get our heads around. But she’s hurt and in hospital and just so confused. And angry” Sarah said. “Angry?” Mark asked.

“That she can remember shitty parts of her life but not the good life I told her she has here in Spain” Sarah said. “It’s just being a day. Give it time and we will all be able to deal with all of this a little better” Jorge said. “Can we see her?” Kitty asked. “She’s asleep. In fact I should get back to her before she wakes” Sarah said. “The doctor said we can’t stay tonight” Cristiano told Sarah. “Really? But she……I don’t know if that’s a good idea” Sarah said. “You need a break from this place anyway” Jorge told her. “I’m fine” Sarah told him. “I’ll talk to the doctor again” Cristiano told her. “Come knock on Molly’s room when you do. I should get back” Sarah said. “Sarah” Cristiano called after her. “Ya” she replied. “Just…just mind her for me ok” Cristiano said. “I will” she smiled and left the room.

Shortly after Sarah had taken her seat back beside Molly’s hospital bed, Molly had awoken. “I thought I was dreaming” Molly mumbled. “Hey” Sarah said leaning forward when she realised Molly was awake. “I wasn’t dreaming. Was I?” Molly asked. “No I’m afraid you weren’t. But it’s good that are remembering what’s happening now. At least you’re only going to be confused about two years” Sarah said. “Yippee” Molly said sacristly. “I thought sleeping during the day would make you less cranky” Sarah smirked. “What time is it?” Molly asked. “Almost 8. At night. I think anyway. All the days and nights have being blending in since I’ve got here. I don’t think Cris and his family know what day of the week it is” Sarah said.

“They’re here?” Molly asked. “He’s barely left this place since you were brought here five days ago. And his family and all your friends take it in turns to come by. You’re parents have being here the entire time too” Sarah said. And at the mention of parents, the door to Molly’s room opened and Kitty walked in. “Molly” she smiled. “What are you doing here?” Sarah asked standing. “We came to see our daughter” Kitty said moving around the bed. “Oh Molly my poor baby. My poor baby. I’m so happy you are awake” Kitty cried. “It’s really good to see you Molly” Mark said standing at the end of the bed. “You both really shouldn’t be here” Sarah said.

“She’s our daughter” Kitty said stroking Molly’s forehead. “Stop” Molly said moving the mask away from her mouth. “Mols” Kitty said. “Don’t call me that” Molly said. “We’ve being so worried about you Molly” her dad said. “I don’t care. You stole from me” Molly said looking at her mother. “Molly you’re confused. You’ve hit your head” Kitty said. “You are unbelievable. Are you really going to use the fact that she has a head injury and fucking amnesia to get away with stealing from your own child or being a shit mother” Sarah yelled. “Don’t you speak to me like that. You are no one” Kitty yelled across the bed. “I’m here best friend. I’m the one she came crying to when her selfish parents let her down again and again” Sarah said. “Stop” Molly groaned. “Not everything happened like she said” Kitty yelled. “Kitty stop” Mark said. “Stop” Molly groaned again. “She’s my daughter. We are her family” Kitty yelled.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Cristiano asked rushing into the room and Molly’s eyes widened and her head started to hurt even more. “They shouldn’t be here” Sarah said. “You shouldn’t be here” Kitty retorted. “Stop” Molly cried. “Molly baby it’s ok. Mummy is here” Kitty told her. “She doesn’t want you here” Sarah said. “She doesn’t know what she wants. She has a brain injury” Kitty yelled at Sarah. “Stop everyone stop right now” Cristiano yelled as Dr. Vicente came into the room.

“Why is there yelling coming from this room?” she asked. “I’m sorting it” Cristiano told the doctor. “You need to leave now. Molly doesn’t need this Mark. And you know it. You know this isn’t right or you wouldn’t have snuck in here when I was talking to the doctor” Cristiano said. “Kitty he’s right” Mark told his wife. “No” Kitty said. “You all need to leave. You’re upsetting my patient” Dr. Vicente said. “Molly needs rest. And yelling is not helping her head. Just go” Cristiano told them.

“I will call security” Dr. Vicente said. “I’ll be dragging her out if she doesn’t leave” Cristiano glared at Molly’s mother. “She’s my daughter” Kitty snapped. “Then be her mother and but her first for once” Cristiano snapped. “Kitty” Mark said. “Fine” Kitty said and stormed out of the room. “I’m sorry Molly” Mark told his daughter before he followed his wife out of the room. “Are you ok Molly?” Dr. Vicente asked. “My head hurts” she replied. “I’ll get you more pain killers shortly. This is a hospital. She doesn’t need shouting and yelling around her” Dr. Vicente told Cristiano and Sarah. “I’m sorry. They just came in” Sarah said. “It’s not your fault Sarah” Cristiano told her. “If you hadn’t come in, I seriously would have punched that woman” Sarah said. “Lucky I was talking to Dr. Vicente nearby then” Cristiano said.

“Can I talk to you both outside please?” Dr. Vicente asked Cristiano and Sarah. “I’ll be back in just a bit Mols” Sarah said but Molly just groaned with her arm over her head. “I am really sorry that happened. Her mother. She doesn’t listen” Sarah told the doctor once they were outside. “Well I suggest you make her listen or I won’t allow any visitors to enter Molly’s room” Dr. Vicente said. “Understood” Sarah said. “She doesn’t want anyone staying tonight” Cristiano told Sarah. “But she needs me” Sarah said. “She needs rest. And peace. Really I think it’s best for everyone if you all leave the hospital. I promise I will contact you all if anything changes with Molly’s condition” Dr. Vicente said.

“Sarah” Cristiano said. “You don’t want to leave as much as I don’t want to. And Molly wants someone here” Sarah said. “I’ll explain to Molly” the doctor said. “No I will” Sarah said. “Very well. I need a few minutes with her then you can say goodnight” Dr. Vicente said and headed back towards Molly’s room. “She’s going to be pissed” Sarah said. “She’s tired. We’ll be back before she wakes in the morning I promise” Cristiano told her. “I need to use the bathroom. Then I’ll tell her and we can leave. And then have a word with her stupid mother” Sarah said. “Ya maybe leave that part to me ok. I don’t need two Williamson women in hospital” Cristiano smiled at her. “I’ve always wondered how strong of a left hook I have” Sarah smiled. “Well if it’s anything like Molly’s right hook I don’t want to know. Go to the bathroom. Dr. Vicente will be out shortly” Cristiano said. “K I’ll be back in a minute” she replied leaving Cristiano standing alone outside Molly’s room.

“Excuse me” a voice said and Cristiano looked to his right to see black haired nurse trying to get into the room. “Oh sorry” he said moving out of the way so the nurse could open the door. “Molly it will just take a minute” he heard someone say before hearing Molly screech a no. “What are you doing?” he asked running into the room. “I need to take some blood” a nurse said trying to catch Molly’s arm but she wouldn’t let the nurse have her arm.

“Molly I know you hate needles but they have to take your blood. Please just them. The sooner you do the sooner it is all over” Cristiano told her and she shook her head. “Sarah is pretty feisty” he said moving closer to the bed. “She’s nearly has gobby as you” he smiled and Molly glared at him. “And she really doesn’t like your mother all that much” he said. “She crazy” Molly whispered. “Your mother or Sarah” he smirked. “I wouldn’t call Sarah crazy if I was you” Molly replied as the nurse took her arm without any more protest. “It’ weird isn’t it?” he asked looking at all the monitors around the bed as Molly looked at him. “You’ve being in a coma for days yet you are still tired. It’s odd” he said as she let out a hiss.

“So what do you think of Madrid so far?” he asked getting her focus back on him and away from the needle that was now in her arm. “You know I’m in hospital right?” she asked looking at him as if he was mad. “Really? I was wondering what this place was alright” he smiled at her and she rolled her eyes before groaning. “You ok?” he asked. “My eye hurts” she mumbled. “Ya you’ll have a big bruise around it for a while by the looks of it. Don’t worry you still look pretty. And I’m sure you’ll be pretty annoying many times when they want to take your blood again too” he said as the nurse finished up.

“Gracias” the nurse smiled at Cristiano who nodded. “Not that bad when you aren’t thinking about it” Cristiano smiled at Molly. “Thanks” Molly said. “Anytime Mols” he said quickly squeezing her shoulder before taking a seat in the chair while he waited for Sarah. Molly watched as he played with his mobile. She thought about the look she had seen on his face when she told him she didn’t know who he was talking about when he asked who Junior was. She didn’t know her own son she thought. And she also realised that she didn’t know the man who fathered him. Yet he was sitting in her hospital room. And for some reason Molly didn’t mind.
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Molly's struggling in hospital and her mother isn't helping but is having Cristiano around going to help Molly?