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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 11- It's Complicated

“Mana Molly” Dr. Vicente said as Molly opened her eyes. After Sarah and Cristiano had left her room last evening she had slept all night. “The night staff said you didn’t wake once” the doctor smiled. “I still don’t remember” Molly said. “It’s ok Molly” she said. “No it’s not. I can’t remember two years of my life” Molly said. “Try to remember about your injuries Molly. Your ribs are going to cause you some pain for a while so try not to make any sudden movements please” the doctor reminded her. “I hate this bed” Molly said. “We will be looking to get you up and about soon. You will have plenty of exercises to do for you lungs” the doctor smiled.

“Knock knock” Sarah said entering the room. “Good morning” she beamed. “Is it?” Molly asked. “Well you’re away so yes it is. Jezz I forgot how grumpy you can be in the mornings” Sarah said. “I’m in pain here” Molly said. “Can’t you give her something for the pain?” Sarah asked Dr. Vicente. “I can give you something stronger Molly” the doctor said. “No. It’s fine” Molly said. “I’ll be back later then” Dr. Vicente said before leaving the room. “So how are you?” Sarah asked taking a seat. “I still don’t remember two years of my life if that’s what you mean” Molly said. “Yup still grumpy” Sarah said trying to make Molly laugh.

“Sorry I couldn’t stay here last night” Sarah said. “It’s not your fault the doctor wouldn’t let you. I only slept anyway” Molly said. “That’s good. I slept too. Ana has a really comfy spare bed” Sarah said. “Ana?” Molly asked. “Oh ya sorry I keep forgetting you’ve forgotten” Sarah laughed. “Sarah” Molly said. “Right sorry. Ahm ya Ana she’s actually a good friend of yours. She’s dating one of Cristiano’s teammates” Sarah said.

“Oh right” Molly said. “Are you ok after everything that happened last night?” Sarah asked. “Nothing should surprise me when it comes to her but I still get surprised” Molly sighed. “Your dad now he I felt bad for and he was really apologetic to Cristiano but your mum. I’m sorry but that woman. Even when she has her life somewhat sorted she’s still a cow. And she soon quietened down after Cristiano spoke to them” Sarah said.

“What did he say to them?” Molly asked. “Told them to grow up and think about you. Which apparently he has said in the past. He also told them it was best to stay away from today so hopefully they’ll listen to him. He’ll probably just drag them out himself if I don’t do it first if they do come” Sarah said. “They’d probably be gone before he’d get here anyway so you’ll have to manage the two of them” Molly said. “Actually he’s in the waiting room. He drove me here” Sarah said. “What? Why?” Molly asked. “Cos…….oh Mols I don’t know where to begin. Look he cares about you. Even if you don’t remember him he still wants to know you are ok” Sarah said.

“But I’m not even seeing him” Molly said. “Well you could if you want to. I’m not going to push you Mols. Just if you wanted to, then he’s here” Sarah said. “Right” Molly said. “You did seem to be getting on ok last night” Sarah said. “Did we?” Molly asked. “I thought so when I came back in. Anyway it’s up to you” Sarah shrugged. “Tell me about San Francisco? I want to know things I guess I’m meant to already know” Molly said.

“I hate this place” Molly groaned after lunch time. “You should eat some more of your lunch” Sarah said stretching. “That’s part of the reason why I hate this place” Molly said pushing the tray away from her. “You need to get out of that bed” Sarah said. “I’m so sore” Molly said. “You should take the stronger painkillers” Sarah said. “I don’t need them” Molly said. “Jezz you and Cris are so stubborn” Sarah said. “Why is he stubborn?” Molly asked. “I told him to go home but he won’t listen. He’s actually doing workouts in the waiting room. Ha it was so funny when I walked in earlier. His face was so funny when he knew I caught him” Sarah said. “Right” Molly said not knowing what to say. “Anyway I forgot. Well he…we both forgot until Nuno, that’s his cousin by the way” Sarah said.

“Sarah” Molly said trying to get her friend to stop rambling. “Sorry anyway Nuno brought you a bag of your stuff. Cris figured you’d want some of your own clothes” Sarah said. “Oh ya I guess” Molly said. “I’ll go get it. But I take no responsibility about what he packed. He knows your stuff a bit better than me so I hope he actually knows you or else god knows what he packed” Sarah said heading to the door. “Sarah” Molly called out and her friend looked over her shoulder. “Yup” she said. “You said he was here” Molly said.

“Who Cris?” Sarah asked and Molly nodded. “Ya he is. Why?” Sarah asked. “It’s nothing” Molly replied. “You know it is alright to be a little curious Mols” Sarah said. “Curious about what?” Molly asked. “About the hot footie guy who’s a tad bit desperate to be around you” Sarah winked. “Sarah” Molly groaned. “Hmm not denying he’s hot. Interesting” Sarah laughed. “Stop” Molly said. “I’m just playing with you Mols. But seriously why are you asking about him?” Sarah asked. “I don’t know” Molly shrugged. “Why don’t I bring him back with me? You can always kick him out. No biggie” Sarah said. “Sarah” Molly said. “Might be nice to talk to someone other than me. Not sure the conversation will be all that stimulating mind you” she said.

“So just like talking to you then” Molly said. “Ha ha ha. I’ll be back in a minute. Last chance to tell me not to bring him back with me” Sarah said. Molly opened her mouth to say something before closing it again. “That’s my girl Mols” Sarah whispered before leaving the room.

Molly took deep breaths. All she could hear was the sound of beeps from the monitors she was hooked up to. Her hand was shaking and she didn’t know why. Heck yes she knew why the father of her child was about to walk into the room. A father she didn’t remember of a son she didn’t remember. She nearly wished the nurse was taking her blood again so it would be easier to look at him like it was last night.

“You see that is why I could never be a professional athlete. Way too much exercise” Sarah said as she walked into the room followed by Cristiano. “It’s not a bad thing” Cristiano mumbled. “I’d much rather eat a donut think go to the gym. Now I get why you’ve being so into Zumba Mols. You’ve being hanging around exercise freaks” Sarah said placing a bag on the floor. “Zumba” Molly asked confused.

“Ya you do that. Though you always have done something. Like Pilates” Sarah said taking a seat. “Oh ya right” Molly said as Cristiano stood at the end of the bed. “Are you going to stand there looking like a lemon or are you going to take a seat?” Sarah asked Cristiano. “Oh right” Cristiano said scratching the back of his neck nervously. “Told you” Sarah said to Molly. “Stimulating conversation” Sarah said gesturing to Cristiano. But neither Molly nor Cristiano said anything. “Sit down Cristiano” Sarah said.

“Oh am..ya right” he said walking to the other side of the bed and pulled up a chair. Sarah looked between Molly and Cristiano who were both staring at anything but at each other.
Cristiano had wanted to see Molly for so long. Last night only happened by chance. He had being talking to the doctor and had heard all the yelling from Molly’s room. Then he found himself distracting her from the needle. He actually hadn’t thought about actually sitting down and talking to her properly.

“Any chance you packed a pack of cards in this bag because you two really aren’t being great company. Jezz neither of you have spoken in ten minutes” Sarah said. “What do you want me to say?” Cristiano asked. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to say something that would make Molly kick him out. He didn’t want to scare her. She didn’t know who she was.

“Ask her how she is maybe” Sarah suggested. “You mean ask her a question she probably being asked like twenty times already today and is probably tired of being asked it” Cristiano said. Molly flicked her head to look at him as surprise hit her that he had said exactly how she felt. She let out a wince and moved her hand to her head.

“Do you want me to get someone Mols?” Sarah asked. “No I’m fine” Molly replied. “I just moved too quickly. I forgot” Molly said before letting out a sigh. “Guess I’m adding more to the list of things I’ve forgotten” Molly said. “It will get easier. The doctor said your injuries will heal but you’ll be sore for a while” Cristiano said and Molly looked at him. “I just want to get out of here” Molly told him. “It’s going to be a while before that can happen” Cristiano said and Molly frowned. “But you’ll have plenty of visitors to keep you entertained. And hey they might have more entertaining conversation then this guy here” Sarah smiled at Cristiano.

“I don’t want to see my parents” Molly said. “For what it’s worth your mother was upset at herself last night. And you dad really didn’t-

“Didn’t stop her. What a surprise. He lets her away with everything. They’re both as bad as each other. They just want their next bet or drink” Molly said. “Molly they’ve gotten help. A lot has happened that you can’t remember” Cristiano told her. “Just because you tell me something doesn’t mean it’s true. You could tell me that I’m a Victoria Secret model and what I’m meant to believe that too” Molly said.

“Well you have the body to be one” Cristiano muttered. And both Molly and Sarah stared open mouthed at him.

“Did you really just say that?” Sarah asked laughing at how uncomfortable Cristiano looked at that moment. “Damn I think you’ve made Molly lost for words for once” Sarah said laughing as Molly stared at Cristiano who was avoiding looking at her.

“Ammm I was just trying to say that her parents aren’t exactly who she remembers” Cristiano said rubbing the back of his neck. “My parents and I….it’s complicated” Molly told him avoiding eye contact with him. “Ha that’s one way of putting it” Sarah said.

“What’s the deal with…between..” Molly stammered. “Huh?” Cristiano asked confused. “She wants to know what’s the deal between you and her. Like are you together or…what that’s what you want to know” Sarah said when Molly glared at her.

“Oh right” Cristiano said. “Well” Molly said finally looking at him. “That’s…..well you see” he sighed and looked at her. “It’s complicated” he told her and for the first time since she had arrived at the hospital Molly laughed.
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Story of their life everything being complicated. But will it get less complicated from now on? And Molly is looking to talk to Cristiano. Is that a good sign?