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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 12- Question Time

“It’s really good to hear you laugh Mols” Cristiano said smiling at her as she laughed. “It’s complicated” Molly laughed. “Mols” Sarah said. “Story of my life” Molly said wincing. “Mols are you ok?” Sarah asked. “I’m fine. It’s just my ribs. I shouldn’t be laughing” Molly said. “They do say laughter is the best medicine” Cristiano said.

“Who are they?” Molly asked. “Huh?” Cristiano asked. “They. Who are the they who say laughter is the best medicine?” Molly asked. “Ahmm I don’t know” he said confused. “She’s just trying to annoy you Cris. And it’s quite fun” Sarah smirked at Cristiano. “Ha ha ha” Cristiano said and Sarah started to laugh.

“What’s so funny now?” Cristiano asked. “Oh just remembering your face earlier. You know when you told Molly she had the body of a VS model” Sarah smiled. “Sarah” Molly said embarrassed. “It’s fun to annoy her too” Sarah winked at Cristiano. “Your friend is annoying” Cristiano muttered to Molly. “Very much so” Molly replied. “I’ll play from now on” Sarah said holding her hands up in surrender.

“So Cris why don’t you tell Molly something about yourself” Sarah suggested. “Why?” Cristiano asked confused. “Is he always this dense?” Sarah asked Molly. “Ahmm amnesia remember” Molly said pointing to herself. “Oh ya” Sarah said. “Who’s the dense one now?” Cristiano smirked at Sarah. “Oh shut up and talk to her. How’s she meant to get to know you or even remember you of you two don’t talk” Sarah said. “Ok ok good point. Ahmm ok” he stammered trying to thing what to say. “Jezz” Sarah said rolling her eyes. “Sarah said you’re the reason I’m here” Molly said. “What?” Cristiano asked looking at Sarah with hurt on his face.

“Wow wow wow I never said it was your fault she is in hospital buddy” Sarah told him. “Why...why would you think that?” Molly asked him. “You…you said…you said that she said I was the reason you were here” he replied. “Here as in Madrid” Molly said. “Oh” he replied. “Why would you think it’s your fault I’m in here? Where you driving the car that hit me?” she asked. “No. Of course not” he replied. “Then how could it be your fault?” she asked. “I…” he paused. “It was the drunk driver who was at fault” she told him. “I should have knocked that smile off his face” Cristiano said angrily as he gripped the side of the chair he sat in. “You were there?” Molly asked and he looked at Sarah who shrugged and nodded for him to continue.

“Only after” he said sadly. “You ok?” she asked him and he laughed. “Just don’t like remembering you like that…seriously you’re the one in a hospital bed and you’re asking me how I’m feeling” he said. “What else am I supposed to say?” she asked. “I don’t know” he shrugged.
“So since you are in Madrid does that mean you don’t play for Man United anymore?” Molly asked. “So you know who I am then?” he asked.

“I remember seeing you kick a ball around a pitch if that’s what you mean” she replied. “Totally was a secret fan” he winked at Sarah. “More likely I was waiting for her boyfriend to give me the tv remote” Molly said looking Sarah. “Hey you and I enjoyed watching some of the hotties running around the pitch if I remember correctly” Sarah told her. “Not that often” Molly said. “I joined Real Madrid the summer of 2009” Cristiano told Molly.

“So that’s what nearly two years ago for you and half a year for me?” Molly asked. “Ya I guess” he replied. “That’s a long time” Molly said. “But you’ll remember it soon” Sarah told her. “So you must be good then if you’re playing for Madrid?” Molly asked wiping a tear from her eye.

“Good? Please” Cristiano scoffed sitting back in his chair. “I’m the best in the world” he smiled at her. “And exactly how many people are in this world you have created in your own little head?” Molly asked. “Just millions in this world Mols” he said and Molly rolled her eyes. “You know you even think I’m the best in the world” he smirked at her. “Ok now that is something I would never say” she said. “Yes you have” he smiled at her. “Are you sure he didn’t get a head injury too?” Molly asked Sarah who laughed.

“It is true. You even come to my football games. And apparently you scream really loudly when I score” he smirked. “Cos you’re the best” Molly said. “Exactly” he replied smugly. “You know just cos your mama says you’re the best doesn’t mean you are right” Molly said and Sarah smiled as she looked between the two. “But the millions of fans who adore me kind of make it true” he smirked at Molly. “Jezz how do you manage to get your head through a door” she said. “I tend to have you around to bring me back down to earth” he replied. “I don’t understand all of this” Molly sighed.

“I know it’s a lot to take in Mols. Like finding out to actually like football can be shocking to anyone” Sarah said trying to keep things light. “Urgh you made me a football fan” Molly groaned looking at Cristiano earning a laugh from Sarah. “You did study sports management in college Mols. She actually didn’t care for football that much. Which is strange cos I know her dad was big in to it when she was growing up” Sarah said and Cristiano could understand why football was never something Molly was a big fan of.

“Well she likes it now. You even come to games Molly. My teammates even like you more than me. Not that I blame them” he said smiling at her. “How did I end up here? Here in Madrid. Why am I going to football games? Why am I hanging around footballers? I don’t understand. How could a girl like me and a girl like you have any…..any..association with each other” Molly asked. “I told you it was complicated Mols” Cristiano said. “Well uncomplicate it then” she snapped. “I don’t know where to start Mols” he said. “My name is Molly. MOLLY. Molly ok. Only my friends call me Mols” she snapped.

“Mols he is your friend. He’s more than your friend. He’s your son’s father” Sarah said as Cristiano failed to hide the hurt on his face. “Stop saying that” Molly yelled. “Just stop. Just stop. Stop” she cried before letting out a yell in pain. “Mols. Molly” Cristiano corrected himself as he reached out to take her hand. “It’s ok. It’s ok. She pulled her hand out of his. “It’s no ok. I don’t remember. It’s not ok” she cried.

“Maybe you should leave her rest” Sarah suggested looking at Cristiano. “Ahm ya ok I guess” he sighed not wanting to leave. “How did we meet?” Molly muttered. “You should rest” he replied. “Have you wanted to see me?” she asked. “What?” Have you being waiting to see me?” she asked. “You know I have” he told her. “Then talk. How am I meant to remember?” she asked. “The doctors warned us about telling you things and then you having fake memories” he replied. “Let me decide what is fake” she said.

“So what would you like to know?” he asked. “How did we meet?” she asked. “You feel into my arms” he smiled. “Excuse me?” she asked. “You literally fell into my arms. Well I guess that was a day later but I still remember it like it was yesterday” he smiled as he thought about that day he had caught Molly before she fell as she played in his Manchester garden with Rodrigo. “Good on you for being able to remember” she muttered. “You babysat my sister’s son. And my brother’s little girl too” Cristiano said. “That’s how we met?” she asked. “Well sort of” he sighed. “What’s the point in you being here if you’re not going to give me a straight answer” Molly said.

“We met at the bar you used to work at. And you were as much as a sassy bitch that night as you are being now” he snapped. “Ronaldo” Sarah yelled. “Aww I’m sorry. Am I making this hard for you? Cos it’s not like you’re the one who woke up to find you are missing two years of your life. If I’m being a bitch you know where the door is” Molly snapped. “I never said being a sassy bitch was a bad thing Molly” he sighed running his hand through his hair.

“So keep going. You two met at the bar. You remember that place right Mols?” Sarah asked. “Yes I remember” Molly replied. “She was a firey and cheeky girl. And I couldn’t take my eyes off her” Cristiano said looking at Molly. “Aww” Sarah said and Molly glared at her. “Then what happened?” Molly asked him. “It finally clicked in my head where I had seen you before. I had briefly seen you with my nephew. Anyway my teammates were being annoying and before we left I told you I would see you again. Naturally you rolled your eyes at me and told me ya right. And then then next day I was catching you before you fell” he told her.

“So how do I go from falling into your arms to having your child?” Molly asked. “By falling into his bed I guess” Sarah laughed before quickly stopping and muttering a sorry. “Does it really matter?” Cristiano asked. “Of course it matters. I have a son apparently who I can’t remember with a guy I don’t know. Did we date? Was I your bit on the side? Was it a one night stand that lead to you being stuck with me and him? It matters damn it” she snapped.

“Mols” Sarah said clamly. “You want to know what matters?” Cristiano asked her sitting closer to the bed and Molly looked at him. “What matters is that you know that I didn’t get stuck with you and our son. What matters is that you know I don’t regret you or Junior or any of the past two years. Well actually that’s not true” he paused and Molly waited for him to continue.

“I do have regrets. I regret all the stupid and hurtful things I have said or done to you. I regret not opening my eyes to what was in front of me for so long. Junior was not a mistake” he said taking her hand.

“Our son was not a mistake. It doesn’t matter how we met or how he was conceived. He was not a mistake you hear me. And you being in my life is not a mistake. That’s what matters Molly. That’s all that matters Molly. That’s all you need to know” he told her.

“That’s not enough” she whispered and he sighed. “I know. But can it be enough for now?” he asked. “I think it’s best if it is. You should rest Mols” Sarah told them. “We can talk again later ok” Cristiano told her. “Is he ok?” she asked suddenly. “Is who ok?” he asked confused. “I think she means Junior” Sarah said.

“Oh ya. He’s ok Molly. He’s missing you but he’s ok. “Maé and my sister are fussing over him. And one of the cousins of one of my teammates wives has being helping out too. You like her. Your trust him with her. Do you want to see a picture of him?” he asked. Molly’s eyes went wide in panic. “No, no” she said in a panic. “It’s ok. There’s no rush. I won’t make you. Not until you’re ready. It’s ok. Sleep Molly. I’ll be here when you wake up” he told her stroking her arm as her eyes started to close.