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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 13- It Hasn't Being All That Bad

“Is she still asleep?” Cristiano whispered to Sarah as he entered Molly’s hospital room. “Ya she is” Sarah said looking away from Molly and back to Cristiano as he walked towards a chair. “Everything ok?” she asked. “What could possibly be wrong?” he sighed. “I meant with the phone call you got” Sarah said.

“It was just Maé asking about Molly” he explained. “Must be hard for her and everyone else. Like not been able to see her” Sarah said. “She doesn’t know them. We can’t risk over whelming her with too many new people. But it’s hard for them I know. I still don’t know why she even say me” he said. “She wants to know why she’s here” Sarah reminded him. “I can’t tell her everything she doesn’t remember. The doctors told us not to tell her everything about what she’s forgotten” Cristiano said.

“She’s not going to give up. She wants to know how she ended up in this new life” Sarah told him. “Well I can’t tell her. I don’t want her to hate me” he said sadly. “Why would she hate you?” Sarah asked. “Look Sarah you don’t know everything ok. I can’t tell her everything that has happened over these past couple of years. I’ve made a big mess of everything and I’ve hurt her more times than I ever wanted but she belongs with us. With me” Cristiano said. “She told me some things” Sarah told him. “She has?” he asked surprised. “A little about your girlfriend” Sarah said. “My-

“You have a girlfriend?” Molly muttered and both Sarah and Cristiano turned to find that her eyes were open and she was looking at Cristiano. “Hey you’re awake” Cristiano smiled at her. “You have a girlfriend. So I was your bit on the side” Molly said. “Wow wow wow hold on. You have never being my bit on the side as you put it. And if you had let me respond to Sarah before interrupting than you would have heard me correcting Sarah. I don’t have a girlfriend. I have an ex-girlfriend” he told her and Molly looked at Sarah.

“He’s telling the truth. In fact from what I heard the break up was pretty entertaining. You even helped” Sarah told her. “I helped?” Molly asked confused. “It doesn’t matter Molly. But I don’t have a girlfriend. Truth I should never have being with my ex” he told her. “So you and I were…” Molly paused. “Before the girlfriend Molly. I wouldn’t do that to you. I didn’t cheat on my girlfriend with you. Well not physically anyway. It’s complicated” he sighed.

“I’ve asked you to uncomplicate it all” Molly told him. “It’s not that easy” he told her. “Make it easy then” she told him. “Mols go easy ok. This is all strange for us too ok” Sarah told her. “I’m the one with no memory of the past two years Sarah. I could have killed someone for all I know” Molly said wincing as she tried to move in the bed.

“You haven’t killed anyone Molly” Sarah said rolling her eyes. “And how do you know? You’ve being in the States. For all I know this is the first time I’ve even spoken to you in months. For all I know I could have being leaving Spain. I don’t know anything” Molly said flustered. “First of all you and I have spoken. A lot in fact. So distance as never stopped us from being friends. Secondly you weren’t leaving Spain cos you wouldn’t leave Junior. And thirdly” Sarah paused. “You haven’t killed anyone cos I’d probably be the number one person you would kill and I’m still alive and kicking” Cristiano said.

“Why would I kill you?” Molly asked him. “For waking you up for starters” he smiled at her and she laughed. “You have to be patient Mols. Your memory will come back. But we can’t tell you all the memories” Sarah told her.

Sarah’s mobile began to ring making her jump. “Oh sorry I should take this” she said looking at the name on the phone. “You going to be ok?” she asked Molly before looking back at Cristiano and back to Molly again. Molly looked at Cristiano before nodding at Sarah. “Ok I won’t be long” Sarah said heading out through the door.

“Why would I hate you?” Molly asked once the door closed. “What?” Cristiano asked. “You told Sarah you didn’t want me to hate you. Why would I hate you?” Molly asked. “I thought you were asleep” he said. “Don’t avoid my question” Molly snapped and he sighed. “The past two years haven’t being all rosey for you Molly. And that has mostly being my fault. I’m not proud of what I’ve put you through but I was stupid and blind and you have to know that hurting you is something I never ever want to do” he told her.

“Molly” he said when she didn’t say anything. “I don’t know what to say” she told him. “We bicker. It’s our thing. But sometimes I took it too far and said things I shouldn’t have said. I also hurt you by not listening to you about my ex” he said. “The one you shouldn’t have dated?” she asked. “Yes. That one. She was a spiteful witch who you could see through and who I was blind to. She was also someone I used to hurt you. You see that’s why I’m afraid you’ll hate me” he told her.

“So what you’re saying is that the life I’ve had here in Madrid sucked just as much as the one I had in Manchester” she said. “No it didn’t. You have a good life here. You love it here. You have Junior. You’re the most amazing mother to him. You have more friends who adore you than I can count. You love working with my agent. It hasn’t all been bad” he told her.

“It doesn’t sound like that is true” she told him. “Well it is. You were happy here with me. I know you were” he told her. “Why should I believe you?” she asked. “What else have you got to believe?” he asked her. “I just want to remember” she said. “I know you do. There are a lot people who want you to remember. A lot of people miss you” he told her. “My parents” she said. “Are staying at the apartment” he told her. “Apartment?” she asked. “Your apartment. They are staying there. Though they are spending a lot of time at my house with Junior. He’s enjoying all of the attention. Though he’s missing you” he said.

“I can’t see him” Molly said in a panic. “Easy easy” he said taking her hand into his. “I know you aren’t ready for that yet” he said squeezing her hand. “I don’t know……..I don’t know……I…..I can’t get my head around it” she finally manage to say. “That you have a son?” he asked and she nodded.

“I look at him every day and feel the same if its any help. I look at him and think how did I get so lucky to have him” he smiled at her. “I wish I could remember feeling that way” she said a tear falling down her cheek. “You will. I know you will” he said swiping his thumb across her cheek to wipe the falling tears away.

A knock at the door made them both jump and Molly moved her head away from his hand. “What are you doing here?” Cristiano asked standing as Katia came into the room. “Who is she?” Molly asked Cristiano. “She really has amnesia” Katia said. “Yes she does. And she’s not having visitors” Cristiano said. “I just needed to see her” Katia said. “Now isn’t a good time. She’s tired and confused and needs rest” Cristiano told his sister as he moved away from Molly. “She is also right here and can speak for herself” Molly told him and Katia laughed.

“Glad there’s still a bit of our Molly in her” Katia said. “Should I know you?” Molly asked. “This is my sister Katia. You minded her son in Manchester” Cristiano explained. “Oh” Molly said. “I just wanted well needed to thank you” Katia said. “Thank me? Why are you thanking me?” Molly asked confused. “Because you saved my son’s life and I could never repay you” Katia said. “What?” Molly asked. “We haven’t exactly discussed the accident Katia” Cristiano glared at his sister.

“Oh sorry. I’ll go” she said. “Wait” Molly called out. “I’ll explain Molly” Cristiano told her. “Sorry Cris. It’s good to see you Mols. Thank you again. And don’t worry we are all looking after Junior for you” Katia said before she left the room. Cristiano shut the door behind her and sighed as he leaned his back against the door.

“Explain” Molly said. “Jezz give me a chance will you” he said. “I’ve known you for a few hours and you’ve tried to dodge every question I’ve asked you in that time” Molly told him. “You’ve known me more than a few hours fyi” he said pushing away from the door. “Does that make me lucky or unlucky?” she asked. “Ouch way to hurt a guy’s ego” he joked taking a seat beside her bed. “I’m sure it takes a lot more to hurt your ego” she told him.

“Katia was thanking you cos you pushed my nephew. Her son Rodrigo out of the way so he didn’t get hit by the car” he told her. “Was he alright?” Molly asked. “He broke his arm and as some bruises. But it could have being worst. He’s home now. He’s also missing you too” Cristiano told her. “The poor boy” Molly said. “So now as if my family weren’t in love with you already you go and become a life safer too” he smiled at her. “You’re close to your family?” she asked.

“Very much so. They spend a lot of time in Spain. We support each other. Yell at each other” he shrugged. “That’s nice” she said. “I know you have it in your head how your parents are but a lot has changed Molly. They have changed. But we’ll save all of that for another day ok” he told her.

“It’s all a lot to take in” she told him. The door opened and Dr. Vicente entered the room. “Hola Molly. How are you today?” she asked. “Ok” Molly replied. “She’s still in pain” Cristiano told the doctor. “I can give you some stronger pain killers Molly” Dr. Vicente said. “I don’t them” Molly said. “Your body has being through a lot. It’s natural to be in a lot of pain” the doctor explained. “I said I don’t want them” Molly snapped.

“Just because they are stronger doesn’t mean you are going to get addicted to them Molly” Cristiano said and Molly looked at Cristiano in shock. “We will monitor the dose Molly. I promise I won’t give them to you if you don’t need them” the doctor said. “Ok” Molly said. “Great. I’ll get them sorted. You should get some more rest. I think visitors have stayed long enough” Dr. Vicente told Cristiano.
“Do I have to go?” Cristiano asked not wanting to leave. “Yes you do. She’s being talking a lot today. It’s time to give her brain a rest” the doctor explained. “Fine” Cristiano sighed. “I’ll speak to you tomorrow no doubt Senor Ronaldo” Dr. Vicente smiled before she left the room.

“I guess I should go find Sarah and tell her we have to leave” Cristiano said. “I guess so” Molly said. “Can I……” he paused. “Can you what?” she asked. “Can I come back to visit you tomorrow?” he asked nervously. “If you want to” she said. “I do” he said quickly. “Then it’s fine with me” she told him. “Great. Good. Ahm I mean ya ok I’ll see you tomorrow then” he said and Molly smiled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” she said. “Maybe we could talk some more. I can try to answer some of your questions. As much as I can anyway. I’m actually listening for once and I do want to tell you everything you don’t remember Molly cos I know it would be easier for you. The doctors have warned us not to upset you. I don’t want to upset you” he told her.

“I get it. Sarah has told me enough times. So has the doctor. I get that I have to remember myself not what you tell me. It’s just-

“Frustrating” he said and she nodded. “Doesn’t stop you from asking questions though” he smiled. “What else am I supposed to do or say?” she asked. “I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve met someone with amnesia. I’m still trying to get around the fact that you could forget me. Like how could someone forget about all of this” he said shaking his hips and Molly started to laugh which made him laugh.

“You’re such a muppet” she laughed and he stopped laughing and stared at her. “What?” she asked. “Nothing” he smiled.
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Cristiano and Molly are talking and seem to be getting to know each other again. Can Cristiano help Molly remember him and Junior?

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