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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 14- You Like Having Me Around

“You know the last thing I expected you to have on your face leaving the hospital and Molly is a smile” Sarah told Cristiano as they strolled towards their awaiting car. “It takes more of an effort to frown then it does to smile Sarah” he smiled at her as he opened the car door. “You’re odd” Sarah said climbing into the car. “Ha are you just working that out now?” Nuno asked from the front seat. “Just drive Nuno” Cristiano said closing the door.

“Oh that’s the thanks I get for coming to pick you up. You know I left your mamas chicken pie to come here” Nuno said. “Thank you Nuno” Sarah said. “Thank you Nuno. And you know Maé will save you some jezz” Cristiano said. “So why do you think he’s odd Sarah?” Nuno asked as he drove. “He’s smiling” she replied. “Smiling really? Are you sure you aren’t the odd one? Like even Cris is known to smile. Usually when a certain brunette is around him” Nuno said. “It’s leaving that brunette that usually has him with a frown on his face” Sarah said. “Oh good point” Nuno said. “I am here you know” Cristiano muttered as he stared out of the window.

“We know. We can smell your aftershave” Nuno joked and Sarah laughed. “Shut up” Cristiano grumbled. “So come on. What gives? I mean the last thing you and her were talking about was her thinking you had a girlfriend” Sarah said. “No way. Please don’t tell me she remembers the wicked witch of the East” Nuno said. “She doesn’t remember anything Nuno” Cristiano snapped. “She overheard a conversation that Cris and I were having” Sarah explained.

“I told her that yes I had hurt her but that the past two years weren’t all that bad. Katia came by. And thankfully Molly didn’t freak out. Although she still can’t cope when Junior is brought up. Anyway we just talked and..” he paused smiling. “And what? What happened?” Nuno asked. “Oh he’s smiling again” Sarah smirked. “The doctor kicked me out” Cristiano said. “Keep going. There’s no way that would make you smile buddy” Sarah told him. “I asked if I could come back and visit her” Cristiano said. “And she said yes. That’s great man” Nuno said.

“Ya she said yes” Cristiano smiled. “That’s good. I mean the more you and her talk the better chance she has of remembering I guess” Sarah said. “Ya I guess” Cristiano said as he continued to stare out the window. “She called me a muppet” Cristiano smiled. “Who did?” Nuno asked. “Molly” Cristiano said. “She did. Wow that’s great” Nuno said. “Why is that great?” Sarah asked confused. “Cos she always called him that” Nuno said “It might not mean anything” Cristiano said. “But it’s something. Something from the time she doesn’t remember” Nuno said.

You coming in Sarah?” Nuno asked as parked the car in Cristiano’s driveway. “I don’t want to intrude. You have enough people. Plus I should get some work done before bed” Sarah replied. “You wouldn’t be intruding Sarah. You’re always welcome” Cristiano told her. “Thanks Cris. I will another time. Night guys” Sarah said waving goodbye as she headed down the driveway.
“So you finally got to see Molly. Like probably talk to her” Nuno said. “Ya I did” Cristiano replied as he opened the front door. “And?” Nuno asked. “She had a lot of questions” he replied. “I’m sure she did. It can’t be easy waking up and not remembering parts of your life” Nuno said as they walked towards the kitchen.

“It’s not easy for any of us. I want to tell her so much but I can’t. And I’m not sure I even really want to” Cristiano said. “There’s some things she would be better off never remembering” Nuno said. “Exactly” Cristiano sighed. “Look mate worry about that when the time comes. For now just enjoy the fact that she is speaking to and getting better each day” Nuno told him. “Cristiano” Dolores smiled when both men entered the kitchen.

“Olé Maé” Cristiano said accepting her hug. “How is Molly? Katia said she looked well” Dolores said. “As well as can be expected. Though she could have done without me explaining the accident” Cristiano said glaring at his sister who sat at the table. “I’m sorry Cris. I just needed to thank her. I didn’t upset her. Did I?” Katia asked. “No you didn’t. I’m sorry I know you meant well. I had actually being explaining how she used to babysit for you before you came in” Cristiano told her. “She still doesn’t remember anything more?” Mark asked from the couch in the living room.

“Oh sorry Mark I didn’t see you there. No still nothing. She’s frustrated about it too” Cristiano told him. “You mean she’s not liking your answers to her questions” Mark smiled. “Spot on. And she’s not going to give up either. She’s needs to rest. She’s still in lots of pain” Cristiano yawned. “Do the doctors even know what they are doing?” Kitty asked entering the room with Junior in her arms. “Well considering she’s alive I would think they do. What is he still doing up? He should be in bed by now” Cristiano said walking towards Kitty.

“We were playing” Kitty smiled at her grandson. “He should be in bed” Cristiano said taking his son into his arms. “Come on kiddo let’s get you to bed” he said kissing his son’s cheek. “Cris eat something first” Dolores called after him. “Later” he called replied as he headed out of the room.

“Morning” Cristiano said as he walked into Molly’s hospital room the following morning. “It’s the afternoon” Molly replied trying to sit up in the bed. She let out a hiss and he frowned. “How are you feeling?” he asked. “Fine” she replied. “Sarah told me to tell you that she will be in to see you later” he told her. “Ok” Molly said as her fingers played with the sheet that covered her. “Has the doctor said anything to?” he asked. “Nope” she replied not looking at him. “Molly what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing” she said. “You’re biting your left cheek” Cristiano said leaning back in his seat. “What?” she asked confused as she finally looked at him. “You do it when you have something on your mind or when you aren’t telling the truth. So spill” he told her. “I’m tired. You can go now” she told him. “I just got here” he replied. “It’s not my fault. Maybe you should have been here earlier when I was less tired” she muttered. He sighed and sat forward. “Did you think that I wasn’t coming?” he asked her.

“You don’t have to be here” she told him. “I got delayed. I’m sorry” he said. “It’s fine” she shrugged before groaning. “Mind your shoulder” he told her. “Ya ya” she said. “Junior didn’t sleep well last night. And then I spent the morning trying to get him to eat. And Sarah was coming in earlier but Junior decided it would be funny to throw his breakfast all over her head. And we didn’t think you’d like her turning up with banana on her head” he told her. “Oh” Molly said. “Come on tell me what’s wrong?” he asked. “What’s right?” she asked. “I know you must be bored here. Put the doctors did say that it wouldn’t be long until you could watch tv again. And even read. You have to give your brain and eyes a chance to rest” he told her. “It’s not that” she replied. “So it is something then” he said and she rolled her eyes.

“Molly” he said. “Why are you here?” she asked. “What kind of question is that? I’m here because I want to be” he told her. “But you have a life. Wouldn’t you rather be playing football?” she asked. “There’s more to life than football” he replied. “Really?” she asked. “Yes there is. And honestly if you had asked me a few years ago would I be thinking the same I problem wouldn’t but things change. People change” he told her. “Everyone has put their lives on hold because of me” she said. “That’s not true” he told her. “What would you be doing right now if you weren’t here?” she asked. “At training” he muttered. “My point exactly. You should be kicking a ball around. Sarah should be in the States. My parents. God knows what they should be doing. Probably sitting in some pub watching races” she sighed.

“They both have jobs actually. But ok I get your point, But you’re not going to be here for much longer. And you know maybe I might prefer to be here than kicking a football around as you put it” Cristiano said. “Ya right” she said. “Or maybe it’s your warm and friendly personality that makes me want to come see you” he smirked. “Very funny” she said. “I’ll go back to playing football when I’m ready Molly. Right now I’m concentrating on you” he told her.

“Aren’t you afraid they will figure out that they don’t need you?” she asked. “Not partially” he replied. “Jezz you’re not that good” she said. “I’m the best Mols” he smirked. “Don’t call me that” she snapped. “Sorry” he said. “Ok fine. Don’t go back. I’m sure they are playing better without you anyway” she told him.

“Nice to see you out of the bed” Sarah told Molly as the nurse wheeled her wheelchair into her room the following day. “It wasn’t my idea” Molly said. “We went to see the physio” the nurse said. “She means I went. I went to get pulled and pushed about” Molly groaned. “Someone is in a good mood I see” Sarah said. “Let’s get you back into bed” the nurse said. “I can do it” Sarah told her. “I can do it myself” Molly said. “Well I’ll just be here if you need help” Sarah replied. “I’ll be back to check on you later” the nurse said. “Thank you” Molly said. “How are you?” Sarah asked as Molly attempted to stand from the wheelchair. “Sore. And my lung function is shot apparently” Molly said.

“You did collapse your lung Mols. Here let me help” Sarah said gently taking Molly’s unhurt arm. “Aren’t you sick of been here? Aren’t you missing your job and boyfriend? Your life?” Molly asked as she settled into the bed. “I’m enjoying the break from it all. And I’m even enjoying spending time around you. Even when you are being a grumpy mare” Sarah told her. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be. And I love you being here. And I really appreciate you being here. You know I do right? You’re the only person I remember for starters” Molly said. “Well you remember your parents” Sarah said.

“That doesn’t mean I want to see them” Molly replied. “I get that. But they are here. And they have been a help. Well I think Cris might be getting a little annoyed with your mother cos she apparently doesn’t understand that your son has a bed time” Sarah said. “Don’t say that” Molly said. “Say what?” Sarah asked confused. “What you just…don’t say it” Molly said. Sarah was about to asks more when a knock came to the door and Ana popped her head in. “Sorry there was no one outside. You left this in the car. I thought you’d want it Sarah” she said holding a mobile in her hand. “Oh thanks Ana. I swear I’m losing my mind” Sarah said walking towards Ana. “Think I’ve beaten you too that” Molly said and Ana laughed. “Still got her sense of humour then” Ana said.

“Well it seems to be the only thing I’ve got going” Molly said. “You’ve also got a hot footie guy who’ll do anything you want if you click your fingers” Sarah said. “Oh jezz don’t call Ronaldo a hot footie guy. His head is big enough as it is at times” Ana said. “I would have thought you were annoyed I didn’t say your man was a hot footie guy” Sarah joked. “I’m kind of lost here people” Molly said. “Oh ya Molly this is Ana. She’s your friend and neighbour. Her boyfriend plays football with Cris” Sarah said. “It’s really good to see you so well alert Molly” Ana said. “I’m sorry I don’t remember you or well anything” Molly said. “It’s ok. It’s not your fault. You’ll remember eventually” Ana said.

“Hopefully sooner rather than later” Molly said. “You must be bored in here” Ana said. “Kind of ya” Molly replied. “Well she only lets me or Cris visit her so I’m sure she’s bored of us two anyway” Sarah said. “Well you’re the only one of you two that are here so clearly I’m not the bored one” Molly muttered and Sarah smiled. “Hmmm are you missing a certain someone by any chance?” Sarah asked. “What no of course not. I told him he doesn’t have to be here. That he has his own life to live” Molly said. “Ah now I get it” Ana said. “Get what?” Molly asked. “Why Cristiano was so grumpy, restless and unhappy when he turned up to my house this morning to get a lift with Pepe to training” Ana said. “He’s gone to training?” Molly asked. “Ya apparently he has to live his life and be normal or a certain someone will be grumpy with him” Ana said. “I am not grumpy with him” Molly pouted.

“You need your food to give you strength you know” Cristiano said as he stood at the doorway of Molly’s hospital room a few hours later. “Have you tried this food? There’s more nutrition in cardboard I bet” Molly said pushing her plate away. “You also need food to be less grumpy” he said stepping forward into the room. “Hi” he smiled at her. “Hello” she replied smiling up at him. “Oh a smile. That’s nice. Apparently you’ve being a little grumpy without me around” Cristiano smirked at her. “Who told you that? That’s a lie” Molly said. “So I should just leave then” Cristiano said moving to stand.

“Don’t” she said and he smiled. “Anyone would think you like having me around” he said poking her. “Well Ana said that you were grumpy too this morning” Molly said. “Ana said that. She was here?” he asked. “Sarah forgot her mobile. She dropped it in” Molly replied. “What else did she tell you?” he asked. “You look worried. Does she know all your deepest darkest secrets or something?” Molly joked. “No but she’s not always my number one fan. And totally all my fault” he told her. “Well she only said all good things to me so maybe she’s more of a fan than you think” Molly said. “Maybe. So you weren’t bored without me then?” he asked.

“Didn’t notice you weren’t here” she replied. “Oh really” he said. “Well not exactly. The conversation was a bit more interesting with you not been in the room” she smirked. “So funny you are” he said. “So you went to training” she said. “Ya I did” he replied. “And? Are you not going to tell me how it went? Hello I don’t know what you do remember” she said. “It was good. Bit odd. I mean I love training but it’s weird been there when you’re in here. Anyway everyone was asking after you” he told her. “Tell them thanks I guess. I don’t know. Is that something the Molly they know would say?” she asked. “I’ll tell them” he said.

“So I guess you won’t be coming around that much now you are back training. Like you will have matches and stuff” Molly said. “You like having me around” he sang. “You’re not the worst I guess” she replied. “I’m the best” he told her. “So did your teammates miss? Were the disappointed you were back? I mean they must have enjoyed the break away from you. Your big head must be a lot to deal with” she said. “They were happy to see me. I’m very hard to forget about” he said and she started to laugh. “You want to rethink that statement” she smiled and he laughed. “Ok well you’ve always being different” he laughed.