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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 15-What Are You Doing?

“Goody for me” Molly sighed. “Different is good Molly” Cristiano told her. “Different isn’t getting me out of here anytime soon” she replied. “You’ll be out of here before you know it” he told her. “Ya ya ya. So I keep being told. Could you pass me the glass please?” she asked nodding to the glass on locker beside the bed. “You want the straw too?” he asked picking up the glass of water. “Please” she replied and he placed the glass into her good hand. “So what did you get up to today?” he asked leaning back in his chair. “Oh you know went for a hike. George Clooney came for tea. Oh and Ryan Gosling stopped by to make sweet love to me but at las my body is too badly injured so he left” Molly said.

“Well you look great for someone who did a hike. And I hope George brought you some chocolates. And isn’t Gosling a fool huh. I would find a way around your injuries to ravish you” Cristiano said as Molly took a sip from the glass. When she heard the words ravish and she began to cough at his words and he laughed. “Careful. We don’t need you spilling the water all over you” he laughed leaning forward to take the glass from her as she coughed. “Are you ok?” he asked a few moments later. “Don’t say things like that” she told him. “You started it” he smirked. “Well stop” she sighed before wincing. “Do you want me to ask the doctor for more painkillers?” he asked. “No I’m fine. I just can’t get comfy” she sighed.

“So you said Ana was here. Did you like that? I mean you must be sick of me and Sarah by now” he said. “It was nice to talk to someone else I guess. Just a shame I didn’t know who I was talking to” Molly said. “It’s not easy I know. But it’s nice to get the chance to meet people though. I mean who gets the chance to meet someone for the first time again. Gives people a chance to make a good first impression” he said. “And what kind of first impression did I give you when we first met?” she asked. “Sexy” he said. “Shut up” she blushed. “It’s the truth. That and mouthy. You still are. Both by the way” he said. “I’ve always had opinions. Too many according to my mother” Molly said. “She has some of her own too” Cristiano mumbled. “Ah Kitty Williams making herself known what a surprise” Molly said.

“Like at least you are right when you are being bossy and giving your opinion but her urgh she doesn’t think. Sorry I shouldn’t be talking about you mother like this” he said. “Oh please don’t let me stop you. You aren’t saying anything that I don’t already know” Molly said. “Well to be fair she is different from what you remember Molly. Both of your parents are. They both have cleaned up their act” he told her. “So how did training go? Are you going to be playing in a match soon?” she asked. “Ok so changing the subject I take it” he said. “I just don’t want to think about my parents. If you knew why I hate hospitals so much you wouldn’t want me talking about them” she told him. “Your mother was sick herself Molly. You’ve told me that yourself. Making you ill was because she was ill” he told her and Molly stared wide eyed at him. “I…I told you about what she did?” she asked.

“Yes you did” he replied. “I…..I..don’t know what to say” she said. “Let’s stop talking about it then. I’m hoping to play in the next match. Probably not all of it even though I’m more then fit to but the coaches don’t want to push me since I missed a few training sessions” he said not impressed.

“You really love playing football. Don’t you?” she asked. “I love it” he grinned and she smiled at him. “What?” he asked. “Nothing. You just look…never mind” she said. “I look what? Oh do I look hot? Do I look sexy? It’s ok I mean you wouldn’t be the first person to think so” he smirked and Molly laughed. “You are a silly man” she said. “Ya ya ya. So what did you do today?” he asked. “Got pulled and pushed around” Molly said. “What?” he asked confused. “I had physio today. And hated every bit of it” she told him. “But you need it to get your body stronger” he told her. “So basically suck it up and stop complaining cos no one cares” she said. “We all care Molly. And there’s no way we could get you to stop complaining. You’re good at it” he smirked.

“Why do I put with you being here?” she asked. “Well me not being here makes you grumpy miss smarty pants” he said. “Well you not being here with me makes you grumpy so there” she replied. “Hey I’m not denying that. I always want to be where you are. Always” he told her. “Even a hospital?” she asked. “Well I’d rather you weren’t here of course” he said. “You probably think the same as Sarah. That I should try talking to other people” she said. “Well you speak to the doctors and nurses don’t you. Plus you spoke to Ana today. You’ll see other people when you are ready Molly. Plus the doctor still doesn’t want you surrounded by too many people yet. Anyway I kind of like it that it’s just me you’ll see” he smiled at her. “And Sarah” she said. “Oh yes and Sarah” he smiled.

“So how is Molly?” Pepe asked Cristiano as he tied his boots in training a couple of days later. “She’s good. Hating physio. Hating not being able to remember anything. But I think she’s doing better. She’s being more herself I guess” Cristiano told his friend. “But she’s not hating you so all good then” Pepe said. “Yes all good then. She’s…we…it’s being nice. Getting to spend time with her you know. I just really hate that this has happened to her. I shouldn’t have being so stupid” Cristiano sighed. “You being stupid is who you are Ronnie” Sergio joked as he and Iker came to stand beside Cristiano and Pepe. “Well if I didn’t know it, I sure do with everyone telling me all the time” Cristiano muttered. “Come on mate I’m only joking with you” Sergio said. “Well don’t” Pepe said. “How is Molly?” Iker asked.

“He was just telling me that she is good” Pepe said. “Is she up for any visitors yet?” Sergio asked. “Ya Sara was telling me that Ana spent some time with her the other day” Iker said. “Ya she did. But she’s not ready to see more people. I asked if she would like to see Ana yesterday and she just went all quiet. She had a tough day yesterday. Her ribs were really painful” Cristiano said. “So when do you think we can see her?” Sergio asked. “When Molly is ready. When the doctors say she is. I don’t know when that will be ok” Cristiano snapped and shook his head. “I’m sorry. It’s just that Kitty keeps asking me that same question. Like every time she’s near me. And she keeps putting Junior off his schedule so he’s not sleeping that well and neither am I” Cristiano said.

“Just tell her to back off or you’ll kick her out” Sergio said. “I can’t do that” Cristiano told him. “Why not? Molly would” Pepe said. “Well ya she probably would. But I can’t. She’s Molly’s mother and I don’t know when she’ll want to see her” Cristiano said. “Quite a pickle you are in then Cris” Iker said. “Story of my life” Cristiano said and they all nodded.

“Hey Cris” Sarah waved he stepped into the hospital. “Hey Sarah. Ana” he said nodding to the brunette beside Sarah. “We were just on our way up to Molly. She had physio this morning so she told me to come in the afternoon. She even asked for Ana to come” Sarah said as they walked down the halls of the hospital. “That’s really good. She think she needs to speak to more people but she’s not ready to meet everyone yet” Cristiano told them. “We don’t want to rush her. I’m glad she wants to see me though. I’ve missed talking to her” Ana told them.

“Do you think…” Sarah paused and they all stopped walking, “Do you think she’s every going to remember her life again?” Sarah asked. “You’ve heard what the doctors have said. It’s going to take time” Cristiano told her. “But not everyone regains their memory. I googled ok” Ana said. “But this is Molly we are talking about” he said. “But what if she doesn’t?” Ana asked. “She will” Sarah said. “But you just asked if she would?” Ana said. “I know but I’m won’t again. All positive thoughts for now on. Sorry” Sarah said. “You have nothing to be sorry for Sarah. We have all thought the same thing” Cristiano said. “Well it’s easy for her to be positive. Molly remembers Sarah. What if she never remembers us? Or Junior?” Ana asked.

“We pray she does and if not then we…..we try to let Molly get to know us and hopefully she likes what she sees” Cristiano shrugged. “I hate this” Sarah sniffling. “Me too” Ana said sniffling too. “Hey hey no crying. Molly doesn’t need to see you guys upset. She doesn’t need any pressure right now” he said placing his arms around the girl’s shoulders. “Plus I can’t handle crying women” he said and both women laughed. “Come on let’s go see Mols. I’ll say hello and then go spend time with Junior” Cristiano said as they started to walk again. “How is he?” Sarah asked.

“Teething. And Kitty won’t leave Lola alone while she’s watching Junior” Cristiano told them. “Molly really liked Lola when she let her watch Junior at the game that time. She was a good choice to help you with Junior” Ana said. “I can do something right once in a while I guess” Cristiano shrugged as they reached the door to Molly’s hospital room. “What’s with all the voices?” Sarah asked confused when she heard loud voices coming from inside the room as she pushed the door open. “Kitty this isn’t right” Cristiano heard his mother say as he stepped into the room.

“What’s going on?” Sarah asked before she let out a gasp at the sight in front of her. “It’s about time my daughter spent time with her son” Kitty said adjusting Junior on her lap. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” Cristiano said angry as he came around Sarah and nearer the bed. “Junior wanted to see his mama” Kitty smiled placing the little boy on the bed. Cristiano looked at Molly in a panic and found her staring at Junior. She was mesmerized about him. It was like she wasn’t aware of anyone else in the room. She just stared at the little boy who smiled up at her. “You shouldn’t be here” Sarah told Kitty. “Molly is my daughter. Say hello to your mama Junior” Kitty said moving Junior further up the bed.

The boy giggled and reached his hands out to Molly. Molly lifted her right hand slowly and Junior grabbed her fingers which made Molly jumped. She looked at the people in the room. Everyone was watching her. Everyone was watching the little boy who was sitting so close to her. The little boy who had beautiful brown eyes. Brown eyes which looked up at her in awe. Brown eyes like her. Cos he was…he was her….Molly started to sit up in the bed.

“No” she yelled as she felt her chest tighten. “Molly stop this nonsense now” Kitty yelled and Junior began to cry. “Get out. Get out” Molly screamed in pain as she moved in the bed. “Molly it’s ok. It’s ok” Cristiano said moving to her. “No no. Get out. No. It can’t. It can’t be…..” she cried looking at Junior. “Ana” Cristiano yelled and Ana moved to take Junior from the bed. “Molly” Cristiano said trying to calm her down.

“No no no no no no” she cried and once again screamed out in pain as the nurses rushed into the room. “Everyone needs to leave this room immediately” one of the nurses told them firmly as another nurse tried to settle a crying Molly on the bed. “Cris” Sarah said grabbing his arm. “I’m not leaving her” Cristiano insisted. “We have to” Sarah said pulling him towards the door. And all he could hear was Molly crying. And all he wanted was to hold her.
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So Molly met Junior for the first time. Will this meeting break her or will it make her stronger.

I'm back. Sorry for the long break. I haven't been in the right mind to write but hopefully my creative juices will flow again. I don't know if anyone is interested in this story anymore but I've started it and I intend to finish it. Molly and Cristiano deserve a chance to be together.