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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 16- Anger and Tears

“You stupid stupid woman” Sarah yelled at Kitty once she reached the family room where everyone had been ushered to. Junior was crying Ana’s arms as she tried and failed to settle him. Dolores was eyeing the door nervously awaiting her son’s arrival. “Don’t you dare yell at me” Kitty roared back at Sarah. “What the fuck were you thinking bringing him here?” Sarah yelled as Cristiano came through the door.

“Cris” Dolores said moving towards her son. “Don’t” Cristiano snapped walking towards Ana. “He won’t stop crying” Ana told him as he reached his arms out to take his son. “Sssh sssh Junior” he said holding his crying son close to him. “Cris I’m sorry” Dolores told her son. “Sorry is not going to fix what just happened in there” he snapped. “Why did you bring him here Dolores? What on earth made you think it was a good idea to bring him here?” Ana asked. “She clearly didn’t think. Neither of you did. And of course it was your idea” Sarah yelled at Kitty.

“She should see me and her son” Kitty said. “She doesn’t fucking remember him” Sarah yelled and Junior cried louder. “Sarah” Ana said. “No don’t try and tell me calm down when this woman’s stupid actions has hurt my best friend again” Sarah yelled. “I shouldn’t have listened to Kitty. Cristiano I’m sorry” Dolores said as her son held his own son close to him. “She was ok until you all came in” Kitty said. “Oh shut up. Just shut your god damn mouth already” Cristiano snapped. “Don’t speak to me like that” Kitty yelled. “I will speak to you how ever I damn well like after what you just put Molly through in there. She wasn’t ready to see him. She told me that herself. She wasn’t ready and you pushed her. I swear to God if anything happens to that women in there I will make you suffer” Cristiano warned.

“Cristiano” Dolores said. “Don’t. I don’t even want to look at you right now” Cristiano said in disgust at his mother who looked like she had being slapped in the face. “You are all making a big deal out of nothing” Kitty said. “Molly just awoke from a coma and doesn’t remember months of her life. She barely coped with she found out she had a son. Cris is right. She wasn’t ready to meet him you stupid woman” Sarah said. The door opened and Dr. Vicente entered the room. “How is Molly?” Sarah asked the doctor.

“We’ve had to sedate her” Dr. Vicente said. “What?” Cristiano in surprise. “She wouldn’t settle down. I’m afraid she also broke another rib when she was moving about on the bed” the doctor said. “Can we see her?” Sarah asked. “I think it would be best if everyone left for the day” Dr. Vicente said. “But please. Just us” Sarah begged pointing at herself and Cristiano. “After what happened today I don’t think that is the best thing to happen right now. It looks like Molly had a panic attack” the doctor said. “She’s had one or two since I’ve met her” Cristiano mumbled. “And given the shock she had” the doctor said nodding at Junior “it’s no surprise. She’s going to out of it for some time. You should all go home” the doctor said.

“But” Cristiano said and the doctor her hand up to stop him from talking. “I will ask security to escort you all out if I have to. I do not want what happened here today to happen again. Do I make myself clear?” Dr. Vicente asked. “Yes. I understand” Cristiano said and the doctor left the room. “This is all a mess” Sarah said. “Look why don’t we all go home and rest. You heard what the doctor said. Molly will be asleep for some time yet” Dolores said. “She should be inside talking to the two girls. She should be learning to be around people again. Not sedated cos of your stupidity” Cristiano said. “We should go Cris” Ana said.

“This should not be happening” he said before he stormed out of the room. “She’ll be asking for Junior when she wakes up. I know she will. I know my daughter” Kitty said. “You know nothing about Molly. You never have and you never will” Sarah snapped before following Cristiano. “Ana” Dolores said. “Give him time Dolores. A sorry isn’t going to fix this I’m afraid” Ana said squeezing the older woman’s arm before she followed Sarah out of the room.

“Are you going to answer that?” Pepe asked placing a glass of water on the table in front of Cristiano. After he had left the hospital, he had driven Sarah back to Pepe’s house where she was staying and going bring himself to go to his own house. “It’s Maé” Cristiano said bitterly placing his mobile on the table. “Maybe you should talk to her” Pepe said. “Let him be Pepe” Ana said entering the room. “Is Junior ok?” Cristiano asked. “He’s asleep” she replied. “I guess he tired himself out with all his crying” Sarah sighed from across the table. “When can you see Molly again?” Pepe asked.
“Never” Cristiano muttered. “That’s not true. She be out of sedation by the morning” Sarah. “Do you really think she’s going to want to see us after what happened today?” Cristiano asked. “She knows us” Sarah said. “Did you see the look on her face? The one thing she wasn’t ready for happened today. We’ll be lucky if she talks to anyone again” Cristiano said. “She will talk to us” Sarah said. “I know Molly” Cristiano said. “And what do you mean by that?” Sarah asked. “She’ll do what she always does when she’s scared. She’ll shut us all out” he sighed.

“Maybe seeing Junior will….. I don’t make her remember” Sarah said. “She broke a fucking rib because she couldn’t cope with seeing him Sarah” Cristiano snapped. “Hey take it easy Cris” Pepe said. Cristiano’s mobile began to ring again and he grabbed it and answered it. “I don’t want to talk to you” Cristiano yelled into the phone before dropping it onto the table. “It wasn’t all your mother’s fault Cris” Ana said.

“She went along with it Ana. How could she have being so stupid? Molly wasn’t even ready to see her or Kitty” Cristiano said. “Look we can’t change anything that happened now. We just have to see what tomorrow holds” Pepe said. “Can Junior and I stay here tonight?” Cristiano asked. “Of course you can” Ana said. “If Junior is anything like Molly, I don’t think waking him up to take him home would be the smartest thing” Pepe smiled. “He grabbed her fingers” Cristiano said. “Ya I saw” Ana smiled sadly. “I just want her back. I just want my Molly back” Cristiano said as his eyes filled with tears.

“You know you can’t avoid Maé forever right” Katia said standing in the doorway of Cristiano’s bedroom as he pushed his foot into his shoe. He had gotten back from Pepe’s house only ten minutes ago and had stormed past Dolores who tried to talk to her son. “I can try” Cristiano said. “Cris she didn’t mean to upset Molly” Katia told him. “She didn’t fucking think Katia. Of all the stupid things she has done. Like I thought giving Molly her contraceptive pills without her knowing was bad but this…..I can barely manage to be in the same house as her right now Katia” Cristiano said angrily.

“Cris” Katia said. “Junior is at Ana’s with Sarah. Lola is going to watch him over there” Cristiano said. “Are you seriously going to keep him from Maé?” Katia asked as he pushed past her and headed downstairs. He could hear yelling as he got closer to the living room. “I knew you did something” Mark yelled at Kitty who sat on the couch. “I knew you were hiding something last night when you came back to the apartment” he yelled at his wife. “Mark why don’t you just take a seat and calm down a little bit” Nuno was telling him as Cristiano entered the room. “Have you spoken to the hospital?” Mark asked Cristiano. “She wasn’t awake when I phoned” he told Molly’s father. “I’m so sorry” Mark said. “It isn’t your fault” Cristiano told him.

“Why are you apologising to him? Do you know how he spoke to me yesterday? How that bitch of a friend of my daughter spoke to me?” Kitty yelled. “You should be the one apologising” Mark snapped at his wife. “She’s my daughter” Kitty yelled. “And she’s my daughter too. Yet I knew that surprising her by taking my grandson to see her was the worst thing that you could do. Especially after the way she reacted when she found out she had a son in the first place” Mark said. “Cristiano” Dolores said coming towards her son. “Don’t speak to me. Don’t even look at me” Cristiano snapped before leaving the room.

Molly could hear the nurse walk around the hospital room. She could hear the doctor talking to the nurse but she kept her eyes closed. She didn’t know what time it was but she knew it was bright outside. She didn’t remember going to sleep. All she could remember was the little boy who had sat on her bed. She hadn’t being able to speak when her mother had walked into her hospital room with an unknown woman behind her. She had being about to yell at her mother when she spotted the boy in the arms of the unknown woman.

The voices got quieter and quieter and soon Molly was alone in the room and she slowly opened her eyes. Her head hurt. Her ribs hurt. Her entire body hurt. But nothing hurt more than not being able to remember the little boy. The little boy was her….She lifted her right hand and wiped the tears that had begun to fall from her eyes. How could she not remember she thought. She knew she was missing the memory of some of her life but seeing the little boy. Seeing everyone staring at her. She knew they wanted her to remember. She knew what they were all thinking and hoping. But she couldn’t remember.

She couldn’t remember anything. She moved sit up but pain ran threw her body and she slammed her right fist on the bed. She felt something by her fingers and moved to pick it up. She gasped when she saw the tiny white sock in her hand. She gripped it hard as her body shook. All she could picture was the little boy who had worn the sock. The little boy she couldn’t remember. And tears flowed from her eyes faster and faster.
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Cristiano is angry. Mark is angry. And Molly is in pain. And in tears. Will her tears stop? Will Cristiano forgive Dolores? And when will Cristiano get his Molly back?

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