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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 17- I'm Scared

“Damn is he blind” Sarah winced as the TV replayed Cristiano’s miss. “Give him a break. It hasn’t exactly been an easy week for him. Weeks even” Nuno said covering his eyes with his hands as the reply of Cristiano’s bad miss replayed on the tv which hung in the corner of Molly’s hospital room. “I’m surprised he’s playing today. The last time she refused to see him or anyone, he waited in the waiting room for days” Sarah said taking a bite of her salad.

Like Cristiano had expected and had told everyone, the day after Molly had unexpectedly met Junior, she had refused to see or speak to anyone. She had barely muttered only a yes or a no to her doctor or nurses. She just stared at the walls with a blank look on her face ignoring any attempt at conversation or she just slept. In fact the only reason Sarah was even in the room was because Dr. Vicente had threatened Molly with physio everyday for hours if she didn’t allow at least Sarah into the room. Of course since Molly had broken yet another rib, her rehab was going to be delayed as a result. Though her doctor wasn’t going to follow through on her mild threat, Dr. Vicente knew how important it was for Molly to be around people she knew.

“I’m surprised too. I actually thought he was only going to be playing the second half” Nuno said. “The way he’s playing he won’t make it to the end of the first half” Sarah said. “He has a lot on his mind” Nuno said. “So why is he playing?” she asked. “Something about how Molly would want him to” Nuno said. “And how would he know that?” she asked. “Hey when it comes to Molly and Cris, we don’t know them as well as they know each other Sarah. Trust me Sarah, I’ve seen the times he’s known what she needs before she even knows” Nuno said. “They are odd” Sarah said.

“Oh come on even I would have scored that” Sarah said loudly. “Sssh you don’t want to wake her” Nuno said nodding to a sleeping Molly. “You just don’t want her to wake up and kick you out” Sarah said. “Ya cos you really want her to wake up and deal with Molly if she sees that you asked me in here” Nuno said. “You brought me food. I was weak and asked you to stay. She’d understand. Anyway even her yelling at you would be an improvement on the last few days” Sarah sighed. “I can’t believe she hasn’t said much in two days. I mean its Molly. Normally you can’t shut her up” Nuno said. “I don’t like it when she’s quiet” Sarah said. “Neither does Cris. It always worries him when she pushes him and others away” Nuno said returning to focus back to the TV. “I could kill Kitty” Sarah said. “It’s her dad I feel sorry for. He so wants to be here for Molly but after what Kitty did he thought it was best for him to take her back to England. You should have he seen his face when he came to talk to Cris last night” Nuno said. “I’m surprised Kitty went with him” Sarah said. “I don’t know how he convinced her to go but he did” Nuno said.

“Typical Kitty. She messes up and leaves everyone else to sort out her mess. That what Molly always said” Sarah said. “Damn” Nuno said shaking his head. “Ok seriously I don’t know much about football but even I know he should have scored that” Sarah said as Cristiano missed yet another great chance. “His head isn’t in it. Between worrying about Molly. Worrying about Junior. Dealing with everyone’s questions and not talking to his mother. He’s a mess and he won’t admit it” Nuno said.

“Why isn’t he talking to his mother?” a soft whisper asked and Nuno and Sarah jumped in surprise. “Mols you’re awake” Sarah said in surprise. “Ahm let me get you a drink or something” Sarah said avoiding looking at her. “Why isn’t he not talking to his mother?” Molly asked once more. “It’s not important now. Ahm this is Nuno. He’s Cris’s cousin. He dropped me in some food. I thought you’d sleep for a bit longer. I asked him to stay. I’m sorry” Sarah said nervously.

Molly hadn’t slept too greatly during the night according to the nurses. Molly’s eyes flicked to the TV just as it showed Cristiano sitting on the ground shaking his head. She looked back at Nuno and he sighed. “She upset you” Nuno said. “Nuno” Sarah said. “She asked a questions and I’m going to answer her” Nuno told Sarah. “Dolores upset you. And Junior was upset. So Cris didn’t take it too well” Nuno explained. “But that doesn’t matter right now. Thanks for the food Nuno. I don’t want to keep you from your busy day” Sarah said hoping Nuno would take the hint and leave.

“I thought he was the best in the World” Molly said looking back at the TV. “He is” Nuno replied. “Clearly not today” Molly muttered as Cristiano sent the ball inches past the post. “He’s just warming up” Nuno replied. “It’s nearly half time. He might as well just go in, get changed and go home. He’d be home to Junior before the game ended” Sarah said. “If you not bad mouth my cousin that would be good Sarah” Nuno said. “Hey just stating what everyone else is thinking right now” Sarah shrugged. “If he’s the best in the World then he should start showing them all he is” Molly said turning her head away from the TV and towards the blank wall.

“It’s good to talk Molly” the blonde woman who sat in the chair beside Molly’s bed. After Molly had woken up, she had eaten a little bit of food whilst Nuno and Sarah watched the match. She didn’t speak much more but Nuno hadn’t missed the smile that had appeared on her face when Cristiano had scored his first goal. “Molly you’ve been through a very serious event. The trauma of the accident. Of waking up to what most feel like a whole new world to you cannot be easy” the woman said. Molly stared straight at the door waiting for the woman to leave. She didn’t want to talk. And she didn’t want to talk to a stranger. “Dr. Vicente asked me to talk to you Molly as part of your recovery. It’s not just the physical aspect of your care that we all care about. It’s you mental welfare too” the lady said.

“You don’t know me” Molly finally snapped. “So let me get to know you. Tell me how you are feeling. You’ve had a very serious brain injury. Does your head hurt?” the lady asked. “Oh no it’s fine. How else would it be after I got ran over by a car?” Molly asked sacristy. “I’m sure all of this hasn’t been easy for you. It’s not every day one wakes up and finds out that they have an entire life that they can’t remember. That they have a child they don’t remember” the lady said. “Stop” Molly snapped. “Molly” the woman said. “Stop. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Leave me alone” Molly yelled as the door opened. “What’s going on? Who are you?” Cristiano asked in worry as he saw how upset Molly looked.

“My name is Dr. Lopez. I’m a Psychiatrist. I was asked to talk to Molly” the woman said. “Well I don’t think she wants to talk to you” Cristiano said placing the bag he held in his hand onto the ground. “She has suffered a traumatic event. She has amnesia” Dr. Lopez said. “Yes I’m aware she had amnesia. But that doesn’t change the fact that she clearly doesn’t want to talk to you right now. So I think you should leave” Cristiano said. “I’m a medical professional. I think I know what is best for her” Dr. Lopez said rising from the chair. “Look lady I don’t care what your job is but if Molly wants you to stop talking to her than that is what is going to happen” Cristiano said sternly as Dr. Vicente entered the room followed by a nurse. “What is going on in here?” Dr. Vicente asked. “What are you doing in here?” she asked Cristiano. “Oh that’s my fault. I thought Molly was gone for her scan. He was only dropping something off” the nurse said. “We cancelled the scan. Dr. Lopez would you like to tell me what is going on in here?” Dr. Vicente asked. “I don’t want to talk to her” Molly said. “I know you might not want to Molly. But every person who suffers from amnesia has to speak to a psychiatrist” Dr. Vicente said. “Just get out” Molly said. “If that’s what you would like” Dr. Vicente said. “We aren’t finished” Dr. Lopez said. “I told you that it is was likely she wouldn’t want to talk right now. And I explained that you weren’t to push my patient. Now please everyone let’s leave Molly to rest” Dr. Vicente said looking at Dr. Lopez and Cristiano.

“Ahm ya ok. I just…” Cristiano stammered picking up the bag from the ground. “I brought you some paper and pencils. I just thought…if you…you might want to draw” Cristiano muttered placing the bag at the bottom of the bed. He hadn’t expected to see Molly. The nurse had told him to leave the bag in her room as Molly was meant to be out of the room. He wasn’t meant to see her. He didn’t like how upset she had looked when he had entered her room. “I’ll be in to check on you later Molly” Dr. Vicente said ushering everyone out of the room.

“Wait” Molly whispered and Dr. Vicente and Cristiano paused from walking. “You can……you can stay” Molly said looking straight at Cristiano. “Me” he asked pointing at himself and she nodded. He looked at Dr. Vicente who nodded. “I’ll leave you two alone then” Dr. Vicente said before leaving the room.

“Ahm” Cristiano said standing by the door. “Thanks” Cristiano said. “For what?” he asked confused. “For getting the lady to stop” Molly replied. “Well I couldn’t have you jumping out of the bed to shut her up yourself” he joked. “She wouldn’t stop” Molly sighed. “She was just doing her job I guess” he shrugged stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Stupid woman” Molly muttered and Cristiano laughed. “What’s so funny?” Molly asked. “She actually thought you’d discuss your feelings with her” Cristiano said. “And why is that funny?” Molly asked starting to feel annoyed. “You don’t tend to let people in” Cristiano told her. “That’s because I don’t want….” She paused. “You don’t want to get hurt. Ya I know” he said and she sighed gripping the sheets with her hand. “So I heard you met Nuno today” he said. “That’s correct” she said. “Did he tell you how much of a better cook he is than you?” he asked. “You know you can sit down right” she told him. “Is that ok with you?” he asked.

“It’s better than having you just standing there” she replied. “So how come you’re talking?” he asked taking a seat. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked and he shook his head fanatically. “Sarah said that you haven’t said much in the last couple of days” Cristiano said and Molly turned her head away from him. He mentally cursed himself afraid that she wouldn’t talk again when she turned to look at him again. “I didn’t want to talk” she said. “I understand. Sometimes a person just doesn’t want to talk” he shrugged. “What happened to you head?” she asked. “Oh this” he asked pointing to the bruise he knew was starting to form on his forehead. “I got hit by someone’s elbow in the match today” he told her.

“Sounds sore” she said. “I was probably lucky to get hit” he said. “Why?” she asked confused. “It meant that I was still playing. I didn’t exactly play great today” he told her. “Sarah reckoned she would have scored the goals you missed in the first half” Molly told him. “Ya well I showed everyone who was the best in the World in the second half though. Didn’t I?” he asked. “I feel asleep after your third goal” she told him. “Well you didn’t miss anything more. I only scored the three. I guess it wasn’t that bad of a day at the office” he smiled at her. He knew how bad he had being during the match. He was just waiting to be pulled off the pitch. His couch told him to get his head together or he would pull him off fifteen minutes into the second half. He had being the last to leave the dressing room as the team made their way back out onto the pitch, when Raul one of the masseurs came up to him to tell him that Nuno had a message for him. Cristiano was afraid it was bad news about Molly but when he read the piece of paper that Raul had handed him he had just smiled.

“Molly says if you’re the best in the World then you should start showing it” the noted had read. And he went out and scored two goals in the first five minutes of the second half.

“You watched my match?” he asked. “Sarah and Nuno were watching it. I wasn’t paying much attention” she told him. “Nuno told me afterwards that he was worried you were going to kick him out when you woke up” he said. “Maybe I should have” she said. “Nah he liked being here with you” Cristiano said. “I don’t know why” she said. “Some people are strange I guess” he smirked at her and she let out a laugh before she frowned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing” she lied. “If you don’t want to speak to Dr. Lopez again then we will tell Dr. Vicente that Molly” he told her. “It’s not that” she told him. “I know it’s hard to talk about what she wanted to discuss. But she knows what she is doing. Even if she isn’t a people person” Cristiano said. “I don’t want to talk about it. If I talk about it then….” She paused. “Then what?” he asked leaning forward. “I’m scared” she whispered. “I know you are” he replied and she flicked her head up in surprise.
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