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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 19- Like Hearing You Say That

Cristiano sighed as he closed the front door to his house. It had just gone nine at night but he was tire. Physical and mentally tired. He had only planned on dropping off the things he had got Molly after the game. Of course he had being under the assumption that he wouldn’t see her. When he had spoken to Nuno after the game, he had being happy to hear that Molly had spoken earlier that day. And he had also liked the idea of her watching his game. Though he had hoped it wasn’t the awful start. But along with happiness, he had also felt some jealousy towards Nuno at him being the one Molly had spoken to.

Of course that had all changed when he found Molly yelling at the Physicist and then she had asked him to stay. He could hear the pain in her voice as she had spoken. It killed him to hear her that way. It had killed him to hear how she couldn’t call herself Junior’s mother. How she hated not being able to remember Junior. He knew it had taken her a lot to admit that she was scare. And he had told the truth when he had replied that he was scared. Cos he was. He was terrified in fact. Terrified that the Molly he once knew would not want him around. “Cris is that you?” he heard Katia ask as she appeared in the hallway.

“You’re back at last” she smiled at him. “Hi” he said. “Come on in and sit down and I’ll get you something to eat” she said. “I’m really not that hungry Katia” he said sadly as he followed after her. “Hey Cris” Nuno said from his seat at the table where Sarah, Pepe and Ana all sat too. “We were beginning to think you had forgotten where home was” Pepe joked. “No that would be Molly” Cristiano said taking a seat at the table. “We didn’t think you’d be so long” Sarah told him. “I went for a drive around after leaving Molly” he told them. He needed to clear his head. He had texted Katia asking for her to watch Junior and told her he was with Molly. “How is Junior?” Cristiano asked Katia.

“He’s sound asleep. He’s ok” she replied. “Is he really? Can he be? Can any of us?” he asked rubbing his eyes. “What happened with Molly? I know she spoke with us for a little bit today but I didn’t think she would talk to you” Sarah told him. “When I got there a nurse told me I could leave some stuff I bought in her room cos she was meant to be gone for a scan. But she wasn’t. When I got there she was yelling at a woman” he told them. “Who was the woman? Please tell me it wasn’t Kitty” Sarah asked. “Relax she’s in England. It was some Psychiatrist. Dr. Vicente asked for her to speak to Molly” Cristiano told them. “And I’m guessing that didn’t go down well” Sarah said. “You guessed right. Anyway after I put the doctor in her place, Molly asked me to stay” Cristiano said.

“That’s good” Ana said. “Seeing Junior really got to her. She doesn’t know how to feel. She’s confused. She just wants to remember” he told them. “I could kill Kitty for taking Junior to see her” Sarah said angrily. “It wasn’t just her” Cristiano mumbled. “And Maé feels really bad for her part in upsetting Molly” Katia told her little brother. “Doesn’t make everything alright” he sighed. “So what happens now? Do you think Molly would be up to see other people?” Ana asked.

“Maybe I don’t know. She wants things to go back to normal but her current normal isn’t our normal or the normal she actually knows. Urgh this is all so confusing” he said. “Has Dr. Vicente said anymore about her progress?” Sarah asked. “Just that we have to take it day by day. Molly should be starting physio again in a few days. But in regards to her memory there’s still no way of knowing when she’ll remember any of us” he said. “Dr. Vicente did say that people with amnesia do tend to remember those they love first. Surely she’ll remember Junior soon. She loves him” Sarah said.

“Of course she loves him but you saw how she reacted the other day when she saw Junior” Ana said. “I showed her a picture of him today” Cristiano said. “Oh ya cos that’s smart. Jezz you saw how she reacted the other day” Sarah said. “She asked me to show her a picture” Cristiano said. “Oh” Sarah said. “And?” Ana asked. “She cried on my shoulder for nearly an hour. She exhausted herself with all the crying. When I left she was asleep” he told them. “At least it’s a start” Ana told him. “Maybe. I’m pretty tired myself. I think I’m going to head up. I’ll see you guys tomorrow” Cristiano told them.

“Come on Junior it’s time to sleep” Cristiano sighed as Junior frowned up at him in his cot. The little boy kicked his legs and the blanket and refused to close his eyes. “Junior” Cristiano sighed resting his head against the side of the cot. It was almost five in the morning and he had been trying and failing to get Junior to go back to sleep for the past thirty minutes. “Are his teeth hurting him?” he heard a voice say and he looked towards the door to find his Dolores standing there.

“Yes. No. I don’t know. I don’t fucking know anything anymore” he snapped moving away from the cot. “You know Molly wouldn’t be happy to hear you cursing in front of her son” Dolores said moving further into the room. “Molly doesn’t remember her son. And Molly isn’t happy. Molly is upset cos she saw him when she wasn’t ready” he yelled and Junior began to cry. “Sssh Junior. Sssh sweetie” Dolores said picking up Junior. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled” Cristiano sighed taking a seat in the rocking chair. “Katia said Molly asked to see a picture of Junior” Dolores said as she held Junior.

“It’s killing her. She wants to remember but she can’t” he said. “I’m so sorry for taking him to see her. I shouldn’t have listened to Kitty” Dolores told him. “No you shouldn’t have. But I have too much else to worry about than fighting with you. Just don’t ever do anything like that again” he warned her. “I won’t. I didn’t expect you to be this reasonable. I at least thought you’d be ignoring me for a few more weeks” she told him. “Like I said I have a lot to worry about as it is. Plus Molly isn’t happy at the thought of me not speaking to my mother. She thought you were nice” he told her.

“She did?” Dolores asked smiling. “Ya. Let me take him. You go and get some sleep” he said standing. “She’d be proud of you” Dolores told him. “Who?” he asked confused. “Molly. If she could remember the Molly we know. She’d be proud of you. Of the way you are taking care of Junior” she told him. “He’s my son. He’s our son. I’m just trying to be like her” he replied. “She’ll come back to us soon Cristiano” Dolores said before she left him holding Junior in his arms. “I hope so” he whispered looking down as his son in his arms.

A knock came at the door and Molly looked up from the notepad she had been drawing on. “Hi” Katia said and Molly put her finger up to her mouth and nodded to a sleeping Cristiano in the chair beside her bed. “Oh sorry. I did text him. I’ll leave you alone” Katia said. “It’s ok. Come in. Were you looking for him?” Molly asked quietly. “No not really. I had to bring Rodrigo for a check-up and thought I’d ask Cris how you were” Katia replied. “Rodrigo. He’s your son yes?” Molly asked.

“My eldest yes. I also have another boy Dinis. He’s just a few months old than Junior. Sorry. I shouldn’t have mentioned him” Katia said. “It’s ok” Molly told her. “I thought my brother was meant to be keeping you company not sleeping” Katia said. “He was but I guess I bored him to sleep” Molly smiled looking at Cristiano. “I think it was more to do with the lack of sleep he got last night. Junior kept him awake most of the night” Katia said. “Why? Is he ok?” Molly asked. “Teething. And well he hasn’t being himself for the past few weeks” Katia told her. “Since I’ve been in here you mean” Molly muttered.

“He misses his mother” Katia told her. “And his mot….and I don’t even remember him” Molly sighed. “Not yet. But you will. I see you are drawing” Katia said. “Your brother brought me some stuff. I thought I should try them out” Molly told her. “It’s good. You managed to make my brother look good. I know that can be some task” Katia joked as she looked at the picture Molly had drawn of Cristiano asleep in the chair.

Another knock came to the door and Dr. Vicente stepped into the room. “Ah I thought you might be here. I found someone who was looking for you Katia” Dr. Vicente said and Rodrigo pushed in from behind the doctor. “Molly” he roared running towards the bed. “Rodrigo” Katia said stopping him before he reached the bed. “I’m sorry. He was meant to stay outside” Dr. Vicente said. “He has trouble listening” Katia said looking at her son. “What’s going on?” a sleepy Cristiano asked sitting up in the bed. “He takes after his uncle at times” Katia said. “Molly” Rodrigo said.

“Rodrigo outside now” Katia told him. “But I want to see Molly” the boy cried. “Rodrigo listen to your mother” Cristiano told his nephew now alert to what was going on in the room. “But mama” Rodrigo cried. “It’s ok” Molly said and everyone looked at her in surprise. “Molly” Cristiano said. “Let me go Mama” Rodrigo said pulling out of his mother’s grip and ran to the bed. “Molly look. I have a cast” the boy showed Molly. “Wow. Does it hurt?” she asked him. “Nope. Cos I’m a big boy. That’s what dada and Tió Cris told me” he said smiling at Cristiano. “That’s good to hear” Molly replied. “Mama says you have a hurt head” Rodrigo said trying to get onto the bed.

“Rodrigo stay off the bed” Katia said. “But Mama” he wined. “It’s ok. He can sit on the bed if he likes” Molly told Katia and Rodrigo smirked at his mother as she lifted him onto the bed. “That looks sore” he said pointing to the bruises on Molly’s face. “It is a bit” Molly told him truthfully. “Mama and I made brownies yesterday” he told her. “Did you? That sounds like fun” Molly told him. “I guess. They didn’t taste that good” he whispered and Cristiano couldn’t help but laugh before stopping when his sister glared at him. “I’m sure they did” Molly told him. “Not as good as yours” he told her.

“Is that right?” she asked. “Ya. Your brownies are the best. I wish you would make me some” he told her. “I’m down to one working arm at the moment” she said pointing to her strapped up shoulder. “When it’s better you can make me some” Rodrigo told her. “Ok Rodrigo. Let’s get you back home” Katia said. “No. I want to stay with Molly” Rodrigo said. “Molly needs to rest so she can get better” Katia told him. “Mama says you don’t remember any of us” Rodrigo told Molly. “Your mama has a big mouth” Cristiano muttered earning another glare from Katia. “Your mama is correct” Molly told the little boy. “You really don’t remember me?” he asked. “No. I’m sorry. I don’t remember you” Molly said. “You don’t remember Mama or Tió Cris or Junior or anyone?” he asked. “Rodrigo” Katia said. “I remember some people” Molly told him. “But not me?” he asked.

“Molly doesn’t remember anyone she met over the past two years Rodrigo” Cristiano explained. “But why?” the little boy asked. “Because I hit my head. And my brain is stopping me from remembering” Molly told him. “Well tell it to let you remember” Rodrigo said and everyone laughed. “I wish it was that simple” Molly told him. “Come on kiddo. Let’s get you back to the nurse and home” Katia said. “But Mama” he wined. “But nothing. It’s time to leave. Molly needs her rest” Katia told. “Then why was Tío Cris the one sleeping?” Rodrigo asked. “Maybe I’m boring” Molly said to Rodrigo. “No you aren’t” he smiled at her as he hopped down from the bed.

“It was good to see you Molly. Sorry about the interruption” Katia said. “It was nice. He’s an adorable boy” Molly told her and she smiled fondly at Rodrigo. “I’m adorable” Rodrigo smiled at Cristiano. “Ya ya ya. I’ll see you at home buddy” Cristiano told him. “Goodbye Rodrigo” Molly said. “Bye Molly” he replied but instead of following his mother to the door, he moved closer to the bed and closer to Molly.

“Can I come see you again Molly?” Rodrigo asked. “Rodrigo” Cristiano said. “Please Molly” the little boy begged. “Only if you’re good for your mama” Molly replied. “Yes yes yes” he said pulling at her. “Easy Rodrigo. Her arm” Cristiano said moving to move him back from the bed. “Oh sorry Molly” Rodrigo said. “It’s ok” Molly replied. “Let’s go Rodrigo” Katia said. “Ok ok ok. Bye Molly. Don’t forget me again” he called out as he left the room and Molly laughed. “Are you ok?” Cristiano asked her. “Ya. Why wouldn’t I be?” she asked. “Just well…..meeting him….we don’t want to push you….I…I’ll just shut up” he stammered. “He’s a lovely little boy” Molly told him. “Ya. And he knows how to get what he wants. He adores you” he told her.

“He adores the old Molly you mean” Molly sighed. “Even with a partial memory you are still the same Molly” he told her. “Hardly?” she asked. “You know……you’re still the same Molly. Ahm do you want me to get you a snack or something?” he asked changing the subject. “I’m not really hungry. But if your nap has made you peckish, don’t let me stop you going in search for something” she smiled.

“Hey you want me to get sleep or else I’m grumpy. Though you’ve always being the grumpiest person if you don’t get sleep” he smirked. “Hey” she said. “I’ll be back shortly” he told her heading to the door. “Take your time. I’m hardly going anywhere” she said nodding to the bed. “I know you’re not happy about that but a part of me likes hearing you say that” he told her. “Anyone would think you like me been around?” she asked. “You’re not the worst” he winked leaving her laughing as he left the room.
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Will Molly remember the ones she loves first? What did you think of Rodrigo seeing Molly? Is Molly warming up to everyone?