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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 21-Couldn't Fail Me

“Have you got everything?” Ana asked Sarah as they stood outside by Cristiano’s car. “Yes I think so. I hope so. Oh where’s my passport” Sarah panicked searching her handbag. “Front pocket. Exactly where it was ten minutes ago” Cristiano said walking with Pepe towards the women. “Oh yes right” Sarah sighed. “Everything will be alright Sarah” Ana told her. “This is a bad idea. I shouldn’t be leaving” Sarah said.

“It’s for 2 weeks Sarah” Ana said. “But Molly” she replied. “Told you to go back to San Fran” Cristiano told her. “Only because I was stupid to say something about work problems in front of her. I should stay here with her” Sarah said. “She’s changed her mind about leaving five time since yesterday alone” Cristiano told Pepe.

“I’m the only person Mols actually remembers” Sarah said. “You spoke to her a couple of hours ago. She’s going to miss you but she wants you to go so you can come back” Cristiano said. “But” Sarah said. “If she didn’t want you to go, Molly would have told you” Cristiano said. “And we are all here with her. She seems more comfortable around us. Myself and Anderia had a really nice chat with her yesterday” Ana said. “And she seemed to like myself and the guys stopping by too. We could always sit with her if needed” Pepe said. “The doctors have said that she’s improving” Cristiano said.

“Physically yes. But she still has amnesia” Sarah said. “Trust me. I haven’t forgotten that” Cristiano mumbled. “I’m just worried about her” Sarah said. “She doesn’t want to stop you or any of us from living our lives. Don’t let her feel that she’s stopping you. She doesn’t need that” Cristiano said. “Ok ok let’s get to the airport” Sarah said. “At last” Pepe smirked. “Thanks for letting me stay” Sarah said hugging Ana. “The room will be there for when you get back” Ana replied. “Have a safe flight Sarah. Don’t worry about Molly. She’s got all of us. She’s got him” Pepe said nodding at Cristiano who was placing Sarah’s suitcase into his car. “I just hope one day she realises how much she does have him” Sarah said. “Ya them too. It’s complicated” Pepe said. “Everything about Ronaldo seems to be complicated” Sarah said.

“You ready?” Cristiano called out. “Coming” Sarah replied. “Talk soon” Ana said hugging her again, before Sarah got into the awaiting car. “You didn’t have to drive me to the airport” Sarah said to Cristiano as she waved goodbye to Pepe and Ana. “I don’t mind” Cristiano replied. “Do you really think I’m doing the right thing by going back to San Fran?” Sarah asked Cristiano. “Yes I do. Molly will be fine Sarah. I’ll make sure of it” he replied. “You sure you shouldn’t be at home. Napping for instance” she asked when he yawned. “Sorry” he said. “It’s ok. Not getting much sleep?” she asked. “Junior isn’t sleeping too well” he said. “Still” she said.

“He’s fine one minute and then not the next. He’s not napping well during the day. He’s acting out during meal times. I don’t know what’s the matter with him. No I do know but I can’t even bring his name up in front of the one person who knows how to fix Junior” he said. “Just keep doing what you are doing Cris. He misses Molly. But he has you” she said. “I’m not the one he needs” he mumbled. “She’ll be ok. I’ll phone her every day. And you’ll keep me updated right” Sarah said. “Yes I will. Maybe she’ll even have her memory back by the time you come back to Madrid” Cristiano smiled at her. “Ya I bet she will” Sarah trying to sound like she believed it.

“Molly” Cristiano called out when he entered her hospital room after dropping Sarah off at the airport. “Molly” he called out louder as he looked around the empty room. “Molly” he yelled. “Take it easy Ronaldo. People can probably here you outside” Jorge said as he entered the room with Molly walking slowly behind him. “Molly” Cristiano said rushing towards her.

“What are you doing here?” Cristiano asked Jorge as he took Molly’s arm and led her towards the bed. “I was looking for you and thought this would be a good place to find you” Jorge told Cristiano knowing full well that the footballer had being avoiding him for days. “You shouldn’t be here” Cristiano told Jorge. “Leave him alone. It’s fine. He got the nurses to allow me go for a walk down the hall. He’s nearly as bossy as you” Molly smiled at Cristiano as she sat up in the bed.

“Which is funny considering how bossy you are miss” Jorge smiled at her. “I don’t believe half the stories about me you’ve just told” Molly said. “What have you being telling her?” Cristiano asked Jorge. “How I used to work with him which someone already told me I think. Anyway did Sarah get on her flight?” Molly asked. “Eventually” Cristiano said. “Let me guess she kept changing her mind about leaving” Molly said. “About five times ya” Cristiano smiled at her. “Ya that sounds like Sarah” Molly sighed. “You ok with her leaving?” Cristiano asked. “Can’t do much about it now she’s up in the sky” Molly replied. “Molly” Cristiano said. “I’m fine. It had to happen sooner or later” Molly said. “And she’ll be back soon” Jorge said.

“Exactly. Life has to go on. Even if I don’t remember much of it” Molly told them. “Very smart lady as always Molly” Jorge said. “I feel like you are trying to butter me up for something and I actually don’t mind ha” Molly laughed. “It’s the truth” Jorge said. “You should rest. Jorge and I are going to have a chat” Cristiano told her. “Now that you can’t avoid him” Molly told Cristiano. “Amnesia or no amnesia Molly Williams you are some woman” Jorge laughed. “That’s good right” Molly asked Cristiano. “Always” Cristiano said pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “I’ll be back in a few minutes” he told her.

“She’s stronger than I thought she was” Jorge said as Cristiano shut the door behind them. “What are you doing here?” Cristiano asked Jorge. “Looking for you” Jorge said. “She’s still not great around new people” Cristiano told him. “She seemed alright around me” Jorge replied. “What do you want?” Cristiano asked. “To get through the list of stuff I sent you three days ago for starters. You have obligations Ronaldo” Jorge told him. “I don’t give a fuck about obligations unless they involve my son or Molly” Cristiano said.

“Have you told her you have an away game this weekend?” Jorge asked him. “Not yet” Cristiano sighed. “Tell her before someone else does. She’s stronger than you think she is. She’s dependent on you at the moment. And I know you like it. But it’s not good for her. Or you either” Jorge told him. “She wants me around. It was only a few weeks ago she didn’t” Cristiano sighed. “ You can’t always be here with her. You need to let people help. It’s not going to help Molly if you run yourself down. Junior needs you too” Jorge told Cristiano. “Junior needs his mother. I don’t know what to do for him. He won’t sleep fully. He doesn’t want me around him. He doesn’t need me. He needs her. And she can barely cope if his name is mentioned” Cristiano said.

“He does need you. And you do know what to do. That woman in there believes that you are a great father. And she tends to be right about a lot of things” Jorge said. “She’s not exactly the woman who knows that is she” Cristiano said. “She’s still Molly even with amnesia” Jorge said. “I miss her” Cristiano whispered. “She’s right in there Ronaldo. And she will remember everything” Jorge told him. “Nobody knows that for certain” Cristiano said. “Nobody thought you’d be such a good footballer but you proved them wrong if I remember correctly” Jorge said. “I feel like I’m failing” Cristiano whispered. “Failing who?” Jorge asked. “Junior, Molly, everyone” Cristiano admitted. “You aren’t failing anyone. Remember what I said. Let people help” Jorge said. “I should get back to Molly” Cristiano said. “I’ll see you at yours” Jorge said.

“Everything ok?” Molly asked when Cristiano came back into her hospital room. “Ya” Cristiano replied. “You should tell your face that” Molly told him as he took a seat in the chair by her bed. “I have an away game this weekend” he said quickly. “Ok” she said. “So I’ll be gone for a couple of days” he said. “I can pine for you while your away if you want” she smirked and he laughed. “I just hate leaving you” he said. “It’s your job. And I’m sure you have other things to do for it” Molly told him. “What did Jorge say to you?” he asked. “He asked how I was. Told me everything would be ok. And that you will be with me every step” Molly replied.

“He said that?” Cristiano asked. “Yes. Look I hate this. I hate being here. I hate not remembering anything. I hate not being in control of me” she said. “So you’d rather be in control of telling me what to do then” he smirked and she sighed. “I’ll go play my game. Be amazing as always naturally and you can keep getting better” he said. “I guess it’s a good plan” she replied. “I might even bring you something back” he said. “I can’t wait” she smiled.

“Hola” the nurse smiled at Cristiano as he walked towards the nurse’s station. “Hola” he smiled. “Visiting hours are over you know” she said. “Really?” he asked. “Well it is 3 in the morning” she replied. “Ok ok I know I shouldn’t be here. But I haven’t seen her in days. I just want to see her for a few minutes and then I’ll go” he begged. “Try not to keep her up much longer. She needs her sleep” the nurse said. “She’s awake?” he asked. “She hasn’t slept that well in the last couple of days” the nurse told him and he frowned. He walked towards the door and opened it slowly. He saw her move her head when she heard him.

“Hi” he whispered. “Hi” she said sleepily. “You should be asleep” he told her. “You should be on a plane” she whispered. “I was. Now I’m not” he said taking a seat in the chair by her bed. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “I came to see you” he smiled. “But it’s late” she said. “So why aren’t you asleep?” he asked. “Couldn’t sleep” she said sleepily. “Thoughts about me keeping you up. Ya I don’t blame you” he smirked and she laughed rolling her eyes. “You wish” she replied.

“I missed you” he whispered. “Really?” she asked. “A lot” he told her. “You played really well today” she said through a yawn. “Watching another game of mine. Wow anyone would think you are becoming a fan” he said. “Your sister wanted to watch it” Molly replied. “My sister?” Cristiano asked confused. “Katia. She stopped by. Brought a picture that Rodrigo painted” Molly said moving her hand to reach for a page on the side. “I’ve got it” he said picking the picture up. “So I’m not alone” Molly whispered.

“That was nice of him” Cristiano smiled looking at the picture. A picture of Rodrigo and Alicia on a beach. With Junior and Dinis. “All the kids” Molly whispered. “You ok?” he asked and she nodded. “I’m sorry” she whispered. “What are you sorry for?” he asked leaning towards her. “For ruining everyone’s life. My mom is right. She always said I was nothing but trouble. And she’s right” Molly said sniffling. “What has you thinking like this?” he asked.

“You’re here when you should be at home. Sarah is phoning me from San Fran when she should be focusing on her work. Anderia should be with her daughter not with me. And Katia shouldn’t have to deal with Rodrigo asking a million questions about when I’m going to get my memory back” she cried.

“You listen to me Molly Williams” he said placing his hand above her head. “You have not. You could not ruin anyone’s life. You’ve made our lives. You’ve made my life” he said wiping a tear off her face. “Ya you are trouble. But so am I” he smiled. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” she said wiping her face. “You’re tired for starters” he told her.

"How are you like this?" she asked. "Like what?" he asked confused. "So together" she said and he laughed. "I'm anything but together Molly. I don't know what I'm doing. Your the one who fixes everything. Your the one who always knows how to make me Junior ok. How to cope with everything. I don't know what I'm doing with Junior. I'm failing you and I hate it" he said. "I......" she said. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said any of that" he said. "No no it's ok. It's ok" she told him. "It's not. You are in hospital. The last thing you need is listening to me" he said.

"Hey it's ok" she said reaching for his hand. "I'm sorry" he said. "You aren't failing. Your doing exactly what I need you to do. You couldn't fail me" she whispered as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“Close your eyes” he whispered. “Are you leaving?” she asked. “I’m not going anywhere” he told her. “Really?” she asked. “Sleep Molly” he said holding her hand. “But” she said. “I’ll be here in the morning. Now sleep” he told her. “I’m glad you’re back” she mumbled as she closed her eyes. “Me too Mols. Me too” he whispered stroking her hand with his thumb.