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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 22- I Want Him Here

Molly felt something hit her arm and she flinched her eyes open. “Mana” Lola the nurse smiled at her. “I didn’t mean to wake you” she said. “It’s ok” Molly mumbled trying to move her right arm only to find that Cristiano was holding it as he slept with his head on the bed. “He might have a stiff neck when he wakes up” Lola said. “Probably” Molly whispered before she smiled at a sleeping Cristiano. “Still have a headache?” Lola asked. “A bit ya” Molly said. “At least you manged to finally sleep last night. He was very keen to see you last night” Lola said. “Ya” Molly said.

“He’s a good one that fella. Even if he breaks visiting time rules” Lola smiled. “Thanks for letting him stay” Molly said. “We just won’t make a habit of it. Now try and get some more sleep. Dr. Vicente will be in to see you later” Lola said. “Great” Molly muttered. “It’s important to tell the doctor how you are feeling Molly. Your shoulder has gotten better. Your ribs are healing. You’ve gotten stronger since I last saw you a couple of days ago” Lola said. “I still don’t have my memory though” Molly said. “Soon Molly. Soon. Get some rest” Lola said before she left the room. Molly sighed as she watched the nurse leave. He head hurt. It had being hurting a lot more in the last few days.

She looked at Cristiano who had his head facing her and she smiled. She didn’t know why but she felt better when he walked into the room during the night. Listening to him mutter about feeling like he was failing her and everyone had made her feel really bad. This whole thing was hard on everyone and she hated it. She barely knew these people but she hated what her lack of memory was doing to people. She moved her hand slightly and Cristiano gripped her fingers tightly before he opened his eyes suddenly and lifted his head of the bed. “What? Where? Oh” he groaned releasing her fingers before rubbing his eyes.

“Morning” she smiled at him. “Mana” he yawned. “You picked an awkward way to sleep” she said. “Mmmm” he said stretching his arms. “You should go get some proper sleep. I’m sure you have plenty of things to do today” she told him and he moved to lay his head back down on the bed. “Ya” he said closing his eyes. “You should go see your family” she said brushing her fingers through his hair. “Mmmm that’s nice” he said. “You should go before you get Lola into trouble for her letting you stay here last night” she said. “I don’t want to move” he said opening one eye.

“Go let me get more sleep. Especially now I can feel my hand again” she smiled lifting her hand from his hair. “Sorry” he said. “It’s fine” she told him. “I’ll see you later” he told her. “You don’t have to come back” she said. “Well I will be coming back and there’s nothing you can do about it” he smiled standing. “Oh before I forget” he said reaching into his jacket pocket. “Told you I’d bring you back a present” he said handing her a bar of chocolate” he smiled. “Thank you” she smiled at him. “See you later” he said stroking her cheek with his finger. She watched him leave and smiled at the bar in her hand before she dropped it on the bed and held her head as a shooting pain ran through her hair.

“Hi” Nuno said as Cristiano walked into his kitchen. “Morning” Cristiano yawned. “How’s Molly?” Nuno asked. “She’s ok. I didn’t mean to stay all night. She was awake when I went to see her” Cristiano told him. “It’s ok. When you texted to say you were stopping by the hospital on your way home from the airport and then you didn’t come home, I figured you stayed there” Nuno told him. “I didn’t want Maé to worry. That’s why I sent the text before we got on the plane” Cristiano said and Nuno made a face. “What? What is it?” Cristiano asked. “Nothing is wrong exactly. But Molly wasn’t the only one awake during the night” Nuno said and Cristiano sighed.

“Maé said he was fine while I’ve being away” Cristiano said. “He has mostly. Honestly I think he slept more as a newborn then he has lately” Nuno said. “He’s really missing her. And she’s the only one who I can think of that would know what to do to make him feel better” Cristiano said. “I heard Dolores a few minutes ago. I think he’s awake” Nuno said. “I’ll go check on him. Thanks Nuno” Cristiano said.

“Now now Junior. You need to be more like your mama. She loves her sleep” Cristiano heard Dolores say as he came towards the door leading into Junior’s room. “Think he just needs her Maé” he said coming into the room. “Your back” she said. “I’m sorry I left it all to you” he said. “Nonsense. I’m his grandmother. I’m the best person to mind him” she said. “Apart from his mama maybe” he sighed. “How is she?” she asked. “Ok I guess. Not sleeping much like Junior apparently” he replied. “Oh” Dolores said. “I don’t know what to do Maé” he told her.

“God will make it right” she replied. “Well I wish he’d hurry up and do that” he muttered. “Cris” she said. “I hate seeing her in that hospital. Sure her ribs are healing and she’s getting stronger but I know she how she feels about hospitals. I hate seeing Junior so upset. He just wants his mother. He just wants to be held by her. He just wants to smell her. He just……” he paused. “What is it?” she asked but he was already rushing out of the room. “Cristiano” she yelled after him. “Why do you have that?” she asked nodding to his hands when he came back to the room a minute later.

“Molly’s pillow case” he told her. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked. “Give me Junior” he said and she moved to place Junior into his father’s awaiting arms. “Hey little man. Are you going to sleep for papa?” he asked wrapping the pillow case around Junior like a blanket. “I don’t understand” Dolores said confused as Cristiano took a seat in the rocking chair. He was sitting in the chair for less than a minute before Junior finally closed his eyes and fell fast asleep. “How did you do that?” she asked. “It wasn’t me” he smiled at his son. “It was Molly” he said.

“Molly” she asked. “She told me how when she was younger and her dad worked away, she would wear one of his shirts if she missed him” he said. “And the pillow case smells like Molly and Junior’s missing her. Good thinking Cristiano” she said. “It was Molly who helped” he replied. “Still managing to help you without knowing” Dolores said. “Still being his mama” Cristiano said staring at his sleeping son.

“Molly are you sure you’re ok?” Ana asked when Molly winced holding her head. “I’m fine” Molly said. It was gone lunch time and Ana had stopped by to see Molly. Molly’s headache had gotten worse throughout the morning but Dr. Vicente didn’t seem took worried that morning. “Maybe I should get a nurse” Ana said. “I’m fine” Molly said. “Ok if you’re sure. That’s a nice drawing” Ana said nodding to the page on Molly’s lap as she moved to sit down. “It’s just some lighthouse” Molly shrugged. “What’s this?” Ana asked finding Rodrigo’s picture. “Rodrigo painted it for me” Molly replied.

“Aww that’s sweet. He always liked doing arts and crafts with you” Ana said. “Do you have a picture?” Molly asked. “Me? Oh I’m the last person you want drawing you a picture. I can barely draw a straight line” Ana laughed. “No not that” Molly said holding her head again. “A picture of Junior” she said. “Of Junior” Ana said in surprise. “Yes” Molly replied. “Ya I think I have a few on my phone” Ana said. “Can I…..could I…..” she stammered. “Do you want to see one?” Ana asked. “I think so” Molly replied. She could picture the crying boy as he was taken from the room when she had gotten upset a while back. She could picture the photo that Cristiano had shown her. She felt tears form in her eyes at the thought.

“Molly” Ana said, “Show me” Molly said. Cristiano had told Ana how Molly had reacted when he showed her a photo of Junior. She knew how much she had cried after it. And the last thing she wanted was to upset Molly. “Show me” Molly said once more. “Ok ok. Ahm this was taken before Christmas. You and Anderia with the kids” Ana said holding the phone towards Molly. Molly bit her lip as she fought back tears. The picture showed her smiling down at the little boy in her arms as he grinned back up at her. “He looks really happy” she coked out. “Always is when he’s with you” Ana told her.

“My head hurts” Molly said dropping the phone on the bed. “Molly” Ana said. “It really hurts” she said. “I’ll get a nurse” Ana said before rushing towards the door. Molly picked up the phone and looked at the picture. She looked at how happy she was in it. And she just wished she could be like that again.

“Ok Molly I think it’s time to send you for a scan” Dr. Vicente said a while later. “Why?” Molly asked. “Your headaches have being getting much worse over the past few hours. We need to see what is happening in that head of yours” the doctor said. “What could it be?” Ana asked. “Probably nothing. But best to double check” Dr. Vicente said. “But it could be something. What could it be?” Molly asked. “No need to worry. Let’s find out what we are dealing with first” Dr. Vicente said.

“Tell me” Molly said sitting up in the bed. “Molly relax” Dr, Vicente said. “Tell me now” Molly snapped. “There could be a bleed in the brain. But that’s only a small chance” Dr. Vicente said. “But it stopped before” Ana said. “We’ll know more after the scan. They’ll take you down in a few minutes” Dr. Vicente told her. “No” Molly said. “Excuse me” Dr. Vicente said. “No. No scans” Molly said. “Molly you have to” Ana said. “I want Cris” Molly said. “Molly” Ana said. “I want him. No scans. I want him here” Molly said.
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Molly being a mother to Junior without knowing it. Will she be ok?