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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 23-Spent Enough Time Here

“Get out of the fucking way” Cristiano yelled as the car in front of him slowed down. “He can’t go any quicker Cris. There’s traffic” Nuno said tapping his finger against the stirring wheel. “Get into the other lane” Cristiano told him. “We’ll be there soon. Relax” Nuno said. “Relax? Are you serious? Fuck soon. Fuck relaxing. Fuck all of this” Cristiano said slamming his fist against the dash board. “You feel better after that?” Nuno asked a few minutes later. “No” Cristiano mumbled rubbing his hand.

“We’ll be at the hospital soon Cris” Nuno said. “I just need to be there” Cristiano replied. “Tell me again what Ana said when she phoned” Nuno said. “That Dr. Vicente wants Molly to have another brain scan. That she wanted me” Cristiano sighed. “She’ll be ok Cris” Nuno told him. “She could have a bleed on her brain Nuno” Cristiano said. “She’s scared Cris. She wants you with her. She doesn’t need you losing your head” Nuno told him. “I know. I know” Cristiano muttered staring out the window.

“Sorry. Ops sorry” Cristiano said as he bumped into someone as he ran through the hospital. “Wow” he said bracing his hands against a wall as he side stepped an old woman. “Cris” Ana called out. “Ana” he said rushing towards her. “Easy” she said when he almost knocked over a medical trolley. “Where is she?” he asked once he reached Ana. “Calm down she’s fine. Well she’s not really fine. But she needs you to be calm right now” Ana told him. “I’m trying” he told her. “She’s refusing to have the scan” Ana told him.

“What” he said in surprise. “She’s told everyone to get out of the room. Including me. She keeps saying no scans. Even though her head hurts” Ana told him. “How bad are the headaches?” he asked. “A lot worse today than the last few days” she said as they began to walk. “Fuck. This can’t be happening. We’ve already being through this” he said. “And she was fine then and she’ll be fine now. But she needs to have the scan. So you’re up” she told him. “Ya cos Molly always listens to me” he said. “She wants you. She asked for you Cris. So go in there and talk her around. And do it fast” Ana told him as they reached the door to Molly’s hospital room. “How worries is Dr. Vicente?” he asked.

“She tried not to show it but I’d say pretty worried” Ana said. “Shit” he said. “She asked to see a picture of Junior” Ana told him. “Molly?” he asked. “Ya. She kept asking. I didn’t want to show her cos I know how she reacted when you showed her a picture of him but she kept asking and asking. And I showed her a picture of him and her with Anderia and Victoria taken before Christmas. She said he looked happy. And then she got a bad pain in her head. This is my fault” she cried. “Hey hey” Cristiano said placing his hands on Ana’s shoulders. “It’s not your fault Ana. She’s being having headaches for ages. It’s not your fault” he told her. “Then why does it feel like it?” she asked. “I don’t know. I mean I should know given that I always feel like things are my fault. Though they usual are” he sighed. “Not always. Now go see her. She’s scared” Ana told him. “She’s not the only one” he replied pushing the door open.

“Molly” he said walking into the room. “Molly” he said looking around the empty room. “Molly” he said worried before he spotted her sitting against the wall by her bed. “Oh Molly” he sighed walking towards her. “What are you doing sitting down here?” he asked kneel in front of her and she shrugged. “I hear your headaches have gotten worse” he said and she nodded. “Molly” he said. “I’m not having the scan” she said. “But” he said. “No no buts. No scans. Nothing” she snapped. “Ok ok don’t get upset” he told her. “I’m not having it” she said.

“They need to see what’s causing your headaches Molly” he told her. “I don’t care. I’m not having the scan” she told him. “I understand. I mean I’ve always hated any scans I’ve had to have” he told her. “Were any of the scans that could lead to people cutting into your brain?” she asked. “Some people would say I don’t have a brain at times” he said and she laughed a little which made him smile.

“Stop doing that” she said. “Doing what?” he asked. “Trying to act like this isn’t serious” she said. “I know its serious Molly” he sighed. “What if it’s bad news?” she asked. “What if it’s not?” he asked. “Don’t do that. I’m scared” she said. “Molly” he said. “What if they have to cut me open? What if the doctor hits something in my brain and I lose all my memory. What if I don’t wake up at all?” she asked. “I’m scared too” he told her. “I thought you’re meant to be convincing me to have the scan. Isn’t that why you’re here?” she asked. “I thought I was here cos you asked for me” he mumbled in disappointment. “I did” she told him and he looked at her. “I can’t promise everything will be alright Molly. But I can promise you that I’ll be right there with you. No matter what the scan shows. I’ll be here” he said taking her hand. “Jezz Mols you’re shaking” he said shuffling closer to her.

“I’m scared” she said. “I’m scared too” he told her. “You really suck at this making me feel better thing right now” she said. “I’m scared but I know you. I know how strong you are. I know how much of a fighter you are” he told her. “I don’t feel strong right now” she sighed. “Molly please do this for me. Please have the scan. If you need an operation then we’ll deal with that if we need to. But please we need to know what we are dealing with” he begged. “I don’t want to” she said and he placed his hand on his neck.

“Please Molly. I’m begging you. I’m on my knees begging you to have the scan” he said kneeling. “Please” he begged. “Will you come with me?” she asked. “I don’t think I’m allowed” he said. “Then I’m not having it” she said. “I’ll ask ok. I’ll ask. But you’ll have it?” he asked. And she gave a quick nod. “Thank you” he said leaning forward to place a kiss on her forehead. She jumped at his touch. “Ahm…sorry…I’ll go find Dr. Vicente and ask her” he said standing quickly. “I’m sure the bed is more comfortable” he said looking down at her. “I’m fine here” she told him. “Molly” he sighed. “Just leave me be” she told him placing her head into her hands.

“Ok Molly time to hop up onto the bed” Dr. Vicente said when the doctor walked into the scan room. Cristiano wasn’t allowed to be in the room during the scan but Dr. Vicente convinced Molly that it would still be like he was there if he stayed behind the glass where the doctors would be. “Need some help?” Cristiano asked. He had pushed Molly’s wheelchair to the scan room. “I can manage” she snapped carefully standing from the chair. “Thanks though” she said feeling guilty for snapping at him. She slowly sat on the machine. “I’ll be right outside” he said squeezing her knee. “Ok Molly just lie down. The scan will take about ten minutes. I need you to stay very still and quiet ok” Dr. Vicente said. “She might struggle to stay quiet but I’m sure she’s up to the challenge” Cristiano joked and Molly looked up at him.

“Ten minutes and it will be all over” he told her. “I’m scared” she whispered. “I’m right here” he told her. “Time to start” Dr. Vicente said jestering for Cristiano to leave the room. “We’ll be right outside Molly. Lie down and it will be over soon” Dr. Vicente said.

Molly moved to lie on her back. “Ok Molly I need you to place your arms by your side please” Dr. Vicente said over the intercom. “We’re going to start now Molly” Dr. Vicente said as Molly herself being moved. She found herself inside what felt like a cone and she began to panic. “Get me out” she cried. “Just ten minutes Molly” Dr. Vicente said. “She doesn’t like it” Cristiano said standing by Dr. Vicente’s side looking through the glass at Molly in the machine. “She needs this scan” the doctor said. “I can’t do this” Molly screamed and Dr. Vicente grabbed Cristiano’s arm when he moved to go into the room. “We need to do the scan Molly” the doctor said pressing the intercom button.

“Molly I’m here” Cristiano said pushing the button. “Cris” she cried and his heart ached. “I’m right here. I need you to stay calm sweetheart please. Ok just concentrate on my voice Molly. Just close your eyes and listen to my voice” he told her as he began to ramble on about his daily football routine. About how Dolores makes her famous pancakes. He just kept talking and talking until it was all over.

“We’re done” Dr. Vicente told him and he lifted his finger away from the button and rushed into the room as Molly was moved from the machine. “It’s over it’s over” he said helping her to sit up as her entire body shook and she grabbed his arm. “It’s over” he told her moving a lock of hair behind her ear and she looked up at him. Her eyes were red and her face was as white as a ghost. “It will be ok” he said wiping a tear from her cheek.

“It’s Sarah” Ana said looking at the phone in her hand. An hour and a half had passed since Molly’s scan and she was back in her hospital room waiting for Dr. Vicente to come with the results. “I don’t want to talk to her” Molly said pulling the sheet up around her. “She’d want to know what’s happening Molly” Cristiano told her. “Not yet” Molly replied. “I promised her I’d tell her if something happened. Please just let me tell her” he begged. “There’s no point in worrying her” she said. “She’s worried anyway” he said. “I’ll tell her. I’ll explain that there’s nothing to worry about” Ana said and Molly nodded. “Thanks” Cristiano said as Ana moved to leave the room.

“How’s your arm?” he asked nodding to where the nurse had taken her blood shortly after she had returned to the room. “I hate needles” she muttered. “You’ve gotten better with them” he smiled at her. “Have I needed to be around them a lot?” she asked. “A little” he told her yawning. “Did Ana interrupt your nap when she called you?” she asked. “I had to nap. Junior feel asleep on me” he said before he mentally kicked himself for bringing up Junior. “He probably missed you since you’ve being gone the last few days” she said after a few minutes. “I was just glad he slept” he said. “He….it’s…..” she stammered.

“You helped to get him to sleep” he told her. “What? How? I don’t understand” she said. “I wrapped him in one of your pillow cases. You told me how you used to wear your dads shirts when you missed him. I thought it would help and it did. You helped him” he told her and Molly could feel tears brimming. “I did?” she asked. “Ya you helped Junior” he smiled at her.

A knock came at the door and Dr. Vicente stepped into the room. “Hi Molly” the doctor smiled walking towards the bed. “Do you have the results?” Cristiano asked taking Molly’s hand into hers as they waited for the doctor to answer. “There’s no bleed” the doctor smiled and Cristiano let out a sigh of relief as Molly began to cry. “Hey hey. It’s ok Molly. You’re fine” he smiled at her. “I thought…..” she paused taking a deep breathe. “Forget those thoughts. There’s no bleed. See I told you were strong” he smiled at her.

“Then what’s causing my headaches?” Molly asked the doctor. “I’m waiting for more of results to come back from your blood sample but I believe it’s some of the medicines you are on. They aren’t reacting well together. A couple of changes and the headaches will be gone. Its good news” Dr. Vicente smiled. “Its great news” Cristiano grinned. “I’ll leave you to rest Molly. I’ll be back to see you in the evening” the doctor said before leaving the room. “Wow talk about a busy day” Cristiano said taking a seat in the chair. “It’s been a long day” she yawned.

“Try and get some sleep” he told her. “You should tell Ana” she said. “I will. When you are sleeping. Now sleep. You’ve had a hard day” he told her. “Thanks” she said. “For what?” he asked. “For not leaving my side” she told him. “I’ve always got your back Molly. Always” he said squeezing her hand.

A week after Molly’s scare, Cristiano found her laughing with Ana and Anderia in her hospital room. “What are you three laughing at?” Cristiano asked. “I was telling Molly about Pepe and the clown” Ana grinned. “Oh that’s a good story. I can’t believe it’s being ten years though” Cristiano said before Dr. Vicente entered the room. “Hello all. Busy with visitors today Molly” Dr. Vicente smiled at her. “Their trying to stop me from getting bored in here” Molly replied.

“I’m sure it has being pretty boring being here alright. In fact I think you’ve spent enough time here” Dr. Vicente said. “What do you mean?” Cristiano asked. “Well the headaches have stopped. Her ribs are healing. And you have more movement in your shoulder and the physio is really happy with how Molly has being progressing. And so am I” Dr. Vicente said. “So she’s getting better that’s great” Ana said. “But I still don’t have my full memory” Molly said.

“I’m very confident you will get it back. But physically you are healthy enough to leave here” Dr. Vicente said. “What?” Cristiano and Molly said at the same time. “I’m discharging you Molly. You finally get to leave this hospital and go home” Dr. Vicente said. A big grin appeared on Cristiano’s face as Ana and Anderia jeered. None noticing the dread and fear on Molly’s face.
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A big long chapter with lots happening. What did you think of Cristiano helping to get Molly through the scan? And she's getting to leave the hospital? But how will she feel about it.