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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 25- Happy Homecoming?

Cristiano shut the door behind him and rested his head against the door. He let out a deep breath before a smile filled his face. She was coming home he thought. He couldn’t believe it when she said she’d come stay at his house. That she made the choice herself. He wasn’t completely stupid. He knew Molly staying at the house was going to be hard for her. Hard for him. Hard for everyone. But this was where she lived. This was where she belonged.

“Cris is that you?” he heard Katia call out. “Coming” he replied pushing away from the door. “I knew I heard the door” Katia said from the couch. “Busy” he smiled. “These two tend to keep people busy. Zé is outside with Rodrigo” she said readjusting Dinis and Junior on the couch beside her. “I bet he’s glad to be back in this crazy place” Cristiano said. “We haven’t being here for two weeks. I think he’s missed it. Not that he’ll admit it” she said. “I didn’t expect you all to come when you said you were coming” he said. “Not happy to have us?” she asked. “Of course I am. It’s just you have your own lives too” he said. “I knew what you meant. We wanted to come. It was hard to get Rodrigo to leave the other week. He hasn’t stopped asking about Molly since we left” she said.

“She’s coming home” Cristiano said. “What?” she asked in surprise. “Ya I know I can’t believe it too” he replied. “That’s fantastic Cris” she said. “What’s fantastic?” Nuno asked as he stepped into the living room from the garden. “Molly’s getting out of hospital” Katia said. “Really. That’s brilliant. Hey guys” Nuno said rushing back to the door. “Molly’s getting out of the hospital” he yelled. “I think everyone on this street heard that Nuno” Cristiano laughed. “Hey at least it will save you having to tell everyone” Nuno joked.

“What’s this about Molly?” Dolores asked coming in through the door quickly followed by Zé and Rodrigo. “Molly is getting discharged from hospital” Cristiano informed his mother. “Wow. That’s great. Is she ready?” Dolores asked. “Dr. Vicente believes so. She still will need regular check ups but she’s ready” he said. “But she still doesn’t have her memory back” Dolores said. “I know but hopefully a familiar setting will help her get her full memory back” he said. “But how is it familiar if she can’t remember it” Dolores said. “I know ok but she could be going back to England or somewhere else but instead she’s coming here” he said. “It’s great news Cris. Did you hear that Rodrigo? Molly is coming home” Zé said to Rodrigo.

“Yippee” the young boy said running to hug his uncle. “It is wonderful news Cris. This place hasn’t being the same without her” Dolores said teary. “She’s nervous about staying here but we’ll all make it easy for her as best as we can” he said. “Why is Molly nervous to be coming home?” Rodrigo asked and Cristiano hunched down to the little boy. “Molly doesn’t remember this place remember Rodrigo” he said. “I know. But this is where she is meant to be. Why would that make her nervous?” Rodrigo asked. “It’s a bit complicated Rodrigo. Now why don’t you go draw her a picture for when she comes home” Katia suggested to her son. “Ok. Papa come help” he said grabbing Zé hand.

“She’s worried about being around Junior. Isn’t she?” Dolores asked. “Ya” he sighed. “I’m sure once she’s home everything will be easier” Dolores said. “Doubt it Maé” he sighed walking over to pick up Junior from the couch. “Let’s go outside kiddo” he said to Junior.

“Cris” Dolores called after him. “Give him some space Maé” Katia said. “Why do I not feel as happy as I thought I would feel hearing Molly was coming home?” Nuno asked. “Cos she doesn’t remember it for starters” Katia said. “Maybe this isn’t the right place for her at this time” Dolores said. “Don’t even think about saying that in front of Cris” Katia said. “Katia is right. Ronnie would not want to hear that. And this is the right place for her. It’s just going to be strange for a little while” Nuno said. “And who knows her staying here might help her remember quicker” Katia said.

“Are you watching Marcosa?” Cristiano smiled at his son as the dog walked around Cristiano’s feet. “Oh Junior” Cristiano sighed as he took a seat on one of the deck chairs outside. He placed Junior onto his lap. “I know you can’t understand me yet but Mama is coming home soon” Cristiano said. “I know even though she can’t remember you at the moment that she loves you. And if she doesn’t spend time with you it’s because she doesn’t want to upset you. And that she’s scared. She’s scared of so much. And she’s not the only one” he sighed as Junior let out a screech. “Just know that I’m going to do all I can to get the mama you knew back ok son” he said placing a kiss on his son’s forehead. “You need her. I need her” Cristiano sighed.

"Can you stop that?" Jorge asked Cristiano. "Stop what?" Cristiano asked as he paced up and down the room. "Pacing. You're making me dizzy looking at you" Jorge said. "What is taking the doctor so long?" Cristiano asked looking at his watch for the fifth time in five minutes. "She's with Molly. She has to do her final checks before discharging her I suppose" Jorge said. The day had finally arrived for Molly to leave the hospital and Cristiano couldn't wait. He had barely slept the night before. His mind hadn't stopped running through possibilities. Different scenarios had played out in his head. What if she hated being at the house? What if her memory came back the moment she stepped through the door? What if she remembered everything and never wanted to see him again? He hadn't been able to shut off his brain last night.

"Will you just sit down already?" Jorge asked pushing the chair beside him out towards Cristiano. “Dr. Vicente said it wouldn’t take long and to wait in his office. How long have we been in here?” Cristiano asked Jorge as he took a seat. “Ten minutes. Relax Cris. It will be time to take Molly home soon” Jorge said. “I can’t believe she is finally coming home” Cristiano grinned. “How has she been about leaving the hospital?” Jorge asked. "I think she's ok with it. She's been quiet the past few days when I've visited her. Anna said the same" Cristiano said.

"Do you really think it's the best thing for her to go stay at your house Cris?" Jorge asked. "It's her home" Cristiano replied. "Even with how she reacted when she was told she would be leaving. Do you still think it's wise?" Jorge asked. "When do I ever do anything wise?" Cristiano asked. "I'm being serious Cris" Jorge said. "She doesn't know what to expect leaving the hospital. None of us do. It's scary for her. But she'll be ok. She seemed ok when I’ve been talking to her” Cristiano said. “Just don’t get your hopes up that it will be all rosy Cris. It will be difficult for her” Jorge told him.

“I know that. I know living in the same house as Junior is going to be extremely hard for her. I know there are alot of challenges that will occur when she comes home. But it will be worth it just to have Molly back" Cristiano said. "She's not the same Molly who left that house all the weeks ago Cris" Jorge told him. "I'm very much aware of that Jorge" Cristiano sighed. The door opened and Dr. Vicente and Dr. Lopez entered the room.

"Can she leave?" Cristiano asked standing and the doctors laughed. "Sorry about him. He's just very eager to get her out of here" Jorge said. "I understand. She wants to leave also" Dr. Lopez said. "Does she?" Cristiano asked. "Molly hasn't exactly been too forthcoming during our chats but I do believe she is happy to be leaving" Dr. Lopez said knowing that in any of her chats with Molly, the woman in question had barely spoken much.

"She's just scared of what she's going to happen next" Cristiano said. "It's very normal for people suffering from amnesia to be frightened of the unknown. Just remember what we discussed yesterday about letting her remember things on her own. Don’t tell her something happened, let her put all the pieces together. It’s important that it’s all her own memories not what she thinks she should be remembering” Dr. Vicente explained. “I understand” Cristiano nodded. “She’s just finishing up with one of the physios. Then you can take her home” Dr. Vicente said. “At last” Cristiano smiled.

“We’ll be seeing her once a week for the time being. Remember that you are not alone in all of this and if you have any questions about how to deal with a particular situation then please get in touch” Dr. Vicente said. “Thank you for everything you have done to get her to this stage” Cristiano said shaking the doctors’ hands. “It’s not fully over for Molly. Physically she is nearly healed but we really are working on the unknown for when her memories will come back. If ever” Dr. Vicente said. “I’d rather not think of her not getting her memories back” Cristiano said. “But it is something we all need to be prepared for” Jorge reminded him. “It’s all about time. For now just enjoy her been home” Dr. Vicente smiled. “I didn’t think we’d get to this day. When I think back to how she was the day of the crash. Even the other day with the brain scan and fear she had a bleed again” he sighed. “Well the day has come. Now go get her” Dr. Vicente smiled. “Cos I’m sure the doctors and nurses are sick of the sight of you and all of us” Jorge smiled but Cristiano was already out the door.

“Hola” he smiled at people as he walked to Molly’s room. He knew it wouldn’t be easy for Molly and everyone else once she was at home but he had decided that he was going to ignore any worries and just be happy that she was coming home. “She’s nearly ready” nurse Lola smiled at Cristiano when he reached the nurses station. “Gracias” he smiled. “You go into her and I’ll bring in the discharge forms” she said. “Thank you” he said walking towards Molly’s room. “And thank you for everything you did for Molly” he said turning to face Lola “She’s not the biggest fan of hospitals but you made it easier for her and I really appreciate it” he said. “It is my job but Molly is very nice to be around” she said. “Ya she is. She’s even better when she’s not injured and has her full memory” he smiled. “She’ll be back to herself in time” she smiled. “Hopefully soon” he sighed before he turned back around and headed towards Molly’s hospital room.

He knocked on the door as he opened it. “Ready for me to break you out of here?” he asked with a smile before a frown appeared once he saw Molly sitting on the bed with an unfamiliar man sitting beside her. “Who the hell are you?” he damned to know stomping towards the bed. “Wow easy mate” the man said holding his hands up. “I am not your mate” Cristiano said angrily grabbing the guy by his shirt. “Stop it” Molly yelled pushing Cristiano away. “What the fuck are you doing?” she yelled at Cristiano. “Are you ok?” Molly asked the man. “I’m fine” he smiled at her. “What’s going on? I heard yelling” nurse Lola asked entering the room. “That big asshole is trying to beat up my physio” Molly said. “Physio?” Cristiano asked. “Hi, I’m Michael. I’m a student physio. I’m working with Anabelle” Michael said holding out his hand towards Cristiano. “He was just talking me through the exercises I have to do again cos Annabelle my physio had to leave” Molly told Cristiano. “Oh” Cristiano said rubbing the back of his neck. “Oh. Seriously is that all you have to say?” Molly asked. “Wow quiet the party going on in here” Jorge laughed as he entered the room with a wheelchair. “What have I missed?” Jorge asked noticing the tension in the room. “Oh just a footballer trying to beat up a student physio. No biggy” nurse Lola said. “I wasn’t going to beat him up” Cristiano said. “Ha like you could anyway” Molly said. “Hey I could take him” Cristiano said pointing at Michael. “Well let’s not find out the answer to that today” Jorge glared at Cristiano.

“I walked in to find them alone in here” Cristiano said. “Oh” Jorge said understanding why Cristiano had gotten so upset. The hospital had been instructed that Molly was not to be alone with any men. “Oh. Really is that all you two are able to say today?” Molly asked highly annoyed. “I’m going to leave this with you Molly” Michael said handing Molly some papers. “Don’t over do things. And I might see you at your next appointment before I head back to Ireland. But if I don’t best of luck with your recovery” he told her. “Thank you. And good luck with your exams” Molly smiled at him. “Thanks” he said before moving around the bed. “Sorry about earlier” Cristiano mumbled. “No worries” Michael said. “You just gave him another reason to prefer Messi anyway” Molly told Cristiano. “Anyone feel like injuring me right now, so I don’t have to be in a car with those two?” Jorge asked Michael and Lola.

“Oh no their all yours” Lola said. “I’ll meet you all at the nurse’s station” she said before she left with Michael. “Are you always that stupid?” Molly asked Cristiano. “He had his reasons Molly just leave it at that” Jorge said. “What reasons?” Molly asked, and Cristiano and Jorge looked at each other as they were both reminded of the IVF doctor. “Well what reason did he have to attack someone?” Molly asked. “I didn’t attack him” Cristiano said. “Yes you did” Molly said. “No, I didn’t” Cristiano said. “Ok ok enough. Cris was in the wrong and he apologized so let’s leave it at that. Now are you ready to leave Molly?” Jorge asked pushing the wheelchair back and forth.

“Do I have to go in that thing?” she asked. “Yes, you do. Ah come on it’s the only time I’m ever going to get the chance to push you around for once” Jorge said, and Molly let out a laugh. “She’s still probably going to tell you how to push it correctly” Cristiano muttered, and Molly glared at him. “Cris you grab the bags. Molly get into the chair so we can just get the hell out of this place” Jorge said. “Ok” Molly sighed. “At least there’s no more hospital food for you” Cristiano said as she looked around the room. “Urgh I don’t even know what food I had for breakfast cos it did not look like eggs” she replied, and he smiled at her. “Well I’m sure I can make you some eggs for breakfast that taste ok” he said. “You in a kitchen. Hmm doubt that happens often” she said.

“Hello” Jorge said. “Jezz I’m coming” Molly said rolling her eyes as Cristiano laughed. “At last” Jorge said once Molly was settled into the wheelchair. “Right let’s get out of here” Jorge said turning the wheelchair towards the door. “Don’t forget anything Cris” Jorge said as he pushed the wheelchair. “Ready to head?” Lola asked when Jorge stopped at the nurse’s station. “I guess” Molly shrugged. “Just sign here for me please” Lola said handing Molly a piece of paper to sign. “As fun as it’s been Molly, I hope not to see you again” Lola smiled. “Feeling is mutual Lola. I hate hospitals” Molly said. “And we’ve all seen enough of them in the last year” Jorge said. “Let’s get going” Cristiano said. “Thanks for everything Lola” Molly said. “You’re welcome. Good luck with the rest of your recovery” Lola smiled. “Thanks” Molly replied. “Adios” Jorge smiled pushing the wheelchair down the hall.

“Why is everyone staring at us?” Molly asked noticing people looking at her. “Just ignore them” Cristiano said walking beside her. “There just been noisy. We’ll be at the car shortly” Jorge said. “I don’t know what is so interesting about us?” Molly asked. “Some people think I’m interesting Molly” Cristiano said. “Then they should get their heads looked at” Molly muttered and Jorge let out a laugh before Cristiano glared at him to stop. “Let’s just get to the car and you home Molly” Cristiano said. “Try not to attack anyone on our way to the car” Molly snapped.

“You ok Molly?” Jorge asked from where he sat next to her in the back of the car. They had managed to leave the hospital without any attention from any paps. “Molly” Cristiano said from the front seat and Molly looked away from the window. “Huh” she said. “Are you ok?” Jorge asked. “Fine” she muttered looking back out the window to watch the city she had apparently been living in for months. “Not long to go now” Rocky said from the driver’s seat. “You’ll be home soon and you can rest for a while” Jorge said to her. “And Sarah will be hear in a few days. She’s looking forward to a break from work” Cristiano said. “Ok” Molly mumbled. “I’m sure Nuno has something cooked for you if you’re hungry” Cristiano said.

“We’re here” Jorge said as the car pulled into a fancy neighbourhood. “The area is really nice and quiet. Good neighbours” Jorge told her. “I guess since most of them are my teammates, I have to agree with him Molly” Cristiano said looking back at her with a smile on his face. Molly could feel her chest tighten as the car drove up a driveway towards a house. A house that apparently she would be living in. A house that she had lived in. A house that didn’t look one bit familiar. “You ok Mols” Cristiano asked as the car came to a stop. “Don’t call me that. And stop asking me if I’m ok” Molly snapped. “Let’s head in” Jorge said opening the car door.

“Cris” Ana said coming out of his house and towards the car. “Hey Ana” Cristiano said in surprise as Ana had suggested that she leave Molly settle in before stopping by. That Molly didn’t need a lot of people around her the first day and Cristiano had agreed. “Ana” Molly called out as she opened the door. “Not the quiet welcoming you wanted inside. I tried” Ana said to Cristiano as she moved to help Molly out of the car. “Hi Molly” Ana smiled at her. “It’s good to see you” Molly said happy to see Ana. “Finally out of the hospital” Ana said. “Ya” Molly said looking at the house. “It’s pretty nice inside too” Ana told her. “Let’s let her see for herself” Cristiano said placing his hand on Molly’s arm. She shook his hand off her and took a step away from him which made him frown. “Maybe you should go in first” Ana told him. “Ok” Cristiano replied. “Let’s just go inside” Molly said tired of waiting and began to walk towards the house. She just wanted to get inside. Get into the room she’d be staying in and shut the door.

“Molly wait” Cristiano called out as everyone followed her. “Hello” Molly smiled as she was greeted by Marcosa. “Aren’t you a cute dog” Molly smiled rubbing the dog as she jumped up on her. “Cute and trouble. A bit like you” Cristiano smiled at her and Molly pushed the dog away from her. “Where am I staying?” Molly asked. “I’ll show you” Cristiano said placing his hand on her back only for her to once again move out of his reach. “Ana can” Molly said and he nodded. “I’m sure you’re a bit tired Molly” Ana said gesturing for Molly to walk down the hall.

“Molly” Rodrigo yelled rushing towards her when she reached the living room. “Easy Rodrigo” Ana said as the little boy gripped Molly’s legs. “Welcome home Molly” was all she heard as she looked around the room full of people. Everyone was smiling at her. Everyone was looking at her “Welcome home Molly. It’s so good to have to back home” Dolores said coming towards Molly. “I…..” Molly stammered stepping backwards only to be met with Cristiano’s chest. “Maé what is all of this?” Cristiano asked. “It’s a welcome home party for Molly of course” Dolores smiled. “I tried to stop them” Ana told Cristiano.

“Come on Mols, come sit and chat. Get some food” Katia smiled at her. “Katia stop” Cristiano said before he felt something tug on his hand. He looked down and found Molly’s hand around his. Gripping it so tight he thought it was going to snap off. “It’s ok” he whispered to her. “Ana take her upstairs now” he said but Molly wouldn’t let his hand go. “I’ll follow you up” he smiled at her not missing the panic in her eyes.

“Let’s go Molly” Ana said tugging her hand out of Cristiano’s hand. “Molly” Rodrigo said holding a picture towards her. “Look what I did for you” the little boy said but Molly could only notice everyone staring at her. “She’ll look at it later Rodrigo” Cristiano said taking the picture as Ana took Molly towards the stairs. “Cristiano” Dolores said confused. “The party is over” Cristiano said. “Ronnie” Sergio said coming up beside Dolores. “No. Enough. She doesn’t…A party is the last thing she needed” he yelled before rushing off to follow the girls upstairs.

He found Molly sitting on one of the steps half way up the stairs with Ana kneeling in front of her. “What’s wrong?” he asked running up the steps. “Nothing. She just needed a break. Her breath” Ana said moving to the side. He kneeled in front of Molly and took her hands which were on her knees into his. “Deep breaths” he whispered as she did as he said. “All the people…they…” she stammered. “Their gone. Forget about them ok” he told her. “I really did try to stop them” Ana said. “It’s not your fault Ana” Cristiano told her.

“Come on let me show you to your room” he said to Molly and slowly stood pulling her to stand too. “Molly maybe you should take another break” Ana said when she noticed her friend was shaking. “No no” Molly said shaking her head. “Let’s just get her into her room and she can rest” Cristiano said as they moved up the stairs. When they reached the top, Cristiano placed his hand on her back and she looked up at him. He gave her a smile and gestured his head to the right. As they reached the door to her what she suspected was meant to be the bedroom she would be staying in, she heard the cry. She heard the cry before Cristiano and Ana. She heard the cry of the little boy who was somewhere in the house where she stood.

“Molly” Cristiano said as he opened the door. “Go” she told him. “He’s just woken from his nap. He’s ok” Cristiano told her. “Just go to him” Molly snapped walking into the room. He sighed as he watched her moved into the bedroom. “I’m just going to take a nap myself” she said turning to face him. “I’ll get your suitcases” he told her. “It’s fine. I’m fine. Just a bit tired” she said. “Ok get some rest and I’ll see you in a bit” he smiled at her. “Sounds good” she smiled at him.

“You’ll find clothes in the wardrobes if you want something to sleep in” Ana told her as she stepped into the room. “Thanks” Molly said wrapping her arms around herself. “I can sit with you if you would like” Ana asked. “I’m fine Ana. I’m just tired. The hospital. Downstairs. I just need to close my eyes for a bit” Molly told her. “I’m here if you want to talk Molly. You know that right” Ana said. “I’m not in a talking mood right now Ana. Thanks though” Molly said. “Ok well I’ll leave you get some rest” Ana said leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

Molly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened them and proceeded to look around the room. She moved towards the dressing table and stared at herself in the mirror. She saw something on the table out of the corner of her eye and tears started to slowly fall from her eyes. She moved to pick the book up. She looked at the front cover and her hands started to shake at the picture of her and Cristiano with a tiny Junior. She threw it across the room before she falling to the ground as she started to sob harder. “Who the hell am I?” she cried.
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So Molly is finally home. What did you think of Cristiano's reaction at the hospital with the physio? And Molly's reaction to it. What did you think of her homecoming? Will Molly be ok now she is back at Cristiano's?