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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 26- Don't Start To Panic

Junior tapped Cristiano on his cheek which made him smile. “Did you have a nice nap?” he asked kissing his son in his arms. “Your mama is home” he whispered before sighing. All he wanted was for Molly to be the Molly he knew. For her to be fussing over Junior and even bickering with him but the panic in her eyes when she heard Junior cry, he knew it would be along time before she was the Molly they all knew. “Mama is home kiddo but we have to patient with her. Her head still has to get better” he whispered. A knock came at the door and Dolores entered the room. “He’s awake I see” she smiled at her grandson. “Looks like it doesn’t it” he replied. “Sarah said Molly is taking a nap” Dolores said. “She probably just wants to be the centre of attention” Cristiano said.

“I’m sorry Cristiano. I guess the party wasn’t my best idea” she said. “You mean filling a house which she doesn’t remember living in with people she can’t remember knowing when she’s just got out of hospital wasn’t a good idea” he snapped. “I didn’t think. I’m sorry” she said. “It’s too late now. Urgh I don’t know what to do. She was so quiet in the car. She just kept staring out of the window. Then she sees all the people. And then she hears him” he said nodding to Junior in his arms. “It’s going to be extremely strange for her for a while I guess” Dolores said. “I got so wrapped up in her coming home, I never actually considered what would happen when she was home. Like how do we manage Junior and her? You should have seen her face when she heard his cry” Cristiano said. “Give her time” Dolores said.

“Can we afford to?” he mumbled. “Would you like me to check on her?” Dolores asked. “No I should. Can you take him please?” he asked holding out Junior towards his mother. “Come on sweetie, let’s go play” Dolores smiled at her grandson. Cristiano smiled as he watched his son happy with his grandmother. He just needed to see him happy with his own mother now.

“Molly” he said knocking quietly on her bedroom door. He wrapped his knuckles against the door again but no answer came. He turned the knob and slowly opened the door. “Molly” he whispered entering the room. He found her laid out on the bed with her back to the door. Still dressed in the clothes she wore to come home from the hospital. He walked slowly around the bed and found her with her eyes closed. He smiled at how peaceful she looked before frowning. He lowered himself to sit on the edge of the bed and reached out to move a lock of hair off her face. The puffy eyes a give away that she had been crying. Not home for more than two hours and she’s already crying he though.

“It will get easier Mols. I’m here” he whispered gently stroking her cheek. He sighed and stood from the bed before closing the curtains in the room. “Get some rest Mols” he whispered before he strolled to the door. Molly’s eyes flew open once she heard the door click shut. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. Easier she thought rolling onto her other side. “I wish it would happen soon” she muttered her eyes on the picture frame on the bedside table. A tear fell from her eyes and she reached out to put it face down. How would it get easier if she couldn’t even look at a picture of him she thought as the tears flowed once more.

“Can I see Molly now?” Rodrigo asked Katia as he ate his breakfast. “Not yet sweetie. Give her time to settle in” Katia told him. “But I want to see her” Rodrigo wined. “Eat your eggs Rodrigo” Katia told her son. “You should eat too Cris” Nuno said as Cristiano played with the food on his plate. “I’m not hungry” he muttered. “Can I go see if Molly is awake please?” Rodrigo asked. “Rodrigo I said no. Now eat your breakfast please” Katia said. “I’m not hungry” the child said shoving his plate away from him. “Why don’t I go up and see if she’s awake?” Nuno asked. “Maybe wait for her to come down” Jorge said from across the table. “She might not want to” Cristiano said sitting down. “It’s food time. Molly loves food” Rodrigo said and everyone laughed. “Good point Rodrigo” Katia smiled at her son.

“Cris said she was quiet in the car yesterday. I’m sure she’s just finding it hard to adjust. We need to give her time” Dolores said. “She was very chatty in the hospital before we left” Jorge said. “It probably didn’t hit her that she was going to be living here until she got here” Katia said. “But Molly lives here mama” Rodrigo said. “I know sweetie but remember what we’ve talked about. Molly is having trouble remembering her time here in Spain” Katia said to her son. “I remember mama. I don’t have amben..sia like Molly” Rodrigo grinned.

“You think I messed up yesterday?” Cristiano asked Jorge. “Probably wasn’t your smartest move” Jorge replied. “What did he do yesterday? Oh for heaven sake Cris, she’s not even home and you’re messing up already” Katia said. “She was alone in the hospital room with a guy. How else was I to react after everything with Dr. Frenz?” Cristiano asked. “I get why you freaked out Cris. You just might have freaked Molly out too. And she might be a bit reluctant to talk at the moment” Jorge said. “Ya ya ya I messed up again. “I’m a useless piece of shit” Cristiano said pushing his chair back and he stormed out of the room.

“Mana” Lola said to Cristiano as she met him at the bottom of the stairs. “Mana Lola. Hola buddy” he said smiling at Junior in her arms. “I was thinking of taking him over to Anderia’s house today if that’s ok” she said. “I think he’d love playing with Victoria. Thanks Lola. I really appreciate all your help. I know you kind of got thrown into the deep end” he said. “It’s my pleasure. He’s a great kid to be around. I’m sure Molly will be back to herself soon. I know I haven’t spent much time around her but I’ve seen her with Junior. She loves him” Lola said. “Ya she does” he said. “Well we better go play with Victoria now he’s all cleaned up after breakfast” Lola smiled at Junior. “Have fun” Cristiano said as Lola carried Junior towards the living room.

He took a deep breath as he lifted his knuckles towards the door. He tapped the door lightly and waited. He didn’t know the reaction he was about to receive. The door slowly opened, and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw her sleepy face peeking through the tiny space she had left between the wall and the door. “Mana” he said. “Morning” she said rubbing her eye. “Did you sleep ok?” he asked knowing she had more than likely cried herself to sleep. “The bed is nicer than the one in the hospital” she replied. “Well I would hope so since you picked it out” he said. “I did” she said surprised. “You probably picked most of the stuff in this house. You or Maé I guess” he said. “Oh” she said. “But I guess anywhere would be better than a hospital right” he said.

“I guess” she said. “Ahm would you like some breakfast? We were just eating downstairs” he told her. “I’m fine thanks” she told him. “Come on Molly. Breakfast is the most important meal of the deal” he said in a horrible British accent which made her laugh. “Ah sleepyhead is starting to come alive with a smile” he smiled himself. “I’m fine really” she told him. “Come on the Molly I know loves her food” he said. “Well I’m not the Molly you know, am I?” she said moving to shut the door. “Molly wait” he said stopping the door from closing with his foot. “Are you fucking stupid? I could have broken your foot” she yelled pulling the door open. “Good to know you care” he said. “Well I don’t want to make even more of a mess of things than I already have” she said. “Trust me Molly, if anyone is responsible for this so called mess of our lives then it’s me. Look you need to eat with your meds. Come downstairs for something to eat” he said. “I don’t think that’s…”He won’t be there. Lola is taking him out” he said of Junior. “I need to shower and change” she said.

“Well don’t take too long. I’ll fight off Nuno for you to keep him away from your breakfast” he joked. “He’d probably win that fight” she smiled. “I’m going to believe it’s the lack of food that has made your brain have such an awful thought” he said. “Whatever makes you feel better” she laughed closing the door. He smiled at the sound of her laugh. His mobile began to ring, and he answered it. “Well bro has she remembered how much of an idiot you are yet?” his brother Hugo asked. “Mana Hugo” he said walking to his bedroom.

Molly looked at herself in the mirror. The bruises had started to fade but she knew where each one was even without seeing the bruise. Her body didn’t feel like her own body. It was a body she had carried a baby with. A little human being that she couldn’t remember. A knock came to the door and she took a deep breath. She picked up the shirt and carefully lifted it over her body.

A knock came once again. She pushed her hair behind her ear and took another deep breath before walking towards the door. She found Cristiano standing at the other side when she opened the door. “I was beginning to think you had gotten lost” he said. “You know I did get hit by a car so I can’t exactly rush when an impatient person keeps knocking on a door” she told him. “Sorry” he said. Its fine” she replied. “Ready for some food. You can have anything you want so I recommend asking for the pancakes. You won’t be disappointed” he grinned.

“Are you making them?” she asked as they began to walk towards the stairs. “No” he replied. “Good. You don’t strike me as being King of the kitchen” she said. “Hey I can cook. I just don’t. Anyway, I’m the King of other places” he said before stopping suddenly and grabbed her arm. “Careful” she said before turning and finding out the reason he had paused. “Sorry I forgot Junior’s bag” Lola said as the baby in question shaked a teddy bear in his hand as he sat on Lola’s hip. “I got talking to your mother” Lola said. “Its fine” he told her as he held Molly’s arm. “

You ok?” he asked Molly when Lola walked past them. “Molly” he said and she turned from watching Lola and Junior walk to his bedroom and looked up at him and nodded. “Come on let’s get you food in your belly” he said letting go of her arm only for her to take a hold of his. “It will get easier” he muttered placing a kiss on head which made her up slightly. “Sorry” he said. “Breakfast” she said. “Yes. Let’s go” he said.

“Molly” Rodrigo screamed rushing towards her as soon as he spotted her. “Rodrigo” Katia called after
her son as he ran. “Easy kiddo” Cristiano told his nephew as he gripped Molly’s legs. “Can you play with me please?” the little boy asked Molly. “Ahm…” she stammered. “Hey what were you saying about Molly and food earlier huh. She needs to eat her breakfast” Cristiano told him. “Yes she does. Time for a big welcome home breakfast. What can I make you Molly?” Dolores asked. “I’m not really hungry” Molly replied. “Nonsense you’ve got to eat. How about some pancakes since it’s a special occasion” Dolores said. “Come sit beside me Molly” Rodrigo said tugging at Molly’s hand. “I really don’t feel like eating anything” Molly said allowing Rodrigo to take her towards the table. “You need to eat something Molly. Especially on the pain killers” Cristiano told her.

“They make me feel sick” she replied. “How about some tea and toast then” Katia suggested and Molly nodded. “Some tea and toast coming right up then” Nuno smiled. “Thank you” Molly said. “But that’s not much of a welcome breakfast. Pancakes are” Dolores said. “Oh naturally there’s going to be pancakes after I’ve already eaten” Zé said coming into the room with Dinis in his arms. “Like you wouldn’t still eat some” Katia said rolling her eyes. “I hate to be rude to my kids grandma” Zé winked at Dolores who laughed. “Don’t encourage the ape Maé” Katia said. “Mana Molly. Good to see you again. Ahm we met again at the hospital the other week. Or was it two weeks ago. I can’t remember” he shrugged. “And I thought I was the one with the memory issues” Molly said which made everyone laugh. “He has many issues as it is” Katia mumbled.

“Molly can we go swimming today” Rodrigo asked. “Rodrigo” Katia said as Nuno placed a plate with toast in front of Molly on the table. “Tea is coming up” Nuno said. “Thank you” Molly said and he smiled. “Urgh I think someone wants his mama. He’s so fussy already this morning” Zé said handing Dinis to Katia. Molly stood from the table suddenly. “Ahm thanks for breakfast but I don’t really feel like eating right now” she said. “Molly” Cristiano said. “I’m not hungry ok” she snapped at him before rushing out of the room.

“Molly” Cristiano called after her but she ignored him. She knew it was a mistake to come out of her room. There was too many people she thought walking up the stairs. “Oh hi again” Lola said and Molly paused on the steps as all she could notice was the little boy waving his arms about in Lola’s arms. “I’m sure Anderia is expecting you Lola” Cristiano said coming up behind Molly. “Ya we better go. Have a good day” she said and Molly turned and watched her walk down the rest of the steps. “I brought you your tea and toast. You should try and eat something” he told her. “I know” she sighed. “Are you ok?” he asked. “My stomach and all the people. I didn’t mean to be rude it was just…” she paused. “A bit much too soon. Its ok I get. I shouldn’t have pushed you” he said.

“No it’s not your fault. I need to be around people” she said. “Just a bit slowly since you have just got out of hospital. I get it” he said. “Thanks for the tea and toast” she said taking the plate and cup from him. “You don’t have to stay in your room all day you know. I’ve got training but I’ll see you later ok” he said. “Have fun at training” she smiled at him. “Try and eat something please” he said. “I will” she said turning to walk up the stairs.

“Hey” Cristiano said to Molly as he was running up the stairs towards. “Good to see you out of your room” he smiled at her later in the day. “I got thirsty” she replied. “I need to phone Ricky but I’ll meet you downstairs in a short bit. We can watch tv if you like. Katia and Zé have taken all the kids out for something to eat. Watching your choice on the tv sounds a lot better than dealing with two babies and a grumpy boy any day” he smiled. “Ahm” she said. “Or I can go get your drink for you?” he asked. “I can get it” she said. “Good” he smiled happy that she wasn’t avoiding being around the house. “Ana told me to tell that she’ll come see you tomorrow by the way if you want” he said. His phone began to ring and he groaned.

“Speaking of grumpy boys, that’s Ricky I should take this. Go get a drink and find something to watch” he told her continuing up the stairs. Molly watched after him and debated whether to turn back around and go back to her room but she was starting to feel more pain and need something to drink to take her pain killers. And she knew she had to try. She took her time walking down the stairs and found Dolores in the kitchen. “Good evening Molly” Dolores smiled at her. “Hi” she replied walking further into the room. “I was beginning to think you hadn’t gotten stuck in your room” Dolores joked. “It’s a nice room” Molly said walking towards the windows. “You did make it very homie. You can go outside Molly” Dolores said from the kitchen.

“I’m ok” Molly replied as she watched Marcosa run around the garden. “The fresh air will do you good. You must have being sick of that hospital room” Dolores said. “Ya I don’t really like hospitals” Molly said. “Not many people do sweetie. I’ve seen more than enough in my time. But enough about those places. What would you like for dinner? I can make you anything you like” Dolores said. “There’s really no need to go to any trouble for me” Molly said.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s my pleasure. I’m just delighted to have you home at last. This place is not the same without” Dolores said working away in the kitchen. “Are you still feeling ill? If you are still feeling ill when you have your next check-up you should tell your doctor. You need to be able to eat” Dolores said looking at Molly as she stared out the window into the garden. “Molly” Dolores said. “Sorry did you say something” Molly said shaking her head. “I was just asking if you were still feeling ill. It will take a while to get used to being at home and not in the hospital. But at least here at home you have good food” Dolores said as she began to chop some carrots. “If it’s too loud for you here, just tell me and I’ll make sure everyone keeps the noise down” Dolores said as Molly moved to walk around the living room.

“It’s not” Molly replied. “Just as well then, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of visitors now you are home” Dolores said as Molly looked at all the photo frames in the living room. “I’m pretty sure my son is jealous that everyone has always just come to this house to visit you these last few months. Not that he’ll admit it of course” Dolores smiled as Molly took a photo in her hand. “I was telling my sister, Nuno’s mother, you haven’t met her actually. But we’ll change that. Anyway, I was telling her how you were coming home, and she was saying that home is always the best place to recover. She was in hospital herself not too long. Thankfully she’s ok now. But she was delighted to get out of hospital and get home. I know I’ve always felt like that. There’s nothing like being in your own bed and getting fussed over to help you recover” Dolores said as she continued to be busy around the kitchen.

Molly’s thumb moved over Junior in the picture she held. He was smiling in a Portugal jersey as Molly held him while a bunch of others kids smiled at her feet. “Dolores, I told you that I was cooking” Nuno said walking into the kitchen. “Hey Mols good to see out of your room. If you’re good I might make you something nice for desert” Nuno winked. “She ok?” he asked Dolores when Molly appeared to ignore him. “She was talking to me a minute ago” Dolores shrugged. “I thought I said that I was cooking” Nuno said picking up a piece of carrot” Nuno said.

“I wanted something to do. Everyone left Molly and myself at home” Dolores said. “You’d swear you were stopped from talking to people when we both know that you were probably on the phone most of the day” Nuno grinned. “I was not you cheeky man” Dolores said looking over at Molly but found the space she had been occupied empty. “Where did she go?” Nuno asked. “She must have went back upstairs” Dolores said. “I swear Ricky is turning into Jorge” Cristiano said as he entered the living room a while later. “He does have a job to do as well as being your friend Cristiano” Dolores reminded him. “Ya ya I know” he said flopping onto the couch.

“Where’s Molly?” Cristiano asked picking up the tv remote. “Gone back up to her room I guess” Dolores said. “Oh ok” he sighed. “What’s the matter?” Nuno asked him. “I met her on my way upstairs. She was coming down for a drink. I thought we were going to watch some tv together” he said. “Maybe she went back upstairs for her shoes. She was looking outside when she came down. Maybe she wants to go outside to Marcosa” Dolores said. “Maybe” Cristiano muttered not being able to shake the bad feeling he had. “Cris” Nuno called after his cousin when he ran out of the room. “Mols” Cristiano called out when he reached the top of the stairs. He headed to her room and pushed the door open. “Molly” he knocked entering the room. “Molly” he called out looking around the empty room. “Molly” he yelled searching every room upstairs.

“She’s not upstairs” he told Dolores and Nuno when he came back to the living room. “What do you mean she’s not there?” Dolores asked. “She’s no where upstairs. I just checked every room” Cristiano replied. “She’s got to be here Cris. I’ll check the gym” Nuno said. “Molly” Cristiano yelled. “Cris don’t yell” Dolores said. “It’s my house so I’ll yell if I want to” he snapped before heading towards the office. “Mols” he said opening the door and finding it empty. “Well” Nuno said running up to him. “She’s not in there” Cristiano said.

“She wasn’t in the gym either” Nuno said. “Where could she be then?” Cristiano asked. “She was standing in the living room, looking at the photo as your mother rambled on when I came in. She didn’t really say anything to me, but Dolores said they had been talking” Nuno said. “Where the fuck is she?” Cristiano asked.

“Cris I’m sure she’s ok” Nuno said. “I have a bad feeling Nuno” Cristiano told him. “Don’t start to panic just yet. Maybe she went outside to the garden. To see Marcosa like Dolores said” Nuno said. “You would have heard her leave through the sliding door in the kitchen” Cristiano said before he walked down the hall towards the now open front door. “Remember what I said about panicking” Nuno said placing a hand on his cousin’s shoulder.

“Molly” Cristiano yelled rushing outside. “Molly” he yelled looking around the driveway. “I’ll check around the side of the house” Nuno told him. “Molly” Cristiano yelled walking further away from the house. His phone began to ring and he struggled to get it out of his pocket. He saw the name on the screen and ignored the call. “Molly” he said looking around the front garden. “Molly” he continued to yell as his phone continued to ring. “She’s not around the back” Nuno said rushing up to Cristiano.

“Fuck” he said. “Are you going to get that?” Nuno asked about the ringing. “It’s Higuian. He can wait” Cristiano said. “It doesn’t sound like he’s going to stop” Nuno said. “What do you want?” Cristiano snapped into the phone when he answered it.

“I have something you might want. Or should I say someone” Higuaín said.