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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 27- Wouldn't Be Anywhere Else

All Molly could hear was background noise as Dolores kept talking as she looked at all of the photos around the living room. She might not have been paying close attention to what Dolores was saying but she didn’t miss her continued use of the word home. There’s no place like home. Home is the best place to recover. Home home home was all Molly kept hearing. She had been in the house for less than twenty four hours and she had heard the word home at least fifty times. How was the house her home? She didn’t remember it. She didn’t remember the people who lived there. She didn’t remember the room she was staying in. She didn’t remember ever looking at the photos on the walls before.

She didn’t remember the place that was meant to be her home. She had no home. The home she had with her parents was not her home. The flat she shared with Sarah that she could remember had never felt like her home. She looked at the picture in her hand. She wished she could remember the time it was taken. She couldn’t miss the smile on her face. She looked so happy with Junior in her arms and the kids at her feet. She couldn’t even bare to be in the same room as him right now. Something clearly different to when the picture had been taken.

Her chest felt tight as tears formed in her eyes. She placed the photo back down and moved to leave the room. She didn’t even know where she was going. She just let her legs walk and before she knew it, she found herself outside the front gate of Cristiano’s house. She looked around the street.

A street she had apparently walked numerous times. A street where she had lived on for so many months. A street where some of her apparent friends lived. A street where her home was. Maybe it was a bad idea to come here she thought as she wiped a tear from her cheek and began to walk. Maybe she should tell Cristiano that she couldn’t stay at the house. She could deal with seeing the disappointment on his face after she had told him. She could deal with it. She thought she could, but she didn’t really know. She didn’t know anything anymore. On minute she felt ok like she belonged and the next minute she felt so lost.

She was tired of feeling so lost. She was tired of failing everyone. She was tired of not being able to be in the same room as her s…”Stupid. Stupid. Stupid” she muttered when she couldn’t even finish her thought not to mind say it outload. She noticed tyre tracks on the grass and paused. She looked around the street as she felt the tracks were out of place but didn’t know why. Her head pounded and she couldn’t stop shaking and the next thing she knew all she could hear was the sound of a car horn blowing loudly and she opened her eyes to find a black car the length of her arm away from her.

“Do you love getting hit by cars or something?” a man yelled as he got out of the car. “What are you doing out here?” he asked coming towards her. She held her shaking hands up and she attempted to move her legs but started to wobble. “Wow there” the man said standing her straight. “Don’t touch me” she yelled.

“Ok ok just take it easy ok” he said holding his hands up. “Lean against the car. You’ve had a fright. And you’re not the only one. One minute you were on the footpath the next you were just standing right in front of the car” he said as she leaned against the bonnet of the card with her head in her hands. “Take long deep breaths” the man said. “When you are feeling ok we can get you back home” the man said. “No stop it” she snapped. “Or we can just stay here whatever” he said taking a seat on the footpath. “Just leave me alone” she muttered. “One way to rid of me is for you to go back home” he said. “I don’t know where my home is” she cried. “It’s back there” he said pointing to Cristiano’s house.

“That’s not my home. I don’t know where my home is anymore” she said. “So it is true what they have all been saying at training. You really don’t have any memory at all?” he asked. “Who are you?” Molly asked confused. “Ouch Ms. English Rose. You’re really hurting me here. I’m the best footballer in the world” the man said. “I thought the house I just came from belonged to the best footballer in the world” Molly replied, and the man laughed. “Doesn’t remember him but still defending him. I can see what Ronaldo is so hooked on you” the man laughed. “You play football?” she asked. “With Ronaldo yes. You’re a lucky lady getting to meet the one and only Gonzalo Higuaín for the first time again” he said. “I’ll have to take your word for it” she said. “So, you really have no idea who anyone is?” he asked. “No” Molly replied sadly. “That sucks. Though I guess Ronaldo isn’t that rememberable anyway” he said.

“Yet I still knew he played football when I woke up from a coma” Molly said. “He loves having his face all over the place. Even a blind nun probably knows who he is” he said. “Someone sounds jealous” Molly muttered. “And someone should be at home not walking around in front of cars” he said. “Don’t say that word” she groaned. “Well how about we play a game” he said pulling his phone out of his pocket. “A game?” she asked looking at him like he was losing his mind. “Ya a game of will Ronaldo answer my call or not” he said. “Why are you calling him?” she asked. “Cos he’s probably losing his mind right now with worry if he can’t find you” Higuaín replied.

“And naturally he’s ignoring my call” he sighed. “He’s fine” she said. “I’ve seen him around you. Trust me he’ll be losing his mind if he knows you’re missing” Higuaín said trying Cristiano’s phone once more. “Why are you being so nice to me if you can’t stand Cris?” Molly asked. “Cos I’m not a horrible person. Cos he’s miserable and shit at football when he’s worrying about you and I like to win games” he said standing from the pathway. “What do you want?” Cristiano snapped on the other end of the line. “I have something you might want. Or should I say someone” Higuaín said as Molly looked at him. “Molly” Cristiano said. “She’s in the street near where the accident happened. And you might want to bring her some shoes” Higuaín said hanging up the phone. “Loverboy will be here to take you home shortly” Higuaín told Molly as she wrapped her arms around herself. “I don’t have a home” she mumbled as he saw Cristiano running towards them.

“Molly” Cristiano yelled coming around to the front of the car. “Are you ok?” he asked placing his hands on her shoulders. “Have women running away from you now Ronaldo. You must be losing your touch” Higuaín said. “What did you do to her?” Cristiano yelled grabbing his teammate by his shirt. “Stop” Molly yelled. “Cris” Nuno said pulling his cousin away from Higuaín. “The only thing I did was hitting my brakes at the right time. She was trying to get herself hit by another car” Higuaín said. “Molly” Cristiano said tugging out of Nuno’s grip. “Let’s get you home” he said taking her hand. “Stop. Stop it” she yelled pushing him away. “Molly” he said. “She has an issue with the word home fyi” Higuaín told Cristiano. “What do you know?” Cristiano snapped. “Hey it’s not me she was running away from” Higuaín said.

“Stop it” Molly cried moving away from the car and into the street. “Molly I know you are upset but please come back to the house with me. I know you have to be in pain right now since you haven’t taken your pain killers yet. Just come back to the house” he begged. “I don’t know where I belong anymore” she cried. “Ok then let’s talk about that back at the house” he said walking slowly towards her. “They keep saying it’s my home” she cried. “But you don’t remember it been your home” he said. “It’s too much” she cried. “It’s ok” he told her. “No it’s not” she cried allowing him to pull her into his arms. “It will be ok I promise” he told her holding her tight.

They stood there for over five minutes as Nuno and Higuaín watched in silence. “Come on let’s see if we can find those pain killers for you” Cristiano said pulling slightly back from Molly. She nodded and he let out a sigh of relief. “You probably should put these on” Nuno said placing a pair of Cristiano’s sandals on the ground in front of Molly. “Ya next time you go escaping try and remember to wear shoes. You don’t want to damage those pretty feet” Higuaín said winking at Molly as Cristiano glared at him. “I think some tea might be needed now” Nuno said holding his arm out towards Molly. “With less milk than this morning. You kind of ruined my tea with the amount you put in” she told him link their arms. “Oh everyone is a critic” he said rolling his eyes as they began to walk back towards Cristiano’s house. “Try not to walk in front of anymore cars” Higuaín told Molly.

“Try to remember who’s the best footballer” she told him which made him laugh. “You’ve had a head injury so it’s totally understandable that you’re confused” he said. “Thanks for not knocking me down” she told him. “Anytime. Actually, forget that. I don’t think my heart can go through that again. The next time you want to escape from Ronaldo’s house just give me a ring” he winked at her. “Nuno” Cristiano said. “Told you he’d be worried” Higuaín said to Molly. “Probably the only thing you have ever been right about” Molly said before she began to walk back to the house with Nuno. Cristiano watched as Molly and Nuno walked along the pathway before he moved to lean against Higuaín’s car. “There’s still a bit of fire in her even with a head injury” Higuaín said. “She could have died” Cristiano said. “I hit the brake in time. No big deal” Higuaín said. “No big deal really?” Cristiano asked annoyed. “Hey don’t look at me. I was just minding my own business and then she was out on the road. Completely in a world of her own” Higuaín told Cristiano.

“This is all too crazy” Cristiano said rubbing his eyes. “She seemed really upset about the whole home thing” Higuaín said leaning against the car beside Cristiano. “She’s in a house full of strangers. And no matter how many times I think she’s ok, I’m reminded just how fucked up and hard this must be on her” Cristiano said. “Hard on you too” Higuaín said. “I don’t matter. She does” Cristiano said. “You know if you were the issue she wouldn’t be walking back to your house right now. Even with a brain injury she probably couldn’t be made do something she didn’t want to happen” Higuaín said. “Did she say anything else?” Cristiano asked.

“She just freaked out every time I mentioned the word home” he replied. “Right” Cristiano said. “She’s just out of hospital right. It’s probably just worries about been away from the hospital and doctors” Higuaín said. “She hates hospitals. And she hates doctors” Cristiano replied. “Well she doesn’t hate you anyway” Higuaín said. “Why do you say that?” Cristiano asked. “Apparently she came from the house owned by the best footballer in the world” Higuaín said and Cristiano laughed. “She’s great for a guys ego. Isn’t she?” he asked. “Ya Molly is great for knocking someone’s ego down a peg or two” Cristiano laughed. “Still wouldn’t change her though. Would you?” Higuaín asked. “Nope” Cristiano said moving away from the car. “I should get back” Cristiano said. “Ya I better get to Ramos’s house before he gets his pants in even more of a twist cos I’m late” Higuaín said.

“Thank you for phoning me” Cristiano said holding his hand out. “I knew you would be worried” Higuaín said shaking Cristiano’s hand. “Ya well thanks for not knocking her down with your car. Good to know your reflexes are better off the pitch then they are on it” Cristiano smirked. “Get back to your baby mama before she her memory comes back and she realizes argentines are better than the Portuguese” Higuaín said. “She might have a brain injury but she hasn’t lost the plot altogether” Cristiano said. “She slept with you. That’s enough of a reason to question how sane she is” Higuaín smirked at Cristiano. “See you at training” Cristiano said as he started to walk about away. “Hey Ronaldo” Higuaín called out.

“She’ll get there you know. Back to her old self” Higuaín said. “Why are you sure?” Cristiano asked. “She might not know where she belongs right now, but she belongs with you. Even if she can do better” Higuaín said. “Who knew you were such a romantic at heart” Cristiano said. “Hmm maybe all this faking to be one with women has made me into one” Higuaín shrugged. “You know maybe if you changed the women you go after, you’d find someone you won’t have to fake being one with” Cristiano said. “Cos your taste in women has always being great” Higuaín said. “No but let’s just say when you find a good one, it makes you see how wrong the bad ones were” Cristiano said. “Go deal with your baby mama and stop giving me love advice” Higuaín said feeling weird about the conversation he was having with a teammate he could barely stand at times.

“I was beginning to think I was going to have to send a search party out looking for you” Nuno said to Cristiano as the footballer neared the front door of his house. “Where’s Molly?” Cristiano asked. “Over there” Nuno said nodding to where Molly sat on a window sill. “She kind of started to panic when we reached the house so I told her to sit there and went and got her pain killers while we waited for you” Nuno said. “Fuck. She started to panic?” he asked. “It was only slightly but she kept looking behind us so I reckon she just wanted you here” Nuno said. “I hope that’s it. Can you do me a favour?” Cristiano asked. “Of course” Nuno replied. “Take Maé outside to the garden. Molly doesn’t need her fussing right now” Cristiano said. “No problem” Nuno said patting Cristiano’s shoulder. “Higuaín better be in one piece or Jorge will kill you” Nuno said. “His face is still looks as ugly as always” Cristiano replied as Nuno laughed. “Have the pain killers kicked in yet?” Cristiano asked Molly as he walked towards her. “Not yet” she replied. He rested his shoulder against the house as he looked down at her.

“We should probably get your feet cleaned up” he said and she looked at the scratches on her feet. “I wasn’t thinking” she said. “It’s ok” he smiled at her. “I don’t know what happened. My chest just felt tight and I kept walking and walking. And then there was this horn that was so loud” she said shaking and crying. “Let’s get you inside and cleaned up. Then we can talk if you want to” he told he. She nodded and stood. “I’ll make you a cup of tea afterwards. And I won’t put too much milk in like Nuno” he said as they walked. “At least he put lots of butter on the toast like I like” Molly said. “Ah he’ll be happy, his toast making got your approval” Cristiano said in an awful British accent which Molly laughed at. “What’s with the awful accent?” she asked as they walked into the house.

“It made you laugh. Didn’t it?” he asked smiling. “I guess” she said slowly as they neared the kitchen. “It’s just us. Maé and Nuno are outside” he told her. They walked upstairs to her bedroom in silence. “We should probably get those scratches cleaned up” he said leading her to her bathroom. “We should probably use something to clean them properly but I don’t know if…ah never mind I found it” he said holding up a bottle he found in the cabinet under the sink. “This will make sure the scratches don’t get infected” he told her. “Right” she said standing at the door shaking. “I can get Maé to help you, if you would prefer” he said. “I’m sure you’ll do an ok enough job” she said. “Showing real faith there Molly. Ahm ok want to hop up so” he said tapping next to the sink.

“I can get Maé Molly” he said. “Just give me a hand” she said walking towards the sink. “Are your ribs very sore?” he asked. “A little” she replied. “Just take this as ripping a band aid off” he said before he moved his arms under her legs and around her waist and lifted her onto the counter top. “What the hell” she said. “Quickest way sorry” he shrugged and she shook her head at him. “So these scratches” he said moving to pick up the bottle and cotton wool as she placed her feet into the sink.

“Ouch” she said when they hit the warm water her had filled the sink with. “We’ll get these cleaned and then you can eat something. Those pain killers shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach you know” he told her lifting one foot out of the water. She watched as he dried her foot carefully. “This might sting a little” he said before placing the cotton wool on the scratches. She closed her eyes and gripped the sink as it stung. “Ok?” he asked and she nodded. “I’ll be quick” he told her as she kept her eyes closed. He worked in silence for a few minutes before he let the water out of the sink and wrapped her feet in a towel. “Now all done” he told her and she pulled her knees up to her chin. “Just don’t go walking outside barefoot for a while” he smiled at her.

“Hey, did I hurt you?” he asked when he noticed the tears in her eyes. “No” she whispered. “Then what’s with the tears?” he asked concerned. “It’s nothing” she said. “Molly talk to me” he said. “I just….” She sighed. “It’s been a long day. Come on let’s go get something to eat” he said. “I’m sick and tired of all of this. I shouldn’t be freaking out so much” she cried. “Hey hey. It’s ok” he said stroking her cheek. “Stop saying that. It’s not ok. There’s no way you can think that any of this is ok” she snapped.

“Molly” he said. “I keep causing more and more of a mess” she cried. “No you haven’t” he told her. “I caused you and everyone else to worry today. I freaked out with Katia was talking to her own baby. I can’t be in the same room as the child I apparently gave birth to. I’m in a strange place. I….I just…it’s all…” she started to stammer and breathe quickly. “Hey hey look at me” he said turning her to face him. “Breathe ok. Nice deep breaths” he told her. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore” she cried.

Yes you can” he told her lifting her chin so she was looking at him. “You can Molly” he told her. “I just want to remember” she whispered. “I know you do” he whispered pressing his forehead against hers. “You’ve just to give yourself time” he whispered. “I know” she whispered moving her head back. “You really believe that everything will be ok, don’t you” she asked. “I believe in you” he told her. “Just be patient with me” she told him. “You’ve always being a pain in the ass so I’m used to being patient with you” he joked and she laughed. “That’s better than tears” he said brushing his knuckles against her cheek.

“It’s being a long day” she sighed. “Ya it has. Come on. Let’s get out of here” he said helping her down from the countertop. “I’ll get some of your own shoes” he said. “I’m sorry about today” she said holding his arm. “Don’t ever apologise for being upset” he told her. “Just come find me the next time you get upset. So I don’t nearly call the cops” he joked. “Thank you” she said wrapping her arms around his waist. “Oh. You’re welcome” he said slightly taken aback by the hug. “Thanks for putting up with me” she muttered. “Wouldn’t be anywhere else” he replied hugging her.