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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 29- Friendship

"You know you really didn't have to pick me up from the airport" Sarah said as she sat in the passenger seat of a car she knew cost more than what she could earn in fifteen years if not more. "It's no trouble" Cristiano smiled at her as he drove away from the airport. "It's 4 in the morning. I'm sure you'd rather be in bed. Don't you have training soon?" she asked. "Yes I do. And I really don't mind picking you up. I wasn't really able to sleep anyway" he said concentrating on the road ahead of him. "Molly?" Sarah asked. "Something happened at dinner that I should be super excited about but...."he sighed. "But what? What happened Cristiano?" Sarah asked worried.

"She had dinner with us" he replied. "That's it. She had dinner with you guys. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" she asked smacking his arm. "Hey I'm trying to drive here" he said. "You're the one making it sound like something awful has happened with Molly. You're luck it was only a tap I gave you" Sarah said crossing her arms. "That wasn't a little tap" he muttered. "I've just got of a really long flight and I'm tired. I really wouldn't recommend pissing me off right now footie boy" Sarah said. As soon as the words footie boy were out of her mouth Cristiano burst into laughter. "What's so funny?" Sarah asked. "I totally can see how you and Molly are friends" he laughed. "She's always being a sassy chick. Guess it rubbed off on me too" Sarah grinned.

"I miss that Molly" he said sadly. "She's still in there you know. It's just going to take a little bit of time to come out" Sarah said. "Junior was with us" Cristiano said. "With where?" Sarah asked confused. "At dinner. Molly sat at the table with Maé, Nuno and I. And Junior" Cristiano said. "Oh" Sarah said. "Yes oh. She just took a seat at the table like it wasn't a big deal" Cristiano said. "It's just dinner" Sarah shrugged. "It wasn't just a dinner. You don't get it" Cristiano said. "I don't get how huge a step Molly took by sitting at the same table as the little boy she carried for nine months and now can't remember. How huge it was for her to even be in the same room as him. I get it Cristiano. Believe me I get it" Sarah said staring out of the car window.

"I'm over thinking it. Am't I?" Cristiano asked. "It's was probably just a bit of a shock. I mean from what you've told me and from what she's told me, she has frozen every time she has been around him. And then she goes and sits in the same room as him. I can get why your head is all over the place about it. But she's trying. That's the most important thing Cristiano" Sarah said. "Ya I guess it was her way of trying. That's what I can't stop thinking about" Cristiano said. "I would have thought Molly trying with Junior was a good thing. You know something you've wanted" Sarah said. "It is. It really is. It's just......You didn't see her the other day Sarah. She completely freaked out. What if it all gets too much for her? What if she takes off one day and I lose her? I can't lose her" he said.

"You're forgetting something" Sarah said. "And what's that?" Cristiano asked. "She chose to be in that house. She chose to live there when she got out of the hospital. That doesn't sound like someone who is going to run away" Sarah said. "But it's Molly. She pushes people away. It was she does" he sighed. "She didn't manage to push me away. And she hasn't managed to push you away. The doctors said it's going to take time for Molly to recover" Sarah said. "And what if she doesn't recover?" he asked. "We'll think about that if the time comes I guess" she shrugged. "So ignore and deny any thoughts of it?" he asked. "Right now yes. Cos all I want is a bed to get some decent sleep" she yawned. "Well lucky for you I know a place that has one" he smiled.

"You ok there Ronnie?" Nuno asked as he walked into the kitchen. "Fine" Cristiano said letting out a yawn as he lifted his head off the table. "Did Sarah get here ok?" Nuno asked. "Ya her flight was on time. She was pretty exhausted from all the flying" Cristiano replied. "You should have let me pick her up" Nuno said as he worked in the kitchen. "It was good to talk to her. I wasn't really in a sleeping mood anyway" Cristiano said. "Well at least I know my lasagne rocks enough to keep Molly sitting at the table with us all" Nuno smirked. "Haha I still think she'd prefer Maé cooking" Cristiano joked.

"Who would prefer my cooking?" Dolores asked as she entered the kitchen with Junior in her arms. "Nuno reckons his lasagne made Molly have dinner with us last night" Cristiano said taking his son from his mother. "Well whatever the reason was, I'm glad she did. It was nice. Just like old times" Dolores said sadly. "Ya it was" Cristiano smiled at his son. Suddenly the fire alarm in the kitchen sounded making them all jump in surprise. "Oh shit" Nuno said as smoke filled the kitchen. "What did you do Nuno?" Dolores asked as Cristiano stood from his chair and moved to open the kitchen doors. "I forgot I had the pan heating" Nuno said waving smoke away as the alarm continued to beep loudly.

"Oh somebody get that alarm to stop" Dolores said holding her hands to her ears as Cristiano tried to sooth a now crying Junior. "It won't stop" Nuno said waving a towel in front of the alarm. "What's going on?" Molly asked rushing into the room. "Supper chef here is trying to burn my kitchen down" Cristiano said. "I forgot I left a pan on the hob" Nuno told Molly. "And you barely know how to work this kitchen" Nuno told Cristiano. "So I....rushed down..."Molly said trying to catch her breath. "Mols are you ok?" Cristiano asked rushing to her as she leaned against the back of the couch. "Just not....ribs...I'm fine" she managed to stammer out. "Shut up you stupid thing" Nuno yelled at the sounding alarm.

"You should get him away from what smoke is left" Molly said nodding at Junior before she moved towards Nuno. "Press the button on it" Molly told Nuno. "What button?" Nuno asked confused. "The one that will stop all this racket" she said pointing to the alarm. "Oh" Nuno said as he moved to stand on the countertop to reach the alarm. "And maybe switching off the hob is a good idea too" she said moving to press the hob off. "Oh thank God that noise is finally over" Dolores said. "Thanks Molly" Nuno said climbing down off the countertop. "Might want to open more windows too. Get the smell of smoke out quicker" she smiled.

"I think my ears are still ringing. Why do alarms have to be so loud?" Nuno asked. "Oh you know to stop people from getting burned alive perhaps" Molly quipped. "Well aren't you such a smarty pants this morning?" he smirked. "Well at least I didn't forget about the pan and you know try and burn the kitchen down" Molly smirked reaching for a glass in the press. Cristiano smiled at Nuno's and Molly's bantered. "And I thought Molly was meant to be the one forgetting things lately" a voice came from behind Cristiano. They all turned to a sleepy Sarah walking towards them. "Sarah" Molly shrieked with joy before the two girls rushed towards each other before hugging.

"Oh I think I preferred the sound of the alarm" Nuno said holding his hands to his ears. "And I'd prefer to be still asleep instead of hearing the alarm that you set off by all accounts" Sarah said to Nuno. "Oh God now I have two sassy chicks to deal with" Nuno groaned. "And she is worse than me without sleep" Molly said earning a tap on her arm from Sarah.

"Don't make me regret coming here missy" Sarah said. "I'm glad you are here" Molly said. "Me too. It's so good to see you out of the hospital. You look great" Sarah told her. "I look like shit but thanks anyway" Molly said. "No you don't" Cristiano said and both girls looked at him.

"Aww isn't he a charmer" Sarah said. "You should go back to bed Sarah. You must be tired" Molly said to her friend. "I am tired but I think I'd rather talk to you right now" Sarah said. "Let's go sit outside then. Then maybe later we'll actually be able to make something to eat" Molly said. "I'll bring something out to you" Cristiano said. "I think it would be better if you didn't" Molly told him and he frowned. "I'm pretty sure you're going to be late for training" Molly said looking at the clock in the kitchen.

"Oh shit" Cristiano said. "I'll take him" Dolores said. "Thanks. Maybe away from the smell in here would be good" he said handing Junior to Dolores. "I'll get him dressed and then make him some breakfast. Go train" Dolores said placing a kiss on her son's cheek. "Welcome back to Madrid Sarah" Dolores told the blonde before she headed back upstairs. "Pretty eventful welcome. Is it always like this in this family?" Sarah asked Molly. "Normally we say good morning first" Molly smiled. "I'll get you both some juice and bring it out" Nuno said. "Oh and coffee. I would love some coffee. I don't know what time zone I'm in right now" Sarah yawned. "You're in my time zone. And I'm really happy about that" Molly told her.

"Me too Mols. You have no idea how good it is to see you out of hospital" Sarah said as she let Molly lead her towards the doors leading outside. "At least the view is better here" Molly said as Sarah stepped outside. "Cristiano" Molly said turning to look at him. "Ahm ya" he said. "I'm pretty sure you have to put one foot in front of the other in order to walk out of the house" she smiled at him. "Are you...." He stammered. "Go. We'll all be fine. We just need to keep Nuno out of the kitchen apparently" she smiled.

"Well that was an eventful way to wake up" Sarah laughed as Molly took a seat beside her outside. "Well I don't need to do physio after my running this morning anyway" Molly said. "How are you feeling?" Sarah asked concerned. "Sore. Honestly I thought my body wouldn't be in as much pain still. My ribs....and it can be hard to breathe easily sometimes" Molly said. "Mols" Sarah said. "I'm fine. The doctors said it would be like this for a while" Molly replied. "But maybe you should go see your doctor" Sarah said. "I've only just left the hospital Sarah. I'll be going back for a check- up in a couple of days. Really I'm fine" Molly said. "So.." Sarah said. "So what?" Molly asked. "It's nice to actually see you up and about. And in this house" "Sarah said.

"I guess we have never been here at the same time have we" Molly said. "How has it been since we last talked?" Sarah asked. "Fine" Molly shrugged. "I spoke to you only a short time ago" Molly said, "And I hear it was eventful" Sarah said. "Coffee for one sleepily lady" Nuno said coming outside. "Thank you Nuno" Sarah said when Nuno handed her a coffee. "Here's a juice for you Molly. Can I get you some food ladies?" Nuno asked. "My body isn't awake enough for food yet Nuno" Sarah said. "I'm fine too Nuno. Thanks" Nuno said. "Really. You sure you are ok?" Nuno asked. "I'll eat in a bit Nuno" Molly replied. "Ok. Just making sure" he said. "Thank you Nuno" Molly said before he headed back into the kitchen. "You not wanting food is a bit weird Molly" Sarah said.

"I just want to spend time with my best friend before I eat. What is so odd about that?" Molly asked. "You had dinner with Junior" Sarah said sitting back in the comfy outside chair where she sat. "It was just a dinner" Molly said. "It freaked Cristiano out" Sarah said. "What?" Molly asked in surprise. "He's worried it will freak you out" Sarah said. "I thought he and everyone else wanted me around Junior" Molly said. "Well you're saying his name without stammering that's a good sign" Sarah said. "Sarah" Molly sighed. "It was big Molly. Even if it was just dinner. You know it was a huge step for you. What prompted it? I'm not saying it was a bad thing. I was just surprised when I heard about it myself" Sarah said.

"I have entire life that I don't know.....You said it yourself. Had I tried? And I hadn't. I thought a simple dinner would be a good place to start" Molly shrugged. "And was it?" Sarah asked sipping on her coffee. "Well I didn't get much sleep last night so what does that tell you" Molly said. "Oh Mols" Sarah said. "Don't. I don't" Molly said standing. "I'm going to go for a shower. And then I'll make you something to eat. If the smoke has left the kitchen" Molly said.

"You tried Molly. That's a good thing. That's how you remember the life you want to" Sarah said. "And why are you so sure that I want to remember what I don't?" Molly asked pausing at the doorway. "You would have taken up Cristiano's offer of staying somewhere else and ignored everyone in this house for starters" Sarah said smugly.

"Maybe you are right" Molly said. "You know I'm right. And I'm here for you. So go for your shower and then you can make me something to eat cos I've missed your cooking" Sarah said. "And then?" Molly asked. "Then we can talk a little bit more" Sarah said.

"About me trying again with Junior?" Molly asked and Sarah's eyes went wide. "Ahm ya if that's something you want to talk about. Then yes. Whatever you want" Sarah said. "I'll be... back down soon" Molly said heading into the house. Sarah sat back in the chair and looked out into the garden and let out a deep breath. "And I thought this morning was eventful. Might not be the only time it will be" Sarah muttered to herself.