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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 3- Blood On My Hands

“If you walk to the water cooler and turn right. You’ll find them in the second room on the right” a male nurse informed Cristiano. “Gracias” Cristiano said. Pepe had texted him telling him what floor Rodrigo and Katia were on about two minutes after Cristiano had forwarded Mark’s contact information to Ricky.

Cristiano had asked three nurses about Molly but all three had said the doctors would be out to speak to him when there was something to tell him. He had wanted to scream each time he was told that. He’s eyes could only focus on the doors where Molly had being taken through. He didn’t want to leave from where he was. But he needed to see his sister. And he was getting tired of being told that he shouldn’t be standing in the corridor. So now he was in search of Katia.

The rest of his family were headed to Madrid. Well he knew his mother was. He hated that they were coming because of this. Because Molly was hurt. Because….he shook his head as he came to a stop outside a door.

His knuckles knocked softly against the door as he pushed it in. Katia looked over her shoulder and sighed as her brother shut the door behind him. She turned to look back at her son who was laying on a hospital bed. “Have the doctors said anything?” Cristiano asked. “They are waiting to take him for an x-ray. He might have a broken arm. He has a few cuts and bruises. They don’t think he has a concussion” Katia said running a hand through her hair.

“He was lucky” Cristiano said and Katia let out a short laugh. “Lucky?” she asked turning to look at him. “Does he look lucky to you? He’s only just stopped crying in pain. He could have being hit by a car. I could have watched my son…..” she sobbed. “Hey hey hey Katia he’s going to be ok” he said crouching down beside the chair. “Rodrigo will be home soon and running around. Today has being a shock I know. But he’s going to be ok sis” Cristiano said squeezing her shoulder. “The car oh Cris if it had hit him” she cried. “Sssh sssh. Don’t do that. Don’t torture yourself like that. Don’t think about what could have happened. I know seeing him like is horrible Katia but he will get better” Cristiano said.

“He’s my baby boy” she said. “And it’s the worst thing you can see as a parent. I know” Cristiano said standing up straight. “I don’t know how you did. How you managed when Junior was ill? Like I know the worst is a broken arm for Rodrigo but it’s so hard. I can’t imagine what it was like not knowing what was wrong with Junior” Katia said. “I’m sorry you are going through this” he told her as he moved to the bed.

“The car it just came from no where. One minute Rodrigo was upset and running up the path with Molly running after him and….oh my God Molly” Katia said sitting up. “Is she ok? I was so focused on Rodrigo that I forgot about her. Cris is she ok?” Katia asked as Cristiano took a seat on the edge of the bed next to a sleeping Rodrigo. “I don’t know” he replied. “What do you mean?” she asked. “The doctors…….they haven’t told me anything. We’ve being here for hours and all they will tell me is to wait” he replied.

“She pushed him out of the way Cris” Katia said and he looked at his sister. “I saw her. The car was driving towards Rodrigo. She pushed him out of the way. If she hadn’t…” Katia paused not wanting to think about what could have happened. “She shouldn’t have being there in the first place” Cristiano said. “I should have left her leave. I shouldn’t have stopped her from leaving when she wanted to. I was just…..” Katia paused.

“Trying to fix my mess” Cristiano said. “I didn’t think she was in a right frame of mind to drive. And then she goes and gets hit by a car cos I stopped her from leaving. If I hadn’t stopped her then she wouldn’t have been there. She wouldn’t have had to push my son out of the way. And my son wouldn’t be in pain and laying in a hospital bed” Katia said and Cristiano stood from the bed and moved to where chair where Katia sat.

“It’s not your fault Katia. Stop blaming yourself. Molly wouldn’t want you to” Cristiano told her. “You should be with her Cris” Katia said. “I can’t just sit there and wait for……what if the doctor tells me something I don’t want to hear?” he asked. “Then we will deal with it if that happens. But Cris” she said placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Mama” Rodrigo mumbled. “Hey baby” Katia said standing and moving to the edge of the bed. “Mama” he mumbled. “Sssh I’m here baby. Try and sleep” she said. “They gave him some pain meds. He’ll be groggy for a while” she told Katia. “I want papa” Rodrigo said. “He’ll be here soon baby” Katia told her son. “Zé, Maé and Jorge should be here soon” Cristiano said. “I didn’t even think to tell him. I…

“You were focused on your son Katia. He’ll understand. Just come and sit” Cristiano said. “You should be with Molly” Katia told him taking a seat in the chair. “I should be here with you and my nephew” Cristiano told her pulling up another chair beside her. “Cris” she said. “I’d just be sitting in a stupid waiting room Katia” he told her. “As opposed to just sitting in here” she said and he sighed.

“Maybe…..” he paused. “Maybe what?” she asked. “Maybe I need to be around my annoying big sis right now” he whispered. “Just as well I need my annoying little bro around me too then” she replied reaching out to take his hand in hers.

"I should have left her alone" Cristiano whispered. "Who?" Katia asked. "Molly" he replied. "What do you mean?" Katia asked confused. "I should have left her alone. I should never have dragged her into our lives. Into my life. I should have never involved her in my plan to have a child. None of this would be happening then. I wouldn't have turned her life upside down if I had just left her alone" Cristiano sighed.

"Do me a favour?" Katia asked. "Ya ya I know stop feeling sorry for myself. I know I do it alot. I guess I can't help it. Instead of just blaming myself and feeling sorry for myself I should start to actually not mess things up for a change" Cristiano said. "Well ya try not to mess up things does sound like a good place to start. But that wasn't what I was going to say" Katia said. "What then?" he asked. "When Molly wakes up..." she held up her finger. "Don't give me that look. She will" Katia insisted and he nodded.

"Ask her?" Katia said. "Ask her what?" he asked confused. "Ask her would she change it? Would she change you turning her life upside down as you put it? Cos I already know the answer but clearly you need to hear it from her own mouth" Katia said. "Katia" he said.

"No Cris. Yes bad things have happened. But you and I both know that Molly wouldn't change it. And deep down you wouldn't either. Because no Molly means there would be no Junior. And neither of you can picture your lives without him" Katia said. "I can't picture my life without her either" he whispered."Cris" Katia began to say when the door behind them burst open and Zé came rushing in and Katia stood.

"Is is ok?" Zé asked Katia as he wrapped his ex into a hug. "He will be. Thanks to Molly" Katia said. "How is she? Is Rodrigo in pain? Were you hurt too? What happened?" he asked in a rush as he looked between Rodrigo and Katia. "Zé it's ok. He's ok. Take a breath" Katia told him. "My son is in hospital" he snapped. "I know. But the worse thing is that he could have broken arm. That's all. Our son will be ok" she reassured him. "Oh lord my heart can't take this. When I found out. I know I've being a shit for years but you and the boys are my world Katia. If anything....." he paused. "I know. I know" she said hugging me again. "I'll leave you on your own" Cristiano muttered stepping away and heading to the door.

"Let me know when you hear anything about Molly" Katia said and he nodded. "Wait is she ok? Nuno said she was in hospital too. But it's not serious is it?" Zé asked. "She was hit by a car Zé" Cristiano said. "Fuck" Zé replied. "The doctors....they haven't told us anything yet" Cristiano said. "But it's been over two hours since Nuno phoned us" Zé said. "It feels like forever" Cristiano replied. "Cris kept me company" Katia said. "And now I'm going to leave you all have some family time" Cristiano said. "The others are....I don't know where actually. Sorry a nurse brought up here" Zé said. "It's ok. I'll find them. I'm sorry this all happened" Cristiano said. "How is this your fault?" Zé asked. "Don't" Katia said shaking her head. "What the hell did I miss?" Zé asked confused. "Me fucking everyone’s lives up as usual" Cristiano said stepping out the door.

"You want to catch me up?" Zé asked Katia. "I'm not sure you would believe me if I told you what happened today" Katia said. "It's being hours Katia and they still haven't said anything about Molly. That's not good" Zé told her. "It's not but if it was the news none of us want to hear, we would have already being told" Katia said.

Cristiano stood outside the waiting room door and took a deep breath. If he was being truthful, he wasn't prepared for what was behind that door. He knew his mother would be there. He knew there were people who cared about Molly behind that door. And a part of him knew that while they wouldn't say it to his face. They blamed him. He blamed himself. He knew he should be thinking about himself right now. But blaming himself was the only thing keeping his mind from thinking the worst about Molly. He sighed and placed his hand on the door and pushed it in.

"Oh Cris" Dolores cried rushing towards her son and he pulled her into his arms. He didn't say a word just held his mother. "How is Rodrigo?" Jorge asked and Cristiano looked over his mother's head to find his agent and friend sitting on one of the chair in the waiting room. "They need to x-ray his arm. It might be broken. But he's ok. I think Katia is very happy to see Ze though" Cristiano replied. "I'm sure she was glad you were with her though" Ana said. "We still haven't heard anything mate" Sergio said. "I know. I stopped one of the nurses outside. They've sent her for a scan. That's all they would tell me" Cristiano said.

"Well that's something at least" Ana said. "What the hell happened? How did she end up getting hit by a car in a secured estate?" Dolores asked her son. "Maé" Cristiano said. "Dolores come sit. Or why don't I walk you up to Rodrigo?" Ana asked. "No I want to know what happened? Why is the mother of one of my grandson's in hospital? Why is my grandson hurt?” Dolores asked. “Maé I….” Cristiano stammered.

“You’re bleeding” Dolores said suddenly with worry. “What?” Cristiano asked confused. “You have blood on your arms and wrist” she said inspecting his hands. “Did you get hurt?” Jorge asked. “No no” Cristiano whispered as he pulled his hands out of his mother’s hands and stared at the blood on his body. “Oh God” he mumbled backing away from Dolores as it suddenly dawned on him where the blood came from. “Cris” Sergio called out but Cristiano was already out the door and half way down the hallway.

His heart raced. He wrapped his arms around his stomach but it was no use. His heart continue to race and he found the bathrooms and pushed the door in bumping into a man exiting the room. Cristiano mumbled an apology as his eyes started to get hazy. “Oh God” he whispered entering one of the stalls and emptied his stomach into a toilet.

“Cris” Pepe called out as he entered the bathroom. “Cris are you in here?” Pepe asked. Cristiano lifted his head away from the toilet bowl and pushed the handle before pulling himself up of the floor. “Hey” Pepe said sadly when Cristiano opened the stall door. “I was wondering where you ran off to” Pepe said. “I…I…I…..” Cristiano stuttered as his hands shook.

“Cris are you ok?” Pepe asked. “The blood” Cristiano mumbled. “It’s not yours. Is it?” Pepe asked and Cristiano shook his head. “It’s it’s……it’s hers” he said as tears built in his eyes. “Mate” Pepe said walking towards him. “I have her blood on my hands” Cristiano cried. “Let’s wash it off” Pepe said and Cristiano shook his head.

“No no I have her blood on my hands. I did this. This is my fault” Cristiano said and Pepe rushed to his friend as Cristiano suddenly dropped to the ground. “She can’t leave me. She can’t leave me and Junior. Not now. Not now” Cristiano cried.
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Family needs to stick together in a time of need but will Cristiano's stick by him? Yes he's feeling sorry for himself but is Cristiano using it as a way to hide the fact that he's not coping? And will Cristiano do what he always does? Mess up even more?

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