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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 4- Critical

“Cris. Cris” Pepe called out as he kneeled on the floor in front of Cristiano who held an arm against his chest as he rocked back and forth. “Cris talk to me” Pepe said. “I should have stayed away from Molly” Cristiano mumbled over and over again as he continued to rock back and forth.

“What’s happened?” a voice asked and Pepe sighed in relief when he looked towards the doors of the hospital’s public bathroom and found Jorge. “I don’t know what to do or say” Pepe said as Jorge came further into the room. “He’s not……Jorge” Pepe said not knowing what to say anymore. “I can’t breathe” Cristiano mumbled tugging on his shirt by his neck. “Cris” Jorge said crunching down beside him. “I should have stayed away from Molly” Cristiano mumbled once more. “Ronaldo look at me” Jorge snapped placing his arms on Cristiano’s shoulders.

“Her….her blood…” Cristiano muttered as his body shook. “Cris I want you take a long deep breathe” Jorge said calmly and Cristiano lifted his head. “You haven’t lost it yet Cris. I need you to keep your head. I know this is hard” Jorge said. “You know. You know” Cristiano yelled. “Cris” Pepe said. “I have her blood on my hands Jorge. I did this to her” Cristiano yelled thrusting his hands in front of Jorge’s face. “You didn’t hit her with a car Ronnie” Pepe said. “I put her there. I’m the reason she was walking on that path. I’m the one who came up with a brilliant simple plan. It wasn’t meant to be like this” Cristiano cried.

“You think you should have stayed away from her? You’re right” Jorge said. “What the fuck Jorge?” Pepe said shocked that his agent and friend had just said that. “Jezz now you have me wishing it was Ana who came in here” Pepe said scratching the back of his neck. “What that’s what he wants to here. So that’s what I’m going to tell him” Jorge said standing. “You know that’s not true” Pepe said. “Do I?” Jorge asked. “Have you not seen them around each other?” Pepe asked. “You mean have I seen Molly miserable because he keeps hurting her” Jorge said. “You’re meant to be helping this situation not making things worse” Pepe said. “I did make her miserable” Cristiano said and Jorge and Pepe looked down at Cristiano.

“Cris” Pepe sighed. “I messed up so many times” Cristiano said. “Mate” Pepe said. “I messed up. But she’s my Molly” Cristiano said struggling to stand. “Ya Jorge I’ve messed up. Yes Jorge I’ve made her miserable. But I’ve also made her happy” Cristiano snapped. “Ya you have” Pepe nodded in agreement. “She’s made me happy” Cristiano said stomping his feet towards one of the sinks. “And when she gets out of here I’m not going to rest until she tells me she wants me again” he said as he washed the blood off his body. “Hell ya” Pepe said slapping his friend on his back. “And what if she doesn’t want that?” Jorge said and Cristiano looked at Jorge through the mirror. “I know Molly better than anyone else Jorge” Cristiano snapped as he dried his hands.

“Bringing Molly into my life was the best decision I’ve ever made. She belongs with us. She knows it and we know it” Cristiano said. “Ah no more panic attack good” Pepe said. “I need to be strong for Molly. And our son. I need to be strong for both of them. My family. So fuck you Jorge” Cristiano snapped and Pepe looked shocked again. “Katia was right. I wouldn’t change it. Sure I would change hurting her. And I’ll forever feel guilty for all the pain I’ve caused her. But she belongs with me” Cristiano snapped. “So why are you standing in a public bathroom then?” Jorge asked and Cristiano pushed past his agent and straight out the door.

“Bit much don’t you think?” Pepe asked. “I needed to find something out for certain” Jorge shrugged. “Fuck off Jorge. The muppet has being in love with her for ages. He was just too stupid to fucking admit it. Honestly why can’t everyone just leave the two of them to work it themselves” Pepe said. “Didn’t you lock them in an elevator together?” Jorge asked. “Not important right now” Pepe said.

“You ok?” Sergio asked when Cristiano stepped back into the waiting room. Cristiano nodded as he shut the door behind him. “Any news?” he asked. “No but…” Sergio paused. “But what?” Cristiano asked. “Well…” Sergio mumbled. “The press know about Molly being hurt. They have more information about the accident” Ana said as Pepe came into the room. “I wonder if people are getting tired of reading and listening about my family members been in hospital” Cristiano said as he took a seat next to his mother.

“She’ll be ok” Dolores said patting her son’s arm. “I could kill that driver” Ana said. “Get in line” Cristiano said grasping his hands together. “How did he even get into the neighbourhood?” Dolores asked as Jorge opened the door. “The police want to speak to you Ana” he said. “Now?” Pepe asked. “I’ve asked them to wait a little longer but they will need to speak to Ana and Katia. And you too Cris” Jorge said. “He didn’t see what happened though” Ana said. “But he was one of the first on the scene. We’ll deal with the police and the press later” Jorge said. “You should go see Rodrigo and Katia Maé” Cristiano said.

“I will in a little bit. Once we know more about Molly” Dolores said. “All we know is that she got hit by a fucking car Maé. Just go be with someone who deserves your support” Cristiano snapped. “Cris” Jorge said. “Cris it’s not your fault. You didn’t hit her with the car” Dolores said. “Why were the police even chasing that car?” Ana asked. “Why do you think they were?” Pepe asked. “Ahm the fact that they were on the scene like straight away” Ana replied. “She’s correct. Apparently the driver got in before the gate closed” Jorge said. “And the gate was only open cos it was leaving the bitch out” Cristiano sighed leaning back. “Cris” Ana said.

“Seriously Ana you and I, heck everyone in this room knows you aren’t my biggest fan. Why the hell are you not screaming at me right now?” Cristiano asked. “Cos it’s not going to make Molly better any quicker” Sergio said. “He’s right” Pepe said. “Will someone please explain to me what happened this morning?” Dolores asked. “I did what I always do and messed up. I got drunk last night and played right into Irina’s hands ok” Cristiano said. “What the hell does that woman have to do with this?” Dolores asked. “I asked Molly out on a date” Sergio said. “I thought it wasn’t a date” Cristiano snapped.

“It wasn’t Cris I swear. It was only meant to look like that” Sergio said. “And why would you do that?” Dolores asked. “Cos your son is blind” Sergio yelled. “Don’t yell at my mother” Cristiano yelled. “No one is going to be doing anymore yelling. This isn’t the time or the place” Jorge said. “Jorge is right” Ana said. “It does happen you know” Jorge smiled at Ana. “Molly didn’t even think it was a date. You should be happy about that” Sergio muttered earning a dig in the side from Pepe. “Cos I’m really happy now” Cristiano said.

“I’m sorry ok. I just thought….I thought it might make you talk to her. With Irina out of the picture… I thought it was a good idea at the time” Sergio said. “Well clearly it wasn’t” Ana snapped. “Like you haven’t interfered” Sergio said. “No I haven’t” Ana said. “You’re the one who pushed her into going on a date with that jerk Luke” Sergio said. “No I didn’t” Ana said. “You’re the one who dialled his number that first time and pushed her to go on a date with him” Sergio said. “I only did that cos he” she said pointing at Cristiano “was making her life miserable and throwing Irina in her face” Ana said.

“How was I to know he was going to react the way he did?” Sergio asked. “What did you do?” Dolores asked her son. “More like who did he do” Ana mumbled. “I didn’t sleep with her” Cristiano said. “What?” Ana asked shocked. “Sleep with who? Will someone tell me what happened?” Dolores asked. “I got angry ok. I thought Molly agreed to go on a date with my so called friend” Cristiano said glaring at Sergio. “I am your friend” Sergio said. “I said things I shouldn’t have to her. And I went to a bar and just drank and drank” he said ignoring the disapproving look on his mother’s face.

“Drinking Cristiano. You should know better” Dolores said. “Irina was at the bar. She saw a text that Molly had sent me. And I guess I played right into her hands" Cristiano said. "And then Molly arrived at the house this morning and saw her. Oh you idiot" Dolores said. "It's worse" Ana said. "Well since we are at the hospital than of course it got worse" Dolores said. "What Ana means is that Irina walked into the room more or less a second after Molly admitted that she wanted to be with me. So ya I fucked up. But I did sleep with Irina" Cristiano said looking at Ana.

"She just made it look like you did which is more than enough to drive Molly away" Ana said. "I turned her down and she wanted revenge. She got it" Cristiano said. "I'm sure Molly will understand when you explain what really happened" Dolores said. "Eventually she will. It won't be easy Cris but she will. Anyone else would have left by now. Like I've said already Cris. There's a reason she hasn't already" Ana pointed out. "She needs to wake up first Ana" Cristiano said as the door opened and Molly's parents entered the room.

"Have you seen her?" Kitty asked walking straight to Cristiano. "No I haven't. I haven't heard anything more than what I told you this morning. I'm sorry" Cristiano said. "This can't be happening now. We've just started talking again" Kitty said crying. “She’ll be ok. Come sit down” Dolores said ushering Kitty to take a seat beside her on the couch. “How bad was she? You saw her before she came to the hospital right? How bad did she look?” Mark asked.

Cristiano closed his eyes as images of a bloodied Molly laying on the ground popped into his head and his stomach turned. “That’s not important right now. Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll go see if I can find a nurse or someone” Pepe said standing knowing that Cristiano was struggling as it is. “It is important” Mark snapped. “Mark” Kitty cried. “I’m sorry. I just…..we’ve messed up and……everything felt right for once and now….”Mark paused. “It’s ok. It hasn’t being the easiest of days” Pepe said as the door opened and two doctors entered the room.

“Hola this is the family of Ms. Williams yes” the tall man spoked. “How is she? Is she ok? Is she awake? Can I see her?” Cristiano asked rushing closer to the two doctors. “Wow easy Ronnie. Give him a chance to speak” Jorge said. “Sorry” Cristiano sighed. “It’s understandable you are worried” the man said. “And have being waiting for ages” Sergio muttered. “We are sorry you have being waiting so long but Ms. Williams was involved in a very serious accident” the doctors said.

“We understand doctor…” Jorge said. “Dr. Ortiz. I’m a senior consultant here in the ED and this is my colleague Dr. Vicente” he said jestering to the blonde woman who stood beside him. “I’m head of neurology at the hospital” Dr. Vicente said. “Neurology. That’s to do with the brain right?” Sergio asked. “Oh god” Cristiano muttered. “Maybe everyone should take a seat” Dr. Ortiz said. “Please don’t tell us that my baby girl is brain dead” Mark begged. “Oh no” Kitty cried loudly. “Please just give them a chance to speak everyone” Jorge said. “Thank you” Dr. Ortiz said to Jorge. “As you know Ms. Williams was involved in a very serious car accident” Dr. Ortiz said. “Her name is Molly” Cristiano snapped. “Cris” Dolores said. “I’m sorry. It’s just she’s Molly” he said.

“Molly received intensive injuries as a result of the car hitting her. But she’s very lucky. I’ve had patients who had much worse injuries from bare taps from a car. I want you to remember that ok” Dr. Ortiz said. “How bad is she?” Cristiano asked. “She has four broken ribs, a punctured lung, a tear in her shoulder and various cuts and bruises” Dr. Ortiz said. “Oh my God” Dolores gasped. “Is she awake?” Ana asked and Dr. Ortiz looked at Dr. Vicente. “Molly hit her head during impact to the ground” she said and Cristiano struggled not to be sick at the word impact.

"We have sent Molly for various scans and there appears to be a bleed on the brain" Dr. Vicente said. "A bleed? What does that mean?" Dolores asked. "It means that Molly is in a very serious condition. We will monitor the bleed and if it becomes larger we will have to operate" Dr. Vicente explained.

"But she will get better soon?People recover from broken ribs quickly now a days" Pepe said. "We can't say. Molly is very ill. You all need to know that the bleed is very very serious. If it grows we will have no choice but to operate and that comes at it's own risk" Dr. Vicente explained.

"Where is she?" Kitty asked. "She's in the ICU. We have placed Molly in an induced coma" the doctor said. "For how long?" Cristiano asked. "We are taking it day by day. It's early days. We are still monitoring her for other injuries that Mau not have shown up yet" Dr. Ortiz said. "Can I see her?" Cristiano asked.

"She does have many bruises just so you are prepared. But yes you may see her. Just two at a time. That's the max limit in the ICU" Dr. Ortiz said. "I need to see her" Kitty said standing. "We can take you to see her" Dr. Vicente said. "Now please. We need to see our daughter" Mark said. "Cris" Dolores said. "They should see her" he said hating the idea of not seeing Molly. "Thank you" Mark said and followed Dr. Ortiz and Kitty out of the room.

"Dr. Vicente" Cristiano called out and she stopped at the door. "She has a son. How.....Don't sugar coat it "he paused. "The next twenty four hours are critical. She has a good chance if she can get pass the next couple of days" she said. "But" he said. "You should prepare yourself for the worst. We will know more over the next few hours" she said and then left the room.

"I wasn't expecting any of that" Sergio said. "I really thought she'd just have a few cuts or broken bones but..." Ana said. "They are looking after her. She'll be ok" Jorge said. "They said it was serious. To prepare for the worst. How can this be happening?" Cristiano said as Dolores pulled him into a huge.
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Molly is in a serious condition. Will she be ok? Was Cristiano correct in allowing her parents to see Molly first? Was Jorge's methods correct in trying to get Cristiano to stop having a panic attack? Will Cristiano be able to fight for a future with Molly? Everyone has their opinions and everyone interfered so is Cristiano the only one who should feel guilty?

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