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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 5- Where I Belong Right Now

"You're going to put a hole in that floor if you keep pacing" Pepe said as Cristiano continued to pace up and down the waiting room. Something he had being doing from the moment Molly's parents had left to go see their daughter. "I'll buy them another fucking floor then" Cristiano snapped.

"Ronaldo" Dolores said as he looked at his watch again. "I'm sure it won't be much longer" Jorge said. "It was good of you to let them go see her first" Sergio said. "They are her parents. Of course they should see her. Cris is just.....what exactly is she you to these days? It's so hard to keep up. First she was just the nanny, then she was just in the way and....." "Enough Ana" Jorge said interrupting her. "It's not just him that's scared to death about what could happen to Molly. Just because he's finally woken up as you lot say doesn't mean he gets the power to worry most" Ana said.

"She's the mother of his son" Dolores said. "Now that it suits him" Ana muttered and Pepe muttered her to stop under his breath from where he sat next to her on the couch. "The doctors always make things sound worse than they are. We'll see for ourselves soon. She'll be awake and asking for food before we know it" Jorge said trying to stay positive but mostly trying to avoid a fight. The door opened and Zé entered the room.

"Hey" he said. "Hey Zé. How is Rodrigo?" Jorge asked. "He just got back from x-ray. He has a broken arm but luckily they don't need to operate. He was looking his nana" Zé said. "You should go up to see him Maé" Cristiano said. "Maye in a little while" Dolores replied. "How is Molly?" Zé asked and Cristiano paused from pacing. "I'll fill you in on our walk up to Rodrigo. Come one Dolores all we are doing here is waiting. Let's go see Rodrigo. Pepe will come find us if we are needed" Jorge said. "Of course I will" Pepe nodded. "I don't know" Dolores mumbled. "Go Maé. Molly would want you to be with him" Cristiano said. "Ok" Dolores said standing. "But come find me if there's any more updates" she said. "We will" Pepe said and she exited the room with Zé following behind.

"I have a few calls to make" Jorge said. "Go we'll be fine here" Pepe said and Jorge looked between Ana and Cristiano. "Go sort out what you have to sort out Jorge" Pepe said. "And could you phone Nuno. He should know what's going on" Cristiano asked. "I won't be long" Jorge said. "They better lock that idiot of a driver for years for doing this to Molly" Sergio said. "I should have hit that smile of his face" Cristiano said making a fist with his right hand as he paced. "Cos getting yourself arrested would be such a great help right now" Ana said.

"Well it sure as hell would have made me feel better" Cristiano snapped. "Well as long as you feel good who cares about the rest of us" Ana snapped. "It would have made feel better to beat the crap out of that guy" Sergio said. "Our focus should be on Molly not the driver" Ana said. "Our focus is on Molly. The only thing I can think about is Molly. How she is laying somewhere in this fucking building in god knows what kind of state more or less fighting for her life" Cristiano yelled.

"Jorge is right. Doctors make things sound worse than they are" Sergio said. "Will you just sit down Ronaldo. You're driving me insane with all the pacing" Ana snapped. "Molly would probably say that you're already insane" Cristiano said. "Cos I'm dating Pepe" Ana said smiling slightly. "Hey" Pepe said. "I hate waiting. I just want to see her" Cristiano said taking a seat beside Pepe.
"I know it's hard. And I'm sure pushing Kitty and Mark to go see her was really tough but you will get to see her soon" Ana told him. "I know they need time with their daughter but...." he paused.

"Just be prepared Cris ok. You heard what the doctors said. She'd badly hurt. You need to be prepared for what you will see" Ana told him. "I don't think it can be any worse than how I'm picturing she could be right now in my head" Cristiano said. "I really hope she's not how you are currently picturing her. I can just imagine the things you are picturing right now" Ana said.
"She doesn't deserve this. It should be in there not her. I deserve this not her" Cristiano said. "No one deserves this to happen to them mate" Pepe said. "Well….

"Just stop Ana" Pepe snapped before Ana could say anything bad. "She'd only be telling the truth Pepe" Cristiano said. "What I was actually going to say before I was yelled at" Ana said giving Pepe a stern look. "Was that while there have being moments where I'd have loved to have pushed you in front of car Cris" she said. "Jezz don't hold back there Ana" Sergio muttered and she glared at the Spaniard.

"I would much rather Molly be completely oblivious to how we are all feeling while she's out cold right now then have to watch her scared to death about you being the one laying in a hospital bed. She was worried enough about you when you were sick a few weeks ago. You getting hit by a car would have probably killed her" Ana said. "I guess she does have a point. Molly already suffered alot when Junior was in hospital" Sergio said. The door opened and Jorge entered the room. "Cris" he said and Cristiano looked up. "I met one of the nurses. You can go see Molly now" Jorge said and Cristiano was up and out of the door as quick as his legs could take him.

"Do you think she's going to be ok?" Sergio asked Pepe and Ana when they were the only ones left in the room. "She has to be" Ana whispered. "Sergio could you go get us something to drink please?" Pepe asked. "You can have my water if you like" Sergio said holding out a bottle towards his teammate. "Think Ana could do with some coffee" Pepe said glaring at Sergio. "Oh right" Sergio said as it finally dawned on him that Pepe wanted time on his own with Ana. "I'll make a few calls while I'm gone" Sergio said heading out of the room.

"What the hell is up with you?" Pepe asked Ana twisting in his seat to look at her. "My best friend is in hospital. What do you think is wrong with me?" Ana asked. "I meant with Cris. One minute you are being all nice to him and the next you are yelling at him. What's your deal?" Pepe asked. "I don't know how to act ok" Ana snapped. "It's just really confusing. I don't even know if you are being sincere sometimes. You're telling him that she hasn't left him yet and won't now when we all know you haven't exactly being his biggest fan since you found about the real story of Junior" Pepe said.

"He has done nothing but hurt her. I just want to scream and scream at him. And then I want to give him a hug. It's so fucked up. One minute I want to kill him for just going on and on about how he's feeling when it's always being about him and never anyone else. Then I don't want him to blame himself cos he really didn't mean to hurt her all those times" Ana said. "Ok I get it. It's fucked up" Pepe said. "I just want my friend to be ok" Ana cried. "She will" Pepe said putting his arm around her.

"I really want to believe that but..." Ana paused. "No buts. She will be. Look none of knows what will happen. And yes Ronnie does blame himself. And yes he has messed up alot" Pepe said. "Molly hasn't exactly being innocent either. She hasn't being as bad as him. But she did push him away at times. They are both messed up" Ana said. "Clearly perfect for each other then" Pepe joked. "Maybe it's our fault and not just Cristiano's. I mean if I hadn't pushed her to date the ass maybe Cris would have dumped Irina sooner. And maybe if Sergio hadn't made it look like she was going on a date with him then Molly and Cris wouldn't have gotten into a huge fight and he wouldn't have gotten drunk and Irina wouldn't have..." Ana cried.

"And maybe if they hadn't met we wouldn't be here right now. Maybes are no use Ana. Bad things happen. What's meant to be is meant to be" Pepe said. "You sound like Molly right now" Ana said. "That's good. Look I don't think Cris is a saint in all of this. But he's hurting" Pepe said. "And you don't kick a dog when he's down. I get it. I'll try not to be mean to him" Ana said.

"Good. And maybe try not to be as nice to him either. It's really odd" Pepe said and Ana laughed. "They'll be back bickering at each other and then flirting before we know" Pepe said kissing Ana's cheek. "I hope you're right" Ana whispered.

"The club has given you time off for as long as you need" Jorge told Cristiano as the walked in a hurry towards the ICU ward. "I don't care about the club or football right now Jorge" Cristiano said pushing the doors open. "Cristiano" he heard his name being called and turned to his left to see Mark dressed in a yellow medical cape with Dr. Vicente standing beside him. "Mark" Cristiano and jogged towards him. "Hi Cris" he sighed.

"You can see Molly" Dr. Vicente told Cristiano. "I thought it was only two allowed. I....her parents should be with her" he said. "It is only two people. But I'm willing to make an allowance. But just this one time. Tomorrow it's back to two" she told him. "Thanks you" he smiled at her. "You need to put on one of these things" Mark said pointing to the gown he wore. "Ya I know the drill" Cristiano said remembering all the times he had to wear a gown when Junior was in hospital. He took a gown which Jorge held out towards him. "I'll be in the waiting room" Jorge told Cristiano.

"Are you ok?" Cristiano asked Mark as he squirted purell onto his hands. "She's...." Mark sighed. "Part of me doesn't want to go in that room" Cristiano said. "Another part of you will want to leave that room as quick as you can" Mark said. "And another part of me will never want to leave" Cristiano told Mark. "You ready?" Mark asked. "Doesn't matter if I am. I need to see her" Cristiano said as he followed Mark through a door.

The first thing he noticed was the bed in the room. He froze when he saw her. A sheet was up to her chin with her arms outside of it. One arm in a sling, the other with a drip attached. He noticed the bruise on her forehead and the little cut on her chin. Her left eye was swollen and he knew there would be a bruise around it. But it was her mouth that made him want to be sick. "They never said that she was on a ventilator” Cristiano said.

"They did it to give her a chance to get stronger so she can breathe on her own" Mark informed him. "But......" Cristiano stammered. "I can't believe someone could hit her with a car" Kitty said from a chair beside Molly's bed. "This should never have happened to her" Cristiano said finally feeling like he could walk and he walked around the bed. "You can touch her" Mark said when Cristiano hesitated to place his hand on Molly. Cristiano took a deep breath as he moved his hand out. "Hey Mols. It's me" Cristiano whispered stroking her head softly. "You rest for a few hours ok. Then you woke up ok" he said placing a kiss on her forehead. "Just please woke up" he whispered before wiping a tear off his cheek.

"I won't mind if you want to go be with Junior" Mark said and Cristiano took his eyes off Molly and looked across the bed to where Mark sat. It was nearly mid night and Cristiano had being at the hospital for over twelve hours. But he had no plans to leave. After insisting that he wasn't leaving Molly for the night, Dolores had taken Kitty back to his house.

The others had all gone home he had assumed. He hadn't being listening when Dolores had stepped into the room while Kitty was taking a break. His mother had tried to be strong but when she saw Molly she couldn't help but cry and Mark had comforted her while Cristiano focused on Molly. "I need to be here with her" Cristiano told Mark. "He needs his papa too" Mark said. "He also needs his mama to wake up. And I'm not leaving this room until she does. This is where I belong right now" Cristiano insisted.

“She looks so peaceful” Mark said standing from his chair. Cristiano who had being focusing on Molly smiled. “She has always liked her sleep” he smiled. “And her food” Mark laughed walking around the bed and past Cristiano towards the only window in the room. “And when she gets no sleep or food she gets cranky” Cristiano laughed. “Now that is something that hasn’t changed since she was born” Mark said. “I bet” Cristiano smiled sadly. “I don’t know how we ended up here?” Mark sighed. “She didn’t deserve for this to happen to her” Cristiano said.

“No she didn’t. But I meant ended up barely knowing my own daughter. Barely speaking to her. I had so many ideas of the type of father I was going to be when I found out I was having a child. And I just messed it all up” Mark sighed sadly. “We’ve all messed up Mark. But you know that Molly loves both you and her mother” Cristiano said turning from Molly to look at Mark. “She’s had to deal with so much because of me and her mother. I let drink and money turn me into a horrible father and now this happens just as I’ve turned my life around” Mark said.

“For her. You turned your life around for Molly. And she knows that. And when she wakes up you can both keep repairing your relationship” Cristiano said. “It only seems like yesterday she was looking up into the night sky with this focused look on her face” Mark said. “Making pictures with the stars in her head. Ya she told me how she used to sneak out of the house” Cristiano said. “She thought I didn’t know. Well I didn’t know every time. I saw her once when I ran out to the back yard to be sick” Mark said ashamed.

“We’ve all made mistakes. We can just hope we all get a chance to make it up to her” Cristiano said looking back at Molly.
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Cristiano has finally gotten to see Molly. Will she wake up soon? Will everyone come together in this time of need or will they push each other away?

Thanks to mslou1 for her comment on the last chapter.

And Cristiano is no longer a Madrid player. End of an era.