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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 6- Surprises From Molly

Cristiano watched out the window as people came and went on their daily morning routine. The sun had risen not so long ago and he wished he was awake from the nightmare he was currently living. He sighed and turned away from the window and stared at the woman in the hospital bed which took up most of the room. Nurses had come and gone all night to check in on her. Each telling Cristiano the same thing. It’s a waiting game. He hated waiting. Waiting was hell. Watching Molly. His Molly laying in a hospital bed was hell. He just needed her to wake up. He needed to tell her that he…

“Knock knock” a voice said as the door to the room opened and Nuno peeked his head in. “You know you’re meant to actually knock not say it” Cristiano whispered. “I didn’t want to wake you by knocking too loudly” Nuno replied shutting the door behind him. “Sleep is the last thing I can manage right now” Cristiano replied. “Some find it easier than others I guess” Nuno said nodding at Molly’s dad who was asleep in a chair beside Molly’s bed. “I guess” Cristiano yawned. “Wow” Nuno said in shock when his eyes finally landed on Molly. “Ya it’s….she….Urgh. This whole thing is a fucking mess” Cristiano said lifting a chair off the ground before throwing it back on the ground loudly.

“Hey careful man” Nuno said. “What it’s not like she’s going to fucking wake up if I make noise” Cristiano snapped as Mark groaned as he opened his eyes. “No but you’ve woken someone” Nuno muttered. “What’s going on?” Mark mumbled as he sat up in the chair. “Nothing” Nuno said as Mark lifted a blanket off him. “What time is it?” Mark asked. “It’s early and time for you both to go and get some proper sleep” Nuno said. “No” Cristiano said fixing the chair he had thrown upright. “Yes” Nuno said. “I’m not going anywhere Nuno. And that’s final” Cristiano said taking a seat beside Molly’s bed.

“You need rest Cris” Nuno pointed out. “What I need is for Molly to wake up and until she does I’m not going anywhere” Cristiano said crossing his arms and sitting back in the chair. “And exhausting yourself won’t make her better any quicker Cris” Nuno said. “I’m not leaving her” Cristiano said.

“Help me out here Mark. You know I’m right. You and Cris are no use if you don’t look after yourselves. Just go back to the house for some food and some sleep then you can come back” Nuno said. “No” Cristiano said staring at Molly. “And what about Junior?” Nuno asked. “He’s fine” Cristiano replied. “And you would know this how? Look Cris Junior needs you. He needs his papa” Nuno said.

“He needs his mama more” Cristiano said leaning forward and takes Molly’s hand into his. “Yes he needs his mama. But he also hasn’t seen either one of his parents since yesterday. That’s not fair on the little fella now is it” Mark said. “I don’t want to leave her” Cristiano said. “I know you don’t but you can’t stay here permanently. For one you’ll stink the place out” Nuno smiled. “What if she wakes up and I’m not here?” Cristiano asks. “You know that’s not going to happen. The doctors said she’s in an induced coma. Until they bring her out of it, she won’t be waking up for a while yet” Mark said.

“Cris go home. I’m staying here ok. I’ll phone you if there’s any change. Just go home, get some sleep and food then come back” Nuno told his cousin. “He’s right Cristiano” Mark yawned. “I don’t want to leave” Cristiano mumbled. “Molly would want you to see Junior Cris” Nuno said. “Stop with the emotional blackmail Nuno” Cristiano said sighing. “The sooner you go the quicker you can be back” Nuno said. “Fine” Cristiano said. “Cris” Nuno said when he didn’t move. “Just phone me ok” Cristiano said standing. “I promise. Go and let me annoy her into waking up” Nuno joked. “I won’t be long Mols” Cristiano whispered before placing a kiss on her forehead. “You’re doing the right thing in leaving Cristiano. There’s a long road ahead and you’re no use if you can’t function” Mark said as he followed Cristiano to the door.

"Everything ok?” Jorge asked once Cristiano reached the hallway. “Apart from Molly being in a coma and me being forced to leave. Ya everything is just rosy Jorge” Cristiano said. “Good morning to you too” Jorge said. “He doesn’t want to leave Molly” Mark said. “As I’m sure you don’t but it needs to happen. So let’s get back to the house and then you can come both come back later” Jorge said. “How is Rodrigo?” Cristiano asked as they all walked. “I just came down from his room. He’s getting released later today” Jorge said. “Katia must be happy” Cristiano said. “I think Dolores will be happy too that both her children are coming away from this hospital” Jorge said. “But Katia is the only one who doesn’t have to come back” Cristiano said.

“You should both know that there’s quite a few press outside. We’ll do our best to avoid them but they are really trying hard to get to you or family members. Even after I released a statement explaining the situation” Jorge said. “Assholes” Cristiano snapped. “They’re just doing their job I guess” Mark said and Cristiano rolled his eyes. “You sound like Molly” he said. “I’ll take that as a compliment” Mark laughed.

“Cristiano” Dolores said rushing to hug her son as he entered the kitchen. “Hey Maé” he said. “You need sleep” she said stroking his cheek. “Where’s Junior?” he asked. “He’s here” Elma said coming into the room with his son in her arms. “He’s being ok. A little fussy but I think he just wants his papa” Elma said handing Junior to Cristiano. “He wants his mama not his papa” Cristiano mumbled holding his son close to him.

“Hello buddy” he said placing a kiss on Junior’s cheek. “You should eat and get some sleep Cristiano” Dolores said. “I’m going for a shower than back to the hospital” he replied. “Nuno will phone if there’s any change” Jorge said. “I’m going back” he said. “Kitty and I are going to go now. You can rest and spend time with Junior. Elma will watch the kids. And no arguments” Dolores said.

“You should be here when Katia comes back with Rodrigo Maé” Cristiano told her. “I will be. We are all going to take turns to sit with Molly. We are a family and families stick together. Now up and shower and I’ll make you some breakfast” Dolores said. “Fine” he grumbled and reluctantly placed Junior into his mother’s awaiting arms.

Cristiano sighed as he stared at himself in the mirror. He had nicked himself a few times whilst shaving but he really didn’t care. He had left his mobile by the sink in hope that Nuno would ring with some good news but so far there was nothing. He knew that everyone was right. He knew that he needed to get some rest and spend time with Junior. He just hated that it meant not being with Molly. He should be thankful that so many people wanted to be by her beside but he knew he would hate not being with her.

“Like I’ve always hated not being around her” he mumbled out loud. He picked up his mobile and headed back to his bedroom to get dressed. After he dressed, he took one of the picture frames which were on his bedside table into his hand. It was one of him and Molly with Junior down by the lake which had been taken months ago. He remembered the day like it was yesterday. He had being in pain but all he wanted to do was be with Molly and Junior.

In his mind he could hear her laugh from that day and he smiled. He wished he could hear her voice right now. Wished she was standing here telling him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Telling him that she wanted him. Heck he’d even take her standing right there yelling at him. Anything. He just wanted to hear her voice. It was then he remembered. He remembered that she had left a voicemail a couple of nights ago. He had listened to the start and stopped. Even though he knew it wasn’t going to be a nice message he needed to hear her voice he thought as he placed the picture frame back on the bedside table and pressed a couple of buttons on his phone.

“Will you answer my call already” Molly’s voice and Cristiano’s breath hitched at the sound of her voice. “You…urgh I have every right to hate you. After what you said to me tonight I have more than a right to hate you” she continued and he sighed. He had once again let his mouth run off before his brain could catch up. He had once again hurt her with his words he thought. “After everything you have put me through I have every right to hate you. But I can’t” she said.

“I should but I can’t. Because clearly I’m not of sound of mind cos I can’t not imagine you in my life. Urgh I can’t remember my life before you were in it. I want to ring your neck at times but then you make me smile and I….. I don’t want to fight. I hate fighting with you. I hate that we keep messing this….us…up” she stammered and Cristiano opened his eyes. He hadn’t heard her say this. No he thought of course he hadn’t cos he being angry and stubborn and stopped listening.

“Us” he said repeating what she had said. “I can’t do this like this over the phone urgh. I need to see
you. Please just answer my calls. I want to stop making a mess of everything. I want to stop lying to myself. Please Cristiano. Just talk to me” Molly said before the call disconnected.

He lowered the mobile to his lap as her words squirreled around his head. She had told him that she wanted him. She had said that in the kitchen before everything fell apart. But hearing her talk about them as an us. They were an us. They would be an us again. He had realised that he was crying until a tear dropped onto the screen of the mobile.

A knock came at the door and he wiped his face as Pepe entered the bedroom. “Hey” his friend said. “Hi” Cristiano mumbled. “You want me to leave you alone?” Pepe asked. “No it’s fine. I was just” he sighed. “Molly left me a voice mail the other night. I only listened to a bit of it. If I had listened to the full thing we wouldn’t be where we are right now” Cristiano said. “You know no amount of wishing can turn back time Cris” Pepe said.

“Ya I know. Trust me I know. I think I’ve spent most of the last two years wishing I could go back in time and not do something I shouldn’t have” Cristiano said. “We all feel that way at times. I heard you were back. Said I come over and check in. Ana’s fast asleep so I didn’t want to disturb her now that she finally fell asleep” Pepe said. “Sleep is hard to come by at the moment I know” Cristiano said. “Dolores and Molly’s mother are gone to the hospital. Jorge took them. I was told that you should sleep and eat something” Pepe said. “I’m not hungry” he replied. “And once you have followed your mother instructions, I will take you to the hospital myself I promise” Pepe said.

“Fine” Cristiano said standing from the bed. “Ahm I thought you are going to rest. You’re going in the wrong direction” Pepe said. “I want to get something first” Cristiano said walking past Pepe and headed for the stairs. “Cris” Pepe called out. “Wants going on?” Elma asked when they arrived into the living room. “I don’t know” Pepe shrugged following Cristiano down the hall. “Cris will you wait up” Pepe said pausing at the door of the office in Cristiano’s house. “What are you looking for?” Pepe asked. “Molly’s handbag. Jorge said he brought it in from her car. I need her mobile” he said. “Why?” Pepe asked. “There it is” Cristiano said finding the bag. He unlocked the phone and found the number he was looking for. “Cris” Pepe said. “Damn it’s switched off” Cristiano said.

“Could you ask Ana to phone Sarah. You know Molly's friend in the States. I think Ana has spoken to her before. She should know what's going on" Cristiano said forwarding the number to Pepe's phone. "Ya sure I will" Pepe said and Cristiano sighed and ran his hand over his eyes. "Come on mate. Let's get you something to eat. The sooner you rest and eat the quicker you can get back to the hospital" Pepe told him.

"When did they take her?" Cristiano asked Nuno the minute he stepped into the waiting room at the hospital. Cristiano had eaten and shut his eyes for a short time but he had being anxious to get to the hospital so Pepe eventually agreed to take him and Mark back sooner than planned. Cristiano had received a text from Nuno informing him that the doctors had taken Molly for another scan. "Relax Cris. They said it's routine" Nuno said. "Don't tell me to relax" Cristiano snapped.

"Cristiano, they will tell us when we can see her again. For now we just have to wait. So come sit" Dolores said. "Did they say anything else?" Cristiano asked Nuno as he took a seat beside Dolores. "Just for us to wait here" Nuno said. "She looked better. More colour in her cheeks I thought" Kitty said. "She just needs more rest to get her strength back" Mark told his wife as he squeezed her hand. The door opened and Jorge entered followed by Dr.Ortiz and Dr.Vicente.

"Can we see Molly?" Cristiano asked standing. "Why don't you take a seat we can have a chat first" Dr. Vicente said. "What's wrong?" Kitty asked. "We took Molly for another brain scan. I'm afraid the bleed on her brain has shown signs that it is getting bigger" Dr. Vicente said. "Oh no" Dolores gasped as Cristiano struggled. "What does that mean for Molly?" Mark asked. "Please tell me you can fix the bleed" Cristiano begged.

"We have decided to take her for another scan this afternoon and in the morning. If the bleed has gotten bigger than we will operate" Dr. Ortiz explained. "You'll operate. You mean you will crack her head open?" Cristiano asked. "Cris" Dolores said shocked at his bluntness. "That's what will happen" Cristiano said. "Essential yes that is what will happen" Dr. Ortiz said. "Oh Lord" Kitty said as tears fell down her cheeks. “Is there any other way?" Dolores asked. "We could wait and try some other less intrusive procedures" Dr. Oritz said. "Then do them. Don't operate" Cristiano said.

"It is something we really want to avoid. Given Molly's previous medical history, we would prefer not to put her through the operation. You have to understand that there are many risk with the type of operation we would be carrying out. Many serious risks to Molly" Dr. Vicente explained. "You mean there's a chance she may not survive the operation" Nuno asked. "No" Kitty and Mark said. "I'm afraid that is a possibility. The operation itself carries risks like all operations. But add in Molly's past health issues it is highly dangerous" Dr. Vicente.

"What other health issues?" Mark asked confused. "Ahm" Dr. Vicente stammered. "She had some issues when Junior was born" Cristiano explained. "What do you mean issues?" Kitty asked. "Her heart. She lost conscious. There were alot of factors" Cristiano explained. "Hopefully the operation won't be necessary. If the bleed doesn't grow, we will look to bring her out of the induced coma. But if it does we will operate tonight. I can't delay. A nurse will be in with the consent forms for you to sign" Dr. Vicente said looking at Cristiano.

"Him to sign? We are her parents. It's us that has to give consent" Kitty said. "Senor Ronaldo is down as Ms. Williams next of kin" Dr. Ortiz said. "What?" Kitty, Cristiano and Jorge said in surprise. "That has to be a mistake" Mark said. "No it's not. It's in her medical notes. Here" Dr. Ortiz said opening the folder in her hand and showed everyone the page which stated that Cristiano was Molly's next of kin.

"Did you know about this?" Dolores asked her son. "No I didn't" Cristiano said shaking his head. "Jorge" Dolores asked. "This is all news to me too. I didn't even think...." he paused. "That she'd make me her next of kin" Cristiano said. "It's not that" Jorge said. "I don't understand" Kitty said. "Any medical decisions about Molly are Senor Ronaldo's. It's signed by Molly here herself so we will be looking for your consent to the operation if needed" Dr. Vicente told Cristiano. "How do I consent to you cracking her head up and possibly killing her?" Cristiano asked.

"They will be making her better. You can't actually not give consent. This is my daughter we are talking about" Kitty snapped. "And I'm not going to put her through an operation if she doesn't need it" Cristiano said. "But they have just said she could need it" Kitty snapped. "Hopefully we won't need to operate. We will speak to you again after her next scan. A nurse will be in to tell you when you can go back into Molly's room" Dr. Vicente said. "Thank you" Jorge said to both doctors as they left the room.

"Wow" Nuno said as Cristiano sat back down and held his head in his hands. "You really had no idea?" Pepe asked Jorge. "No nothing" Jorge replied. "Well Molly has always being organized so I guess we shouldn't be that surprised" Pepe said. "I guess maybe after her health scare after Junior was born she just wanted it written down" Dolores said.

"I don't think that had anything to do it with Dolores" Jorge said. "Why would say that?" Cristiano asked. "The date of her signature on the document the doctor should us. It said April 19th 2010. She appointed you her next of kin before Junior was born Cris" Jorge said. "Wow" Cristiano said.
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So Molly made Cristiano her next of kin. What do you think about that? She wanted them to be an Us. Will she still want that when she wakes up?

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