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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 7-Hi

Deciding to give Molly's parents some more time with their daughter, Cristiano left the others in the waiting room and started walking around the hospital corridors. Before he knew it he had ended up outside the hospital chapel. He pushed open the doors and found a seat. The place was empty with just the noise of a few flickering candles in the room.

Placing his elbows on his knees he sighed. "I know I'm not an angel" he whispered. "But my son needs his mama. I need his mama" he said. "Please God make her better. I know I'm being selfish right now but I can't make the decision to operate. I'm not strong enough to" he said. "Yes you are" a voice said and Cristiano jumped at the voice and looked over his shoulder to find Hugo walking towards his seat. "You nearly gave me a heart attack" Cristiano glared. "Just as well you are in the right place if that did happen then" Hugo smirked. "What are you doing here?" Cristiano asked turning to face the alter. "That's a nice way to act to your brother who flew from Lisbon to be with you" Hugo said.

"I mean how did you know I'd be here?" Cristiano asked. "I didn't. I came to pay a visit myself. Say a prayer for Molly I guess" Hugo said taking a seat. "Did Katia and Rodrigo get back to the house ok?" Cristiano asked. "Ya Maé was making a fuss over them. Alicia drew a picture for Molly" Hugo said handing a piece of paper to his brother. "She drew Molly as a queen and the rest are the kids as her princes and princesses" Hugo smiled. "It's great" Cristiano said. “Ana said that Sarah, you know Molly’s friend is on her way. She was on a flight to London when you tried to phone her apparently. Ana said she’d sort her getting here” Hugo said. “Oh ok. That’s good” Cristiano said.

"So you're Molly's next of kin I hear" Hugo said. "Don't. I don't want to think about it. What was she doing making me her next of kin? Like you know if she was on a life support and the doctors said there was no more they could do, I would have to decide to pull the plug. How could I ever make that sort of decision?" Cristiano said. "That's not going to happen" Hugo said. "She might need an operation on her brain Hugo. Anything go wrong in that operating theatre. I want them to try every other possible way to make stop the bleed first. Molly would..." he paused. "Molly would what?" Hugo asked. "Molly would want all other options tired first. She wouldn't want an operation if it wasn't one hundred percent needed" Cristiano said. "That's why" Hugo said. "That's why what?" Cristiano asked confused.

"That's why she picked you Cris. She picked you cos she knew you know her. Would know what she wanted" Hugo said. "She named me before she had Junior Hugo. We weren't even.....We aren't even……... I should have opened my eyes a long time ago" Cristiano sighed. "I know you are struggling with this whole next of kin business, but just know that Molly clearly trusted you to name you as her next of kin. That should be more than enough Cris. And hopefully you won't have to make any decisions" Hugo said.

"I just need to hear voice. Any time I feel stressed and I hear her voice I feel better" Cristiano said. "You want to stay here or go back up?" Hugo asked. "Can we stay here for a bit longer?" Cristiano asked. "Whatever you want little brother" Hugo said as Cristiano closed his eyes and started to say some prayers in a whisper. "Hey Hugo said you were on your way back up that’s why I didn't text" Jorge said thirty minutes later when Hugo and Cristiano arrived back in to the waiting room. "What is it?" Cristiano asked when he saw Kitty sitting down. "They've taken her for another scan" Jorge said.
"Oh" he replied. "You should find the nurse and sign the consent forms" Kitty said. "Kitty" Mark warned. "The sooner he signs the forms the quicker they can operate" Kitty said. "They have other options" Cristiano said. "They might not have to operate anyway" Jorge said. "It would be the best thing for her. No matter the risks" Kitty said.

"It's not up to you though. Molly put Cristiano in charge" Ana said. "I don't know why. We are her family. How could she do this to us?" Kitty snapped. "You have no idea what Molly has being put through because she loves her so called family so don't question Molly's love for you two" Cristiano snapped. "Cris" Hugo said. "I don't want Molly to have to go through the pain of an operation if there are other options available. She would want to avoid an operation like that" Cristiano said. "She would want to stop the bleed on her brain and get better so she can be with her son" Kitty yelled.

"Considering you've only began speaking to your daughter these past few weeks for the first time in months maybe you aren't the right person to know what Molly wants" Ana said. "I'm her mother" Kitty yelled. "And I know this is hard for you. It's hard for all of us. But arguing isn't going to help" Cristiano said. "We should just wait for the doctor ok" Jorge said. And they all did. An hour later, Dr. Vicente entered into a very quiet room. "Well" Cristiano asked standing from his seat on the couch. "The bleed appears to have stopped" Dr. Vicente said. "Oh thank God" Cristiano said in relief. "So she doesn't need the operation?" Hugo asked. "I've discussed it with some of my colleagues. There's a difference of opinion. But I feel we should wait. The bleed might start again. If it does then I will operate. But I want to wait. I don't want to operate unless I really have to" Dr. Vicente said. "Thank you" Cristiano said.

"We'll do more scans. But I'm hopeful the bleed has stopped. All other signs are pointing towards that conclusion" Dr. Vicente said. "We'll be here if there's any more news" Cristiano said. "She'll be able to have visitors shortly" Dr. Vicente said before leaving. "That's good news at last" Ana said. "I just hope the bleed has really stopped this time" Mark said. "Me too" Cristiano mumbled.

"Cris" Nuno knocked on the door a few hours later and Cristiano looked away from Molly and towards the door. "Sarah is here" Nuno said. "Go speak to her. I'll keep Molly company" Jorge said from the chair at the other side of the bed. "Thanks" Cristiano said standing. He placed a kiss on Molly's forehead before he headed to the door. "When did you come back?" Cristiano asked Nuno as they headed to the waiting room. "I went with Pepe to pick Sarah up from the airport. We just got here. We brought food too. You should eat" Nuno told his cousin. "Not really hungry right now" Cristiano replied. "Ya ya. Come on. I left Sarah with Molly's parents and Ana. Pepe might just kill me" Nuno joked.

"Cristiano" Sarah said moving away from Ana and towards Cristiano when he walked into the room. "Nice to meet you in person Sarah" Cristiano said holding his hand out towards the woman. "I wish it was under different circumstances" Sarah sighed. "Me too. I'm sorry I only thought about phoning you today" Cristiano said. "It's ok. You've being a bit busy. When I saw it online....The press...they said there had being an incident in your neighbourhood. I just knew. Something in my gut just told me something had happened to Molly. Then I saw the statement by your agent. I just found a flight out of the States as soon as I could" she said.

"Why don't you come see Molly and then Jorge will take you back to mine. You must be tired" Cristiano said. "I'll be fine. Thanks" Sarah said. "She can't see Molly. It's only family. Your agent shouldn't even be in with her" Kitty said and Sarah rolled her eyes. "His agent has spoken to your daughter alot more than you have in last two years. Just because you've finally gotten sober and finally started to give a fuck about your daughter doesn't make you more important than other people" Sarah snapped.

"I totally see how you and Molly are friends" Ana laughed and Cristiano started to laugh. "You don't know anything" Kitty snapped at Sarah. "Kitty stop it" Mark said. "Pretty sure Cristiano knows everything though so stop acting like you are mother of the year already" Sarah said. "Let's go see Molly shall we" Cristiano suggested before a fight broke out. "Nuno said he'll stay with you tonight so I'm going to take everyone else back home" Pepe said. "I'm not leaving" Kitty said. "Yes you are. You need rest. If anything changes, Cristiano will tell us" Mark said. "Of course I will" Cristiano said before he ushered Sarah out of the room. "I know she's trying to sort her life out but she's still a bitch. I'm sorry" Sarah said.

"Hey you've known her longer than I have" Cristiano said. "But you probably know more about Molly and her feelings towards her parents. Her mother especially. She told me that she had told you things she had never told anyone else" Sarah said as they walked. “She told me some things” Cristiano mumbled. “And not told me some things. Like how she’s the mother of your child but forgot to mention it for half a year” Sarah said. “Ya that was a different time” Cristiano said rubbing the back of his neck. “You mean before sneaky kisses in the kitchen” Sarah said and Cristiano stopped walking. “Wait she told you?” Cristiano asked. “Yes. She was a bit kiddy about it too” Sarah smiled. “Really?” Cristiano smiled.

“Yes. And then she found out about everything with you and her parents” Sarah said. “I didn’t know she spoke to you that much” Cristiano said. “We speak often. She was conflicted you know. She knew she was over reacting about the whole thing. But you should know that Molly doesn’t trust easily. She never has. I’ve known her since we were 10 and it wasn’t until we were 16 that she told me some stuff about her parents” Sarah said. “I should warn you before we go into her room Sarah. She’s……she’s in a bad way” Cristiano said. “Thanks for the heads up” Sarah said.

Two days after Sarah had arrived at the hospital, the doctors had decided to bring Molly out of the induced coma. Following a further four brain scans, the doctors were very confident that the bleed had stopped and more importantly was growing smaller. Everyone had taken it in turns to sit with Molly during the day and night, but it was Cristiano who had spent every night by her side. “I never told you how cute your son is” Sarah said followed by a yawn. She had being staying with Ana and Pepe and had come to the hospital often. Cristiano had learned that Ana was right. He could see how
Molly and Sarah were friends. Both women had sharp and witty mouths. “He takes after Molly” Cristiano smiled sitting up in his chair.

“She talks about him all the time. I’m glad I finally got to meet him. Shame it was under these circumstances” Sarah said looking at Molly in the bed. “I thought she be awake by now” he said. “They only brought her out of the coma. Give her time. She’s always liked her bed” Sarah said. “Ya she loves her bed” he smiled. “How you managed to her into bed is what I’d like to know?” Sarah asked. “I meant she likes her sleep” Cristiano said. “Still haven’t answered my question you know” Sarah said. “What do you want me to say?” Cristiano asked. “How did all of this even happen?” Sarah asked. “She got hit by a car” Cristiano said. “Not how she got here you muppet” Sarah said rolling her eyes and Cristiano’s stomach clutched.

“Please don’t call me that. Mols…..” he said looking at her in the bed. “Sorry. It must have rubbed off from when I was talking to her” Sarah said. “Did she ever? Was it all bad?” he asked. “Was what all bad?” Sarah asked confused. “The things she told you. I know……I haven’t made things easy for her since we’ve met. I’ve hurt her more than anyone and it kills me. I hate seeing her upset” Cristiano said. “Molly likes to keep a lot to herself you know. But whilst I know she has being upset some of the times we have spoken. I’ve also seen the way she is when I mention your name. Trust me Cristiano. Since Molly has met you it hasn’t been all bad” Sarah said. “I just hope I get the chance to make it even better” he said kissing Molly’s hand.

He let out a yawn and rested his head on the bed. Shutting his eyes he had pictures of Molly and Junior in his mind. He felt something on his noise and brushed it away. A minute later he felt it again and brushed it away. “Stupid fly” he said opening his eyes and sitting up. “Huh” Sarah said opening her own eyes. “A fly” he replied. “What fly?” she asked. “It was brushing against my noise” he said shaking his head. “I don’t see a fly” she said and he looked away from her and around the room. “That’s odd. I thought I felt something” he said and turned back to look at Molly. “What the..” he said when he noticed a slight movement of one of Molly’s fingers. “Molly” he said standing and grabbed her hand. “Mols can you hear me?” he asked. “What is it?” Sarah asked. “She moved her fingers” he told Sarah.

“Are you sure?” she asked looking for some movements by Molly. “Molly baby open your eyes for me” Cristiano begged brushing his hand across her cheek. “Molly it’s me Sarah. Squeeze my hand if you can hear us” Sarah said gently taking Molly’s other hand in hers as best as she could with the sling Molly wore. Molly’s fingers gripped around Cristiano’s and he smiled. “She gripped my fingers” he beamed. “I’ll go get someone” Sarah said quickly rushing to find a nurse. “Mols it’s ok. I’m here. You’re safe. Open your eyes for me Mols” he said before kissing her forehead and placed kissed up and down her arm.

“Open your eyes” he said. Her grip tightened on his fingers as her right leg moved under the blankets. “Careful Mols” he told her afraid she would hurt herself even more. He watched as her left eye blinked. He counted five movements whilst holding his breath.

“Hi” he smiled once he was staring into his favourite hazel eyes.
♠ ♠ ♠
Molly has finally awoken. What lies in store for them all next?