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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 8- When I Awake

“Mols can you hear me” a voice said as Molly tried to move her fingers more. It was dark. All she could see was darkness. All she could feel was….nothing. She felt numb. She wanted to move. She could hear a voice but why couldn’t she see the voice. What was happening? She had being….what had she being doing she tried to think but there was something. She couldn't figure out. She felt something grip her hand. She wanted to move. She thought she was moving. It was too dark she thought.

“I’m here. You’re safe. Open your eyes for me Mols" she heard someone say. "I'm safe" she thought. What did that mean? Why wouldn't she be safe? She felt sleepy. She just wanted to sleep she thought but her eye twitched. She saw a spec of light. She didn't want the darkness so she tried to open her eyes. It hurt she thought as she tried. She felt groggy as her eyed opened. The light made her head hurt and she tried to adjust.

"Hi" she heard a voice say as she looked into the eyes of the man standing at the bed. Bed why was she in a bed she thought. She opened her mouth to speak when she realized something was in it. What's going on she started to think as she tried move. "Mols Mols it's ok" someone said and she felt a thumb graze her forehead and slightly moved her head to see Cristiano smiling. "The doctor is on her way" Cristiano said and Molly wanted to scream. She tried to move but couldn't.

"Molly it's ok. It's ok" he said as she dropped her hand from his and lifted it to the tube in her mouth. "Oh no. Not a good idea" someone said as Cristiano moved her hand away from the tube. "She's a bit disorientated. It's common for people who wake from comas" Dr. Vicente explained to Cristiano as she walked towards Molly's hospital bed.

"Hola Molly. I'm Dr. Vicente. I'm going to take the tube out but I need you to relax. Can you do that for me? Blink twice if you can understand me" Dr. Vicente asked and Molly blinked twice. "You should go wait outside" Dr. Vicente told Cristiano who was shaking his head. "I'm not leaving her" he said as another doctor and nurse came into the room. "Ok but go stand over there" Dr. Vicente nodded to corner as she moved around to the front of Molly's head. "Molly when I tell you please cough" Dr. Vicente said. "Keep an eye on her heart rate" Dr. Vicente told one of the nurses. "I told you to move" the doctor said to Cristiano who didn't want to move. "It will be out in two seconds Mols. Ok" he smiled squeezing Molly's hand before he attempted to move out of the way but Molly gripped his wrist tightly.

He moved closer and saw the panic and fear in her eye. Her other eye was only slightly opening and he hoped the bruise didn't hurt. "I'm here Mols. I'm here" he said. "Ok Molly I need you to cough now" Dr. Vicente said and Molly left out a cough and Dr. Vicente pulled the tubed out of Molly's mouth. She started to cough in fits as they sat her up in the bed. Molly took her hold off Cristiano and brought her hand to her mouth. She tried to move her other arm but noticed it was in a sling. She groaned when a light was shown into her eyes and tried to swat it away. She tried to move but let out a scream when a dash of pain ran through her body.

"Mols it's ok. It's ok" Cristiano said trying to take her hand but she swatted him away and she tried to twist in the bed. "Molly I need you to look at me" Dr. Vicente said calmly. "Where..." Molly coughed out her voice hoarse. "You are in hospital Molly" Dr. Vicente said. "But you're going to be ok Molly" Cristiano smiled and she looked at him. "You're going to be ok. Oh Mols" he said leaning in to kiss her cheek. "Don't do that to me every again" he whispered against her ear and he frowned when she pushed him away. She started to cough and a nurse placed a glass with a straw in front of her mouth which she drank.

"Nice and slowly Molly" Dr. Vicente said. "You're in hospital Molly. You were in an accident. You need to be calm for us ok. You're hurt your ribs and lung. I need for you not to make a big sudden movements" the doctor said.

"My....head.." Molly groaned covering her eyes with her arm. "We'll give you more pain relief Molly. It's going to be alright" Dr. Vicente said. "The doctor is right Mols. It's going to be all ok now you are awake" Cristiano smiled down at her. "Awake?" she asked confused. "You've been in a coma for a few days. I'll explain. It's ok. Just adjust right now" Dr. Vicente said. Molly leaned her head back against the pillow and her brain tried to understand what she was hearing. She was in hospital. She was trying to remember how she got here.

"How?" she whispered looking at Cristiano. "There will be enough time for talk. Right now you should do what your body wants and rest. We are going to run more tests" Dr. Vicente said. "Tests" Molly said panicked. "She hates hospitals. And needles. She really hates needles" Cristiano told Dr. Vicente and Molly looked at him. "They are just trying to help you get better Mols. They won't hurt you. I won't let them" he said stroking her cheek. "You won't...." she paused feeling her eye lids get heavy.

"She needs some rest. Go tell everyone she's awake. I will come get you when it's ok for you to talk to her" Dr. Vicente said and Cristiano looked at Molly with a torn look on his face. "She's awake. Her body is just tired. The pain meds we've already given her are making her sleepy. She's not going anywhere Cristiano" Dr. Vicente. "Ok ok I'll be outside. Mols just leave them help you ok. I'll be back soon. We can talk then ok. I have so much to tell you. Just rest and we'll talk my sweet sweet Mols" he said kissing the knuckles on her hand. Molly opened her eyes and tried to speak but her breathing was heavy.

"I'm just going to put this oxygen mask on ok. It will make it a little easier for you" Dr. Vicente said placing the mask over her mouth. "She'll be ok. Go leave us do our jobs and I'll come get you" the doctor told Cristiano and he sighed before he started to walk towards the door. He looked over his shoulder when he got to the door and saw Dr. Vicente and the nurses talking. He could see Molly nodding and trying to talk. He smiled. She's awake he thought as he opened the door.

"What happened?" Sarah asked rushing towards him as the door shut behind him. "She's awake" he grinned. "Really?" Sarah asked. "Ya she's awake. She's awake. Oh thank God she's awake" he grinned as Sarah hugged him. "They wouldn't let me back in. I didn't know what was happening. Oh she's finally awake" Sarah smiled. "The doctor said she'll be a little disorientated but that's to be expected. They have to explain what is wrong with her. That she can't move a lot for the time been. But she's awake. She's talking" he said. "She spoke to you?" Sarah asked and he nodded. "Little words. The tube hurt her throat. Plus her punctured lung. They gave her a breathing mask to help her" he said.

“She’s awake and talking. That’s all that matters” Sarah said. “Ya that’s all that matters” Cristiano smiled. “Can I see her?” Sarah asked. “In a little while. The doctor will come get us. I guess they need to check her. Come on let’s go to the waiting room. I need to tell Maé and Molly’s parents and well everyone” he said. “She’s going to have a lot of visitors” Sarah said as they both began to walk.

“She has a lot of people who love her” he said. “I’m glad she does. I mean she’s happy here. She’s happy with you and Junior. I know she is” Sarah said. “I know I’ve done a fair bit of making her up
happy at times but I hope she is happy most of the time. That’s all I want. I just want her happy” he said.

“Is she talking? Can we see her? Why aren’t you with her?” were just some of the questions everyone asked Cristiano when they arrived at the hospital. Dolores, Mark, Kitty, Jorge, Pepe, Ana, Hugo, Elma and Nuno had all arrived excited at the prospect of seeing Molly. He had explained to them what happened and how she was before he had to leave her room.

“How long ago did she wake up?” Kitty asked. “About five maybe ten minutes before I phoned Maé” Cristiano said. “So what nearly ninety minutes ago. Surely the doctor should have been back to talk to you by now” Mark said. “She did just awake from a coma. And she has some serious injuries. They are probably just making sure she’s not in pain or hurt anywhere else” Jorge said.

“Senor Ronaldo” Dr. Vicente said knocking on the door to the waiting room. “Can we see her?” Kitty asked rushing towards the doctor. “Shortly yes……. maybe” the doctor stuttered. “Maybe? What do you mean by maybe?” Cristiano asked confused. “We need to talk about Molly” Dr. Vicente said gesturing to the couch. “What do you mean? What happened after I left the room?” Cristiano asked.

“The Molly you will see isn’t the Molly you are familiar with” Dr. Vicente said. “What do you mean not familiar with. She’s Molly” Kitty said confused. “As you know Molly suffered a number of injuries in the accident. Broken bones heal however” Dr. Vicente said. “However what?” Cristiano asked. “Let her finish Cris” Dolores said. “She suffered a very serious head injury” Dr. Vicente said. “But she’s awake and she’s talking. Or was trying to. Her voice was hoarse” Cristiano said. “Oh no no please tell me she isn’t brain damaged” Kitty cried. “What?” Dolores said in shock.

“Cristiano” Jorge yelled as Cristiano rushed out of the room and ran to Molly’s room. “Mr. Ronaldo please come back” Dr. Vicente ran after him with Jorge following after them. “Mr. Ronaldo please just hear me out” Dr. Vicente said as Cristiano pushed the door open to Molly’s room.

“Molly” Cristiano yelled. “Sssh” a nurse said as Molly groaned. “Molly” he said moving to the side of her bed. “Don’t yell” she groaned. “Senor Ronaldo” Dr. Vicente said with her hands on her hips and an angry look on her face. “Molly” Cristiano said. “Yes that’s my name. Why do you keep yelling it?” she asked before placing the mask over her mouth once more. “Oh thank God you are speaking” he said.

“Cris” Jorge said. “Outside now” Dr. Vicente insisted. “I’m sorry. It’s just you were talking and then my mind panicked. But she’s ok” he said relieved. “I’m in a hospital bed. I don’t think that makes me ok” Molly mumbled. “Glad you haven’t lost your sass Mols” he smiled at her.

“Why are you calling me that?” Molly muttered. “Cos it’s your name silly” he smiled. “I don’t…” she paused. “Why are you here?” Molly coughed and Cristiano frowned.

“Because I care about you. Jorge cares about you” he said nodding to his agent. “There’s an entire waiting room filled with people who care about you. Who want to see you. Who want to make sure you ok. And I know there’s someone who really wants to see you that’s waiting at home. Junior has missed you” he said.

“Who is Junior?” Molly whispered.
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Molly is awake but is she the same Molly?