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You, Me and Our Family

Chapter 9-Why Don't I Remember?

“Who is Junior?” Molly whispered.

Cristiano stared open mouthed at Molly. Out of everything he had imagined or maybe had worried about her saying to him when she woke up asking who Junior was, was not what he had being expecting.

“What?” he asked. “Cristiano” Jorge said but Cristiano didn’t take his eyes off Molly.
“What do you mean who is Junior? Mols stop kidding around. It’s not funny” Cristiano said. “I……I’m…..” Molly stammered and began to cough. “Easy Molly” Dr. Vicente said moving to help Molly on the bed. “You need to wear this” the doctor said moving the mask over Molly’s mouth. “You both need to leave” Dr. Vicente told Jorge and Cristiano.

“I’m not going anywhere until I know she’s ok” Cristiano snapped. “She needs rest and doesn’t need stress right now” Dr. Vicente said. “Cris we should go” Jorge said having quickly connected everything the doctor had said before they had come into the room and Molly’s question in his head. He knew things were really serious.

“She just asked who Junior is. Why is she asking me that?” Cristiano asked the doctor.
“I…..why are you here? Why are these people here?” Molly asked Dr. Vicente. “These people. Mols it’s me Cristiano” he said. “I…….why am I here? Why is he here? My….” she started to panic as she began to struggle on the bed. “Molly I need you to stay still. You have serious injuries” Dr. Vicente said.

“Molly listen to her” Cristiano said moving to hold her arm but she flinched when he touched her. “Don’t…touch me” she managed to say and he took a step back from the bed.
“Mols it’s me” he said. “Why is he here?” she asked Dr. Vicente once more.

“I’m here because I….because you’re my Molly. Because I’m Junior’s papa” Cristiano said. “Who is Junior?” Molly asked again. “Molly stop asking that. You know who he is. Stop messing about Mols” Cristiano said. “Cris I don’t think she is” Jorge said and Cristiano looked at his agent and back to Molly.

“What?” Cristiano said. “Why are they here?” Molly asked once again. “She’s being serious. Is she being serious Dr. Vicente?” Cristiano asked. “I think you both need to leave” the doctor said. “I’m not leaving her like this” Cristiano said. “Cris” Jorge said.

“She doesn’t remember her own son” Cristiano snapped in disbelief.

“My son” Molly gasped knocking the mask off her face. “I……I don’t have…… a son…….what…why is he….I can’t…breathe….I” she began to struggle with her breathing. “Molly it’s ok. Just try and relax” the doctor replied. “Why is he…..saying…..that…..why…is it….true” she struggled starting to cough and move in the bed. She let out a scream when she moved and Cristiano automatically moved closer to her. “Mols it’s ok” he said.

“I….don’t……it can’t……true…..why…am I…”she stammered trying to catch her breath. “Molly you need to wear the mask” Dr. Vicente said trying to place the mask on Molly’s mouth but the brunette kept fighting the doctor.

“Son… he….why don’t….I don’t…” she struggled looking at Cristiano who felt like he had just being kicked in the stomach. “Molly please let her help you” he begged. “No…no doctors….get away from…me” she said trying to move but let out scream again with pain.
Dr. Vicente pressed a button on the walk and a bunch of people came running into the room. “Get him out of here now” Dr. Vicente yelled at Jorge who grabbed Cristiano by the arm and pulled him towards the door. “No let me go” Cristiano said as the doctor and nurses tried to calm Molly.

“Cris she needs their help” Jorge said pushing him into the hallway. “Please tell me that didn’t just happen?” Cristiano begged. “I…look Dr. Vicente will explain everything in a short while. Let’s go back to the others” he said. “She doesn’t remember Junior. She’s doesn’t remember him. She doesn’t remember him” Cristiano yelled as tears started to fall down his cheeks. Jorge held him as he cried. He didn’t know what to say or do. When he had heard Molly ask Cristiano who Junior was he knew something was seriously wrong. He knew things were going to get harder instead of easier.

“Mate” Jorge said getting Cristiano to stand up straight. “I thought she was joking” Cristiano mumbled through tears. “She’ll be ok” Jorge told him. “I made her…..did you see her face in there? She was so confused” Cristiano said. “Let’s go back to the others” Jorge said. “No I’m staying here” Cristiano said. “No you’re not and you will not argue with me. They need time to settle Molly. And we need….you need time to comprehend what just happened in there” Jorge said. “I don’t think I can” Cristiano said. “She woke up Cristiano. That’s a good thing. She’ll be ok” Jorge said as he tugged at Cristiano’s shirt and they both began to walk slowly.

“I’ll tell them” Jorge said once they got to the waiting room door and took a deep breath as he pushed the door open. Cristiano looked at everyone in the room. “Cristiano you look like you’ve seen a ghost” Dolores said rushing to her son.

“Is she ok?” Kitty asked and Cristiano shook his head and started to cry. “Oh Cris what it is? Dolores asked. “What happened? Where’s my daughter?” Kitty asked. “Everyone just sit down ok. I’ll explain. He’s had a bit of a shock Dolores” Jorge said. “A shock. A fucking shock really Jorge” Cristiano snapped. “Cris” Dolores said. “She doesn’t remember Junior. She doesn’t remember her own fucking son. She doesn’t remember me” Cristiano yelled as everyone gasped in shock.

“What do you mean she doesn’t remember?” Hugo asked after a few moments of silence. “I don’t know. She…..she asked who Junior was” Jorge said. “Maybe she asked how is was?” Ana said. “No she didn’t” Cristiano said. “She could be confused. She did hit her head” Mark said. “You didn’t see her. She…..she had no idea…..this can’t be happening” Cristiano said as the door opened and Dr. Vicente stepped in.

“Is she ok?” Jorge asked. “We’ve given her a sedative to calm her down. She was very upset” she said glaring at Cristiano. “I’m sorry. I thought she was joking with me. I didn’t mean to upset her” Cristiano said. “Well next time wait for me to explain when I say. Better yet do as I tell you” the doctor snapped.

“I’m sorry” Cristiano sighed. “No I am. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. I’m just…..I don’t like to see my patients in destress” Dr. Vicente said. “What is wrong with her?” Kitty asked. “Cris said she doesn’t know who Junior is” Mark said. “That’s correct. And I would have prefer to wait before she had that information but I know it couldn’t have being helped. And she will be ok soon. She just needed time to calm down that’s why we gave her the sedative” Dr. Vicente said.

“What’s making her……Why doesn’t she remember our son?” Cristiano asked. “Molly suffered serious head injuries in the accident. Molly appears to be suffering from retrograde amnesia” the doctor explained.

“Amensisa” Cristiano said. “You mean she doesn’t know who she is?” Mark asked. “No I mean yes she does know who she is” the blonde said. “Ok thank God. She knows who she is” Kitty said. “But she doesn’t know who we are?” Cristiano asked. “The type of amnesia that Molly has is very unpredictable. It’s different for all suffers. From speaking to Molly, she appears to know who she is” the doctor said. “Ok so that’s good right. Like if she remembers stuff already than she’ll remember everything else quicker. Right?” Sarah asked.

“I can’t say for definite. I’m sorry” Dr. Vicente said. “So when will she remember?” Cristiano asked. “There’s no answer to that I’m sorry. I can’t say when or if she will ever remember” Dr. Vicente said. “Wait you’re telling us that Molly might never remember her own son” Cristiano asked. “There’s a possibility yes” she said. “Ok God” Cristiano said in disbelief.

“So what happens now? Can we see her? What does she remember?” Mark, Sarah and Kitty all asked together. “Guys guys give the doctor some space” Jorge said. “It’s ok. I know this is all hard and confusing for everyone. It’s not something we see that often either. We need to clarify if Molly can remember current events. If her injury will cause her to stop remember moments from now. If that’s the case we could…will we will need to re-examine Molly’s care. But that’s the worst case scenario” Dr. Vicente said.

“Ok so let’s say she remembers what happens from now on, what do we do to help her remember what she’s forgetting?” Mark asked. “Wait what is she forgetting?” Cristiano asked. “I’m sorry?” Dr. Vicente asked confused. “You said she remembers part of her life. What he means is what doesn’t she remember?” Ana said. “It’s still early. She’s only just awoken from a coma. We are still trying to clarify. When she wakes again we will do some tests” Dr. Vicente said.

“Tests. What kind of tests?” Cristiano asked. “Memory tests things like that. We need to take it slow with Molly. We can’t…the last thing we need..the last thing Molly needs is to be…oh how do I explain……we can’t risk her suddenly freezing up. Blocking out all the memories she has. Something small could set her back” Dr. Vicente said.

“Something like finding out she has a son” Cristiano said. “Wait so she doesn’t remember Junior” Ana said. “We know that” Kitty snapped. “No I meant that if she doesn’t remember Junior then that means she doesn’t remember the past what at least year” Ana said.

“If not longer” Dolores said. “What did she say to you?” Cristiano asked. “Excuse me?” Dr. Vicente said. “What did she say? You said she remembers certain things. What did she say?” Cristiano asked.

“She knew her name. She said something about a party. About money. And something about James Bond” Dr. Vicente said. “Bond” Sarah said and the doctor nodded. “Does that mean something Sarah?” Cristiano asked.

“We had gone…there was a New Year’s party. It was James Bond theme” Sarah said. “When? What New Years?” Cristiano asked. “December 31st 2008” Sarah said and Cristiano’s eyes widened. “Oh no” Ana said. “What what is it?” Kitty asked. “Molly…” Cristiano stammered. “Cristiano didn’t meet Molly until March 2009” Jorge said.

“She doesn’t remember anything about us. She doesn’t remember us together” Cristiano said. “We don’t know that Cris. It’s just something she said” Dolores told her son. “It’s true. She was confused about the names of her parents for a long time” Dr. Vicente said. “But she remembered them?” Cristiano asked. “Well yes but again it will a while before the true extent of Molly’s memory lost. I know all of this is very difficult to understand but please know we are doing everything to help Molly. And will do all we can to help her regain her memories” Dr. Vicente said.

“Can we see our daughter?” Kitty asked. “Not quite yet. I know everyone is anxious to see her. But this is all going to be very confusing for Molly. You saw yourself how confused she was earlier. She has other injuries that we can’t risk her doing anything else to jeopardise her injuries. I will be back as soon as I can” Dr. Vicente said.

“I was not expecting that” Sarah said. “She doesn’t remember Junior. How the hell is this happening?” Cristiano said.

A couple of hours later and Dr. Vicente came back into the room. It was just Sarah, Cristiano, Jorge and Molly’s parents left in the waiting room. Jorge had told everyone else that he would phone if there was any more news. “Has she remembered anything?” Cristiano asked standing. “The sedative has worn off and she’s talking. But she’s still very confused” Dr. Vicente said. “Can we see her?” Cristiano asked. “That’s why I’m here. She’s asking to see Sarah” Dr. Vicente nodded towards Sarah. “She wants to see me?” Sarah asked.

“From talking with Molly, you seem to be the name that pops up the most. She asked where you were. I think seeing you could help her. Maybe not with her memory but it will help to calm her. She already has a collapsed lung and broken ribs, I can’t risk her doing anymore damage” Dr. Vicente said.

“What about us? We are her parents. We should see her first” Kitty said. “Considering the last thing we think she remembers is New Years, I doubt she wants to see her mother who stole money from her purse” Sarah snapped. “But out” Kitty snapped back. “Hey hey stop. Molly is who is important right now” Cristiano yelled.

“Ok ya of course I’ll see her. Is there…..should I….how do I?” Sarah stammered. “Hey it’s ok” Cristiano told her. “Ya easy for you to say. I’m the one who has to go talk to my best friend who may or may not actually remember me” Sarah said. “She asked for you. That means she remembers you Sarah” Cristiano said. “Just take it step by step. Try not to tell her things that might upset her” Dr. Vicente said. “She’s awoken in a strange place with no memory of how she got there. How the hell am I not going to upset her?” Sarah asked.

“You’ll know what to say Sarah. Just trust yourself” Cristiano told her. “I’ll try to get her to see you” Sarah told him. “No” Cristiano said and Sarah was taken aback. “You shouldn’t. I don’t want her to get upset. Just talk to her. See what she remembers” Cristiano said. “Ok” Sarah nodded. “Ready?” Dr. Vicente asked. “I guess” Sarah shrugged and followed the doctor out of the room.

The door to the room opened and Molly opened her eyes slow. “Sarah” Molly said in hoarse voice once she saw a familiar face. “Hey Mols” Sarah smiled walking towards Molly’s bed. “Sarah” Molly said again with tears running down her face. “Hey hey don’t cry. You’ll set me off” Sarah said wiping her own eyes.

“Is it true?” Molly asked moving the mask away from her face. “Mols I’m pretty sure you need to wear this” Sarah said placing the mask back over Molly’s mouth. “I don’t….care” Molly coughed. “Well I like that you are awake so I’d like if you didn’t do anything that would make you be in a coma again” Sarah said.

“Sarah” Molly said. “I know it’s scary” Sarah said. “Am I really in Spain?” Molly whispered. “Yes you are” Sarah said. “I don’t….how did I get here?” Molly asked. “You don’t remember?” Sarah asked. “I don’t…….my head it’s….” she said. “It’s ok Mols. The doctors will help you” Sarah said. “We were at a party… had a….oh I can see the dress” Molly said bringing her hand to her head.

“It’s ok. Don’t worry. It will come to you. Don’t force it” Sarah said. “Why am I here?” Molly asked. “You were hit by a car” Sarah told her. “Explains….why…I…feel like….”she coughed. “I’ve being hit by a bus” Molly said.

“Is it true?” Molly asked. “Is what true?” Sarah asked. “What…the man…..what he said” she asked. “What Cristiano said?” Sarah asked trying to figure out how she was going to answer the question she expected Molly was about to ask.

“It can’t be true” Molly said. “Mols you should be resting not talking” Sarah told her friend. “I don’t have….a son” Molly said. “Mols rest. We can talk later” Sarah said. “It can’t be true. Sarah it’s not right?” she asked.

“Mols rest” Sarah said. “No” Molly said trying to move in the bed to sit up. “Molly stop you’ll hurt yourself” Sarah said. “I don’t have a son. I can’t have a s….” she began to cough. “Molly please” Sarah begged. “Tell….me” she whispered.

“Molly please” Sarah begged. “No no it can’t” Molly started to cry. “Oh Mols” Sarah said. “It’s true. It can’t be” Molly said in panic. “Molly” Sarah said. “Is it true?” Molly asked. “Yes” Sarah finally relented. “Oh God” Molly said. “Mols it’s going to be ok” Sarah told her. “I….have a son” Molly said in shock.

“Yes you do” Sarah said. “I don’t…..I can’t….why don’t I remember?” Molly cried.