I Know I Was for a While

Camila had thought that she had the best surprise planned.

After a year with her boyfriend, and things going along so well between the two of them, she had thought that the announcement that she was pregnant with their first baby would be something he would be as excited about as she was. Things were good between them, after they’d started to date, their relationship had flourished quickly, and whilst the news of her pregnancy was a surprise, she had thought that Noah would be over the moon...something he wasn’t.

In the wake of Noah’s reaction, Camila’s friend, Lionel, is quick to offer her a shoulder to cry on. With her in need of a place of stay, he quickly offers her a room at his place, wanting to help her out as much as he can, but as they start to spend time together, feelings that had long been buried start to resurface, leading them both to ask questions of the relationship that they have.

With Camila’s pregnancy progressing, and things between her and Noah still not entirely resolved, will she and Lionel ever admit to something more existing between them?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone else you may recognize, but the plot and OCs are mine.
  1. 01: I’ve Got You
  2. 02: I Thought He’d Be Excited
  3. 03: It’s Been Known To Happen
  4. 04: I Don’t Know About That
  5. 05: All You’ve Got To Do Is Ask
  6. 06: You Know You Liked Her
  7. 07: I Know That Look
  8. 08: You’ve Got Time
  9. 09: If You Need Someone
  10. 10: Do You Think There’ll Be A Right Moment?
  11. 11: He Told You?
  12. 12: You Think I Should Have Done?
  13. 13: That Goes Without Saying
  14. 14: I Thought It Was Cute
  15. 15: It’s Something
  16. 16: I Know I Don’t Want You To
  17. 17: That’s What You Think About When We Kiss?
  18. 18: You’re Still You, I’m Still Me
  19. 19: This Has Been Better
  20. 20: I’ve Got Nothing Better To Be Doing
  21. 21: She Wants You
  22. 22: I Guess I Didn’t Like It
  23. 23: He’s Still Here?
  24. 24: Was That Too Much?
  25. 25: It’s Probably Going To Be Complicated
  26. 26: I Think You’re Amazing
  27. 27: I Meant What I Said
  28. 28: What Are You Waiting For?
  29. 29: I Guess I Had A Good Time
  30. 30: I’m Not Going To Feel Bad About It
  31. 31: We’ll Be Cheering For You
  32. 32: I Hope He’s That For You
  33. 33: This Was A Good Idea
  34. 34: It Was Just A Thought
  35. 35: I Might Need To Make Plans
  36. 36: It’s Enough For Me
  37. 37: You’re Doing Fine
  38. 38: Aren’t You Forgetting Something?
  39. 39: I Talk About You A Lot
  40. 40: You're Not So Bad Yourself
  41. 41: He Seems Happy To Have Us
  42. 42: If You Want It
  43. 43: I Have To Answer That, Don’t I?
  44. 44: This Is My Relationship
  45. 45: I Think That Tells You A Lot
  46. 46: Of Course I Could
  47. 47: Hello
  48. 48: That’s Not Him
  49. 49: Is That Bad News?
  50. 50: I Want It To Be Special
  51. 51: Look Who’s Finally Up
  52. 52: Are You Kidding?
  53. 53: They Don’t Have Much Of A Choice
  54. 54: You Keep Smiling Like That