I Know I Was for a While

10: Do You Think There’ll Be A Right Moment?

Hovering a couple of paces outside of the living room, Lionel stared at the doorway, trying to work up the nerve to make his way inside. It had been a little awkward between him and Camila, after Tessa had interrupted their moment, neither one of them had quite known what to say to the other, but Lionel knew that they couldn’t just keep avoiding one another, even if it had looked for a split second as though they were about to kiss. It hadn’t happened and he didn’t see the need for them to make a big deal of it, not when he was almost convinced that it had merely been the two of them getting lost in a moment.

He couldn’t deny that he had been tempted, when Camila had leant towards him, his leaning towards her had been almost instant, but still a small part of him was grateful that Tessa had walked in when she had, even if he couldn’t deny wanting to kiss Camila. He was grateful that the midwife’s reappearance had stopped them doing something which would only serve to make things awkward between the two of them.

Pushing a hand back through his hair, he spared another cautious look towards the doorway before he nodded to himself, walking towards it. Stepping into the room, he looked around for a couple of seconds before his eyes landed on Camila who was sleeping happily on the couch, something which caused a warm smile to spread across his face. Watching her sleep for a couple of seconds, he shook his head quietly to himself before he stepped towards the couch, moving to place the throw which sat over the back of it over her sleeping body.

Camila stirred a little at the feel of the blanket before she blinked her eyes open, a sleepy smile gently spreading over her lips. “Hi” she mused.

Lionel, who was crouched by the side of the couch, shook his head, not quite able to stop himself smiling in return. “I didn’t mean to wake you” he mused “I didn’t know you’d fallen asleep” he added.

Camila shook her head. “Don’t worry about it” she mused.

Lionel offered her an uncertain look, something which caused Camila to quirk another soft smile, a little amused by his fussing. “You’re fine, Leo” she mused “I promise, I’m not offended that you woke me up” she added playfully.

Lionel rolled his eyes, allowing a beat of silence to pass between the two of them, before he cleared his throat. “I...uh...I was going to make something eat” he stuttered out “And I came in to see if you wanted anything. Do you?” he asked as he ushered himself back to his feet, taking a pace away from her.

Camila frowned, not missing the stutter in his voice, but she didn’t say anything about it, instead opting to nod her head. “I’d love something” she mused “Do you have any olives?” she asked.

Lionel frowned. “Olives?” he asked.

Camila nodded. “I don’t know why, but it’s all I want to eat right now” she mused “Do you have any?” she pressed again.

Lionel thought for a second before he shook his head. “I don’t think so” he replied “But, if you’re really desperate for them, I could go out and get some” he added.


“I really don’t mind” Lionel cut in, interrupting what he was sure would be her telling him that he didn’t have to go.

Camila blinked a couple of times, surprised that he’d cut her off, before she shook her head, a soft smile on her lips. “Have I mentioned lately that you’re my favourite person?” she fussed.

Lionel breathed out a bashful laugh before he shook his head, trying, and failing, to hide the blush which had lit up his cheeks. “I’ll be back as quickly as I can” he mused before he ducked out of the room.

Camila watched him through the door before she gently shook her head, hoping that the slight hints of awkwardness that Lionel had shown towards her faded as quickly as possible.

“Were they worth the wait?” Lionel quipped as he peeked across the table, his dark eyes settled on Camila who sat opposite him, happily popping olive after olive into her mouth. They’d been quiet, after he’d returned from the shop with a bag full of olives, they’d settled into a semi-comfortable quiet as they ate dinner, and whilst the conversation wasn’t flowing easily. Lionel was pleased to see that he didn’t feel that awkward around her, and that Camila didn’t seem to feel that awkward around him.

Camila, who’d moved to place another olive into her mouth, grinned, nodding enthusiastically. “Absolutely” she quipped “I mean, normally, I don’t tend to like them, but right now, they’re easily the best food I’ve ever eaten” she gushed.

Lionel let out a laugh. “Pregnancy cravings are weird” he quipped.

Camila merely shrugged, placing another olive into her mouth.

Lionel shook his head, allowing another laugh to fall out of his mouth before a silence fell between the two of them, something which caused Camila to shake her head, her brown eyes looking at him tentatively. “Leo?” she asked.

“Hm?” Lionel replied.

Camila glanced at him, briefly contemplating bringing up the moment that they’d shared earlier, before she shook her head. “Don’t worry” she muttered.

Lionel tilted his head, offering her an encouraging smile. “What?” he pressed.

“It’s just...earlier” Camila stumbled out “I mean, there was that moment, and I thought...maybe...it doesn’t matter” she added.

Lionel looked at her, allowing her words to hang between the two of them, before he let out a soft sigh. “Mila...”

“I would have kissed you” Camila interrupted uncertainly “I mean, if Tessa hadn’t walked in...” she trailed off quietly

Lionel tilted his head. “You would have?” he asked.

Camila nodded tentatively. “I think so” she confirmed.

Lionel stared at her for a couple of seconds, once more allowing a silence to pass between them, before he quirked a small smile, something which bought a light blush to Camila’s cheeks. “Why are you grinning like that?” she pressed.

Lionel shook his head, a bashful laugh falling out of his mouth. “I’m just relieved” he quipped.

“Relieved?” Camila asked.

Lionel smiled. “That you would have kissed me” he replied “Because, if Tessa hadn’t walked in, I am pretty sure I would have kissed you” he added.

Camila’s already pink cheeks flushed a shade darker, something which made Lionel shake his head. “It wasn’t the right moment, though” he pointed out gently “But I am sure there’ll be a right moment eventually” he added, his caught between teasing and confident as he pushed himself up to his feet, moving to clear away his empty plate.

Camila quirked an eyebrow, watching him as he progressed towards the doorway, before she spoke. “You think there’ll be a right moment?” she asked.

Lionel paused in the doorway, thinking over her question for a second, before he nodded his head, offering her a small smile over his shoulder. “I hope so” he quipped before he walked away.
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