I Know I Was for a While

26: I Think You’re Amazing

Rubbing his eyes tiredly, Lionel moved to lock the front door behind himself, a tired yawn falling out of his mouth. It was late, with Barcelona’s 2-2 draw with Sevilla having kicked off late, he’d not made it home until the early hours of the morning, and he was looking forwards to getting to bed, even if he had only played the final twenty minutes of the match, the couple of times that he had been disturbed by Oscar’s cries overnight had started to catch up with him. Shrugging off his jacket, he placed it on top of his bag before he padded up the stairs, his ears alerted by the sound of Oscar’s cries. Reaching the top of the stairs, he paused for a seconds outside of Camila’s bedroom door before he stepped a little closer to it, gently nudging it open slightly.

Camila, who was sat at the foot of her bed, looked up at the sound of the door inching open before she quirked a tired smile, her eyes returning to Oscar who sat in her arms, crying loudly. “You’re home late” she murmured.

Lionel, who’d moved to set his bag down beside the door, nodded. “Our flight was delayed for a little while” he mused “We even thought about staying in Seville for the night and coming back tomorrow, but the coaches opted against it” he explained as he stepped a little closer to the bed, gently taking a seat at her side.

Camila nodded her head tiredly, but didn’t saying anything, something which made Lionel smile a little, his shoulder gently bumping against hers. “He’s still not letting you get much sleep?” he asked, nodding down towards Oscar whose cries had quietened slightly, becoming soft grumbles.

Camila shook her head. “He let me sleep for a couple of hours” she murmured “But he woke up about half an hour ago, and he’s still not settled down again. He’s eaten, and I changed his nappy, but he just keeps grumbling” she added, a soft yawn falling out of her mouth.

Lionel’s smile widened a little at the sleepiness in her voice before he gently shifted his arms, motioning for her to settle Oscar down into them. “I could take him” he suggested gently “I mean, if it’s Ok with you. I could sit with him for a little while whilst you got some sleep” he added, his voice slightly more tentative.

Camila shook her head, trying, and failing to stifle her sleepy smile. “Aren’t you tired?” she asked “I mean, I know you only played for about 20 minutes but...”

“I’m OK” Lionel interrupted “And besides, even if I am tired, out of the two of us, I am probably the least tired” he added, offering her a boyish grin.

Camila rolled her eyes, but still let out another yawn, something which caused Lionel to lift an eyebrow playfully. Shaking her head, she mulled his offer over for a couple of seconds, before she gently leant towards him, placing Oscar carefully into his arms. Pulling her hands back, she gently straightened the material of Oscar’s onesie before she looked up, her dark eyes meeting Lionel’s. “Gracias” she mumbled softly.

Lionel shook his head before he gently pushed himself up to his feet, cuddling Oscar’s tiny body close to his. Leaning forwards, he pressed a soft kiss against Camila’s forehead before he stepped back, smiling down at her gently. “Get some sleep, Mila” he mused gently.

Camila looked up at him for a second before she lifted her hand, cupping his cheek gently so that she could guide him into a soft kiss. Lionel smiled into the kiss for a couple of moments before he pulled away, taking a couple of steps towards the bedroom door. Camila watched him, marveling for a few moments at the sight of him with Oscar, before she shuffled up towards her pillow, allowing her head to fall onto it.

Trying to stifle another yawn into his hand, Lionel shifted his weight slightly, trying not to disturb Oscar who was rested against his chest, his soft snores filled the air. It had taken him a while, after he’d offered to take the baby for a little while so that Camila could get some sleep, it had taken him nearly an hour to get the little boy to settle completely, and whilst he wanted nothing more than to head up to his bed, he didn’t want to move, not wanting to run the risk of waking Oscar up again.

Blinking sleepily, he gingerly brushed his fingertips through Oscar’s soft brown hair before the sound of movement reached his ears, something which caused him to look up, his brown eyes settling on Camila who’d stopped in the living room doorway. “Sorry” she murmured, trying to hide her sheepish smile “I didn’t mean to disturb you” she added.

Lionel shook his head. “What are you doing up?” he asked “It’s only been about an hour and a half” he added.

Camila shrugged. “I thought I’d come and see where you’d gotten to” she mused “Is he finally asleep?” she added.

Lionel quirked a small smile. “It took a while” he mused “I mean, I walked around the house for almost twenty minutes before I settled down here, but he fell asleep a little over half an hour ago and I’ve not had the nerve to move yet. I’d hate to wake him up again” he added, his smile growing a little as Oscar let out a contented sigh in his sleep.

Camila, who’d taken a couple of steps deeper into the room, watched his expression light up before she quirked a grin of her own. “He clearly likes you” she mused.

“You think so?” Lionel quipped, glancing over at her.

Camila nodded. “I do” she mused “I mean, he is only a couple of days old but...” she trailed off impishly.

Lionel scoffed. “You think he could change his mind?” he played along.

Camila merely shrugged, something which made Lionel laugh before he shook his head. “What about his mama?” he asked impishly.

Camila’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink, something which Lionel noticed even in the dim lamplight which lit the living room, before she shook her head, her hands fiddling in her lap. “I think you’re amazing” she fussed softly “I mean, I always thought that you were, but the last six months...the last couple of days, they’ve really hammered that home for me. You’re thoughtful, and kind, and sweet, and I don’t know that I have the right words to express how much I care about you. I really, really like you, Leo” she added, a goofy smile on her face.

Lionel, who’d been watching her talk, marveled at the goofy smile on her face before he shook his head. “That’s good” he breathed.

“That’s good?” Camila countered playfully “I tell you that I am all smitten by you, and that’s all you can say?” she added.

Lionel merely grinned at her, something which made Camila roll her eyes, her hand gently hitting his leg. “You’re a jerk” she muttered teasingly.

Lionel chuckled. “I thought my liking you went without saying” he replied.

“Maybe” Camila replied “But it wouldn’t hurt you to say it. Maybe I’d like to hear it” she added, a feigned pout on her lips.

Lionel let out another laugh. “Really?” he asked.

Camila didn’t hesitate in nodding. “Really” she replied.

Lionel shook his head, unable to stifle his grin. “I like you, Camila” he mused “I really, really like you” he added.

Camila smiled at him warmly, allowing his words to hang in the air for a couple of seconds, before Oscar let out a small snuffle, something which pulled both Camila and Lionel’s attention down towards him, watching as he blinked his eyes open. Allowing a beat of quiet to pass between them, they both watched the baby stir before Camila shook her head, gently moving to lift him up from his spot on Lionel’s chest. “I think he’s probably hungry” she mused “And I think it is time that you got upstairs yourself. I mean, you do have training in the morning, no?” she added, offering Lionel a look.

Lionel nodded, trying to stifle a yawn into his hand. “You’re probably not wrong” he noted “I’ll see the two of you in the morning?” he asked.

Camila nodded, something which caused Lionel to step towards her, pressing a quick kiss against her lips before he took a half step back. Hesitating for a split second, he gently dipped his head before he placed a soft kiss on the top of Oscar’s, something which made the doting smile that Camila wore widen a fraction. “Dulces sueños, Oscar” he murmured softly before he stepped past Camila, making his way up the stairs.

Camila watched him out of the room for a second, grinning quietly to herself, before she followed after him, making her way back towards her bedroom. she knew that things would change, with her still needing to make a phone call to Isabel and Victor, she knew that the chances of things continuing to run as smoothly as they had since Oscar had been born were slim, but she hoped that, regardless of what happened with Noah’s parents, things between her and Lionel remained as good as they were.
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