I Know I Was for a While

27: I Meant What I Said

Gently pushing her dark hair off of her face, Camila allowed a nervous sigh to fall out of her mouth, her dark eyes briefly peeking towards Oscar’s crib where the little boy laid, snoozing happily. It had been a few days, after the conversation that she had had with her mother, a little over a week had passed, and with her having placed a call to Isabel the previous evening, she knew that it was only a matter of time before she and her husband showed up at her front door, wanting to meet their grandson.

She knew that it was a good thing, even despite Noah’s absence, the idea that his mother and father still wanted to be involved with Oscar’s life was something which should have relieved her, but still she couldn’t shake the knot from her stomach, even if Isabel had been quick to insist that she and her husband had little intention of trying to make excuses for Noah. The idea of her ex-boyfriend even coming up in conversation was something which still made her stomach twist.

Twisting the ends of her hair around her finger, she watched Oscar sleep for a few seconds before the sound of a light knock reached her ears, causing her to quirk a small smile before she looked up at Lionel who’d stopped in the doorway, an amused smile of his own playing at the corner of his mouth. “I was starting to wonder if you were still here” he quipped “I’ve not seen you since breakfast. I thought you’d made a run for it” he joked as he stepped a little further into the room.

Camila rolled her eyes. “I’ve not been gone for that long” she noted “I settled Oscar down for a nap about twenty minutes ago and then I went to take a shower. You’ve really missed me that much?” she joked, but the smile that she pushed onto her face didn’t quite reach her eyes, something which made Lionel shake his head gently as he sat down beside her, his hand gently taking a hold of hers.

Knotting their fingers together, he offered her hand a soft squeeze before he turned to look at her, a gentle smile on his face. “You know it’s probably not going to be as bad as you think, right?” he mused “I mean, I doubt it’ll be wonderful, but I am sure that it won’t be as bad as you think” he added.

Camila, who’d been quietly messing with his fingers, nodded. “I know I am probably overthinking it” she mumbled “It’s just...”

“They’re Noah’s parents” Lionel finished for her.

Camila quirked a small smile, a little amused by the idea that he knew precisely what she was going to say, before she nodded, something which caused Lionel to offer her hand another soft squeeze. “They’re Oscar’s grandparents” he murmured “And whilst their son is the biggest moron on the planet, they’re not him, and they want to be here for Oscar. That’s a good thing, no?” he asked.

Camila nodded. “Of course it is” she mused “I’m just...I guess I am nervous. I always was nervous around them” she added, smiling sheepishly down at their hands.

Lionel gently brushed his thumb over the back of her hand before he lifted it up, allowing him to press a soft kiss against her skin. “I’m sure it will be fine” he mumbled as he gently turned her hand over, allowing him to press a light kiss against her palm.

“That’s easy for you to say” Camila quipped “You’ve never met Isabel or Victor” she added with a halfhearted smile.

“I’d stay if you asked me to” Lionel countered, his expression soft.

Camila searched his face for a second before she nodded, her hand gently squeezing his. “I know you would” she mused “But I don’t think you sticking around will help the awkwardness much” she added. She had thought about asking him to stick around, with her having always been a little uncertain around Noah’s mother and father, she had thought that his presence would help her to relax a little, but she had opted against it, knowing that his presence would only distract Isabel and Victor from Oscar, something which Camila didn’t want.

Lionel offered her an uncertain look, wordlessly asking if she was sure that she didn’t want him to stick around, before the sound of his phone filled the air, causing him to let out a quiet sigh. “That’s my cue” he mumbled “I’ll see you later?” he asked as he stood up.

Camila nodded, something which caused Lionel to step forwards, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead. “It’s just a couple of hours” he mumbled softly, resting his head against hers for a second “And it’s on your terms, Mila. If they’re bad news....” he trailed off as he leant up again, pressing another soft kiss against her head.

Camila smiled, relishing the soft feel of his lips against her skin, before she leant back slightly, nudging him towards the door. “I’ll see you later, Leo” she mused.

Lionel hesitated for a split second before he nodded, moving to step out of the bedroom.

Staring up at the front door, Camila gently adjusted Oscar in her arms, her ears filled with the soft sound of knocking. It hadn’t been long, after Lionel had departed for training, a little less than half an hour had passed, and whilst she had been expecting Isabel and Victor to be early, the knock at the door had still surprised her, something which had caused the knot in the pit of her stomach to double in size. Swallowing a little, she briefly contemplated backing away from the door before she took a couple of paces forwards, gently tugging it open.

Isabel, who stood on the other side of the door, watched it draw open slightly before her expression lit up, her eyes quickly settling on Oscar. “Camila” she breathed softly “Oh, sweetheart, he’s so beautiful” she gushed.

Camila’s expression brightened into a doting smile before she stepped out of the doorway. “You should come in” she mused “The living room is the first door on the right” she added as the older couple stepped past her.

Victor trailed after his wife, sparing a look around the hallway, before he shook his head. “This is a nice place” he quipped, following his wife towards a couch.

Camila, who’d followed them into the room, smiled a little. “I can’t take credit for that” she mused as she leant forwards, gently settling Oscar down into his Moses basket.

Victor quirked a small smirk, like he had something else to say, but he didn’t follow up, allowing the smirk to fade as quickly as it had appeared.

Isabel, who’d caught the smirk on her husband’s face, subtly nudged his ribs before she turned towards Camila, clearing her throat softly. “So” she mused gently “How are you feeling, Camila?” she asked, trying to spark a conversation.

Camila, who’d been gently adjusting the material of Oscar’s onesie, shrugged before she lifted her head, looking at the older woman. “I feel alright” she mused “Tired, but OK” she added, smiling softly down at Oscar.

“He’s not a good sleeper?” Isabel pressed.

“He’s not keen on letting his mama get much sleep” Camila admitted “But I don’t mind. He’s worth a few sleepless nights” she added warmly.

Isabel smiled at the expression on Camila’s face before she lowered her stare, watching Oscar stir for a couple of moments before she turned to look at Victor, her expression softening. Victor studied his wife’s face for a second before he shook his head, sparing a look down towards his grandson. Allowing a couple of beats of quiet to pass, he watched the baby stir quietly, before he let out a quiet sigh. “He’s a beautiful baby, Camila” he complimented gently “He looks a lot like you, though there are clearly flecks of Noah in him” he added.

Camila’s expression flinched a little at the mention of Noah’s name before she shook her head, chewing on her lip slightly. “Did you tell him I called?” she murmured.

Isabel and Victor shared a look before the older woman nodded. “We did” she confirmed “But...” she trailed off, a sad look on her face.

Camila spotted the expression before she shook her head, her fingers messing with the hem of her shirt.

“I meant what I said though” Isabel continued “When I said that Victor and I wanted to be around, I meant that. Whatever you need, Camila” she insisted gently.

Camila smiled weakly. “Gracias” she mused.

Isabel flashed her a small comforting smile before she turned her eyes down towards Oscar. “Do you mind if I hold him?” she asked.

Camila shook her head, fixing a brighter smile onto her lips. “Of course not” she mused.

Isabel let out a small excited sound before she stood up, moving to lift Oscar up into her arms before she stepped towards Victor, showing the infant off to him. Victor grinned at her fussing before he started to coo to Oscar, something which made Camila shake her head gently, the knot in her stomach still not entirely gone.
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