I Know I Was for a While

63: It’s Yours If You Want It

“So” Gerard chirped as he sat on the arm of the couch “What’s the occasion?” he added, smirking a little at Lionel who stood a little away from him, irritably adjusting the tie that Camila had thrust into his hand almost as soon as the defender had stepped through the door.

Lionel, who’d been messing with the knot of his tie, rolled his eyes at the tone of the Spaniard’s voice before he looked up, shaking his head a little. “There’s no occasion” he quipped “Mila’s mother had the day off and she invited us out to dinner. Mila’s pretty excited about going” he added, tucking his tie beneath the collar of his shirt.

“And you?” Gerard quipped amusedly.

Lionel, who’d moved to wrap his jacket around his shoulders, shrugged. “It’s not how I’d choose to spend the evening” he mused gently “But this is the first night that Lucille has had available since I...since me and Mila got engaged and she wants to make a bit of a fuss. I promised Mila that I’d go along with her” he explained, a slight blush lighting up his cheeks as a faint smile pulled up the corner of his lips. It still felt a little surreal, even despite the few weeks that had passed since he had asked Camila to marry him, the idea that they were engaged was one which still felt a little foreign to him, but it never failed to make him smile a little, still in awe that Camila had actually said yes to him.

Gerard quirked an amused smirk, not missing the blush on the other man’s face before he shook his head. “You remember telling me that you didn’t like her, right?” he teased.

Lionel merely offered him a playful roll of his eyes, something which made the defender reach out, his hand patting the smaller man’s shoulder warmly before the sound of footsteps heading towards them reached their ears, causing them both to look up, watching as Camila stepped into the room, Oscar settled on her hip. “Gerard” she greeted “I didn’t hear the door. You’re early” she added as she leant towards him, greeting him with a polite kiss on the cheek.

Gerard smiled. “There’s a first time for everything” he joked.

Camila laughed gently before she turned slightly, offering Oscar out towards him. “You’re sure that you don’t mind doing this for us?” she asked gently “I mean, it’s a little last minute, but I am sure that we could...”

“I’m sure I can handle it” Gerard cut in as he lifted the little boy into his arms “And if not, I’ve got Leo’s number. I’m sure it will be fine, Camila” he added, his voice warm and reassuring.

Camila offered him a slightly uncertain look, wordlessly asking if he was one hundred percent certain, before she nodded her head, a small smile lighting up her face. “Gracias” she mused “He’s just had a bath and if you leave it maybe half an hour, he should go to sleep pretty quickly after you settled him down. I’ve left a story book beside his bed just in case” she fussed as she stepped forwards, pressing a soft kiss against the back of Oscar’s head.

Lionel, who stood a little behind her, smiled a little to himself before he took a pace forwards, gently offering out the coat of hers that he’d moved to collect. “We should...” he trailed off.

Camila nodded. “We should” she agreed “Gerard...”

“I’ve got it” Gerard interrupted with a grin.

Camila smiled back at him for a second before she leant forwards, pressing another kiss against the top of Oscar’s head. “See you later, baby” she mumbled gently before she stepped away, padding out of the room.

Lionel watched her walk past him, a familiar doting smile on his face, before he looked up, catching Gerard’s eye, something which caused the defender to flash him a playful smirk, mouthing the words ‘I knew it’. Lionel rolled his eyes playfully before he stepped forwards, pressing a quick kiss against the top of Oscar’s head. “Dulces sueños, little one” he muttered before he followed Camila out of the room, leaving Gerard smirking amusedly behind him.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Lucille asked as she pushed herself up to her feet, moving to greet Camila with a soft hug. It had been a while, with her having been busy with work for a couple of weeks, it had been a little while since she had seen her daughter, but she was glad that they had made plans together, especially since they’d seen Lionel join them. She had been looking forwards to making a fuss of their engagement with the two of them around since she had found out that Camila had said yes when Lionel had popped the question.

Lionel, who’d moved to settle into a seat beside the table, quirked a polite smile. “Water will be fine for me” he mused.

Lucille nodded before she leant back from Camila, a warm grin on her face. “And you?” she asked.

“Just a lemonade” Camila replied.

Lucille nodded and relayed their order to the waiter who stood patiently beside the table before she turned back towards the younger couple, a warm grin still illuminating her features. Taking a couple of seconds, she watched the two of them mumble to each other before she let out a small sound, trying to refrain from cooing about how sweet they looked together. “So” she mused “I have a little something to tell you both” she fussed gently.

Camila, who’d been smiling a little at something Lionel had mumbled to her, looked up at the sound of her mother’s voice. “You do?” she asked.

Lucille nodded her head slowly. “I know it is early” she mused gently “And I almost certain that you’re going to yell at me, because I am pretty sure that the two of you haven’t made any decisions about the wedding, but I called...I called the church where me and your papa got married” she added, her voice softening a little.

Camila’s expression softened slightly. “You did?” she asked gently.

Lucille nodded. “You used to talk about it all of the time” she mused gently “When you were a little younger, you used to fuss over it whenever I showed you pictures of me and your papa, and I thought...I just thought I’d make an enquiry, just to see what, if any, dates they had available, and they have one, in a little over six months’ time” she explained carefully.

She knew that she was sticking her nose in, with Lionel and Camila having not been engaged for long, she knew that they had yet to make any plans for their wedding, but she couldn’t resist putting in a phone call, even if she knew that she risked upsetting the couple. She knew that the church where she and her late husband had married was something which meant a lot to her daughter.

Lionel, who’d been sipping his drink, spluttered a little. “Six months?” he asked.

Lucille nodded slowly. “I asked them to hold it for a couple of days” she mused “And I would totally understand if you told me where to stick it, I know I’ve probably stuck my nose a little too far into this, but...but it’s yours if you want it” she added, the faintest hint of a smile spreading over her lips.

Camila admired the faint smile that her mother wore for a brief moment before the scent of something on one of the nearby tables reached her nose, causing her to grimace slightly before she shook her head, trying to ignore the turn her stomach had given. “You asked them to hold it?” she asked, sharing a quick look with Lionel who was staring at her, a curious expression on his face.

Lucille nodded. “Until the end of the week” she confirmed “Just...give it some though, eh? It’s a beautiful little church, Mila” she gushed.

Camila quirked a faint smile before she turned towards Lionel. “I know it is” she mused.

Lionel nodded, not missing the slight spark in Camila’s eye. “We’ll think about it” he enthused.