I Know I Was for a While

69: But It’s There

Ruffling his hair slightly, Lionel quirked a tired smile, his dark eyes watching as Camila padded around the kitchen, getting things ready for the breakfast that they’d arranged to have with her mother and his parents. It had been a little while, after the appointment that they had had with Tessa, a couple of weeks had passed, and with Camila’s nausea having started to ease a little, they had agreed that it was time to share the news of her pregnancy, something that he was looking forwards to, even if Camila did seem a little apprehensive. He was sure that the news that Camila was expecting was something which both of their families would greet with open arms.

Pushing his hand back through his hair, he took a sip from the mug of tea that he held in his hand before he lightly cleared his throat, something which caused Camila to look up at him, her expression slightly flustered. “Huh?” she spluttered out.

Lionel smiled at her over the rim of his cup. “You know that we’re only having our parents over, right?” he quipped impishly.

Camila, who’d moved to check on something in the oven, rolled her eyes to herself before she turned to look at him over her shoulder, offering him a small nod. “I do know that” she confirmed “I just...I want to make sure that it’s nice. I mean, I know that our parents have met before...” she trailed off, a slightly sheepish look on her face.

Lionel watched her for a moment, not missing the slightly shy look that she wore on her face, before he shook his head, taking another sip of his drink. “You want any help?” he asked, moving to stow the cup on the counter beside him.

Camila tilted her head, a slightly timid smile on her lips. “You’re not going to tell me that I’m worrying for nothing?” she quipped, gently pushing her hair off of her face.

Lionel breathed out a small laugh. “Would it make you feel better if I did?” he asked.

Camila merely offered him shrug, something which made Lionel step towards her, wrapping his arms happily around her waist. “You’re worrying about nothing” he mused, lifting one of his hands so that he could tuck her hair behind her ear.

“You really think so?” Camila asked, her dark eyes peeking up into his.

Lionel didn’t hesitate in nodding. “My parents get on well with your mother” he mused “And they’re really looking forwards to seeing Oscar again. My mother even mentioned something about having a few belated birthday presents for him” he added, a warm smile on his face.

Camila’s nervous expression brightened slightly. “Really?” she breathed out.

Lionel noted the shift in her expression before he nodded, moving to press a soft kiss against her forehead. “They also mentioned being pretty excited to see you” he mumbled, smiling gently against her skin “I guess you must have made a pretty good impression” he added as he pulled back, allowing his dark eyes to mirror hers.

Camila breathed out a nervous laugh, something which made Lionel laugh gently before he pressed another kiss against her head, mumbling reassuringly for a few seconds before the sound of the front doorbell, quickly followed by Oscar’s grumbles, filled the air, causing him to pull back with a playful sigh. “I’ll get Oscar?” he suggested.

Camila nodded her head slowly, something which made Lionel quirk another smile before he leant towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. “You’re worrying about nothing” he repeated gently before he padded out of the room.

Camila hesitated for a second, watching him out of the room, before she followed, padding towards the front door. Taking in a deep breath, she eyed the door uncertainly for a couple of seconds before she took a pace towards it, gently pulling it open to reveal Jorge and Celia who stood on the other side, warm grins on their faces. Swallowing, she fixed a welcoming smile onto her face before she stepped out of the doorway, hoping that her nerves would fade with time.

“So” Celia quipped as she plopped down into the empty seat beside Lionel “When are you going to tell your mama about your wedding plans?” she added playfully. It had been a good morning, despite Camila’s obvious nervousness, the breakfast had been relaxed and comfortable, and Celia could see that it pleased Lionel, even if he hadn’t said much to suggest that his parents and Camila’s mother getting along was something that bothered him. The proud smile that he had worn throughout the morning made it more than obvious to her.

Lionel, who was quietly sipping on a glass of juice as he watched Camila and Oscar play across the garden, jumped at the sound of his mother’s voice before he shook his head, a sheepish laugh tumbling out of his mouth. “You don’t think I would have told you if we had any?” he quipped.

Celia shrugged. “I don’t know” she mused “I mean, the proposal came a little out of nowhere” she added, her voice warm and lighthearted.

Lionel merely shook his head, a soft blush spreading across his cheeks.

Celia admired the shy look on his face for a couple of seconds, smiling gently to herself, before she gently bumped her shoulder against his. “How far along is she?” she murmured, disturbing the comfortable quiet which had settled between the two of them.

Lionel, who’d been taking another sip of his drink, spluttered before he turned to look at his mother, his dark eyes wide. “What?” he stumbled out.

Celia rolled her eyes, a knowing smile on her lips. “Camila” she clarified “How far along is she?” she asked.

Lionel blinked a couple of times, surprised by the question, before he shook his head, a small laugh falling out of his mouth. “How did you...?” he trailed off, a slightly dazed smile on his lips.

Celia smiled. “She’s got a little bump” she noted “I mean, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, but...”

“But it’s there” Lionel finished for her, unable to stop himself from sparing a look across the garden towards where Camila sat, excitedly talking to Oscar.

Celia followed his gaze, admiring the brunette for a second, before she turned back to him, gently poking his side. “How many weeks?” she asked.

“A little over three months” Lionel replied “Fourteen...fifteen weeks” he clarified, reluctantly turning his eyes away from Camila.

Celia merely smile at him for a second before she lifted her hand, gently patting his cheek. “I’m so happy for you” she fussed.

Lionel smiled bashfully, mumbling a small comment about him being pretty happy himself beneath his breath, before Camila caught his eye, something which caused him to excuse himself, moving over to her. Celia watched him across the garden, a soft smile stuck on her face, before she followed, joining her husband and Lucille who stood around the couple, talking amongst themselves.

Shaking her head, she watched as Lionel helped Camila back to her feet before she flashed him an encouraging smile, something which made his cheeks flush a soft shade of pink before he started to speak, shyly revealing the news of Camila’s pregnancy to the others. It wasn’t the first time that she had thought it, every time that she saw Lionel and Camila together, she had always thought that there was something about the two of them, something to be optimistic about, and the more she saw of them together, she more certain she grew of it, knowing just how smitten they both were about one another.
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