I Know I Was for a While

71: Don’t Pull That Face

Gently twisting a loose strand of Camila’s dark hair around his finger, Lionel gently passed his hand over the side of her face, carefully tucking it behind her ear. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before she woke up, with Lucille having informed the two of them that she had an early meeting that morning, he’d watched Camila set an alarm before they’d fallen asleep the previous night, but he wanted to enjoy the quiet for a few moments, even if he knew that the alarm was only moments away from going off. For a couple of seconds, he merely wanted to watch her sleep.

Brushing a few more wayward hairs off of her face, he allowed his fingertips to lightly brush against her warm skin before he pulled his hand back, pushing it back through his own hair as a quiet sigh fell out of his mouth, his mind still whirring with the question that Camila had asked him the night before. It had been sudden, since Camila had discovered that she was expecting for the second time, Lionel didn’t recall her seeming anything other than excited at the prospect of their baby coming along, but the question she had asked him the previous night had surprised him, even if he knew that she hadn’t meant to upset him. The question was still something which had caught him off guard.

Ruffling his hair slightly, he closed his eyes for a few seconds before he felt an arm settle across his stomach, causing him to blink his eyes open before he looked down, smiling a little at Camila who stared up at him, her brown eyes soft and sleepy. “Hi” she mumbled sleepily “You’re awake” she added, a soft yawn tumbling out of her mouth.

Lionel let out a soft laugh, his arm gently wrapping around her shoulder. “You’re observant” he quipped.

Camila merely smiled up at him, snuggling a little closer to his side as a comfortable silence settled between them.

Lionel watched her for a moment, his thumb gently brushing back and forth over her shoulder, before he turned his head slightly, pressing a soft kiss against the top of hers. “We should probably think about getting up” he mumbled into her hair “I mean, the alarm’s due to go off any minute anyway. You can grab a shower and I’ll go downstairs and make us something to eat before we have to get to your mothers” he added, pressing another soft kiss against the top of her head.

Camila, who’d started to trail her fingers up and down his side, turned her head slightly, pressing a soft kiss against his chest. “Have I mentioned lately how much I like having you around?” she mumbled teasingly.

Lionel rolled his eyes playfully, something which made Camila giggle before she shuffled up the bed slightly, pressing a brisk kiss against his cheek. “You love me really” she teased impishly before she shuffled out of the bed, padding across the room towards the bathroom.

Lionel watched her across the room, a soft loved-up smile on his face, before he gently shook his head, moving to climb out of bed himself.

“Are you sure that you have time for this, mama?” Camila asked as she took a seat beside the kitchen island, her dark eyes watching as her mother walked around the room, preparing tea for her and Lionel “I mean, if you want us to leave, we can. Leo’s just trying to get Oscar’s shoes on” she added gently.

Lucille, who’d been busily pouring water into two mugs, shook her head, a warm smile on her face. “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t have time” she mused “Besides, how can I resist a chance to ask how your date went last night, sweetheart?” she fussed playfully.

Camila rolled her eyes, but couldn’t hide the small smile that was quick to pull up the corner of her mouth, something which made Lucille giggle as she stepped towards her, placing a mug of tea down ahead of her. “You’re so cute, baby” she gushed.

Camila spared her another roll of her brown eyes before she shook her head, gently pushing her hair off of her face. “It was really nice” she admitted gently “I mean, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but really? It was perfect. He’s got a knack for getting things right” she added, a bashful laugh tumbling out of her mouth.

Lucille’s smile softened at the sound of her bashful laugh. “He’s a catch” she mused “I mean, I’m sure I’ve said it thousands of times in the last year, but he’s a wonderful man, Camila. You’re very lucky to have him” she enthused gently.

Camila was quiet for a second before she nodded, a smile which she always wore when she was talking about Lionel quickly lighting up her face. “I know” she agreed.

Lucille opened her mouth, preparing to follow up, but she stopped herself, grinning as she watched Oscar toddle into the kitchen, Lionel close behind. “How can we help you, boys?” she fussed.

“We were just coming to see what mama and nana were up to” Lionel mused, catching Oscar’s hand as he started to wobble a little “We’re not interrupting, are we?” he added.

Lucille shook her head. “Of course not” she mused “Camila was just gushing over your date last night, but that can wait” she added, sparing a teasing look towards her daughter.

Camila rolled her eyes, something which made Lucille giggle. “I’ve made you some tea, Leo” she mused, turning back towards him “Why don’t you let Oscar show you the new toy I bought for him yesterday?” she fussed.

Lionel offered her a polite smile before he nodded his head, moving to take the mug which she had left for him on the counter before he turned to Oscar. “You want to show me your toys?” he fussed.

Oscar grinned up at him. “Papa!” he squeaked before he toddled his way out of the room, Lionel following after him.

Camila watched the two of them together, not missing the warm grin which had been quick to light up Lionel’s face, before she gently shook her head, her fingers messing with the ends of her hair as her mind briefly wandered back towards the conversation that she and Lionel had had the night before.

Lucille watched her for a second, not missing the slight frown which had appeared on her lips, before she gently bumped her shoulder. “Don’t pull that face” she quipped.

“What face?” Camila countered, her forehead furrowing slightly.

“You’ve got a thinking face” Lucille quipped “You get all quiet and serious, and I am telling you right now, whatever it is, it’s nothing something to be worried about. You’ve just watched your adorable little boy toddle out of the room with your adorable boyfriend, Camila. Whatever it is, it’s not worth worrying about. Everything is good, Camila. Enjoy it” she insisted gently, her hand briefly rubbing Camila’s shoulder before she stepped away, following Lionel out of the room.

Camila hesitated for a second, allowing her mother’s words to hang in the air for a few seconds, before she nodded her head to herself, knowing that her mother was right. Things were good, for Camila, they had been good since she had found herself staying in Lionel's home, and they showed no signs of changing.
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