I Know I Was for a While

86: One Step At A Time

Slowly pushing a spoon around the mug of tea that she had made for herself, Camila covered her mouth with a hand, trying to stifle yet another yawn which was desperate to fall out of it. She had been awake for a while, despite the fact that both Sam and Oscar had spent the night at home with Lionel, she had still climbed out of bed at the time that Sam normally woke her up, and despite her best efforts, she hadn’t been able to fall back to sleep, something which had caused her to creep downstairs, not wanting to disturb her relatives which were dotted around the house, still sleeping soundly.

She knew what the day ahead of her would be like, with the ceremony scheduled for late morning, she knew that as soon as people woke up, the house would be a rush with activity as people tried to make sure that things were done in time, and whilst she was looking forwards to it, she was more than keen to enjoy the quiet for a little while, wanting to keep her inevitable butterflies away for as long as she could.

Gently pulling the spoon out of her cup, she placed it down into the sink quietly before she felt a small vibration in her pocket, something which made her shake her head gently before she reached her hand into the pocket, slipping out the phone that sat inside. Quickly peeking out of the kitchen, she made sure that no one was coming, before she flicked her attention down towards the phone, smiling a little at the picture that had been sent to her from Lionel’s phone.

He clearly hadn’t sent it, from the expression on his face, he didn’t even know that the picture had been taken, but still it made Camila grin. It was the three of them, Lionel, Oscar and Sam, sat in front of the television, watching one of Oscar’s favourite cartoons whilst they ate their breakfast, and Camila couldn’t help but smile a little, a little amazed by how relaxed Lionel looked.

Typing out a quick reply, she stuffed the phone back into her pocket before she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, something which caused her to let out a small squeak in surprise before she turned around, glancing at her mother who stood behind her, an excited smile on her face. “You’re getting married!” Lucille announced a little too loudly.

Camila shook her head. “Mama” she warned “People are still trying to sleep” she added.

Lucille shrugged, grinning. “Not for much longer” she announced “Now that I am up, it’s time people started to get up. You’ve got to have breakfast, have a shower and get your hair and makeup done before we get you into your dress, and then we’ve got to have pictures taken before we head off to the venue. I’ve already spoken to Una and she’s going to take Lionel’s sister up to the church to make sure that everything’s in place, so you don’t have to...” she trailed off as she spotted the wide-eyed expression on Camila’s face.

Studying the look on her face, Lucille allowed her smile to soften slightly before she reached a hand forwards, cupping Camila’s cheek gently. “I’m sorry” she murmured “I’m just so excited for you, baby, but I will try and keep it under control so that I don’t freak you out. It’s a big day, Camila, but maybe we ought to take it one step at a time, eh? Why don’t you head upstairs and take a shower? I’ll make us some breakfast” she added, gently tracing her thumb along the line of her cheekbone.

Camila smiled, gently leaning into her mother’s hand slightly. “Baby steps?” she asked.

Lucille nodded. “Baby steps” she confirmed.

Camila offered her another soft smile before she stepped out of the room, leaving Lucille grinning excitedly behind her.

“So” Camila asked quietly “What’s the next step, mama?” she added, sparing a glance towards her mother who sat beside her, staring out of the car window as they pulled closer to the venue. It had passed quickly, after her mother had woken up and started things moving, the morning had gotten away from Camila and before she’d known what was happening, she’d been settled into a car that was bound for the church, something which had a lump in her throat that she seemed to be unable to get rid of.

Lucille smiled at the sound of the question before she turned, quickly gathering Camila’s hand into her own. “You’re going to get married” she mused gently “You’re going to walk up that aisle, and you’re going to say your vows, and then you and Leo are going to walk out of that church as husband and wife” she added.

Camila let out a slightly shaky breath, causing Lucille to squeeze her hand again. “You think he’s this nervous?” Camila asked quietly.

Lucille grinned. “I know he is” she mused “His mama and I have been texting all morning and apparently he’s a nervous wreck” she added.

Camila tried to smile, but it appeared more like a grimace. “So he could mess up his vows too?” she pressed.

“He could” Lucille confirmed “But you know what? It doesn’t matter” she added.


“It will be perfect” Lucille interrupted “But, in the unlikely event that things don’t go as planned, no one will care, just as long as you and he come away from this married. No one remembers the little things that don’t quite go to plan, but they do remember how beautiful the bride looked, or how happy the groom looked when he saw her for the first time. So take a breath, Camila, and relax, because it’s going to be perfect for you and for him” she added, smiling softly.

Camila looked at her for a few moments, quietly taking in the words, before she felt the car slow, something which caused her to let out another shaky breath before she shook her head, glancing uncertainly at her mother. “You think that he’s...”

“He’s perfect for you” Lucille interrupted without a beat of hesitation “He fits you, Camila, you and the boys, and you’re not going to regret him. He’s the one” she insisted with a bright grin.

Camila nodded firmly, wordlessly agreeing with her mother’s words, before she settled her hand on car door, pushing it open without a second more of hesitation.

Lucille grinned and followed after her, helping her out of the car before she leant down, delicately smoothing out of the material of her dress. Leaning up, she gently adjusted the veil that was pinned to the back of her hair before she pulled it over Camila’s face. “You ready?” she asked.

Camila merely nodded, something which made Lucille squeeze her into a quick hug before she took a pace back, wrapping her arm gently around Camila’s. Squeezing her daughter’s arm gently, she guided her through each step carefully and slowly, before they reached the end of the aisle, something which caused Camila’s breathing to hitch slightly as the music stuck up. Closing her eyes, she took in a couple of shaky breaths before she looked up, her eyes settling on Lionel and Oscar who stood at the other end of the aisle.

Lionel, who’d been mumbling gently to the toddler, whipped his head up at the sound of the music starting up before he grinned, something which made Camila smile too, any hint of nervousness or uncertainty almost instantly melting away.
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