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Chasing the Missing Paths

The Sixth Encounter

The sixth encounter was yet of another different kind. While once again very unplanned, it didn’t happen much later than the previous encounter. It occurred on the last day of their trip, the evening before they were going to return home and part ways. There are no words or too many words to summarize what happened and the feelings that were felt this time. All that can be said was that Alex and Emma had more fun than they expected, and their expectations were quite high already.

“We're back at the hotel room!” Alex exclaimed after Emma used a keycard to unlock it and they both entered. “Time for a fact!”

“Oh, umm, oh god, I can’t think of--” Emma looked up, trying to think of something quickly since they had turned it into something rapid fire after they had both had once taken way too long to think of one, before blurting out, “I lost my virginity when I was nineteen! Your turn!”

“Oh, shit!” Alex was now the one to panic, always forgetting to think of something before he even announced that it was time for a fact. He took the easy way out this time. “Umm… sixteen! Or fifteen! I don’t really remember.”

“Not bad, not bad,” Emma approved jokingly, both a lot calmer now. “Based on all I know, you seem like a guy I would avoid at all costs in high school.”

“And you seem like a girl I would have hopelessly tried to get with,” he commented back, knowing it was the truth. He was unsure if teenage him would actually want to be in a relationship over a one-night-stand, but it required a similar beginning. Now, however, he already had a great girlfriend.

“Exactly,” Emma giggled. Although she went to a school for music and theater, she always hated the people that acted loud and full of themselves. It helped people get further in that industry, but she just wasn’t that person. “But I’m happy I’m on this trip with you now. I’m sure if anybody else came along, they would have absolutely refused to go snorkeling in the freezing water just to see two tectonic plates.”

“It’s fucking awesome to see, though!” Alex argued, still amazed by what they had done. He probably would have never done it himself, but he was glad he had done it now. To show how grateful he was, he turned a little more serious and hugged her. “I’m glad you let me come with you.”

When they both pulled away from the hug something unexpected happened. Nobody knocked on the door, the fire alarm didn’t go off, and neither got a phone call. Nothing interrupted the brief look they shared that led to a kiss. Alex nor Emma had felt it coming until that split second in time. They had both let their guards down and it led to this specific moment.

But it didn’t last long.

Realization set in at the same time for both. They broke apart with a jump before any gesture other than kissing back could make its way into there. If it had lasted one second longer, Emma knew she would have wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck and Alex knew he definitely would have had his hands on Emma’s waist. They were still in the awkward position of ending a hug, so it was easier to put a few feet in between them.

“What was that?” Emma asked in shock, unsure whether she liked it or not.

“Something that shouldn’t have happened,” Alex said and knew his girlfriend was not going to be happy if she ever found out he kissed another girl.

“Yeah, I know. It was weird,” Emma agreed to make Alex feel a little better. However, she didn’t think it was weird at all. She had made up her mind and decided she actually quite enjoyed it. All she really needed was a rebound. “And I know you have a girlfriend, don’t worry, I respect that.”

“Okay, good, we’re on the same page.” He nodded, but something strange happened. For some reason, he didn’t care if his girlfriend was going to get mad. He felt like it was worth it.

“It was just a heat of the moment thing,” she commented, but it didn’t excuse anything.

The moment hadn’t ended yet. Despite knowing what was best, they couldn’t resist testing the waters again only to find out they didn’t mind it at all. It went further than the short confused kiss from before. Although wearing a lot of layers to keep warm, they were all single-handedly peeled off their bodies until they were both on the bed they had tried to trade in for twin beds on the first day but weren’t able to. If the hotel hadn’t been booked fully, maybe they would have never given in to their temptations.

Alex rolled on the condom before Emma climbed on top of him. No more kisses were shared between them, only heavy panting was exchanged, Alex groaning on the mattress while Emma moaned above him with an arched back. There was no romance hidden behind their actions, they both just needed the physical interaction. Emma needed something to take her mind off her ex and Alex needed a change of scenery.

As soon as it ended, Emma disappeared into the bathroom and didn’t return before Alex had fallen asleep. They both acted like nothing had happened the next morning when they had to leave. Just like that, their random fact game ended along with it.
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I know it lacks a lot of detail right now, but that's for a later chapter. I don't want to bore you with repeating things. The details aren't important for this encounter (strangely enough), just the fact that it happened is important for now. Trust me.