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Among the Stars


It had been almost a month since the Doctor had died and he still hadn’t figured out how Alexis had gone back in time to bring him back, but she really didn’t care. Waiting for the Doctor to finish tinkering with the console, she played anxiously with her fingers and looked up as a hand wrapped around hers.

“You’re fiddling, what’s wrong?”

“Just a little jittery is all... don’t like sitting around,” Alexis replied with a shrug.

“Let’s go then,” the Doctor stated, motioning to the door and holding out his hand for her to lead the way.

Stepping out into a new adventure was exciting, but Alexis knew from experience that things could go from fun to terrifying in a matter of seconds and always had her guard up in case.

“What is this place?” Alexis asked as she looked around in confusion.

“It doesn’t have a name,” the Doctor told her, “It’s not even a real place, just something from someone’s imagination...”

“So, we’re in someone’s head?”

“Sort of,” the Doctor replied, leaning against the TARDIS and watching Alexis closely as he continued, “It takes someone with an immense amount of power and an even stronger imagination to create a physical world, especially one this vivid.”

“A child?”

“Probably, adults don’t generally have the same imagination that children have,” the Doctor explained, “Children can believe in something so strongly that it actually takes root, creating itself and existing purely because a tiny mind made it so.”

Looking around, Alexis smiled as a unicorn emerged from some trees and went to drink from a river that wound through some fields. Everything about the place was pure, unicorns and rainbows, purple clouds and bright colored birds. Even though she knew that it wasn’t real, it made her feel at peace and she could understand why a child would wish such a place existed.
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