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Among the Stars


Sat at the console writing in her journal, Alexis failed to notice the Doctor return from wherever he had disappeared to and jumped as a chocolate cupcake with a single candle was shoved in her face.

“Happy birthday,” he said, “Make a wish...”

“Wishes don’t come true,” Alexis replied, “You told me that.”

“Don’t ruin the moment and make a wish already, the wax is going to get on the frosting.”

Chuckling in amusement, Alexis closed her eyes and thought for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. The Doctor removed the candle, before handing her the cake and a neatly wrapped box.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” Alexis told him, earning a pointed look in return and shaking her head. Pulling off the light purple paper, Alexis removed the lid and smiled at what she found inside, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” the Doctor replied, “We have a couple of hours before we can leave, so how about going to grab some lunch?”

Nodding, Alexis put her journals on the seat and grabbed her jacket. It wasn’t the first time they’d stopped off in Cardiff to refuel the TARDIS at the rift, so she knew exactly where they were heading for lunch and linked her arm with the Doctor’s as they headed towards the small diner.

“Do you have a birthday?” Alexis asked as they waited for their food.

“Not one that I celebrate, or falls on a calendar,” the Doctor told her, smiling as a waitress approached and placed their plates on the table, “Thank you.”

“You should choose one.”

“Choose one what?”

“A birthday,” Alexis stated, “You should choose a day where you celebrate your life.”

“My life works a little differently to yours...” the Doctor began, falling silent as a haunted look appeared on his face, “I’ll think about it.”


It wasn’t long, before they were on their way back to the TARDIS and Alexis smiled as the blue box came into view. She was just sitting down to finish her journal entry, when the Doctor looked over at her with a serious expression on his face and spoke.

“Today,” he said, causing Alexis to frown and continuing, “You said that I should choose a day... so, I choose today.”

“Why today?”

“Today’s a good day, plus a birthday should be spent with the people that matter to you...” the Doctor explained with a shrug, “Might as well make both birthdays on the same day.”

“Well, there’s no one that I’d rather share my cupcake with,” Alexis teased, breaking the cake in half and handing him a piece with a grin, “Happy Birthday, Doctor.”

“Happy Birthday, Lex.”
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