How Did We Get Here?

When Henrik Hanssen left his family in Sweden behind it didn't mean he left behind his entire family. Hannah's lived in her father's shadow all her life, when she finally decides to return to Holby she begins to learn the secrets of her past.
  1. Chapter One - Hannah Hanssen
  2. Chapter Two - Happy Families
  3. Chapter Three - Mentorship
  4. Chapter Four - Family Issues
    Warning: This is a tough chapter, it deals with the hospital shooting and immediate aftermath for the Hanssen family.
  5. Chapter Five - Recovery
  6. Chapter Six - Moving Forward
  7. Chapter Seven - Matters of the Heart (Or Lungs)
  8. Chapter Eight - Revelations
    WARNING: 1) I'm not a big fan of Meena so if you like her then read this chapter with caution, she's not intended to be the "bad guy" but she's not painted in a good light in this chapter. 2) I'm drawing from things I've seen in the summer trailer fr
  9. Chapter Nine - Summer
  10. Chapter Ten - Professional Reputation
    I’ve slightly re-written Jac’s procedure and the events surrounding it because I had already written the bulk of this chapter when the most recent episode aired and I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to change it and any further plans because of tha
  11. Chapter Eleven - Stress for Stress
  12. Chapter Twelve - Concealer