Love Is a Battlefield

Chapter Three: Private Talks

Stepping out of the bathroom, Amelia was relieved to get away from the chatter down in the dining room; she still couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that in exactly one month’s time she was going to be married.

All decisions seemed to have been taken care of without her and Amelia could only imagine how she was going to explain this to her parents; her wedding was going to be a big affair and they would have to be there.

“You look good Amelia,” a voice murmured making her jump, her eyes quickly landing on the man that was going to be her husband in a months’ time.

Gerard was leaning against the wall watching her, he had kept a close eye on her since they’d sat down for dinner and had noticed how unsettled she looked.

Not that he could blame her, his father wasn’t the easiest man to deal with and it had annoyed Gerard that Joan was again meddling in his career.

“How have you been?” Gerard asked curiously, it felt like forever since he had seen her and he had to admit that he hadn’t known quite what to say when he had first laid eyes on her.

He moved away from the wall almost relieved to be away from his parents and he knew that this conversation wasn’t something that he wished to have with her in front of his father.

“I’ve been good,” Amelia replied not sure what to make of him, even if his father wasn’t aware of the history that they had shared there was no ignoring the fact that things had happened.

Amelia had dated Gerard briefly in school, they had lasted two years before school finished and they were forced to go their separate ways; Amelia had gone to a local college while Gerard had been sent away to some fancy university that had been chosen for him.

Now here they were eleven years later being thrown together in a situation that neither would have ever imagined and neither now how to feel about that.

“You look amazing Mila,” Gerard said softly, he couldn’t help himself and he wished that his father had stayed far away from her; she was a part of his life that had once remained untouched by his family.

His father had always pinned his hopes on Gerard being the one to do great things and he had pushed Gerard to achieve greatness; he was thrilled that his son had gone into politics.

Amelia felt a lump form in her throat at the nickname that he used, he was the only one that had ever called her that and she had never thought that she would hear it again after they had broken up.

“I’m sorry about my padre… I hope he wasn’t too hard on you,” Gerard continued, he had told his father to stay out of his love life and he knew that this wasn’t something that you could force on anyone.

In his life, Gerard had only ever dated two women and Amelia was one of them; to have her back in his life felt strange and he wondered for a moment if this was a sign from God that they were meant to be.

“Not as much as he could have,” Amelia said honestly, she had gotten off lightly because she had agreed quickly and she was sure that it would have been worse if she hadn’t.

Gerard frowned at that and didn’t push, he would have a word with his father later but right now he was focused on her; he couldn’t help but worry about Amelia.

“You don’t have to do this,” Gerard told her, he didn’t care what his father had told her; he wouldn’t force her to do something that she wasn’t comfortable with.

He would be fine handling the campaign trail alone even if it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world and he was sure that whatever was thrown at him that he would be able to manage.

“I do,” Amelia replied softly, she was surprised that he was being so sweet about this and she wasn’t sure what to make of this Gerard; she was sure that this had been a surprise to him as it was her.

Joan had a reputation that could not be ignored and she had no doubts that he wouldn’t be pleased with her ducking out; he would go after her parents and she couldn’t allow that to happen.

“Amelia,” Gerard said shaking his head, he was surprised that she was so willing to do this and he hated that his father wouldn’t tell him what he had over her.

He was sure it had to be something big if Amelia wasn’t willing to back out when he was giving her a chance to do so; he would happily do anything to make this easier on her.

“I can’t let my family down,” Amelia said, she had been told not to tell Gerard that her father owed Joan a lot of money; she wasn’t about to get herself into more trouble when she was on thin ice.

There was a chance that Joan might turn on her and Amelia wasn’t willing to take that risk; she was going to make it out of this alive no matter what it took.

Gerard stared at her, his blue eyes searching her face and he knew that his father was a dangerous man; it was the reason that Gerard had been so determined to put as much distance between them as he could.

He adored his mother but he didn’t trust his father for a moment and he was determined to make a difference in people’s lives for the better and put men like his father in prison.

“I promise you… if at any point you want out then I won’t hold it against you, we will get a divorce when my term is over,” Gerard promised her, he was sure that he would win the election and if he didn’t then they would be divorced anyway.

He wasn’t going to allow her to remain unhappy when there was something that he could do about it; if she was determined to do this then he would offer her a way out if needed.

Amelia couldn’t help but be surprised by his offer, she had not expected it and she felt relieved that he was thinking about what would happen when he was done with his political career.

He was offering her a way out for the future and Amelia was grateful for that, she doubted that anyone else would have thought what might happen when everything was said and done.

“We’ll do this your way, Mila… I promise, if you’re not comfortable with anything then just say the word,” Gerard encouraged her, he would do anything to make sure that this was okay for her and things would really start to move forward when he was on the road campaigning.

Of course, Amelia was expected to be by his side and he was sure that there were times that everything that was planned for him wasn’t going to be easy on Amelia.

“We should head back downstairs,” Gerard told her, he was sure that it wouldn’t be long before someone came looking for them and he knew that details for the wedding would have to be planned soon.

The thought that they would be married in a months’ time was unsettling and Gerard wasn’t sure he was prepared for such a thing but his father wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Gerard… thank you,” Amelia said when he turned to start walking back to the dining room, she was relieved that he was understanding about how she felt and the fact that he had offered her a chance to leave.

Gerard offered her a small smile before he continued on his way, things were certainly going to be interesting with her around and he truly hoped that she knew what she was doing.

Her entire life was about to be put on show for people and it could be quite daunting; she was going to have to deal with being in the public eye.

Amelia watched Gerard disappear down the hall and sighed, she couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen when she was married to him.
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So Gerard and Amelia used to date in High School and he offered her a way out but she didn't take it... what will happen next?

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