Love Is a Battlefield

Chapter Five: Telling Amelia’s Parents

Staring up at the house that she had grown up in, Amelia couldn’t help but feel sick at the idea of stepping inside; she dreaded the thought of having to do this and it worried her what her mother might think.

It was hard to believe that things had worked out like this, she had never thought that this was what she would have to deal with this; she had barely settled into her new home before this.

Clearing his throat, Gerard stopped beside Amelia knowing that they couldn’t delay; the announcement would be out soon and it was better that her parents heard the news from her than the papers.

Their engagement photos had been taken earlier that day and Gerard couldn’t deny that Amelia had looked beautiful; the navy dress that she had worn had been perfect and she had looked every inch the First Lady that she was going to be.

Amelia didn’t acknowledge him, instead she made her way up the path to the front door and knocked; she glanced at Gerard knowing that there was no way around this now.

They didn’t have to wait long before the door opened and Amelia’s mother appeared before them; she blinked surprised at the sight of Gerard having not expected to see him.

“Hola,” Amelia greeted stepping forward and wrapping her arms around her mother, she closed her eyes as she did so knowing that she probably still had no idea the mess her husband had caused.

Christel Gomez hugged her daughter in return as she stared confused at Gerard, she hadn’t been expecting this when Amelia had called and told her that she was bringing someone home for dinner.

So many questions rattled around her head and Christel wasn’t sure what to make of the man that had once dated her daughter and now had the chance to become the youngest President of Catalonia in history.

“Hola Mrs Gomez,” Gerard greeted politely with a smile, he stepped forward to shake her hand once Amelia had stopped hugging her mother; he was sure this was quite a surprise and he hoped that she didn’t mind.

There was much for them to talk about and he was worried that Amelia wouldn’t be able to break the news to her mother about their impending marriage.

“Gerard Piqué… I didn’t think I would be seeing you again,” Christel said shaking her head, she offered Amelia a look wondering just when this had happened.

Christel was sure that Amelia would have mentioned to her that she had gotten back together with Gerard; she recalled how happy the man had made her daughter when they had first dated.

Ushering them both inside, Christel couldn’t keep the smile off her face knowing that Amelia could certainly do a lot worse than dating a man that had a job in politics.

“Pepe… look who is here,” Christel announced to her husband, he had been rather off for the last few days and she had no idea what was going on with him.

He seemed to act even weirder when she had told him that Amelia was coming to dinner that night; he had tried to make his excuses and leave but she had put a stop to that.

Pepe paled at the sight of his daughter, he hadn’t wanted to be here when Christel had told him that she was coming; he had no idea what sort of deal she had entered in with Joan but the fact that the man’s son was here didn’t calm his mind or his worries.

Looking at the man that had put Amelia in such a situation, Gerard couldn’t help but feel angry that he had the nerve to sit around and act like he had done nothing wrong.

There was no doubt in Gerard’s mind that Christel had no idea about the fact that her husband owed his father a lot of money.

“Come sit, sit… it is so nice to have you both here,” Christel said smiling, she couldn’t sense the tension that was building in the room; she was excited to hear what had brought Gerard back into Amelia’s life.

Amelia took a seat, her eyes looking anywhere but at her father knowing that she just couldn’t forgive him for what he had done; her mother didn’t know anything but if she did then she would be furious.

Taking a seat beside her, Gerard eyed Pepe wondering just how the man had allowed himself to be taken in by borrowing money from a loan shark.

It disgusted him that he had just turned a blind eye to what was happening because of his actions; here he sat like nothing was wrong while Amelia was left to deal with the consequences to his actions.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting this when you said you were bringing a guest to dinner,” Christel said smiling, she sat beside her husband unable to help herself; she stared at them wanting to hear how they had gotten back together.

Amelia shifted uncomfortably, she had no idea what to say and she almost jumped out of her skin when Gerard took her hand; she peeked at him knowing that she couldn’t just not saying anything.

“We had some news that we just had to share with you and tonight just seemed like the perfect time to do it,” Gerard explained squeezing Amelia’s hand, an easy smile appearing on his face and he knew that they would be fine.

Christel blinked surprised by his words, her eyes turning to Amelia seeing how nervous her daughter looked; she wondered just what news they had to share that meant they had to both be here.

“I have asked Amelia to marry me and she had consented,” Gerard told them with a smile, he was sure that this was going to come as a surprise since it was coming from nowhere but there was no time like the present to tell them what was going to happen.

Christel opened and closed her mouth, she had no idea what to think about all of this and she turned to Amelia wanting some sort of explanation on why this was happening so quickly.

“Gerard and I have been together for awhile madre… and we feel ready to take the next step,” Amelia explained softly, it was the simple version of the cover story that was being released to the public before their wedding.

It was something that she’d just have to live with now that she was going to be Gerard’s wife, she wasn’t looking forward to the attention that would come with the role.

“How long have you been back together?” Christel asked, she peeked at her husband who seemed to have paled since the announcement that Amelia and Gerard were to be married.

Pepe stared at his daughter, guilt filling him as he realised just what his actions had meant for her; he had never thought that this was what Joan would do.

“Eighteen months… we decided to keep it a secret until we were sure it was going somewhere because of my career,” Gerard explained calmly, he was sure that this was something that would come up a lot and he was glad that the lies were something that could be believed.

Amelia nodded her head, her stomach turning at the fact that she was lying to her mother; she hated to lie but she wasn’t sure how she would handle the truth.

“When’s the wedding?” Christel asked seeming to accept the fact that this was going to happen, she was still stunned at the sudden announcement but she wouldn’t deny that she was happy.

Gerard was a far better match for Amelia than her last couple of boyfriends, he had a good job and Christel was sure that he would take good care of her daughter.

“Next month… the 19th of July,” Gerard informed her, it was quick and he was sure that they would question why but it was a matter of practicality; it had to happen quick before the campaign trail really started to get moving.
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So Amelia's parents now know that she's going to marry Gerard... what will happen next?

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