Love Is a Battlefield

Chapter Eight: Rehearsal Dinner

Staring at herself in the mirror, Amelia couldn’t quite believe that the person staring back at her was herself; she looked so pretty in her dress and she was thankful that she had been able to pick it herself.

It had worried her with everything that was going on that she might not be able to make any decisions on the dress itself and she was so thankful that hadn’t been the case.

Today was her final fitting before the wedding and Amelia was a little surprised how fast it had come around; she was thankful that Montserrat had been on hand to help plan such an event.

There was no denying that her wedding day was going to be an event to remember especially with everything that had been planned and no expense had been spared.

Her parents had insisted that since Gerard’s family were paying for the wedding that it was only right that they pay for her dress; they had wanted her to have a little something from them even if they didn’t have a lot of money.

Amelia had been touched that her mother had been so insistent on it, she knew that they were tight on money and had been shocked to find that her mother had been putting money away for years to do just that.

Amelia ran her fingers down the lace that decorated her dress and smiled to herself, she couldn’t wait for her mother to see her walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

“It’s prefect,” Amelia said looking at the lady that had done the final fitting for her, it was everything that she had ever dreamed of and she knew that it was going to be perfect for her wedding.

Stepping away from the mirror, Amelia tried to ignore the nervous that built in her stomach; tonight, was her rehearsal dinner and she wasn’t looking forward to it.

Montserrat had called her several times already to make sure that she remembered and she was sure that she would call even more when she was out of her fitting.

Moving to get out of her dress, Amelia knew that it wouldn’t be too long before she was putting it on again; they were three days away from the wedding and Amelia knew that it would be here before she knew it.

Gerard had been distracted with work and she had barely seen him recently, she hated that and she wished that she had seen him more especially since they would be married soon.

Montserrat had become her near constant companion as they counted down to the day; there had been so much to keep them busy and Amelia was surprised how much she’d actually had to do.

Her mother-in-law-to-be had wanted Amelia to be completely prepared for what would happen once she was married to Gerard and what would be expected of her.

Amelia would become a public figure in her own right, people would be watching her every move and she’d been gifted a new wardrobe to prepare her for such.

Once out of her wedding dress, Amelia swallowed as she saw the messages that she had received while she was at her fitting; more reminders that tonight was her rehearsal dinner from Montserrat.

A dress had already been selected and Amelia knew that she was going to have to deal with even more people asking questions.

She was almost relieved that Montserrat had drilled her with all the answers that she would ever need and she just hoped that she was really ready for this especially if Gerard won the election.

Amelia didn’t think she was ready to become the First Lady of Catalonia and she feared just what might happen if she did; she was going to have to find her feet rather quickly.


“You look beautiful,” Christel said wrapping her arms around Amelia, she was thrilled for her daughter and she couldn’t believe that in a matter of days she was going to be a married woman.

It seemed unreal and she had been counting down the days since she had been told that her only daughter was getting married; she was so happy and she knew that she couldn’t have been prouder.

Pepe lingered just by her side, he looked at Amelia knowing that he owed her so much right now for what she was doing; he could only imagine what his wife would do if she knew the truth.

It would break Christel’s heart and that he was sure, she would never forgive him for putting Amelia in this situation or borrowing so much money to begin with.

“Thank you,” Amelia said smiling, she couldn’t bring herself to look at her father as she greeted her mother; she couldn’t imagine how she would handle him walking her down the aisle on her wedding day.

It had been awhile since she’d even spoken to him and she very much doubted that she would find it in her to forgive him anytime soon.

Christel and Pepe moved away to find their seats allowing Fiona to approach her; the other woman smiled as she took in the dress that Amelia was working.

“I have to admit. I didn’t think you’d make it this far,” Fiona mused smiling at Amelia, she honestly didn’t know why Gerard had settled for her and she knew that the man wouldn’t be happy.

She very much doubted that he’d been happy at all since his last girlfriend had died and Fiona knew that it would take someone pretty special for him to move on from her.

Amelia eyed Fiona, she still didn’t know too much about her and she wished that Gerard would have been more straight with her about his connection to her.

“I mean after what happened to Nuria… I honestly didn’t think you’d stick it out,” Fiona teased, her red lips quirking slightly at the knowledge that she held and that Amelia didn’t.

She very much doubted that Amelia had any idea just who she was dealing with and she was certain that she wouldn’t be sticking around in the future; Fiona would be more than happy to step into her place.

Amelia frowned, she didn’t know what it was but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was missing something; she wasn’t sure how she felt about talking about Gerard’s ex.

“Nuria died in a car accident,” Amelia said recalling what she had seen in the papers, she hadn’t brought Nuria up since she had seen Gerard and she knew that it wasn’t an easy subject for him.

Fiona scoffed at that, a smile on her face as she thought about her former rival and she knew that what she knew would certainly change the game.

Stepping closer to Amelia, she made sure that no one else could hear them; she didn’t need anyone to hear what she was saying except for Amelia.

“Are you sure about that?” Fiona whispered into Amelia’s ear before she moved away, she was sure that would give Amelia something to think about; she headed over to her seat doubting Gerard would be pleased with her.

Amelia felt sick at what Fiona was suggestion, the sound seemed to slip from the room as she glanced over at Fiona knowing that there was no way she’d forget what had been said.

“Everything okay?” Gerard asked wrapping an arm around her waist, he looked over at Fiona wondering what she had said.

He didn’t trust her not to mess with Amelia’s head especially with the wedding right around the corner; she would do anything to get in the way of what she saw as her rightful day.

Amelia nodded her head, she doubted that she would be forgetting what Fiona had said to her anytime soon.
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So the wedding is approaching and Fiona is causing trouble... what will happen next?

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