Sequel: Broken



She scarcely remembered feeling the warmth of her mother's breast, the strong, but gentle voice of her father as he cried with tears of happiness. She couldn't remember anything. All she remembered was the howling winds that blew from the gate that led into the Espers' secret realm. That cold bitter wind was used to force all of the human intruders, the human soldiers working for the Ghestalian Empire out of their world, but sadly, her parents were caught up in it and the last thing she remembered was her mother's plea for her baby to be safe.

"Terra, be safe," Her mother whispered, then... darkness.

The darkness was overwhelming. It felt like a long sleep, one that made reality seem like a dream that played out in real time. She felt her arms and her legs moving, her heart was beating, but she wasn't in control. THEY were. Anyone who was given access to the Slave Crown. The Circlet on her head would suppress all of her conscious thoughts and make her sleep, make her feel like she was dreaming. But yet, she was still aware that she was alive - that she was doing all of those things she did. Casting all those spells to kill the soldiers during training. But there was one constant thing that she can't ever forget.

His laughter. That deranged spine-chilling laughter of joy. It was a frosty kind of joy. One that would always leave her feeling sick to her stomach.
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This was made for the Drabble-a-thon and there's hardly any spoilers due to this story being a drabble and no knowledge is needed either. Thanks for reading.