Status: July 2018 ABC Drabble-a-Thon

Trap Door

Trap Door (July 2018 ABC Drabble-a-Thon)

Glib met Sraw during target practice. Neither goblin was any good at shooting, so they were placed as guards of the antechamber with the stick pit.

“Sraw,” Glib squeaked. “Does you smells that smells?”

Sraw sniffed ferally with his flat, pocked nose. Glib admired the exceptional dullness of Sraw’s red eyes, and the loveliness of his necklace made of human pinky fingers.

“HooMANs,” Sraw growled, his gnarled, yellowed teeth catching the flickering light of the torches. “Sraw loves to eats hooMANs!”

Glib smiled proudly to himself, gripping his scimitar tighter.

It was as easy as making himself known near the human settlement just up the river. The smaller, tastier humans hung out in the stream on hot days. Glib did not know why they bothered with such a stream. There was not even any dirt or refuse in that stream.

But they followed the trail Glib left behind for them.

The first human kicked the door in, shouting to the others hidden behind him.

“See! Goblins! Just like a’told you!”

Sraw readied his scimitar, and Glib followed. But Glib knew that Sraw would not need it. Neither would Glib.

“HooMANs, Glib!” Sraw bellowed.

The first, clumsy, tiny human ran into the room, brandishing a pointed stick. Two other humans, one even smaller than the first, and one larger, bounded in after.

The wooden doors over the stick pit, hidden by rat bones, refuse, and other such staples of goblin life, creaked as the smallest, fastest human stepped on one side. Adding the weight of the others, the doors gave way and down fell the humans, screaming.

Well, until they hit the sticks at the bottom of the pit. Glib made sure they were extra sharp early that very same day.

Sraw howled in delight.

“See, Glib, see! Three delicious hooMANs ran right into the stick pit!”

Glib watched as Sraw crawled down the rope ladder into the stick pit. His legs dangled over the edge as Sraw added the new fingers to his necklace.

When finished, Sraw climbed back out to look at Glib.

“You bring hooMANS for Sraw.” Sraw grunted definitively, and held out three pinky fingers in his bloodstained hand.

Glib snatched them with a grin, and reckoned these were the tastiest human fingers he had ever eaten. Sraw smiled back.
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