Status: Starting over



That night I had a similar nightmare to the one I had weeks ago. I was in some type of greenery setting, probably a part of the woods that was surrounding the school, I couldn’t tell but I knew I was surrounded by trees and lots of plants. Just like last time I was terrified beyond belief without any context of what I was scared of. I pressed my back against the familiar tree. Only this time instead of hearing one set of footsteps I heard three. This time the growling got louder and more frantic as they got closer. Then like my other dream, before the creatures got to me, wrapping their claws around the tree as they tried to reach me, I woke up in a sweat.

I frantically looked around and tried to slow my breathing, putting my hand on my heart as I felt it return to a normal pace slowly. I took a deep centering and calming breath, looking around me and listening to the silence of my room. Angel must have already left without me and got breakfast on her way to class. I leaned backwards, falling on my bed, and looked to my nightstand where my alarm clock was.

My body went back into panic mode as I shot up in bed for the second time that morning. I had slept in, second hour was already midway through. I jumped out bed and raced to get ready for the classes I hadn’t missed today. Why didn’t anyone wake me? Angel was going to get an earful when I see her in class today.

I put on whatever clothes I could find, not caring if it looked good or not, then I put my hair in a messy ponytail. I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door, trying to make it to third hour before I missed that class too.

As I was running to class I ran into Trevor walking the other direction towards the parking lot. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a nice button up shirt, he should be wearing his uniform, and going to his class. Confused I stopped, “Why aren’t you in class?” I asked. My heart was beating too fast, everything this morning was so rushed I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest.

Trevor looked even more confused, then he looked at my uniform as if I were a crazy person. “Shannon, it’s Labor Day. It’s a school holiday,” He said with a smile on his face, trying to will himself not to laugh. My mouth hung open, I dropped my bag on the ground and threw my hands on my face to hide my embarrassment. I could feel my face and body grow hot, I groaned in my hands and dramatically threw my arms at my side.

Trevor looked at me, still with that ridiculous grin on his face. “Stop! I forgot the banquet thing was a few nights ago and I forgot today was Labor Day and I was going to be late to third hour,” I babbled quickly as my cheeks blushed from even further embarrassment. I should have known when I didn’t wake up to my alarm and didn’t see anyone else crossing the halls in their uniforms. Angel always waited for me to get to class, if I slept in it was just more of an excuse for her to skip as well.

I groaned again and picked up my bag from the ground, great, now I looked like a dork. I should just go back to the dorms and feel sorry for myself. “Hey,” Trevor said, putting his hand on my elbow, “don’t be embarrassed, things like this happen all the time.” I gave him a look that just said, ‘seriously?’, but he shook his head and let out a burst of laughter.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Fine, laugh at me all you want. One day when you’re so embarrassed I’ll be sure to record it and tell everyone. Then you’ll see just how awful it is,” I joked with him but turned around as if I didn’t want to speak with him anymore.

Trevor grabbed my arm again, still smiling and chucking to himself, “I’m kidding, Shannon.” He laughed again. “To make it up to you, you can come with me to grab a bite to eat. I promise not to make a move on you.” That made me think that possibly he did want to make a move on me, I quickly shook the thought from my head and walked ahead of him.

I continued walking to the dorms, determined to change clothes before I agreed to anything with Trevor. “Well that’s more like it,” I smiled at him and unlocked the door when I reached my room, opening it wider so that he could come in. When I came in the room I heard Angel’s voice, however when she heard me all conversation between her and Xavier stopped. They both looked at me eyes wide and laughed.

“Okay, laugh it up you two. I forgot what day it was and thought I was late to class. Ha ha ha.” I rolled my eyes with a smile and placed my bag on the floor where it usually sat. Trevor joined in with their laughter, I ignored the three and picked a new non-uniform like outfit to wear. They continued to make fun of me, coming up with scenarios of how embarrassed I would be if so-and-so caught me going to class on a school holiday. I went into the bathroom and changed into something else, and now that I wasn’t having a mini heart attack I was able to do my hair somewhat decently.

When I got out the bathroom the laughter died down but big visible smiles were still on my friends faces. I shook my head and rolled my eyes, “Trevor and I are going to get lunch if anyone cares about anything other than making fun of me.” I grabbed Trevor’s wrist and my purse that was laying on the nightstand.

Before I could make it out the door Angel grabbed my shoulder and motioned for Trevor to wait for me out in the hall. “Um, do you really think it’s okay to keep hanging out with him?” Angel asked quietly and keeping her head down so Trevor couldn’t tell what we were talking about.

“It’s fine,” I assured her, “remember I told you yesterday what he said to me at the banquet. I think everything will be okay.” Angel narrowed her eyes at me skeptically but nodded anyway, she urged me to go and shut the door behind me afterwards without saying another word to me.

When Trevor saw that I was ready to go he lead me to his car, which was much nicer than I expected. When I stepped in the interior the smell of new leather and the strong scent of fruity air fresheners hit my senses. I buckled my seat belt and sat awkwardly in the passenger seat. Trevor looked over to me before he started the car and gave me a warm smile, “Don’t worry, be comfortable. This is a new car my father got me.” I nodded, still a little apprehensive about the newness of it. Just how rich and how much businesses did Trevor’s father really have?

Trevor and I drove in complete awkward silence, no radio, no conversation, just the sound of the newly built engine and the road. Trevor drove for a few miles, going to a location that I was unfamiliar with, however I remained calm and looked out the window as the landscape passed us by.

I zoned out as Trevor drove a couple miles North, it seemed like a while before he stopped at this small breakfast diner that was basically in the middle of nowhere. My heart began to race, there was barely any civilization around, was he planning to do whatever he did with Rachel to me as well? No, he told me what happened, I trusted his word but I believed that there was more to him than just a bad boy with daddy issues. However, I couldn’t shake the nervous feeling deep within me.

Feeling a little uneasy again I turned to Trevor with a questioning look. He chuckled, “I saw this place when I was driving to come to Brighton from my father’s house. I thought I’d check it out since I love breakfast food so much.” I nodded, smiling and letting the butterflies in my stomach die down, but only a little. I followed him out the car and into the restaurant.

We sat ourselves in a small booth and looked at the small menu that was plastered on the wall behind the kitchen. It was easy to decide since the menu was fairly small and basic. “I love pancakes,” Trevor murmured.

I shook my head, “Waffles and hash browns are obviously the superior breakfast food, besides omelettes.” Trevor scuffed and tried to argue with me, but before he could the waitress came over and took our orders. I ordered my usual waffles with hash browns while Trevor ordered a stack of pancakes.

When the waitress left there was a short moment of silence. Finally, after what felt like ten minutes of awkward silence Trevor spoke up, “So how did you meet all of your friends?”

I paused a moment before answering him, squinting at the table as if that would help me remember the stories of each of my friends. “Well, Angel and I have been best friends since we were kids, we both went to public schools and she somehow convinced her mom to have her attend Brighton with me. Everyone else we met here at school, first it was Xavier and Gavin our freshman year. Then Julie, Emma, and Jameson the year after. It was mostly between classes and through roommate changes that we all met.” I said only touching the surface of how my friends and I met, not really caring to get into the boring specifics. Trevor nodded and took a drink of his water.

“How about your friends?” I asked when the food came to our table. “If you have any, I don’t know much about you so I’m not sure,” I said quickly, instantly embarrassing myself yet again today. I really didn’t know much about Trevor other than he moved around a lot, he had some parent issues, and he’s trying to make things right by becoming a better person.

Trevor took a bite of his food and moved things around on his plate. To avoid the awkward question I asked I shoved a forkful of hash browns in my mouth. “Well, I have two close friends. My friend Jonathan is similar to how Xavier is,” Trevor said, still looking at his plate. It seemed like everyone knew an ‘Xavier type’, they were a unique breed of guy, cute little charming troublemakers.

“So a pain in the ass? Got it,” we laughed.

Trevor agreed, “Yes, a total pain in the ass. I’ve known him since we were young. Then there’s Cameron, he’s very much like Jameson but not as energetic and flamboyant. He and I met through my father’s business. We’re not all as close anymore since they got too involved with my father, which means all of them are on my back about responsibilities.” His friend’s seemed a lot like mine, however just not as plentiful.

We talked like that for hours in the diner, about our friends, family, life and school. In between conversations we ordered dessert and more orders of hash browns. It seemed like Trevor was a really genuine guy, I couldn’t believe the off feelings everyone was catching from him, however I felt them at first too before I got to know him. Trevor gave the impression that he was a guy who did a lot of bad things and is trying to make them right again, which I highly respected.

After awhile I looked out the window at the booth we were sitting in. The sun was just about to set, I took out my phone and ignored the bundle of messages from my friends that were waiting for me. “It’s almost five, we’ve been here sitting and talking for hours.” I laughed, putting my phone back in purse. I’d deal with my friends when I get back.

Trevor pushed his plates to the center of the table and began scooting out of the red leather booth. “I guess that’s hinting that we should go,” he smiled and held out his hand for me to take. I took it to help myself out of the booth but immediately let go and followed him out of the diner.

When we got to his car he followed me to the passenger side to open the door for me, I leaned against the car and faced him, “I had fun though. I didn’t mean to rush you to go, I enjoyed getting to know you.” Trevor smiled back at me.

Then, for a brief moment, just a flicker of a second I thought he was going to lean down and kiss me. I surely wouldn’t have minded, there was some part of me that wanted it to happen, but there was another part that my heart was racing in a not so good of a way. Not in the way that was like ‘yes, you like this guy. Kiss him’. It was more in a ‘turn around and sit in that car you dumbass and let him take you back to school’ type of way.

But something held me there, I stared up at him, waiting for something to happen. Anything to happen, for him to speak, lean down and kiss me, push me in the car to take me back to school. When nothing happened that’s when I saw the expression on his face change. His smile faltered and the hand that was holding the door open for me tightened and his knuckles turned pure white.

“Trevor?” I put my hand on his forearm but he threw it back. His gazed hardened, and I could have sworn I almost heard a low growl in frustration.

“Get in the car, Shannon,” confused and like and idiot, instead of doing what he said I looked back at what he was so focused on. Right in front of us there were two guys, smiling and waving as us, jogging toward the car. “Fuck,” I heard Trevor mumble behind me. He slammed the car door shut and gently grabbed my elbow. Panic laced through my throat, making my chest tight, and fluttered down to the pit of my stomach.

The two guys reached us quickly. The one with light buzzed hair spoke first, “Trevor! We’ve been looking everywhere for you. We have to talk, you know Joseph hates when you ignore him.” I looked quickly between the three, obviously confused and too afraid to speak up. The guy who spoke was tall and could easily pick me up and throw me across the parking lot, but he continued with his friendly smile. The other had dark curly hair, his stature just like the other man, but he did not have a welcoming smile on his face.

For a moment it was silence between the two boys and me, I looked up at Trevor, waiting for him to respond. “Shannon, this is Jonathan and Cameron. The two friends I was telling you about.” Realization hit me, the panic I was feeling died down, although a fraction of it was still lingering as I remembered Trevor’s reaction from the two.

The one who previously spoke gasped, “I’m so sorry, that was rude of me. I’m Cameron and this is Jonathan. It’s nice to meet you Shannon.” Cameron held out his hand for me to shake, I nodded back and leaned into Trevor, still a bit apprehensive.

Trevor cleared his throat and pulled me closer towards him, making my back hit his chest. “Look, we have to get back to school. I’ll call you guys later,” Trevor said as he started to back away closer to the car.

Cameron stepped forward quickly, blocking our way to the passenger door, “We have to speak with you now. Your father is not happy.” Cameron looked Trevor in the eyes, making it look like the two were having a silent conversation.

My mine reeled, so this Joseph they were talking about must be Trevor’s dad, and Trevor did say that him and Cameron met through his father’s business. Things were starting to kind of make since as I thought about the negative reaction Trevor had upon seeing his two friends. “Anything you have to say you can say in front of Shannon,” Trevor held my arm tighter.

Finally, the other of the two guys, Jonathan, spoke up. Well, he didn’t actually speak, more like laughed hysterically and bent over. His laughter died down and he looked up with tears in his eyes, in a deep rumbling voice he spoke, “This is her? Really?” He laughed again, wiping away the tears, “She’s so tiny.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and furrowed my brows in anger. I was just about ready to give him a piece of my mind and defend myself as I always did when insulted about my height and stature. However, Trevor held me back by my shoulders, “Yes, it is. Now speak before I grow tired and leave you both to deal with Joseph.” He was sure bossing them around as if they were servants and more than his friends. Then he was talking about his dad as if he were his boss and not a parent. This time I looked up and squinted my eyes at Trevor, this was way too confusing.

Cameron sighed, “Well, I think we better sit down for this,” he motioned for us to sit on the curb near where the road turned to dust and dirt and became an empty desert and faded into patches of grass from the large woodsy area. When Trevor motioned for me to sit next to him I shook my head, whatever they had to talk about was none of my concern. I turned towards the trees but my foot towards them so I could step in at any moment, and kept my ears open to their conversation.

“Your father needs you to work quicker. Things are progressing fast and we need this done now,” I heard Cameron say in a soft voice. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Trevor place his head in his hands, dragging them down his face and groaning loudly. “You have to tell her. Now.”

I quickly turned to them, could they have been talking about me? What did they have to tell me and what could I possibly be involved in that included Trevor and his dad? I crossed my arms and tilted my head at the three boys who were sitting on the sidewalk.

“I can’t tell her,” Trevor said. “It’s not as simple as coming out and saying it. Shannon and I barely know each other. We haven’t even established a trust yet.” Oh dear God, they were talking about me. Trevor and I for sure haven’t established a trusting friendship yet, but what could he have to tell me that I needed his trust first?

I cleared my throat and put my hand up sheepishly, making them focus their attention on me. “Yeah, um hi, standing right here. What do you have to tell me?” Cameron gave me a sincere look, then slowly turned his head towards Trevor. I heard him whisper that it was important that I know now, giving him the whole things are moving quickly speech.

Trevor groaned loudly and stood up, coming towards me but stopping just feet before where I was standing. My heart raced, I had a feeling this wouldn’t be good. “Okay, Shannon this isn’t easy to explain so I’m just going to come out and say it in hopes that it’ll make it easier.” He paused for a moment, I nodded and made hand motions, urging him to continue and get it over with. Anxiety bubbled up in me as the anticipation grew.

He took a deep breath, “The thing is, we don’t die, we can live for centuries, for all eternity practically if we’re not staked in the heart. We have unnatural abilities of strength, speed, and control. We burn in the sun without witch magic protecting us. We’re creatures of the night. Shannon, we’re vampires.”

I looked at each of their faces, Trevor looked me in the eyes, waiting for a reaction. Cameron gave me a slight kind smile. Then the Jonathan kid looked bored and impatient. Finally, I gave the reaction I’m sure none of them expected, I laughed. “Okay, that’s great. Next you’re going to tell me you can’t see yourself in the mirror, turn into bats, and garlic is your weakness.” I laughed again, “Oh I guess werewolves, witches, and fairies are real too. Nice joke you guys, can you take me home now?”

Beginning to turn away and walk towards the car Trevor quickly caught my arm. My skin burned against his in anger, I wanted to pull back but he held his grip firmly. “Shannon I’m telling the truth. We’re vampires, the real reason I came to Brighton was because of a mission my father sent me on to find a strong trustworthy human to aide us.” I rolled my eyes, I was so not in the mood to be embarrassed again. I knew this had to be some sort of prank.

“Vampires are some type of fairytale that Bram Stoker made up.” Neither of them spoke for a while. Fine if they were going to keep this charade up then I’d play along too, “Okay, prove it,” this time Trevor let go of my arm when I pulled back. I folded my arms again, “Prove that you are what you say you are and not some type of boogeyman story.”

Cameron and Trevor looked between each other nervously. When the silence that passed was way too long I was beginning to feel how the Jonathan kid looked. Bored and tired of this game. I started to turn away when I heard one of Trevor’s friends walk towards me and tightly grab my arm. I looked back at Jonathan, he towered over me, his curly dark hair blending into the dark moonlight and his eyes glowed as I stood beneath him.

“I’m growing tired of this. The only way to prove her is to show her, which is what we should have started out with in the first place.” Jonathan smiled down at me, it wasn’t a menacing smile, but it did give me the creepy crawlies. I shivered under his touch and his hard gaze. Slowly, something within his eyes changed, his deep brown eyes got darker, the whites going a pale bloodshot color. My breath caught in my throat, I couldn’t bring myself to move. I wanted to, but it was like his gaze held me there in a trance.

I looked up to Jonathan’s wide grin, his paper white teeth caught the moonlight. He slightly turned his head, then within a blink of an eye his canines visible grew right in front of my eyes. The four sharp teeth grew largely, so that when he closed his mouth they protruded slightly under his lips. The contours of his face transformed, making him look inhuman and scary, his features were still present, showing that he was still handsome, but still a monster.

Realization hit me smack in the face, I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t run. My head was too foggy to think about anything else other than what was happening right in front of me. Standing right beneath Jonathan, his eyes locked me in, preventing me from moving as I stared at his ever changing face from handsome man to some type of beast. I could hear Cameron and Trevor bickering and yelling in the background, but it was only background noise and I couldn’t make out a word they were saying.

Jonathan’s face slowly returned to human form, his teeth shrinking back, his eyes returning to a chocolate brown, his face coming back to their soft masculine features. His gaze softened, and suddenly, like a trance I was able to move. He released my arm from his hands, and I was slowly able to breathe and think.

Finally, I could hear what Cameron and Trevor were saying, that they hadn’t gone about it that way because it would scare me. That I would never follow through with their plans now. My breathing quickened, they were right, I was terrified. Terrified about what they would do to me, terrified that they would suck my blood and kill me right here. They were also right about not wanting to follow through with whatever plans they had for me, I would not be involved in whatever they wanted from me and if they forced me, I would put up one hell of a fight first.

I quickly looked around, afraid of what might happen to me. What should I do? Could I run? Or just stand here in fear until they decided what they want to do with me. Jonathan leaned against the car with his arms crossed, watching the chaos evolve around him. Cameron and Trevor were still speaking over one another, trying to figure out what to do next. I turned my attention from them, looking to the trees. Suddenly I realized that I had felt this fear and panic before in my dreams, the growling, the three sets of hands. The beasts I was running from in my dreams were real and they were right in front of me arguing like a bunch of teenage boys.

My instincts took over then as my body became my own and not trapped under Jonathan’s gaze. In one swift motion I took my heavy bag shoulder bag off and threw it against Jonathan. I pushed as hard as I could, not really moving him much, but making him stumble back and catching my purse in his hands. I tripped forward, catching myself and running towards the vast land of trees.

I breathed hard, running as fast and as hard as I could, trying to find somewhere to keep myself hidden until they left. I ran for what felt like forever, nothing around me changed, there were trees after trees and bushes. I dodged passed them all and ran until my lungs hurt and my legs could no longer carry me. I stopped at a tree that looked like all the others, I coughed and doubled over, leaning against it to try and catch my breath.

Everything came to my mind at once, giving me a headache and making tears pool in my eyes, I slid my back against the tree and sat on the dirty ground. I put my hands to the back of my head and let it hang between my knees. I took deep breaths as I tried to calm my thoughts and my heartbeat.

Trevor was a vampire, his friends were vampires, hell his dad might even be a vampire. Vampires were real, my nightmare was real. Trevor and Jonathan talked about how I was the one Trevor had chosen, why did it have to be me? Was it because I was stupid and gullible enough to actually believe Trevor for a split second? Just because I was nice now I was going to become someone’s dinner.

As my mind went through this constant cycle, suddenly my thoughts drifted to Rachel. When she said that Trevor had grabbed her and growled when she told him to let go, it couldn’t have been just because he was angry. Perhaps it was because he was angry that he couldn’t drain her right then and kill her, he was angry because of his bloodlust. Tears formed in my eyes and my heart continued to beat at a rapid pace, I knew I was going to die. I should have listened to my friends when they said he wasn’t good and I shouldn’t be alone with Trevor, I should have listened to Rachel and stayed away. I should have listened to my first gut instincts and my anxious feeling when I first saw him.

I sat in the dirt and cried, I must have sat there for a while because when I sniffled and looked up the sky was completely dark. I heard footsteps coming forward, I quickly stood up and hid behind the tree, clenching my hands against my heart. I let out a sob and put my fists against my mouth.

“Shannon, we don’t want to hurt you. We just need to talk,” I heard Trevor say, his voice coming in the direction I was hiding. I knew I couldn’t hide from them, if they were trying to find me they easily could.

“We can hear your heartbeat,” I heard Jonathan call out, mocking me. I whined and clamped my mouth shut. I was going to die, I knew it. But I was going to see Brian again, if I was going to die I would accept it rather than fight it and have them enjoy my terror. No, I had to fight, I had to live for Brian. He wouldn’t want me to go down like this.

Suddenly Jonathan jumped in front of me, smiling and grabbing my shoulders. “There you are Kitten!” I screamed and let him pick me up, so much for fighting it off and not letting the fear get to me. “Stop screaming, we’re not going to hurt you,” I heard his whisper, “I was just having a little fun, no need to give yourself a heart attack.” This time he chuckled, and I could feel the rumble of his voice from underneath me.

Jonathan sat me down on a broken tree, there was a small clearing where many trees had been broken and burned. The three boys stood in front of me. I blinked away the cloud of tears that were streaking my vision, I whimpered, “What do you want from me?” I croaked out of my sore throat.

“We don’t want to hurt you, we just want to explain,” Trevor said, kneeling down in front of me. I sat further back on the log, trying to get away from him as far as possible.

There was absolutely nothing to explain. They were vampires, and vampires drink blood. That’s what they wanted to they should get it over with. I wiped the tears from my face and sniffed, “Then explain,” I spoke clearer and stronger than I had expected I would.

Trevor stood and walked around twice before stopping in front of Cameron. He turned around, looking very tired he started to speak, “We’re vampires. Vampires are real, witches are real, werewolves are real. There are things that are real that you thought were only fairy tales and stories made up, somethings about us are true and others aren’t. Between the three supernatural beings there are separate fractions that control each group so that none of us are found out by humans.”

“Without getting too complicated my father, Joseph, has reign over the vampires,” Trevor took a deep breath before he continued. “There was a prophecy a witch discovered years ago, claiming that there would be war between all creatures, supernatural and mortal. No one believed it until recently when werewolves and some really bad vampires came out and destroyed things and caused chaos in some of the major cities. In the prophecy it was said that a human and a becoming king will end the war, my father sent me away to find that person.”

This time I was the one to laugh again, Jonathan was right about this all being so hilarious. I couldn’t end anything, I was only an eighteen years old still in highschool, I wasn’t even sure about my future career or college. However, none of that mattered if I was to lead a war. I shook my head in denial, no I was not going to lead anything. “I think you’re looking for the wrong girl. Nice try, maybe you should ask Rachel,” I stood up from the log, but Trevor quickly came in front of me, making me blink at his speed.

He put a hand on my shoulder and sat me down on the log again, “It’s you Shannon. I had a witch do a spell and you’re the one.” I shook my head, I really couldn’t be, I was a nobody. Trevor nodded, trying to make me believe, “It has to be.”

All of this was real, the look in each of their eyes told me so, the change in Jonathan earlier told me so. There were monsters all around us all this time, living among us and possibly waiting to attack. I wondered how many murders or tragedies were covered up that occured from supernatural beings. They were all hidden from us like how the government hides aliens from the world, making us believe that everything is just fine and all this destruction is our doing.

A headache began to form again, everything was simply too much to take in at once. Possibly I wasn’t the one they were talking about, maybe it was all a mistake and things would go back to the way they were tomorrow. I had to have been dreaming. I stood up from the log, “I want to go home now.”

Trevor nodded, coming towards me, he handed me my small purse I didn’t notice he was carrying this whole time. Cameron and Jonathan called back to me that they’d see me again, however I didn’t hope so. We came to the car quicker than I would have thought, I guess I didn’t run that long and far after all. I walked ahead of Trevor, opening my door for myself and climbing in.

The ride back to school was long and silent, the whole ride I avoided eye contact and all possible conversation with Trevor. My purse was pressed against my chest and I stared out at the passing landscape and midnight sky. The whole way my thoughts raced on and on about vampires, and I was trying my hardest not to cry in front of Trevor. Once we reached school I quickly got out the car and made way for my dorms.

I heard Trevor’s footsteps racing behind me, he caught my arm and stopped me in my tracks. “I’m sorry this was all so sudden, it’s not how I wanted it to happen. I thought I had more time,” Trevor said, worry in his eyes. I looked away from his face, staring behind him at the brightly lit school buildings behind him. When I didn’t say anything for a long while he spoke, “It’s you Shannon, believe it or not. You’re strong and going to save us for all this chaos and destruction.”

Suddenly his arms were around me, my body stiffened and my breathing caught in my throat. My heart began to beat faster, I pushed Trevor away with all my strength. He let me push him, he stepped back, looking hurt. Not only did he lie to me he was a vampire, he could hurt me, he could hurt my friends. I wanted nothing to do with him, his friends, or this prophecy.

“Don’t touch me,” I spoke slowly and whispered. Tears threatening to spill I walked passed him. On my way to the dorms I did something so stupid and childish, I pinched my arm, as hard as I could. When my nails pulled away from my red skin there was a mark, beeding blood out of small wounds where my sharp nails were. I was awake, this wasn’t a dream. This was real.