Status: Hang on to something, you're in for one heck of a ride!

Got to Get You Into My Life

Got to get you into my life

Emma stood there, clutching Paul's hand for dear life, in total shock as to what was happening. Paul, feeling her fear, pulled her into him, holding her from the side.

She plunged her face into his side, wrapping her arms around him, afraid to look anywhere.

"Emma, please don't be afraid.. I won't hurt you.." Emma held on tighter, wrapping up Paul's shirt in her fists.

"Emma.." He inched closer...
"Honey, I'm your father." This got a response.
"That's impossible, my Dad's dead!" She angrily shot back, before returning to her former position.
The man still inched closer..

"Uhh..uhh.. that's far enough.. Until we ascertain who you are, you're not touching her.. understood?!" Said Paul, wrapping his other arm around her.
"I just told you who I am.."
"We heard what you said, we're just not sure we want to believe you."
"Listen son..."
"I'm not your son!"
"Ok Paul... can I call you Paul?"
"How do you know my name?"
"Everyone knows your name, even here."
"Ok, so where's here? And what's with those dinosaurs? I thought they died ages ago.."
"In your reality they died.. Here they never did."
"Ok, so you're telling me we're in some alternate universe?"
"Yes, you are.. We call it Texonus."
"And how did we get here?"
"The time door.."
"You call it a wall of rain."
"Oh... I see, and why are we here?"
"Because I wanted to meet my daughter."
"Wait a tic... you mean you are in charge of that thing?"
"Umm...I'm still lost."
"Ok, you see this console over here?" The man asked, as he motioned to a large console in the middle of the room.
"Umm...yeah, I see it."
"Well, I did it from here." He now had Emma's attention as well as Paul's.
"Why?" Emma now spoke, a bit braver now.
"Because, I love you too much to let you end up alone, and you would have been alone, had Paul never came into your life. In a matter of words, I brought you too together. Paul, it was me who first introduced you to the idea, remember your little trip?" Paul with mouth open wide, was suddenly having a aha... moment.

"So you're my father.... so what happened... why didn't you stick around after I turned two?"
"Because, the door was closing. Had I not returned when i did, I would never had been able to get home. I begged your mom to come with me, but she refused. I had no choice but to leave you there. This thing tends to be temperamental sometimes.." he said as he patted the console.

"Mom told me you died.."
"Well, I'm pretty sure that was easier for you to understand, than I returned to my own reality Emma.. But rest assured, I've been in and out of your life, keeping an eye on you.. speaking of... I was there that night you spent in your old tree house."
"You were?"
Oh... was that you i met in the form of her grandmum?"
"No, that was her ghost, she pops in from time to time herself." Both Paul and Emma gave a slight shudder.

"Paul, I appreciate you taking such good care of her. I know she's in good hands with you.."
"I'm glad you have so much faith in me..uhh... sorry, I never caught your name."
"My name is Richard."

Emma interrupted them...

"Excuse me, I've still got some questions.. How did you meet my mom?"
"I met your mom completely by accident.. I was sent on a routine trip over to your reality to study the animal life. I was sitting in one of those dear hunting stands, cause it's easier to watch them that way.. Anyway... apparently that was something your mom loves to do.. She climbed up, and hello.... we found out we had a lot in common, and fell in love. I spent three years there with her."
"I see... You know she died, right?"
"Yes, I know, and it really broke my heart."
"Did you ever visit her?"
"I tried, but the fact that I couldn't stay was very hard on your mom, and would have been very confusing to you. She told me that she thought it best if she told you I died. I stopped coming then... well, that's not true.. I came at different times, when you were a teenager, away from the farm, you understand..."
"Why are we here now? I mean, i know you said you wanted to meet me..but.."
"Well, I thought it was time. You need to go be with Paul in his time. So, I'm kinda saying goodbye."

"Ya know, this seems like an episode of Doctor Who.." Paul said, trying to lighten the mood.
"Ha... whatcha talking bout.. I taught the Doctor everything he knows!" Laughed Richard.

Now that Emma was a little less afraid, she began to survey the surroundings, starting with her father..

He stood about 5'11, the same height as Paul. He had short reddish blonde hair, that stuck up here and there, and also had a neatly groomed reddish blonde mustache, beard, and eye lashes, and blue eyes.

All in all, a very handsome man, so she thought..

"Ya know darling, he looks like you. I think he just might be telling the truth about him being your Dad." whispered Paul, interrupting her thoughts. Paul and Richard began talking somemore, as she further surveyed the room.

It was a big, warehouse looking building, with long windows on the left side of the building, and a glass dome in the ceiling.

Her eyes kept diverting to Paul and her father to the large dinosaurs outside, suddenly a bit worried as to their safety. Her father spoke up, causing her to jump.

"Don't worry about them. They can't get through that glass. It's impenetrable."
"That's good to know!" Said Paul.

She slowly walked to the glass..
"I remember reading about them in school..even saw some computer generated films about them. But, I've never seen them in person... They're huge!"
"Yeah, that they are.." her father said, as he moved closer to Emma.
He looked at Paul before lifting an arm to place around her shoulder. Paul nodded that it was ok now.
"Emma, come here, i want to show you something.." Emma allowed him to hold her hand, and lead her away from the window, towards another part of the building.
"Come on Paul, you can come too.." Richard called over his shoulder.. Paul however was hot on their heels, before he even spoke.

He led them to a smaller section, where there seemed to be living quarters.

"This is my room.." he said, as he opened the door.

They walked through a small living room, passing by chairs, a couch, and end tables.

"On one was a picture, that Emma recognized as her mother.."
"Wow, is this mom?"
"Yep, she was in her early 20s there. But that's not really what I wanted to show you.."

He led them into his bedroom. He sat down, and opened a trunk at the end of his bed, and pulled out a baby doll, with blonde pigtails.

"This little beauty was yours. You carried her everywhere..and you called her baby. You used to try to feed her your bottle of milk. Then you'd rock her to sleep. I kinda slipped it out the last night i was there. Want to hold her?" Emma nodded, and he handed baby over to her.
"I'm giving her to you. Will you promise to give her to your little girl when you have her?" Emma looked at Paul, and blushed.
"Of course I will..."
"She's yours then..."
"Thank you.....Daddy.."
"You're very welcome darlin... she's yours anyway." As he said those words, Paul noticed a tear run down his cheek. Both Emma and Richard rose and embraced each other.

"Now, I'm afraid it's time for you to go."
"What, so soon?"
"Well, the door is closing soon. I can only keep it open for a short time."

He led the two out, and into the main part of the building, and went to the console.

"Ok, this time I'm just gonna open the door, no need for the rain." He then turned some knobs, and the door opened.

"Ok, when you walk through this time it'll be 1964 London." He embraced Emma one more time, and shook Paul's hand.
"I know I don't need to tell you to take care of her, i know you will."
"I will indeed."

Paul took her hand, and together they stepped through.

They came out into the same moonlit night that Paul had left to retrieve Emma.

"Come on Baby, let's go home."