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Got to Get You Into My Life

Got to get you into my life

December in London felt like December anywhere else, excpt for the rain.. There was a lot of it.. about half an inch in one day on the 13th.. Emma didn't think it would ever stop, but it eventually did.
The cold temperatures hung in the air, and chilled you to the bone.. She was happy for Paul's body heat at night, because sleeping next to him felt like sleeping next to a furnace.
The Beatles fame was world wide by now, and they had had concert dates all over the place. Once back from America, they thought they could rest a bit... not so...
They were booked solid all throughout December, with the exception of the 27th.. only one day, then back at it again.
Paul kept this from Emma as he had something up his sleeve, and he wanted it to be a surprise.
Paul spent as much time at home with Emma as he could, before he would have to leave fo rehearse for that night's show.
Paul helped her put up the tree, and decorated it, as well as the rest of the house. While he was gone at night, he was happy to give Emma some spending money, so she could go shopping. She hung out with George and Ringo's wives a lot, with whom she had become great friends.
Christmas Eve was upon them soon enough...and each went to spend it with their families. Paul didn't know it, but Emma was beginning to feel a little sad, as this was the first Christmas she had not spent with her mother.
Later that night, Paul returned from yet another show, undressed, and slid into bed next to her. Drawing her into his arms, he whispered in her ear...
"Merry Christmas darling, I love you..."
"Merry Christmas Paul.. I love you more.."

Christmas Day dawned bright and beautiful, with the sunlight shinning through the curtains..
"Hey, wake up sleepy head... it's Christmas morning... let's go see what Father Christmas left us!" said a very excited Paul.
"Sure, but how bout some coffee first?" Yawned Emma.
Paul eventually got her out of bed, and to the tree...
"Paul, you're like a kid in a candy store.."
"That's right, and guess who's my candy!" Emma laughed, as Paul tickled her, kissing her neck.
Father Christmas, as Paul called him had indeed been good to them.. She got some very nice clothes, and some slinky nighties, which Paul made her promise to model for him later.
There was some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry she had ever laid eyes on, as well as a music box that played her favorite tune, love me tender.
She had bought him a new jacket, and other clothes.. She also bought him some guitar pics with the name Paul wrtten on them. He especially loved those.
Sooner then either of them wanted, it was time for him to go, rehearsing and another show was set for that night.

On the 27th Emma still didn't know that Paul had no rehearsal, or shows that night.. He left the house early, while Emma slept in, leaving a note, "I love ya darling... let's try that pink one tonight...wink..wink...
Love, Paul.. PS.. I love you more!"

Instead of rehearsals, he went to the jewelry store.. then returned a bit later, telling Emma that everything set for that night had been cancelled..

"Let's take a walk tonight sweetheart...the Christmas lights are still on, and they're so lovely... I want to show them to you.." he hoped she would buy it....she did.
Later that night, while the rest of London slept, Paul and Emma bundled up, and stepped out into the cold night air.

Hyde Park was a fairly short walk, and Paul kept her busy with conversation about Christmas, and some interesting things that happened at some of his shows.. as well as all the lovely Christmas lights..

They walked till Emma started to recognize some things...
"Isn't this the spot where....."
"Yep... it's where you literally walked into my life. Nothing has been the same since then... and I can't imagine my life without you in it.." he was facing her now, with both her hands firmly intertwined with his.
Suddenly he dropped down on one knee...

"Emma, I love you with all my heart.. won't you please marry me?"
Tears fell down both Emma's cheeks, as she wiped them away, before returning her hand to Paul's. He waited for her answer, while holding the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.. he didn't have to wait long.

"Yes, yes, a thousand times...yes!" With this Paul sprung up, and twirled her around in circles, before stopping to place the ring on her finger.

The next day Paul had more rehearsing to do before yet another show..
"So, what did you do with your free day Macca?" Asked John.
"Well, I went for a walk, saw some lights, and got engaged." Paul said, with that famous grin of his.
"Wait.... what?!"
"I said I went for a walk...and saw some lights.."
"No, not that bit.... I could've sworn you said you got engaged.."
"Oh... that.... yes, I did.."
"You're joking!"
"Nope, I'm not..." John threw his arms around Paul .. Cor..... I never thought you'd do that! Congratulations Paul!"
"Thanks mate... now, are we gonna do some work?"
"Not just yet... hey lads, come here!"
George and Ringo were just walking into the room.
"You won't believe what Paul did!" John shouted.
"Or is it who he did.." laughed George.
"Ignoring that, John continued....
"He got engaged!"
"To who?" Asked Ringo.
"To Emma of course!" Paul laughed.
"You're joking!"
"Nope, I asked him it turns out, he's not joking!" Interjected John.

All three men sailed on Paul together..
"Way to go Paul! Congratulations!" said George.
"Yeah, congratulations Paul!"said Ringo.
"Thanks lads.. now can we get some work done?"

When the new year came in, Paul spent it with Emma, wrapped up in a blanket, on the floor, in front of the Christmas tree..
"Happy New Year baby..."
"Happy New Year Paul, I love you so much!"
"I love you more!"
"No, I love you more!" Paul silenced her with a tender kiss.
Neither one knew what 1965 held in store for them, but they would face it together, and together was a wonderful place.