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Got to Get You Into My Life

Got to get you into my life

Angelina was Daddy's little girl, from that first moment when he held her in the hospital, she had Paul wrapped around her little finger.
Her first words were Da..da...then later she learned to say Daddy... "Daddy up..." was all she would say, and Paul would pick her up.
She was also very smart. Paul knew it almost from day one. One of his favorite things to do was take her up to his music room. She would sit on his lap, and tap at the keys on the piano.
As she grew older, she seemed to pick it up easily, as Paul taught her how to play. He even taught her how to play chopsticks, after that, she continued to learn, much the same way he had learned himself, by watching him, and playing by herself, easily picking up tunes. Paul was impressed. She seemed to have inherited Paul's musical talent.
As she grew older, she excelled in playing almost anything she got her hands on, just like her father. As she got to be a teenager, it was discovered that she had a talent for writing, again, just like her father.

As the years tend to do, they flew by, and before they knew it, she was growing into a beautiful young lady. The boys around town, and in school noticed it too.. something that Paul wasn't particularly happy about.
He had once been a teenage boy himself, and knew just what they wanted. So, he kept a sharp eye out for his daughter.


Paul wanted so badly for things to work out well with the Beatles, but it was becoming increasingly clear that they were growing apart.
They were still friends, but in close proximity to each other day in day out became a challenge, as tempers flared a lot.
They had began to make music apart from the group, and each in turn had been successful in making their own albums.
Paul was no exception, as he formed his own band in the 1970s.. with Emma by his side. He had discovered one day, quite by accident that she could sing.
He walked into the kitchen one day, to find her cooking, with the radio on... As the Turtles sang, "happy together" she sang along, and just like he had been with his daughter, Paul was impressed.

"Wow, you sing great luv!" Emma jumped, and spun around, as Paul walked up to her.
She gave a playful swat to his arm...
"Hey... don't do that... you scared me!"
"I'm sorry luv, I didn't mean to scare you... but you sound good!"
", you're just saying that.."
"I don't say things I don't mean luv.. You have a great voice."
"Well, thank you Paul." She gave him a kiss.
"Tell ya what, I've been thinking...."
"Bout what?"
"Well, you know those songs i was playing for you the other day?"
"Yeah, what about them?"
"Well, I could use some back up..."
"You mean like someone to go do..wop?" She laughed.
"Yeah, kinda... so, ya wanna come upstairs with me, and give it a go?"
"I'll try, kinda sounds like fun actually."
Paul ended up loving what he heard, and she became a permanent member of the group he had named wings. He had even booked a few gigs around town, and that grew into bigger venues, eventually they were playing to stadiums full of new fans, eager to hear them play. Paul was fairly sure they were the children of the Beatles fans.

They were still good friends with John, George, and Ringo, and although the Beatles were nolonger a group, they still got together on holidays, like Christmas.. nolonger playing to screaming girls, but their children, wives, family and friends.
Emma had also been able to get them to quit smoking, with George being the last holdout in that department.
"But I like smoking..." he had said.
"Yeah well, I like having you around... and if you don't stop smoking that stuff, it might kill you one day." She did not tell him, of the future she knew about, the one in which he had died from throat cancer.
In the end, he gave up.. Emma, he found out, as Paul already knew, was impossible to argue with. She did not back down at all.

Paul's new group continued to play to soldout stadiums, with fans who at times reminded him of the Beatle fans. John, George, and Ringo were even in attendance for some of the concerts, cheering Paul and Emma on, usually wearing disguises so no one would recognize them. After all, this was Paul's show.


The years continued to fly, and little Angie, as Paul called her, wasn't so little anymore. The boys were still coming around, watched like a hawk by Paul.

Paul and Emma, though they got older, were still as in love as they ever were. Much to the chagrin of Angelina, Paul and Emma still held hands, and kissed often, in front of Angelina, and even some of her friends who came over to the house.
"Ugh.... get a room you two!" She would say. Paul never skipped a beat...
"Excellent idea! You can handle things around here without us for a few hours, right Angie?" Angie only rollled her eyes, as Paul led his wife upstairs.


Angelina eventually fell in love herself, with a guy she met at school. Paul met him, and liked him. Soon Angelina and he were married. So now Paul and Emma had the house to themselves.
As they got older, they still loved to go on the road together. Paul still played to sold out crowds. He was certain that these were now the grandchildren of the Beatles, and children of Wings fans.
Things went smoothly for a long time, till he fell and broke his hip. He still wanted to play, but Emma convinced him to take a break. He did take a break, but it was short lived. Then he was back on the road again, always with Emma at his side.

At some point, when Angelina was still little, Paul bought a farm in East Sussex, a regine called Peasmarsh. There they collected several animals, chickens, ducks, even naming one Henrietta. They had horses, cows, goats, a few cats, and a dog.

It's here that they retreated to when Emma's health began to fail. Once, when they were younger, they tended the farm together. But now, Paul hired people to take care of the farm, as he and Emma could no longer do it.
Now in their 80s, they still held hands, and kissed each other often, as in love as ever.

And so it was, on a warm day in June, Paul helped his wife outside, so they could sit on the porch, and watch the chickens roam about the yard.
She sat there as long as she could, till her back began to hurt. Then Paul helped her back inside.
"You wanna go watch telly with me luv?"
"Yeah, sure.. as long as I can put my feet up."
Paul helped her to the living room, laid her down on the sofa, and pulled a stool up and lifted her feet to rest on it. He then pulled a blanket off the back of the sofa, and covered her up, then sat beside her, throwing his arm around her shoulder.

"Now, let's see what we can find to watch.." he said, as he picked up the remote control.

Emma sighed, as she rested her head on his shoulder, then turned to put an arm around his waist, and resting her head on his chest. He kissed the top of her head...

Placing the remote down beside him, he put both arms around Emma.. Her breathing slowed, and so did her heartbeat.
She sighed once more..then whispered...
"I love you Paul.."
"I love you too baby.." he turned his head, and kissed her forehead as she quietly slipped away.

No one but him knew why, but Paul gave strict instructions for her ashes to be spread over a long since abandoned small farm in Texas.

As the days went by, Paul stayed by himself, turning down all offers to have friends, and family come over to keep him company.
His memories of his beloved Emma was all he wanted now. As he lay in bed one night, one month after Emma's passing.. he began to hear rain..

He looked out the window, but it was not raining...
"Hmmm.... that's strange.."

He dragged himself out of bed, and down the stairs, and outside. There before him was a sight he had not seen in tears... a wall of rain... It seemed to beckon him..

He got closer... He suddenly felt the urge to walk through it. He turned to survey his farm, that he and Emma had loved so much, sighed... "ok, that day is done... let's see what happens now.." with those words, he stepped through.

He emerged in what looked like the same park he had first seen the strange wall of rain, and stranger still... it looked like... yes, it was 1960s London. He then looked at his hands.. longer wrinkled.

He walked away, and as he walked, his memories faded... Soon he was convinced he must have been sleep walking or something.. He returned to his familiar flat, and crawled into his bed.

What Paul did not realize, was when he first walked through that wall of rain, he had walked into a parallel universe. When he walked back through the last time, he walked into a different universe.

His life from this point on would be very different.. So it goes, he lived his life to the fullest. Till that fateful day in 1967 when he met a pretty blonde by the name of Linda Eastman.
They fell in love, and on March 12th 1969 they were married. Together they raised four children. Years later, without even knowing why, he felt compelled to buy a farm in East Sussex, called Peasmarsh.
In 1998 Linda lost her battle with breast cancer. Sad as he was, Paul knew life must go on.

Several years later, after meeting and marrying the new love of his life, Nancy, he was once again happy. And now felt the need to connect with his fans. What better way to do that, then on social media, or Facebook.

But life, as they say is funny sometimes, as it takes you through twists and turns you never knew it would. And so it goes, it happened again... as a certain young woman reached out to Paul McCartney, her favorite Beatle.

Now, he's reading this, mouth wide open, in shock... could it be... He thought it was just a story... but was it...

We never know about these things now do we.....


* one day, in the year 1976, a little girl found herself sitting on the corner of her couch... having no memory of anything before that... Her name..... Angelina Janette. (True story)