I am a Tano or At least that's what the queen Salena calls me that some of the others do too but My name is Ryu Hayabusa I don't know how I can help anyone but I want to Save Our home Fron Shadow an evil warlord I just hope I can
  1. Warfram Part 1
    my awakening
  2. Warfram Part 2
    meating the Queen Salena
  3. Warfram Part 3
    meating the clan leader Vincent
  4. Warfram Part 4
    the Saperachion And a fight for Freedom
  5. Warfram Part 5
    Goin to see the Tano Lotus the Queen Salena
  6. warfram part 6
    Saving you
  7. Warfram Part 7
    a new leader