Prologue: The Mysterious Mourner

Been a funeral director wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't want to be the person who was responsible for the final resting place for people but that's what I ended up doing. After all someone had to.

"Mr Smith," I state, approaching the patriarch of the Smith family. The grandmother had passed away. I didn't have to do much work on her body which was fortunate as the family requested an open casket so I had to make her look presentable. She had died to her sleep. One night, she went to bed and morning never came for her but that meant I didn't have to do reconstruction.

"Mr Haner, thank you so much for your help," Mr Smith smiles sadly, shaking my hand.

"Of course," I reply. "The cars are ready to take you the grave site and then to the wake,"

"Thank you again," He replies. I nod as people begin to leave the chapel. That's when I notice him. The raven haired man. I don't know his name but this is the tenth funeral I've seen him at this week. He always sits at the back and stares intensely at the coffin. I'm not sure how long he's been doing this but I suspect this isn't his tenth funeral. He's always quiet and dressed in black. Once or twice, he'll go over to the coffins but in general, he just watches. I don't have him removed because he doesn't do any harm. He just sits there quietly. I think he maybe is alone but I'm not sure. He moves his head in my direction and I see he's very pale and his eyes are the color emeralds. His stare lingers for a minute before he looks back at the coffin. I frown to myself but keep going.

~Time Skip

I sigh to myself as I finish up in my office when the door creaks open. I frown as I look up but I see no one there. I get up and close the door but a shiver causes me to turn around.

"A child's funeral," A calm but lispy voice catches my attention. The mysterious mourner is stood by my desk, holding a file. "That can't be easy,"

"How did you get in here? The front door's locked," I state, grabbing the file of him. "Also opening hours are 9 til 4 so you'll have to come back tomorrow,"

"I'm not in need of your service," He replies. "I just simply wanted to meet you,"

"Meet me? Why?"

"Just out of curiosity," He replies, walking to the door. "Good night,"

I watch as he walks out of the door. I hear the bell ring as he leaves and I look out the window, expecting him to be walking down the street or getting into a car but the street is completely empty. Not a car or a person in sight but I see a bat flying off. I raise an eyebrow and close my window. What an odd man.
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