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Promises to Keep


"love left me hollow, I'm with you in the end. Cold, crippled and shallow; don't leave me here again...."
- Hollow, Breaking Benjamin

Her bags were packed. Tayla sat at the airport, going over the last 48 hours in her head. She felt herself begin to tear up at the mere thought of it, but refused to let herself cry in public; but this proved useless. She put on a pair of sunglasses, and allowed the tears to pool in her eyes as she thought of Tyler, and the last conversation they had shared.

**48 hours earlier**

Her eyes fluttered open, her vision slightly blurry at first, coming into focus. She felt a shiver go down her spine, as she found herself laying down on the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. She wondered why she was on the floor, when the events of last night began to come back to her, and hit her like a wrecking ball.

Tyler had broken up her and Jason.

The thought didn't feel right to say; she still felt in denial. Tyler would NEVER do something like that to her, right? At least that was what she had thought, but last night, she was proved to be wrong. Tyler had shattered her world in a mere matter of seconds, and nothing was going to change that.
Finally picking herself up off the floor, she knew she had to speak to him sober, and a little less angry. Before passing too much judgement, she wanted to hear Tyler's side of the story. She was drunk and enraged last night, and unwilling to listen to reason; she had to go in with a little clearer of a head.

Hopping in the shower, she let the hot water wash away her tears as she sobbed in the shower. She wondered what possessed Tyler to do something to her that was so evil. There was no other way to put it; it was pure evil. Tyler knew how much each of her breakups destroyed a piece of her, and he was always there to pick up the pieces, which, unknowing to Tayla, were his doing the whole time.
She showered much longer than normal, before blow drying her hair, throwing on yoga pants and a comfy hoodie, ready to face the day; ready to have the conversation that could potentially end the relationship she had with Tyler forever.

Opening the door, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness. Tyler was slumped against the wall across the hall from her door, still in the clothes from last night. His eyes were closed, but they were red and puffy; it was obvious he had gotten what little sleep he did get right there, in front of Tayla's door. Before she even had the chance to say anything, Tyler stirred, opening his eyes, surprised to see Tayla in front of him.

"Tayla" he breathed, relief washing through him. He was afraid if he fell asleep he would never see her again; he was afraid she was gone before he had the chance to beg for forgiveness; to tell her his side of the story.

"Tyler" she replied rather coldly. Tyler involuntarily shivered, it sending him back to the conversation he had with Jason after Tayla stormed off.

**Last night**

"Tayla!" Tyler shouted after her, but it was no use; she wasn't going to turn back.

"This is what you deserve" Jason spat, though he felt guilty for what he had just done to Tayla.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Tyler roared, approaching Jason, causing him to step back, afraid of what Tyler might do. Behind Tyler, Jamie ran up, taking Tyler by the shoulder and keeping him from punching Jason square in the jaw.

"Tyler, stop" Jamie warned, restraining Tyler with all his might.

"You deserved this" Jason sneered, brushing himself off, increasing the distance between the two of them. Now that Tyler's friend Jamie had come on the scene, he felt a little safer.

"Tayla didn't deserve this" Tyler reminded Jason, who did look sad as he nodded.

"No, you're right; she didn't" he agreed with him. "Does your friend know what you did? Does he know what kind of monster you truly are?" Jason taunted Tyler, who simply eyed Jason with hatred in his eyes. "Oh, he doesn't, that's interesting"

"Shut the hell up" Tyler warned, but Jason felt he was on a roll.

"Did he tell you about me? About how he broke Tayla and I up? About how he broke up Tayla and ALL her boyfriends? Just so he could get what he wanted" Jason shook his head, pretending to be disappointed in Tyler.

"Wait- dude, what?" Jamie asked, genuinely taken aback.

"Oh yes" Jason laughed, almost evilly. "He went through hell just to break us up, just so he could convince her to move here and be with him" Jason sneered, and Jamie was at a loss for words.

"Get the fuck out of my yard" Tyler roared, now approaching Jason once more. He took one look at him before punching him square in the face. Jason stumbled back, surprised and clutching his nose.

"Tyler!" Jamie yelled, running up to Tyler before he could land another punch in. Jason didn't say another word, as blood dripped from his nose. He smiled, before turning and leaving the yard, satisfied he had done a good job; satisfied that Tayla would never forgive Tyler, and Tyler's friends would now question whether or not he was someone they wanted in their lives.

"Is it true?" Jamie asked, just as Katie ran towards the commotion.

"I just saw Tayla run to her room crying- and I come out here and see you punch that dude in the face!?" Katie asked, looking to Jamie for answers. She had seen them have a brief conversation before Jamie came out here, looking a little lost and confused.

"It's true" Tyler hung his head, his eyes filling with tears once again.

"But why?" Jamie asked, but he didn't even really need to; he knew why.

"I broke them up because I love her, Jamie" Tyler told him softly. "Anything I ever did, regardless of how bad it seems, was because I love her and didn't want to lose her" he whispered, explaining to the both of them everything they were confused about.

"Dude..." Jamie trailed off, unsure of what to say about his revelation.

"And now, I think I lost her" Tyler whispered, unable to stop crying. "I can't lose her guys" Tyler sobbed, and Jamie placed a hand on his shoulder. Katie looked at Tyler, a mixture of rage of sympathy in her eyes.

"I can't believe you'd do something like that, Ty" Katie snapped, though she knew Tyler knew this already. "That being said, I think you need to talk to her"

"She's fucking pissed. There's NO way she'll talk to me" Tyler reminded her.

"Look," Katie began. "I am in no way condoning what you did, or agreeing with it, or even saying it wasn't a dick thing to do. But I see how happy you make her. I see everything you do to make her happy. I know how much she means to you, and I know how much you mean to her. She never wants to lose you either, Tyler. I mean that, and I know that for an absolute fact. Of course she's pissed, would you not be?" she asked rhetorically.

"Calm down, let her calm down, and have this conversation in the morning when you're both sober, and have had some time to calm down a little" Jamie picked up where Katie left off. Tyler nodded, heading back into the house. He knew where he needed to be, and it was right outside Tayla's door.

"I love you Tay" Tyler whispered to the door, not even trying to see if it was locked. He knew talking to her now wasn't wise, so he sat himself down on the floor across the hall, certain he wasn't going to miss her when she woke up.

"Can we talk?" he asked softly. Tayla simply nodded.

"Yeah. I think we need to."