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losing your parent

Years ago I had a mother, a father and grandparents and siblings. years later I lots mother, few years later a sister short after that a brother, as a child you will never know the pain of losing a parent until years later if your life. I have experienced all sorts of trauma and still I stand strong.. I was told that my dad hates us only to find out we was longing to see us. I was molested , sodomised , victimised, but because I did not understand the pain I was in I stood strong. I never talked about my life to no man kind until I felt the need.

sometimes in life I felt all left out and all alone, no one to talk to and not one to trust. I have experienced nothing of childhood in my childhood life, I have experienced what no other little girl who would be my age at the time would never cope to experience, I developed anger I developed hatred , sorrow, pain, but I have stood strong still. losing your parent even if its just one is the mission that we all have to face at a certain point in our lives, pity some of us had to experience at an early age and we had to go through challenges that sometimes makes us to move slowly in our lives
The pain is real and the pain is not normal only those who have faith that one day the situation might change can survive
  1. Losing your parent
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